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11/25/2020 04:30 PM 

Task: Thankful Tuesday

one. My mother, Chantelle Garcia. She might not have been my birth mother, but she is the only mother I have ever really known. She made me the person that I am and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss her. She took me in when I had no one else and I will always be thankful for her. 
two. My beautiful baby girl, Sofia. She saved my life and has made me the woman that I am today. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't still be here. She is my baby girl, my savior and I am so thankful for her. 
three. My beautiful girlfriend, the love of my life, my D. I've loved her since I was a teenager and I know that I will love her until the day that I die. She is my best friend, my future, my everything. 
four. My sisters, Journey, and Blake. Journey has always been there to pick me up when I fall and I don't know what I would do without her and Blake, I'm only just getting to know her, but I'm so grateful that she has come into my life. 
five, my friends. They have been my rocks and have helped pick me up from the ground more times than I can count, not to mention the support that they continue to give me. They are my rocks and I am so thankful for them.
six. New York. This city has saved me time and time again. It was where I have some of the best memories and some of the worst, but this city has made me who I am. 
seven. my career. I have wanted to be a singer for as long as I could remember and Now I am finally living my dream. I worked hard to get where I am and I am so lucky to have this opportunity. 
eight. tequila. I am grateful for nights fuelled with tequila. my favorite drink of all time and there are some days I honestly don't think I would be able to function without it. 
nine. Bellatrix and Cissy. My two beautiful dogs. There are so many nights that the two of them were all that got me through. Lazy Sundays and cuddles with my furbabies are some of my favorite pastimes. 
ten. friends. It is the one show that can always make me laugh no matter how much I want to cry. I have watched this show hundreds of times and I would very happily watch it a hundred more. WE WERE ON A BREAK! I am so thankful that this show exists. 

11/24/2020 03:37 PM 



11/24/2020 03:32 PM 

Task: Thanksgiving Moodboard

"Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more.
If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never ever have enough."

11/20/2020 07:31 PM 

Bi-Weekly Task ( November 15th - November 21st)

ashlena | Tumblr


December 20, 2019


"Human beings aren't meant to be alone on the holidays. Please, just come and spend the holidays with me.” Glancing down at her phone, Tatiana read the text from her sister over and over again. It would be her first Christmas back in New York in over 10 years and she really wasn’t sure about spending it alone, but she was also in her third trimester and the thought of driving for 26 hours from New York to Texas really wasn’t that appealing. She’d been nesting, getting ready for the baby, but with Christmas just around the corner, she was missing her mother now more than ever. Biting down on the inside of her mouth, she placed her hand on her bump, a small smile tugging at the corner of her lips. “Okay. You win. I’ll come and spend the holidays with you, but only if the flights aren’t all booked.” There was no way she could comfortably drive that far, not in her condition and not on her. 

Reaching over, the brunette grabbed her laptop from the table in front of the sofa, pulling it onto her lap and raising the lid. After going to various websites, she finally managed to book herself a flight to Texas for the following morning. Grabbing her phone, she quickly sent her sister another text. “K. Flight booked from JFK to Dallas. Non Stop and arrives at about 4 pm. Can you pick me up?” Once the text had been sent, she placed her phone down and slowly got up, heading into her bedroom to pack a bag. She had no idea what to pack or how long she’d be gone for. Sure she’d told Journey that she’d join her for the holidays, but there was a part of her that didn’t want to come back home to New York. So many of the bad memories that she had were from her life in New York; Texas would be a fresh start and she’d have her sister around her to help raise her daughter. 


December 21, 2019


“Tati!” The blonde rushed towards Tatiana as she rounded the corner following the four and a half hour flight from New York. “I’ve missed you, sis.” Tatiana smiled, wrapping her arms around her sister when Journey reached her. “I have to admit, I didn’t think you’d come.” A laugh left her lips when she heard the blonde’s words. If truth be told, she really didn’t think she would go either. She loved her sister and she really wanted to be around family for the holidays, but there was a part of her that would have been quite happy to wallow in self-pity at home in front of the tv, eat junk, and watch Love Actually for the umpteenth time. “Honestly, sames,” she smiled, pulling back from the blonde. “Help me with my bags?” Journey nodded and laughed quietly as both girls grabbed the several bags that Tatiana had packed, having to pay extra because she’d decided to pack for every possible occasion and weather. “Thanks, J. You were right. I’d have hated spending the holidays alone.”


11/07/2020 11:51 PM 

bi weekly task November 1st - 7th

November 7th, 2004

“You are going to be the death of me,” Chantelle Garcia murmured as she began to pick up Tatiana’s toys. Her husband, Tatiana’s father, was always telling Chantelle to leave their daughter’s mess for her to clean up, but she never listened. She was a pushover and Tatiana could do almost anything when her father wasn’t around and not get in trouble. She knew to be on her best behavior when he was, though as each day passed, his presence seemed to be less and less. Shaking her head as she reached for a telescope that lay in the middle of the floor, she tossed it into Chantelle’s toybox and slowly got to her feet. “Right, let’s-” She stopped when she realized that the brunette child had not moved from her seat. She was still glued to the television watching a telenovela; something her grandmother had gotten her into. “Tatiana Gloriana Rae Garcia, why have you not moved?!” Chantelle’s tone was harsh and Tatiana knew her mother meant business. 

