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July 8th, 2020

Gender: Male
Status: Single
Age: 115
Country: United States

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August 19, 2019


05/08/2020 03:50 PM 

❤Harley Quinn My Love❤
Current mood:  romantic

03/09/2020 02:27 PM 

The Joker Important Rules (Please Sign)
Current mood:  calm

1. Do not steal my pictures that I download into my gallery or I am going to send Harley with her bat to beat you to death all the way

2. Do not claim you are my family unless you are related to Hotch, Richter, Emillia, Lilly or anyone really close to them at all
3. Don't steal my friends & family or I will will come after you & I'll steal your friends & family ASAP
4. Do not arrest me or my family & friends unless you discuss it & you request it be part of the rp then it will be fine
5. Do not judge me if I cannot write a long paragraph that you request be 3-25 lines long cause my hand cramps after a while
6. Do not panic if I log off right away cause sometimes I fall asleep & I do not warn anyone when I am tired or exhausted
7. Do not in any way rush me to rp cause I have things to do in real life & I do not spend 24/7 on here cause I have a life like you 
8. Do not steal any weaponized pics that I post on my gallery that may own or Harley Quinn may own or want me to get her
9. Do not hurt Haper, Emillia, Lilly, JJ, Hotch, Richter, Harley or myself along with my family of other people on my blog

03/08/2020 08:57 PM 

The Joker Family Tree
Current mood:  blessed

Lover: Crazy Dr Harley Quinn 

Niece(s): Daddy’sArchangel 

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