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02/14/2020 01:47 PM 

Going Out.

Crystal had to admit she was excited about going out with her husband and son. They were both everything to her. They made her happier than she could ever be. Landon had told her he had something special planned for them. Crystal couldn't wait to see what it was. "Are you ready to go babe?" Landon asked her with a smile as Crystal held their son in her arms. "Yes, but are you sure this is okay? We aren't supposed to be seen together. People are supposed to think we are divorced and don't like each other. What if someone sees and we get caught?" Crystal asked her husband. She was worried about something awful happening to her husband.  She was always very protective of her husband and the things they did. She didn't want anything happening to him.

"I mean, if you can promise me that no one will find out then I will be okay. I just don't want to go out and then something happens to us or our son. People won't be happy if they see us together and happy. 

02/10/2020 11:45 PM 

Mood Board Monday.

1. My husband Landon. I love him more than anything else in this world. He will always be important to me.♥
2. My son Paxton. I love him more than anything in the world. He is my everything.
3. My sister Sapphire. She's not just my sister but also my best friend. I would be nothing without her.
4. My unborn baby. I don't know if it's a girl or a boy but I will love him/her unconditionally for the rest of my life.
5. All of my friends. I am so thankful for all of them and I love each and every one of them the same. They are all so amazing.♥
6. My adoptive mom. I am so thankful for her every day. She's been so good to be since she adopted me. She has taught me so much about life. 
7. Family. I love my family more than anything. They mean so much to me even though I highly dislike my dad and he's gone now. 
8. My brother Tucker. He's the most amazing brother any girl could ever ask for. I am so happy to have a brother like him who can be there for me whenever I need him. 
9. My animals. I absolutely love all of them. They are the cutest animals ever. I wish I could adopt every dog in the world. 

02/09/2020 06:57 PM 

Task 1.

Watermelon Sugar High.

From the first moment that Crystal met Landon she knew he was her forever. There was just something about him that pulled her to him. She got this high feeling that she had never felt before. They met during the Summer at Disneyland. So listening to Watermelon Sugar High really brings back those feelings for him that she has. She is very into the romance of a relationship. He understands that about her and he's grateful for it. There's nothing in this world she wouldn't for him. Music has always been something that has influenced Crystal's life. She has so many memories where music has helped her keep going when she never wanted to. It has kept her alive and given her hope that she didn't have before. She has grown so much through different kinds of music.

Music has always been a huge influence on Crystal's life from the time she was a little kid. It's not only a huge influence but what brought her and her husband together. She loves to sing and create her own songs. Writing songs is something that she has done since she was a little girl. It helped her escape to her own little world and get out of the one she was living in for a while. She has created so many good songs and so much good music that way. She loves what she does and she is not afraid to show it. She will do anything for her love of music and she knows it. She just wants to make the world happy with her voice and her writing. Songs are what make her happy and music is all about songs and the way someone is feeling at that time. 

01/25/2020 06:32 PM 

You Are My Light.

Everything in Crystal’s life felt wrong. She was constantly watching over her back just to make sure that nothing bad happened to her. Ever since getting out of the drug dealing business she had been terrified for her life and her son’s life. She was even afraid for her husband’s life especially since they knew that she was married to Adyen. Things were not easy for her when she finally left but she was finally starting to feel free and happy from it all. This was exactly what she needed even though she was scared every time she went out the door.”You have no idea how much I appreciate you babe. I’m so sorry I had to put you through all of this by leaving the drug dealing business. I’m so glad though that you forgave me and chose to stay here with me.” Crystal told her husband as she hugged him tightly.

Crystal was so thankful to have somebody that loved her even after everything she had put him through. She knew that he was the one for her the first day that she had met him and she was not wrong. Sometimes, she had a way of knowing things before they even happened. There were so many reasons why he could have left her but he didn’t. He stayed with her even after she tried to end things with him. He was good to her and Crystal knew that she deserved everything that she had right now. “I know this is a risk for us but I believe in us and I know that we can do this. I know that we can make things work for us and for our kids.” Crystal told her husband with a smile as she kissed his cheek gently and held their son in her arms.

