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06/11/2020 09:54 PM 

"Go Ahead And Hit Me" (Ryan)

Malyana and Ryan had their daughter recently, Ryan had been hanging out with a few guys that had been giving Malyana red flags. Everytime he'd come home from work he'drun into a gang of guys who would want something different from him everytime which he would endup getting beaten up over it.

Ryan had went out with his friends she was waiting for him to get back on the couch as soon as he came in she could tell he was drunk as f***. as she got up and went over to him, "Where were you?" she asked as Ryan looked to her, "None of your buisness" he said walking past her as she grabbed his arm, "No I wanna know you reak of alcohol" she says as he turned to face her. he looked angry at her so she released his arm.

"Why do you care?!" he yelled at her it made her wince, "I just wanna know" she says very softly, "Well f*** do you need to knw everything?!" he yelled at her getting in her face, "You dont even care!" he yelled at her again, "Yes I do" she says rather loudly, "Oh yeah? You have f***ing Mason....I know you've been f***ing him while I'm gone" he says clenching his fists she then saw his fists, "Alright...go ahead f***ing hit me" she says as he un-clenched his fists and actually slapped her.

She was shocked touching her cheek tears ran down her face, "Cry little girl go ahead and cry" he says as she got angry, "Thats it...I'm taking Elle and I'm leaving" she says pushing him out of the way and into Elles room she was asleep as she packed her bags and went into the master bedroom packing her bags, "Wait" He says but she ignored him there was a bruise on her cheek now she took Elle out of her crib, "Goodbye Ryan" she says as she walked out

05/22/2020 12:32 PM 

Why Are You Doing This? (Ryan)

Ryan and Sebastian had been pranking Malyana a lot it was getting annoying to her now. She only pranked him a couple times but they pranked her at least once every day today it was her turn though this was not gonna be a prank as Ryan was sitting on the couch she walked out of the bedroom, "Hey Ryan" she says as she walked over standing in front of him as he turned his phone off and placed it beside him, "Hey whats up?" he asked as he looked up to her she sighed, "Listen...I know everythings been going all hay wire lately and we've had to do a lot of stuff...and everything but...I cant do this anymore" she says as Ryan looked a bit confused, "What do you mean?" he asked as she rubbed the back of her neck, "I'm saying that I'm breaking up with you I can't take all of this constant torment" she says as he jumped to his feet, "What?! Everythings going perfectly I don't understand!" he said he was getting angry and his voice was starting to get louder.

"Its fine for you but not for me, I'm tired of all this, this constant pranking and lying, I can't take anything seriously that you tell me now" she says as she looked up to him, "I'm not doing anything to hurt you! Why are you doing this?!" he asked now he was yelling at her and she sighed again, "Don't get me wrong I love you...I will always love you...but until you stop acting the way you've been acting we are no longer together" she says as she saw tears start to stream down his cheeks he quickly wrapped his arms around her hugging her tight as she pulled away, "Just...Pack up and leave" she says as he hit his knees, "Please...I'm sorry" he begged her as he wrapped his arms around her waist his head leaning against the top of her stomach as she gently wrapped her arms around him stroking his head, "Please...don't cry" she says holding him close as he cried into her

05/22/2020 12:29 PM 

A Christmas Present (C.S)

(This Drabble Takes Place On Christmas With Malyanas Mother And Father)

Josh had came home for Christmas after being deployed for a while in the army. his fiance Aurora was excited she had a surprise for the whole family. Josh was currently in the car driving while Aurora was in the front seat beside him, She was currently looking down as her hoodie hid her small baby bump her hair was lightly curled and left down as Josh sighed lightly, "You haven't talked to me for the whole car ride, Are you doing alright?" Josh asked as he took quick glances at her before back at the road as Aurora looked up from her train of thought and towards Josh, "Yes...Sorry I'm just thinking about some stuff" she says softly as Josh reached over and placed a hand on her leg, "I know I've been away for a while, I'm sorry I can't help that...I'll take any chance that I possibly can to see you" he says as she smiled, "Don't say sorry for it" she says placing her hand on his.

About ten minutes passed by and Josh had pulled into her familys drive way a couple cars parked in the yard as he turned the car off and got out. Aurora got out as well it was starting to snow a bit and she went inside Josh had grabbed the few presents they had in the back of the car bringing them in. about 20 more minutes passed and she had left the best present for the last one grabbing a small box she handed it to Josh as Josh's face lit up he kissed her cheek, "Thanks love" he says as he started to un wrap it, he also opened the small box that was hidden by the wrapping he moved some of the wrapping paper he picked up a small photo it was of a ultra sound as the soldier looked up his eyes were wide.

