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07/30/2021 09:27 PM 

Spirit Week Task: Outfit

07/30/2021 09:01 PM 

spirit week task: Recipe

Deep Fried Oreos® | Allrecipes
Deep Fried Oreos


Heat oil in deep-fryer to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C).

Whisk together the egg, milk, and 2 teaspoons of vegetable oil in a bowl until smooth. Stir in the pancake mix until no dry lumps remain. Dip the cookies into the batter one at a time, and carefully place into the hot frying oil. Fry only 4 or 5 at a time to avoid overcrowding the deep fryer. Cook until the cookies are golden-brown, about 2 minutes. Drain on a paper towel-lined plate before serving.

07/30/2021 08:34 PM 

spirit week task

Ride Information

County Fair '21

Jason Aldean & Carrie Underwood - If I Didn't Love You 
Mary Lambert - She Keeps Me Warm
Miley Cyrus - Plastic Hearts
Dolly Parton - 9 to 5
Luke Combs - Forever After All
Taylor Swift - Teardrops On My Guitar
Carrie Underwood - Before He Cheats
Kelly Clarkson - Because Of You
Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved
Lady Antebellum - Need You Now

07/26/2021 12:03 PM 

You changed me - AC

Beautiful Selena Gomez GIFs | Tenor

Marriage wasn’t something that Tatiana had ever really considered herself doing. She wanted to have children and was a romantic at heart, but she wasn’t sure that marriage was for her. She’d seen what marriage could do to a person and she didn’t want to end up like her mother or treat another person like her father had treated her mother, so she’d decided long ago that she would never ever get married. At least, that was until she met the girl who would change everything! Delilah Madison James was like a dream come true. She was her best friend, her favorite person and the two had clicked instantly. It had scared Tatiana just how close the two had come in a very short time, but things had turned sour and the two had been separated, until they’d reunited in New York City. It was like destiny, it was fate, but the path to true love never did run smooth. That had always been a silly saying and one that Tatiana didn’t quite understand, but now she did. Now she knew what it meant because now she’d found her true love and she was not going to let the fact that they’d had children to other people phase her. 

It was now or never. Tatiana had planned it all out. She was going to propose to Delilah and they would get their happily ever after. She’d already put the wheels in motion; she’d told Cordelia and her own sisters of the happy news and had planned a romantic night in for just the two of them, Cordelia having offered to babysit both Sofia and Bentley for the evening. She had no idea what she’d have done without her future sister-in-law but she knew one thing for certain; none of this would have happened without them! ”T?” The brunette was pulled from her thoughts when she heard her girlfriend’s voice. She couldn’t wait to propose to this woman and for the four of them to be a family. She was beautiful. “Babe, are you okay?” The brunette shook her head and wiped the tear that she hadn’t noticed had fallen until she’d heard Delilah’s voice. “Never been better.” Moving towards the other woman, Tatiana outstretched her hand and slowly took the other female’s, pulling her slightly closer so that she could place a soft kiss against her lips. “D, can we..” she was cut off when she felt the other woman’s lips against her own once more. “Sshh and just come with me, T.”

The invasion of butterflies in the pit of her stomach were overwhelming. She’d never felt anything like it but she knew that in a matter of minutes her life could change forever if Delilah said yes. That was the big question though. She knew that Delilah loved her, but would she say yes? Were they rushing into this? It felt like her entire life had been building up to this very moment, but Tatiana was terrified that it was all going to come crashing down around them. “D, this is really import-” she fell silent, knowing that she was not going to win this. They could be as stubborn as one another, but that was just one of the many things that Tatiana loved about the other woman. Shaking her head, her lips curved into a small smirk when she saw the look that Delilah was giving her; one that told her that she was not going to win this argument. Biting down on the corner of her mouth, she walked into the living room of the home that they had been sharing for the previous two months and before Tatiana knew what was happening, Delilah was down on one knee in front of her. “Oh my god,” she whispered, bringing her mouth to her hand and before Delilah could get a single word out or even ask the question, Tatiana was sobbing. “Yes, oh my god, yes!”