She was so thankful for everything that he had done for her. They had built a life together and she knew that it was never going to end. He was always going to be the one for her and she knew that. She spent so much of her life trying to find the one and he was right in front of her all along. After everything she had been through in life he was the one person that made everything better. He made her believe in herself again and that was something that she never thought she would be able to do. “You helped me see that I deserve to be loved in a good way and I cannot thank you enough for that. You have changed my life in so many ways and I love you so much.” Crystal told her husband with a smile as she looked down at their son.

Crystal couldn’t believe how lucky she was to have a son like she did and have someone to love her and be there for her. She was thankful for everything that she had even if she didn’t always show it that much. Even though Crystal was always thankful she had a hard time showing it especially when things got hard. She knew though that her son and her husband both knew that she loved them and was thankful for both of them. They had done so much for her and had helped her so much and growing into herself. “You guys will never understand or know how much you mean to me and how much I love you both. I owe everything to both of you.” Crystal told her husband as she laid her head on his shoulder. She was happy for everything that she had.

This was the first time that she really realized how lucky she was. She had always taken everything in her life for granted but now she knew just how lucky she really was for both of them. Most people only dreamed about what she had and she needed to be more thankful and show them every day how much she loved them both. She was willing to do whatever it took to show both of them how much she loved them. They were her whole world and now she was ready to start her day because she had both of them with her. “Let’s go guys. I’m going to get you both dinner and we’re going to spend tonight together because I want to be with both of you.” Crystal told them as she kissed her son on the cheek and kissed her husband then walked out the door with both of them.

11/22/2019 04:16 PM 

Crystal and her shopping.

With Black Friday around the corner Crystal had to admit that she was excited. This was the time where Crystal brought all of her presents for her friends and family. This time however because it was Paxton’s first Christmas she was going to get to buy a lot of stuff for him. She knew he probably wouldn’t play with a lot of his toys but as he got older she knew that he would. Crystal would always do anything she could in order to make sure that her son was happy. “I’m so ready for Black Friday to start. I want to get him a new crib and also some stuff for when he needs to potty train. That won’t be for a while though because he is still one.” Crystal told Sebastian with a smile as she held Paxton in her arms and rocked him slowly as he slept in her arms.

“I want to get him some race cars and dinosaurs for when he gets old enough to play with toys. I think he’s going to love that even though he can’t right now because he doesn’t understand it. Anyway, I also want to get myself an even bigger screen TV. I think I’m going to put it in my room and then maybe get a sound bar or something, well a new one anyway.” Sebastian told her with a smile as Crystal laughed and shook her head. “I mean I guess that is something that you could get if you really wanted one even though you have two perfectly good ones right here. I think I’m going to get some more stuff for the kitchen because you know how much I love to cook.” Crystal told Sebastian with a smile as she looked around at all the stuff that they already had.

“Anyway, we better get going if we want to get everything that we want before it all gets sold out. You know how Black Friday is and how quickly things go. I swear if it wasn’t for all the deals I don’t even know if I would take the time to do Black Friday with how big the crowds are. Either way though, I’m still really excited about getting all of these gifts for everybody. I’m sure they’re going to love whatever it is that we find and get them. It’s not about the gifts during Christmas or Thanksgiving it’s about family and friends. So hopefully they won’t be too upset if they don’t like the gift and if they don’t like it then they can always take it back but hopefully they will. Let’s get going shall we?” Crystal asked with a smile as she got her son and then headed out of the house.

11/21/2019 03:54 PM 

Thanksgiving Playlist.

11/20/2019 01:23 PM 


Crystal has a lot of traditions in her house hold. She likes to decorate her house for Thanksgiving every year. She also loves to go around the table and tell everyone what she’s thankful for in her life. Crystal loves to cook for friends and family for Thanksgiving. She does this every year even though she doesn’t have a ton of family. She loves to get together and eat dinner with them on Thanksgiving Day. She loves to spend Thanksgiving with her son and her ex husband Chase. They mean everything to her and she loves spending the holidays with them. She loves giving Thanksgiving presents to let her family know she cares. She also loves to take them places to see how amazing the earth can be and what they all have to be thankful for.