She smiled some as he stayed quite for a minute before jumping up he grabbed her waist and lifted her up into the air and spun her around smiling widely as he let her stand up he leaned down and hugged her tightly, "I'm gonna be a dad" he said happily as she chuckled lightly hugging him back, "Yes...Your gonna be a father" she says as all of her family got up and joined in on the group hug she was thrilled they accepted that she was pregnant even if Josh was gonna be away most of the time while he was deployed, "How far are you?" he asked as she was still smiling, "Two months" she says as he leaned down and kissed her deeply, "Why didn't you tell me?" he asked as she sighed lightly, "I wanted to tell you in person" she says

[ This blog post is private ]

05/14/2020 05:18 PM 

(C.S) Destiny Is Calling Her

(This drabble takes place when she turned 16)

The Little Girl was still pretty shattered from her fathers death. sitting at her desk a pile of papers in front of her she had to do her homework or she would fail school and never get a chance to go to college as she was filling out a math paper she felt a tingle and surge of power through out her small frame which made her look up. She quickly jumped out of the swiveling chair and ran to her bathroom as she looked into her mirror that was hanging on the wall her eyebrows narrowed, "What the hell?" she muttered her eyes were flickering yellow as she stared at the mirror her teeth started to grow into canines she was taken back she stumbled back into a medicine cabinet as two jars of medicine fell they shattered to the ground.her bones started to crack as she gritted her now canine teeth she quickly ran out of her room, "Mom! Mom!" she screamed as she ran down the hallway.

Her mother came out of her office, "Woah..Whats the matter?" her mother asked as she could tell she was changing already she ran back into her office grabbing a shot she ran back out shoving it into her daughters shoulder as she screamed in pain she injected the strange liquid into her as her eyes turned back to normal and her teeth did as well, "Mom...Whats happening to me?" she asked shaking she was scared she didn't know what was going on, "You better come sit down love" she says as she lead her into her office. a bit later she started to understand what she was going through.

"So...I'm not human? Im a werewolf? Because my father was?" she questioned as her mother nodded, "Yes" her mother says as she sighed rubbing her head her transformation began again her eyes changed yellow as her teeth started to change she started to scream out in pain this was a painful process as she changed her bones shifted into a big, white wolf as she laid there she was in shock and still had lingering pain she looked up for a second before she passed out.

05/13/2020 06:28 PM 

I'm Pregnant (Ryan)

Malyanas life had been going on a wild roller coaster ride for a while but it finally smoother out when she had met Ryan, they were both the same very goofy and kind of misfits in the world. they got along very well. their relationship had began to grow into something more so they decided they would become a couple. they have been so happy ever sence that decision but their relationship escalated.

As she was laying in bed with him his head was on her chest while she was reading a book she heard a knock on the door and had to get up opening the door it was a small box sitting on the porch she grinned lightly 'Its finally here' she thought to herself as she picked up the box closing the door, "Whats that?" she heard Ryan ask as she walked over opening the top of the box as she pulled out her phone starting to record, "Open it" she says as Ryan looked a bit confused but leaned up he moved the popping paper out of the way pulling a shirt out of the box As he read the shirt he looked up at her his face was in dis-belief his mouth gaped as his eyes were wide as she chuckled still recording, "What does it say?" she asked as he turned the shirt around it was a grey t-shirt and in white letteres it said, "PROMOTED TO DADDY" he dropped the shirt and started to cry, "Awe, baby, don't cry please" she says as she moved over to him tightly hugging him as he hugged her back, "Your pregnant?" he asked for validation as she nodded, "Yes...I'm pregnant...Your gonna be a daddy" she said as he held her close crying happily as he wiped his face, "How far?" he asked as she was still smiling, "2 weeks" she says as he smiled, "Why didn't you tell me?" he asked, "Because I wanted to be formal" she says

05/11/2020 02:22 PM 

"If I Die I'm Gonna Haunt Your Ass" (Ryan)

Malyana had been spending the week trying to talk Ryan her best friend into going on a job with her. She had told him it would be fun and dangerous thats why he hesitated at first but got tired of her constantly trying to convince him to go so he finally gave in as she grabbed her Glock 19 and her holster she wrapped the holster around her upper thigh before she put her Glock 19 into it as she looked back at Ryan who insisted on only taking a couple throwing knifes as she grabbed her leather jacket she slipped it on she was wearing blue skinny jeans and a white tank top her hair was neatly pulled back into a ponytail.