Placing the remote down on the arm of the chair, the brunette slowly slid from the sofa and ran towards the stairs, running up them two at a time. “You have two minutes!” She bellowed. “I can’t get ready in two minutes,” Tatiana whined, and although her mother never disciplined her, that didn’t mean she didn’t threaten to get her father involved. “Don’t make me get your Papi,” she shouted up the stairs and she could tell by the silence that suddenly filled the house that Tatiana thought better than to make any more smart remarks. She knew that if her father got involved, she wouldn’t be able to sit down for a week! After throwing on some clothes and grabbing her shoe, slipping it onto her foot, she slowly limped out of her bedroom and made her way down the stairs. “Mom! I have a missing shoe,” she stated, gesturing down to her feet. “I can’t go anywhere until I find my other shoe.” Chantelle rolled her eyes, though she didn’t say a word. Marching into the living room, she returned a few seconds later and threw a pair of shoes down at Tatiana’s feet. “Put them on and let’s go!” They weren’t the shoes that she wanted, but she had at least a dozen pairs, so without another word, she sat down and reluctantly slipped her feet inside of them. 

The walk to her grandmother’s home was short. She lived in the Bronx too, only five minutes away from Tatiana’s house, but she hated going there. She had cats, far too many for one person and she would tell Tatiana stories of them, ones that the brunette had heard a hundred times before and ones that she really didn’t want to have to hear again, but she had no choice. She was going to her grandmother’s regardless. Knock. Knock. Knock. The third time was a charm as the door was pulled open. “Come to Abuelo!” the older woman beamed, pulling the ten-year old into the apartment. “I promise that you’ll get her back in one piece,” she grinned, placing a sloppy kiss on the brunette’s cheek. Yuck. She hated it when her grandmother did that. “I promise to be back for you in a couple of days. I love you, Miha.” Tatiana didn’t look back, she didn’t acknowledge her mother and walked into the living room, rolling her eyes when she saw a candle lit by a photo of Tatiana’s grandfather. Nothing had changed, though she guessed things rarely ever did. She had no idea her world was about to change forever and that it was the last time she would see her mother alive.

11/01/2020 01:46 PM 

Halloween Playlist

10/31/2020 08:18 PM 

Halloween Task: Drabble

selena gomez is so STRONG | Selena gomez crying, Selena gomez pictures, Selena  gomez gif

“We’re all afraid of the dark inside ourselves.”
- Dr Samuel Loomis {Halloween ll}

“Why are you here?” That was a good question and one that Tatiana had asked herself time and time again. Whenever she attended her therapy sessions, she very rarely spoke. She could sit there for 58 or 59 minutes of the 60 that she was allocated, in complete silence, and yet, she would book another session. It was a vicious cycle. She needed to feel like she could talk about her past if she wanted to, without having to actually say too much. She was haunted by the memories of her mother and her mother’s suicide, but even more than that, she was terrified of becoming just like her. Despite being adopted, the brunette shared many similar qualities to her mother. There was a darkness inside of her that her mother had shared too and it scared her. Her mother’s life had been tragically cut and she was scared that hers would be too; that she wouldn’t be able to overcome the darkness that had enveloped her mother. 

Glancing over at the woman before her, Tatiana reached for her purse and slowly got up. “You’re right. Why am I here?” It was a rhetorical question. She didn’t need an answer, nor did she want one, though that didn’t stop her therapist from getting up too. “Tatiana, you know that I didn’t mean it like that. I just meant..” she paused and shook her head as she reached for her pad and picked it up. “I’ve been seeing you twice a month for the past six years and do you know what I have managed to get out of you in that time?” It was now her turn to ask a rhetorical question and before Tatiana could answer, the other woman continued. “Your name, your age, that your mother died when you were young, and that you don’t have a relationship with your father, but every time I try to get you to open up about your parents, you completely shut down. So it makes me wonder. Why are you here?”

Tatiana didn’t like to admit it, but she knew that it was a valid question. Taking a deep breath, the brunette dropped her purse on the floor beside her and slowly turned her attention back towards the other woman. “What do you want me to say? That my mom killed herself when I was 10? That my dad...my real dad, the one who raised me, he changed the day by mom died? That there was a part of him that died that day too? Or how about the fact that I was adopted? Neither of my real parents wanted me! Or how about the fact that when I was 16 I killed someone. Do you want me to talk about that too?!” As she neared the end of her rant, her voice was raised and she was on the verge of yelling, tears falling down her cheeks. “I feel alone. Is that what you wanted to hear? I feel like no one understands me and that...and that the darkness...it’s going to consume me as it did her.” 