07/11/2021 02:47 PM 

AC: Letter


I can't even bring myself to call you the d word. I hate you, or at least I wish that I did. I hate that I don’t. I hate that I love you. I really, really do. You ruined my life. You took away the most important person to me, you took away my mom. I know that you will say you didn’t. ‘She killed herself mija. It wasn’t my fault.’ Oh, dad. I’m all too familiar with your lies and that’s exactly what they are, lies. She might have taken her own life but YOU pushed her to it. You didn’t love us; if you did, you wouldn’t have hurt us. I know mom tried to protect me and Gabriella from it all, but she couldn’t. We heard her cries. We heard her pleas for you to stop, but you didn’t. Why not? Did we really mean that little to you? Did mom really mean that little to you?

I guess, a part of me knows the reason I can’t hate you. You made me who I am. You made me stronger and you made me realise what I don’t want in a person and in a marriage. You see, you taught me one thing. You taught me how to stand up for myself and I know that if my wife ever hit me or our kids I would leave her. Nothing and no one will ever make me feel as powerless as you made my mom feel. You tore her down and broke her. It was slow, but you did it and now I know the signs and I won’t let that happen to me. You made me strong, but that doesn’t change the fact that you took away my mom and because of you, my kids will never get to know her, or you. I wish Sofia could have a relationship with the man whose eyes she shares and the woman whose smile she bares, but she can’t and that’s because of you.

I started writing this letter to tell you how I felt. To finally confront the anger that I have been carrying around with me since I was 12 years old, since the day I walked into the kitchen and found my mom dead on the kitchen floor, lying in a pool of her own blood, but instead, I think this is me saying goodbye. I need to let go of the anger, but the only way I can do that is by forgiving you and I can’t. So, for now, the anger will live on but you, you I will say goodbye to. I will never again mention your name. From this day on, you are dead to me. This will act like a eulogy. I love you and I will always miss you, but I need to move on. I hope that you are treating your new family better than you ever did us.


07/05/2021 10:08 PM 

Spirit Week Task - Playlist

4th of July Activities for Campers | Sun RV Resorts

07/05/2021 10:03 PM 

Spirit Week Task: Moodboard

06/24/2021 09:18 PM 

activity check #1

NAME: Tatiana Rae Garcia
BIRTHDATE: October 31st.
HOBBIES: Singing, dancing, reading, cooking. 
LIKES: Music, dancing, Harry Potter, spending money, loyal people. 
DISLIKES: Cheaters, my father, two-faced people. 
PLACE(S) YOU'VE BEEN: New York, New Mexico, Italy, England, Spain, Australia, California (Probably more too when going on tour)
FAVORITE COLOR(S): Purple, Hot Pink, Black. 
FAVORITE SONG(S): Good 4 u, Sweet but Psycho, and Bitter. 
FAVORITE DRINK(S): Vodka, tequila, and Coffee. 
FAVORITE ANIMAL(S): Unicorns (idc that they are not real!), tigers, dogs. 
FAVORITE MEMORIE(S): Sofia's birth, marrying D, adopting Bently, signing my recording contract, and all of the memories with my mom. 
WORDS TO DESCRIBE YOU: loyal, blunt, outspoken. 
DO YOU HAVE ANY WEIRD HABITS: idk if it's a weird habit but when I'm eating, there are various foods that can not touch one another. 
FIRST SCREEN NAME YOU HAD: princessleiax (I don't like star wars at all but I was obsessed with Princess Leia!)
WHAT CLICK WERE YOU IN IN SCHOOL: I was a cheerleader soooo.... 
HAVE YOU EVER DYED YOUR HAIR A WEIRD COLOR: Nope. I really want to go purple or pink though but never have. 
DO YOU GAME, IF SO WHAT DO YOU PLAY: No because I get too mad when I'm losing and tend to break things. It's safer for everyone if I don't play games. 
LAST TEXT YOU SENT: "Babe, want me to pick up dinner on my way home?" - To Delilah. 
LAST TEXT YOU RECIEVED: "Are you running late AGAIN?!" from my manager. 
WORST MEMORIE(S): Finding my mom dead in the bathroom when I was 10
BIGGEST REGRET(S): I don't do regrets. Everything that I have done has led me to the life I have now. 
GO TO JOKE/ICE BREAKER: How you doin' . Lame I know, but I am obsessed with Friends so. 
GO TO CANDY AT THE REGISTER: Reece's. Thee best candy ever. 
GO TO DINNER ORDER: Pizza or Chinese. 