"Why did I let you talk me into this?" Ryanasked as she rolled her eyes, "Cause I would've kept annoying you" she says as he sighed and rolled his eyes, "Come on" she says taking his hand she lead hi out the back door they had walked all the way to the other side of town as they entered through a shipment yard it was dark as they went to the middle of the warehouse a shot rang out she grabbed Ryan by the bac of his neck shoving him behind a container as she quickly went behind it with him, "Damn it"she says as she took out her Glock quickly loading it as she looked around trying to see where the shot came from as she fired a shot he hit one guy in the chest as Ryan sighed. she couldn't see the guy that was on top of a container behind them so a shot rang out and it hit Ryan in the side she could hear him scream in pain she quickly turned around shooting the guy as Ryan dropped to the ground holding his side.

She knelt beside him as she ripped the bottom of her shirt, "If I die...I'm gonna...Haunt your ass" Ryan said which ade her smile, "Your gonna be okay" she says tightly wrapping the end of her shirt around his wound, "Your gonna be okay"she repeated again holding him close momentairly before she released him and sat hi up killing the last four idiots as she quickly helped him up, "Lets go before back up comes" she says helping him out of the shipment house.

05/05/2020 12:06 PM 

Just Trust Me (Paul Stand)

Malyana needed time away from all the chaos inher life a lot of stuff was happening all at once so she decided to spend a couple days wth her best friend Paul, He was there to comfort her when some other people were not. She enjoyed her time with him also.

She was laying on the bed next to Paul playing video games she was wearing shorts and a tank top while he was jsut wearing a pair of shorts and wa shirtless they were playing a competitive game of call of duty as she sniped him the timer went off and she evil laughed, "Haha I win again" she says grinning as he sighed and placed down his controller, "You always seem to do...Come on think of something else to do I'm bored with this" he says reaching over he turned off the gaming system

She laid there and tapped her chin as she swayed her legs lightly like a child, "I don't know....I'm not quite sure...Maybe we could take a walk" she suggested as he shrugged, "yeah alright...Come on" he says as they both got out of the bed he slipped on a shirt and a pair of shoes and she put on a different T-shirt and a pair of tennis shoes she grabbed her bag just in case.

They both headed out she was smiling and happy she hadn't took a walk with anybody in a good while so they took a trail that lead to the other side of town through the woods as they were walking a shot rang out Malyana's heart dropped as Paul fell to the ground holding his shoulder she quickly knelt down beside him, "Move your hand" she says as he was gritting his teeth a bit the bullet had went straight through she was digging through her bag for a bandage, "No" he said as she looked at him, "Please...Just...Just trust me alright?" she asked as he slowly moved his hand away she put gause on the wound on each side quickly wrapping it up tight.

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04/24/2020 04:19 PM 

The Smoke And Drugs Keep Me Sane

This was a trying time in her life. Jason wasn't always there for her when she needed him. Ethan was mad at her for picking a vampire over a werewolf and her mom was pissed she hung out with vampires and intended on staying with Sterling forever.

She sat on the edge of her bed her slinder fingers running through her blonde locks she didn't know what to do she was alone most of the time. Her depression was getting worse everytime Jason had left her she just didn't know what to do with herself anymore. as she got up she went to a drawer she moved some of her clothes out of the way grgabbing a bag filled with white powder and a pack of blunts she closed the drawer once she had grabbed them she went back to her door and locked it before going back to her bed she sat on the edge of it and took her lighter. Taking a blunt out of its package she put it between her lips and used the lighter to light it as she put the light down she removed the blunt exhaling some smoke.

She loved the way it felt. the way the smoke filled her lungs and numbed almost all of her pain, she kept smoking the blunt her face looked slightly red she was high now but she put the package of blunts down and opened the bag of white powder she took some out and rose it to her nose placing a finger over one nostril she sniffed in the white powder coughing a bit and rubbing her nose afterwards.

She continued to smoke her blunts while she waiting for the drugs to kick in as she was looking down she was high as f*** and couldn't feel anything at the moment as she saw the door open it revealed Jason his eyes widened lightly as he saw her, "What are you doing?!" he exclaimed as she walked over taking the blunts and drugs away from her, "Why are you smoking and doing drugs?" he asked as she looked at him slightly struggling to get the words out, "The smoke and the drugs keep me sane" was all she replied.....


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