Empress Vandella La Mara™{HOS-LMF}

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July 4th, 2020

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September 09, 2019



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HOS TUMBLR (House of Solomon)


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Just to let all the new adds here know a little about this kingdom, we do get asked from time to time, just what is HOS. Its a very hard question though to answer, as we are an infinite empire, with an array of characters ranging from ‘Lord Satan’ to 'Snow White’. HOS is basically about coming together and enjoying a group/kingdom that you can expand in. You could have your own Realm page here, for any sort of Roleplay you wish, with the knowledge that once you form a sub-kingdom, then that Realm will belong to the kingdom of Solomon.

As for characters for this kingdom, we often tell people that anything is possible in Solomon, if you have an idea for a character, just let us know, we can tell you if that character is already taken here. We are looking for all sorts of characters though, from Goddess’s, Gods, Historical Figures, and definitely original characters. Sometimes we have pre-made profiles as well, and some of these can be family members, so if you are wishing to join the 'La Mara’ family, please send a message to this effect.

HOS is based off 'the lesser key of solomon’, a 16/17th century grimoire written by King Solomon. The book explains how to invoke and exorcise demons/angels, it is the most sought after book on Demonology. For this reason the family here in this group (La Mara’s) are mostly demons, but there is a very wide variety of such forms, again anything is possible, and using your imagination only makes it better.

HOS can be quite an erotic kingdom at times too, and in the past we have been victimized for this, especially by older established kingdoms. There are taboo themes in this family & kingdom. If you wish to know more about HOS, please just send a message and one of our Rulers here will get back to you. I have noticed personally that communication in roleplay seems to be non existent these days, which is very disappointing, I hope in the future we can change that, and being in a group usually helps with this.

Talk to one another people…Lets bring the Magic of Roleplay back in 2019!

Empress Vandella La Mara

Rulers of HOS


09/24/2019 11:35 PM 



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