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11/21/2020 04:03 PM 

another nsfw from mcslut.

bold what applies, italic for sometimes. )


is submissive // is dominant // prefers to top // prefers to bottom // likes to switch // identifies as heterosexual // identifies as homosexual // identifies as bisexual // identifies as pansexual // identifies as demisexual // identifies as asexual // enjoys sex with men // enjoys sex with women // enjoys sex with multiple people at once // initiates // waits for partner to initiate // spits // swallows // prefers sex in the morning // prefers sex at night // prefers sex anytime // no sex drive // low sex drive // average sex drive // high sex drive // fluctuating sex drive


small build // medium build // athletic build // muscular build // curvy build // voluptuous build // wears boxers // wears lingerie // goes ‘commando’ // shaves/waxes // doesn’t shave/wax // cup size a-c // cup size d-f // 1-5" in length // 6-9“ in length // 10” or over in length


is silent //makes little to no sounds // is very quiet // is very loud // grows in volume over time // bites hand/partner/pillow to muffle themselves // calls out partner’s name // curses // fakes/exaggerates // prefers a quiet partner // prefers a loud partner // is turned on by dirty talk // is turned off by dirty talk


having their hands pinned // pinning their partner’s hands // having their hair pulled // pulling their partner's hair // being watched ( by their partner ) // being watched ( by a third party ) // watching their partner // receiving oral // giving oral // calling their partner ‘daddy’ // being called ‘daddy’ // giving praise // receiving praise // biting/marking // being bitten/marked // spanking // being spanked // teasing // being teased // having toys used on them // using toys on their partner // giving anal // receiving anal // choking // being choked // dirty talk // being tied up // tying their partner up // being worshipped // worshipping their partner // humiliating // being humiliated // degrading // being degraded // knife play // blood play // being pegged // pegging their partner

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11/17/2020 07:06 PM 

25 questions.

sit down with atticus,
25 questions edition.
my dumbass decided to do all twenty-five questions, mwahaha. sit down and enjoy the boring ride of my life / thoughts. 

001. is there something irrational you're afraid of?

i am ornithophobia. which is odd to some people considering birds are somewhat comforting to them, but i litertally cannot stand birds. i have been swooped at far too many times. not to mention... the black & white movie called 'the birds' forever traumatized me.

002. do you have any collections?

i have a rather large collection of candles and old books. i'm obsessed with both... and the smell make me happy? but, another thing i guess you could say is that i have a collection of makeup... but i mean, is that a surprise?

( secret collections of knives , but no one really knows about that. )

003. what's your favorite fun fact?

the longest place name on the planet is 85 letters long. mamungkukumpurangkuntjunya hill, australia. and no... this is no joke. go look it up. 

004. are you happy with yourself as a person?

for the most part yes... but, i think there's a lot of improvements that happen. i assume too quickly, i rush things... and i'm not good at calming the hell down. i legit worry about every little thing. it's exhausting. so... yeah i am, but i wish there were some things that i need to work on. then again... no one is perfect.

005. favorite era of fashion?

i'm going to have to go with the 80's. the clothes... the hairstyles. ugh. i would literally die to go back for a day and just live that lifestyle. well... the fashion part of it. maybe go to the breakfast club in theaters. the dreeeeeam.

006. favorite artistic movement? if you don't have one, favorite artist?

so... i am just going to say. i love art... and i know a lot of you know that considering my art finsta. but, when it comes down to it. i'm not going to say 'oh it's me...' because it isn't. my mother is my favorite artist. such a talented woman!

007. cake or pie? is there any sweet you like better?

i prefer pie. but, if i had to pick... i would honestly go for a no-bake cookie. those are so easy... and so good. i could sit and eat a whole batch in one sitting. #fatboyprobs.

008. if your ashes were pressed into a vinyl, what song would you choose to make it?

your song - elton john. the song is beautiful and it literally lifts me up. and reminds me one of my favorite films. 

009. what topic do you know a scary amount about?

makeup???? i mean. that's all really... and some hair products. but, when it comes to me remembering anything that i learned in school. good luck with that one.

010. what's your favorite wild animal?

sloths. 🦥 i love them more than i could ever explain.

011. name a movie you like that is from a genre you don't.

honestly???? i can't sit and think about a genre i don't like, so i'll just name a movie i don't like. which... there aren't many movies i don't like. i would have to say dear, john. the hype was all whack and i'm not a big fan of it. shrugs.

012. what is a dream hobby of yours?

traveling. if you even call it a hobby? i'd love nothing more than to quit my job and travel around the world. i'd grab some snacks... and bring a couple of my close friends. it'd be a blast, to be honest.

013. what is a bad habit you'd like to break?

biting my damn nails. i don't always have my nails done... but it helps having my acrylics on... because it prevents me from biting at them. it's so damn annoying. and it's so hard to break.

014. favorite jelly bean flavor?

i like the lifesaver ones you can buy around at easter time. ughhhhh. when they go discount the very next day... i usually buy six bags. but i'm going to have to say... green apple or strawberry. 

015. do you like stuffed animals?

i do. in fact, i have a few in my room. sometimes i snuggle up with them when i'm extra lonely and sad. NO SHAME.

016. what is an aesthetic you like but don't participate in?

grunge fashion is really cool... and like... i've tried a few things grunge, but i can never truly pull it off... but the aesthetics are incredibly deep and dark. i have a few friends who dress in grunge fashion... and going through their closet is so fun.

017. if you had the ability to read one person's thoughts, who would you choose?

oh my gosh. no one. i would not want that ability. i think it'd be terrifying. i'm already a worrier when it comes to wondering what people think about me. i think... it would just make me more sad. then again, they could think wonderful things of me. but i guess... the mind of an artist would be fun to go inside. i mean... aside from my own that is.

018. space or the ocean?

i love the ocean, but i'm gonna have to go with space. i love stargazing and opening my mind to what else is up there.

019. what animal would you keep if it wasn't so difficult?

a cow or a sloth. i love both animals, but then again. a kangaroo would be dope as well. OR A MONKEY. ugh. or i could just own a zoo of my own. 

020. what movie makes you cry every time you watch it?

freedom writers. it gets to me and i'm just like... ahhhhhh. but, i mean. a lot of movies make me cry. i'm an emotional boy, okay?

021. name a song you could sing all the lyrics to unprompted.

THAT STUPID COLLEGE COMMERCIAL SONG. i know you all know what i'm talking about. DON'T LIE. jalkdsjfkldf. it gets stuck in your head and i legit can still sing it till this very day.

022. a picture on your camera roll you've been saving for no real reason.

i have a few pictures of swatches... and i have no idea why???? i think i like the look of them on my phone. they're pointless because i never post them. i just take the pictures because they're aesthetically pleasing to me.

023. do you want / have tattoos? if so, of what?

i have a ton of random tattoos, but i'd like a ton more. i actually aim to have half a sleeve someday. i know... coming from me that seems so strange, but i enjoy them a ot.

024. what is something nice someone has done that you'll never forget?

i mean... this could go to all my friends. all of them who have been by my side through literally everything. i'm a mess... and i'm such an idiot at times, but without them... i'd be nowhere. so i guess... just being here and listening when i need it.

025. is there anything on your mind?

my fat ass juicy steak i'm about to eat. but also... i'm not saying the other thoughts. they're far too much sad. 

bye, my babies. i hope you enjoyed this as much as i did answering. xo , atticus.

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