She was trying to keep her emotions in check, but that was proving to be almost impossible. She was angry and upset and talking about her parents only made it worse. She was in therapy to try and get some closure, but yet, she didn’t want to talk about the things from her past that seemed to be holding her back. Slowly the brunette sat down and glanced over at her therapist. “What if I can’t cope…then what?” she asked, a few small tears cascading down her cheek. The other woman shook her head and offered a small smile. “We all have darkness inside of us and that’s why it’s so important to talk to someone. You can’t deal with it all on your own, Tatiana. You need to learn to open up. You need to learn to trust people and let them in.” 


10/30/2020 06:28 PM 

Halloween Bucket List

ashley benson edits selena gomez vanessa hudgens website private  moveslikehudgens hudgensnews •


1) Watch a bunch of Halloween movies. 
2) Get a tonne of cute Halloween outfits for Sofia. 
3) Finish decorating the house because yikes. It's almost Halloween and I'm not nearly done. 
4) Carve some pumpkins because I'm obsessed with that. 
5) Go and have a look at some of the Halloween decorations around New York. 
6) Get candy for the trick or treaters because at the moment I have none :|
7) Go to the cemetery to visit my mother. I do that every single year on my birthday
8) Put together my Christmas playlist. As soon as it hits 12.01 am on November 1st, it's time to get ready for Christmas!
9) Take a billion photos of Sofia's first Halloween
10) Go and visit my sister because I miss her. 

10/27/2020 06:18 PM 

Halloween Spirit Week Moodboard.

“I’ve seen enough horror movies to know that any weirdo wearing a mask is never friendly.”

10/16/2020 11:41 PM 

Bi-Weekly Task: Do you believe in ghosts?

Ouija GIFs | Tenor

Tatiana Garcia had never liked to play with an ouija board. They were somewhat taboo for the brunette, not because she believed in the supernatural and was scared, but because she simply didn’t know. She didn’t know whether they were real or not and she didn’t want to know. She had seen movies, so had decided a long time ago not to tempt fate. As long as the supernatural stayed away from her, she was completely happy to live her life completely ghost-free. Did that mean she thought that they existed? There was a part of her that hoped so; the part of her that was still grieving for her mother and with less than a month to go until the anniversary of her death, there was one question that had been playing on her mind a lot. Do you believe in ghosts? 

That was a question Tatiana had been asking herself since her mother had died when she was only 10 years old. If she was honest, she wanted to. She wanted to believe in Ghosts because then maybe, just maybe her mother hadn’t left. She remembered her grandmother telling her that her mother wasn’t really gone. She was with her, in her heart. In her memories. In her DNA. In her eyes. “You have your mother’s eyes.” That was the most common compliment that the brunette received following her mother’s death but that wasn’t enough. She didn’t want to only have her mother in her heart or in her mind, she wanted her with her. She wanted to be able to talk to her about her day, to hug her after her first heartbreak, and to be able to tell her that she was going to be a grandmother. She wanted her there for all of the important days in her life, but she was dead. She was gone and she wasn’t coming back. 

Accepting her death had been one of the hardest things Tatiana had ever had to do, so believing in ghosts had been what helped get her through her childhood, but as she had grown and had started to understand the world around her, she’d been unsure of the supernatural and whether or not it truly existed, but with just under a month until it was that time of the year again, it made her think about her mother and the afterlife. It had been 16 years since she had lost her mother and there wasn’t a day that went by that she didn’t think about her; that she didn’t miss her with all of her heart. She felt like there was a part of her missing, even now, and she wasn’t sure that she would ever fully get over that. It broke her heart, and although she hadn’t gotten over it and never would, she had come to live with it. She had to, for her own sanity. Throughout her teenage years, she had turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with the loss, but after almost killing both herself and her daughter, she knew that she had to change. 

Shaking the thoughts from her head, the brunette finally decided to reach out. Was she playing with fire? Probably, but she was desperate. She wanted to, no, she needed to talk to her mother. She needed to know if she was there, one way or another and she was convinced the thing she had been terrified of using was possibly the one thing that could answer her question. After walking over to her closet, she fished out the ouija board that her younger sister had given her for her 18th birthday as a practical joke, knowing how much Tatiana hated things like it and walked out of the bedroom and into the living room. After placing it down on the table, the brunette took a seat and breathed in deeply before exhaling. “Okay,” she mumbled as she placed two fingers on the planchette and closed her eyes. “Let’s do this.” She wasn’t sure if the shiver that ran up the back of her spine was due to a ghostly presence in the room or whether it was just a coincidence, but she had answers to get, so pushed it to the back of her mind. “Is there someone here? Someone who would like to communicate with us?” she asked, preparing herself for the answer to her number one question. Did she believe in ghosts?


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