Crystal has so much to be thankful for in her life. She has so many people she loves to be around all the time. She also loves to go outside and just be with nature. She is thankful for everything God has given her. She also loves going to parades. More so she loves taking her son to the parades. She loves to his see his eyes light up when he’s there. It makes her feel like she’s doing something right as a mother. Crystal loves spending time with the family she has left that are good and her friends. She loves big get togethers and to put on shows with them. She also loves to hang out with them and eat dinner with them for a tradition. She finds it to be comforting to have family around. She loves being around them and sharing memories with them.

The most happiness and traditional thing for Crystal is the activities. She loves going to the parades at work. She loves making the little kids happy who watch the parade. She loves taking her son there so he can see it too. Her job is one of her favorite things and she loves working there. Getting to be a Disney Princess in the parade is amazing to her. She loves making the little kids happy. To see smiles on their faces brings her great joy. She loves taking pictures with everyone. This is something that isn’t just a job to her but also a tradition. She loves doing this every Thanksgiving. It’s one of her favorite traditions and she would never give it up. She loves spending Thanksgiving with people. She is very thankful for everyone who is in her life right now. 

11/19/2019 04:45 PM 

Family Secrets Equals Drama.

.“Chase, I need to tell you something. I’m not sure how you’re going to take it but I have to tell you. I did something a long time ago. It’s not something I am proud of but I need to tell you about what happened. I don’t think I have ever told you about this and it’s not something I want anyone to know. I certainly don’t want our kids to know anything about this either. The thing is something else happened to my father than what I told you. He didn’t die in the war the way I made it sound. There was nothing honorable or brave about his death. I just didn’t want people to know the truth about what happened to him. He was not a good man by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, he was the worst man I have ever met in my life.” Crystal admitted to Chase with a sigh.

Her father had been the most awful person in the world to her. There was no way she could take seeing him anything other than being bad. He had beaten and raped her pretty much her entire life. Crystal had hid so many things in her life due to being humiliated. She never told anyone what she went through because she didn’t want to remember it. She figured if she told anyone that they would judge her for the horrible life she had. She didn’t want to be judged for something she couldn’t control. So she always remained quiet and never took a chance with anyone. “I’m sorry I waited so long to tell you. I just didn’t want to take a chance of someone judging me. I know this is going to be really hard to hear though.” Crystal told her husband as she looked down and sighed. 

Crystal looked up slowly not knowing how to word what she wanted to say. She didn’t want him to think she was crazy and that was what she was afraid of. “Please, whatever I tell you don’t let it make you see me any differently than what you do now.” Crystal stated as she got out of her seat and made her way over to where Chase was sitting. She looked up at him and waited for him to let her know that things wouldn’t change for them. “I promise nothing is going to change between us love. I can promise you that. I would never look at you any differently than I do now no matter what you tell me.” Chase told her with a smile as Crystal nodded her head and sighed in relief. She always loved that even when she was super nervous he knew how to make her feel better.

“The thing is my dad was murdered. Actually, I am the one who murdered him. It wasn’t on purpose though. It was in self defense. He had been raping me and hurting me for years. Then he murdered my Aunt who was the best person in the world for me because I got him sent to jail. He almost killed me one night and I told the nurses what he did. They sent him to jail and then sent me to live with my Aunt. When he escaped the first place he came was to my Aunt’s house and he murdered her in front of me. I couldn’t take it after that. I decided that he had to go. I was not going to be raped and abused any longer by him. So I took matters into my own hands. I made sure that he could never hurt me again.” Crystal told Chase as she looked down at the ground.

“I would never ever judge you over something like that Crystal. I really wish that you felt like you could have trusted me this whole time to tell me. I would never think any differently of you for having to protect yourself. I’m so sorry you had to feel like you needed to keep that from me. You aren’t a killer or a bad person just because you protected yourself. You did what you had to do to save your life Crys.” Chase told her as he wrapped his arms around her. Crystal couldn’t believe what was happening right now. She was sure he would be mad at her and not talk to her for a while. This was a reaction she was not expecting. She couldn’t believe that he was holding her and not yelling at her. This was the reaction she was not expecting but so happy that she got.

11/18/2019 10:46 PM 

Mood Board Monday.


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