02/14/2021 10:06 PM 

Valentines Day Drabble

Image result for Vanessa Huggens and Selena gomez gifs

Valentine’s Day wasn’t just about romantic love. It was about anyone and everyone that you loved and for Tatiana, that had grown quite a bit since two years earlier. Now she had her girlfriend (and hopefully soon to be fiancee), her sister’s, and her children. Her family and inner circle had grown a lot over the previous 24 months, but she knew that this year wouldn’t be a happy occasion for all. So, with that thought in mind, when Delilah’s sister, Cordelia, had popped over with Bella, Tatiana had taken the opportunity to go out and see her own sister. She hadn’t had much chance to catch up with her older sister since Devin had arrived in New York, so she figured that this was a good opportunity to do just that and to get her dogs out for a walk too. After leaving her house with Bellatrix and Narcissa, she slipped into her car and sent her sister a quick text. “Hey, bish. Meet me at Central Park, I’m taking the doggies for a walk x” After sending the message, she turned on her car and made the drive to the park.

This Valentine’s Day was going to be different for Tatiana. She’d never been a huge fan of the holiday before, though she guessed that was more to do with who she’d spent previous one’s with but Delilah was different. This year would be her best yet, even though she had no real plans for the day. It was the perks of being a mother she guessed, but she couldn’t really complain. Her ideal date was spending the day with Delilah and their kids, it was why she’d never considered a nanny for her daughter. She wanted to do it all by herself or at least, mostly. Shaking the thoughts from her head, the brunette glanced up when she heard her sister’s voice. “Happy V Day babes!” Devin smiled, holding out a bag of candy hearts to the younger brunette. “I know you’ll probably be getting spoiled by your girl, but I thought you might like some of these.” Smirking, Tatiana reached for the bag and immediately opened them. They were her favorite candy and Devin knew that. “Of course,” Tatiana smirked as she opened the small bag and popped a pink heart into her mouth. 

Glancing over at her older sister, Tatiana tilted her head as they made their way through Central Park. “So, what are your plans for today, Dev? Any dates with a special someone planned? Or maybe I can play cupid. You know, I think I would look pretty cute with a bow and arrow,” she teased, a small laugh leaving her lips when she noticed her sister rolling her eyes. “Oh come on, at least let me make you a profile on Tinder.” Devin simply gave Tatiana a look that made the brunette know to drop the subject, but she wasn’t going to give up on finding her sister someone special, though she knew better than to continue with the conversation. “Fine,” she muttered, grabbing another one of the candy hearts from the bag and popping it into her mouth; a purple one this time before she extended her hand and offered the bag to Devin. “So, have you met J’s little boy yet? Warren is so adorable. I can tell J is completely smitten,” Tatiana smirked, glancing over at her sister and rather proud of herself for her quick change of subject. “Oh my gosh, yes! I was actually just about to head over to see him and J. Wanna come? Or do you have to rush home to some hot date with Delilah?” Tatiana shook her head at her sister’s comment. “Nah, I’ll come! We have the kids this weekend, so we are just spending some time with them as a family. But I think Cordy is over at the house, so I’m giving them a little sister time with the kids.” 


02/14/2021 06:59 PM 

valentines moodboard

“I love you. I am who I am because of you. You are every reason,
every hope, and every dream I've ever had, and no matter what happens to us in the future,
everyday we are together is the greatest day of my life. I will always be yours. ”
― The Notebook


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