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08/03/2020 08:06 PM 

Chose the tune: Muesday Tuesday

Hate Myself – NF
No Excuses – NF
Bad At Love – Halsey
Savage Love – Jason Derulo
Let you down – NF
Popular Monster – Falling in Reverse
The Drug in Me is You – Falling in Reverse
Someone like you – Ice Nine Kills
Breaking Down – I Prevail
I don’t belong here – I Prevail

The choices these songs represent are Cameron’s choices in life and love. He feels as if he is a monster to everyone around him. He feels as if he made a choice to hurt Harlow but not being the man, she deserves. He feels as if love will never be a reality for him even though he would choose it over anything. The choices he made in his business to be a part of a lifestyle where love is not possible at this moment. He is far too deep in his own selfish ways that the power he has consumed him. He turns to alcohol and has recently picked up drugs again. Something about seeing her and seeing that her happiness around him affects the people in her life digs at him. Who knew Cameron can actually care? He needs to fix himself before he breaks anyone else again.

08/03/2020 07:20 PM 

Would You Rather Storyboard - Muesday Tuesday

Dinner will always be my choice, Chinese take out is to die for. Workout clothes because in all honestly they make some nice ass daily attire in work out clothes for men and women. Id rather not do squats in a 500$ suit. Bed, Bed, Bed, and bed. Always chose bed, Its so f***ign comfortable. If I could work from home and live in my ned and function I would. Vacation, Something about traveling relaxes me. Being in a place thats new and different. Its unreal. Cellphone hands down, has all the abilities of a laptop but better in a small compact form anyways. Music, Movies are too boring and constantly dragging, but music can set a whole mood and change a setting, its a vibe its real. Further inland, Like waaaaay further inland, as much as I love the beach I enjoy the seclusivety of a good cabin in the woods. Its also romantic. Dog, I like cats and all but this little pupper max has caught my heart. Love, Money can only supplement companionship for so long. But love having the right person makes it all the more better. Decisions in life and happimess.

07/26/2020 12:32 PM 

Spirit Week Task Saddle up Saturday

Tequila – Dan + Shay
Hello Beautiful – Noah Schnacky
I like it, I love it – Tim McGraw
She don’t know she’s beautiful – Sammy Kershaw
Xxx’s and ooo’s (An American Girl) – Trisha Yearwood
Check yes or no – George Straight
Wagon Wheel – Darius Rucker
Meant To Be Ft. Florida Line – Bebe Rexa
Body like a back road – Sam Hunt
Little more country then that – Easton Corbin

See now I'm not really into country music as much as I was when I was younger. But sometimes it can fill a mood void. Dan + Shay are some damn good writers. George Straight and Tim McGraw will always hot you with those old school feels. Being around people who listen to country music helps also because if I had to choose i'd stay on a pop or hiphop station. Theres also a lot of love and hurt songs within the country lyrics. SO I can see why people relate to people like Reba or Carrie Underwood. Remixes as well country and pop like bebe rexa and florida georgia line. Whole ass bangers man.

07/24/2020 09:41 PM 

Spirit Week Task OC fair Friday

My favorite memory at the fair. Well in all honesty I hate to break it to you all. But my favorite fair memory isn't from a fair in the OC, but a fair back home in maddison. It was one of the first times I was ever actually able to get out of working and enjoy my friends. Baz and I were blown out of our minds and the girls got all dressed up for the concert. None other then Chris Lane was performing on this particular night and I remember walking in to the Fair and all the girl skipped through the rows of food stands and gift shops singing "whats your name, whats your sign, whats your birthday, whats your wrist tattoo bible verse say." Funny enough Baz and I nodded along even though we had no idea what the f*** they were singing or who this man was.

But my all time favorite moment about that night was during the concert actually seeing everyone getting along for once. Big group of friends and were all bound to have issues right? Hell I even won Harlow a stuffed dog and she accepted it without chopping my head off. She smiled and danced with it all night. I believe to this day even though we went through hell I still see it in her room. But its nice after a huge breakout of drama to just get together and just have some f***ing fun for once. Its a night I know I'll always remember.

07/23/2020 12:39 PM 

Spirit Week Task Namaste Wednesday

I don't really do yoga, but I have dabbled in it. I can be zen and calm your energy but I prefer a good ole fashioned trip to the gym. Something about gains and sweating tends to make me feel as if I'm doing something good for my body. Especially after long days at work. Stressful days at court call for a long run down the beach. The beach and the waves crashing and the smell are my zen. Close your eyes and imagine a long walk on the beach with a loved one. It can be relaxing right? well thats how it feel for me.
Even living near the beach creates a better Zen for exercising. Imagine waking up in the morning and walking out onto your balcony and lifting a few pounds and getting your day started. Hell wanna know whatelse if relaxing. Sex. I'm serious.. Sex burns calories and tightens core muscles. It also releases endorphins that can either create a relaxing mood for you to sleep. Or it can release them to create a happier giddy day for yourself. Sex is a sport in its own. Hence why I get called a man whore. I just appreciate the art. sue me.

07/21/2020 11:38 PM 

Spirit Week Task Vegan Tuesday

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a foodie. I truly enjoy the finer things in life. Sike. Food is food. Ice cream happens to be one of my all time favorite snacks. Cake, oh man let me tell you put a cake infront of me and i'll swim in it. Pizza is my go to dinner, ofcourse, pepperoni and cheese I'm a simple guy.I'm a health nut when it comes to breakfast, fruit or pancakes with fruit is a must. Breakfast is the most important meal you know. Spaghetti, I'd swim in that sh*t too. unf. Last but never least, Chinese food, HAS to be take out though, otherwise meh.


07/21/2020 02:07 PM 

Masters Monday Spirit Week Task

A time when I was stupid dramatic was after Harlow left. Nah, I did not cry but I acted out in anger and hurt, and I broke things. Charles managed to call me out on the way that I was acting. Instead of listening to him. I just became angrier and left the house. It led me to a party, and not one of those parties I am used to going to either. Like a college party with girl younger than I should be touching.
Not a dramatic enough story for you? Well I nearly died that night. I am usually on top of my game when it comes to popping pills and doing drugs. But on this particular night I just wanted to be numb. Nothing was working or helping. So, the less it worked the more I drank and the more I took. Talk about a cry baby ass bitch. I ended up seizing while hooking up with a girl upstairs. Embarrassing.

07/20/2020 12:41 PM 

Spirit Week Task sundae sunday

Funny story, As I was taking this quiz, I loudly stated, watch me get cookie dough. This is one of my all time favorite ice creams. Plain vanilla forever holds my heart, but mint chip and cookie dough take second. Ironically taking this quiz is funny because I don't like the brand ben & jerrys. I'm also more of an ice cream during the cold kind of person. During the summer I enjoy milkshakes or those cones that you buy at your local grocery store.

07/12/2020 09:50 PM 

Friendship Harmonies - Muesday Tuesday

1. Rockstar ft. Roddy RIcch - Da Baby
2. Savage Love - Jason Derulo
3. Savage Remix ft. Beyonce - Megan Thee Stallion
4. Sunday Best - Surfaces
5. Say So - Doja Cat
6. Before You Go - Lewis Capaldi
7. Location - Khalid
8. Happier ft. Marshmello - Bastile
9. Gucci Gang - Lil Pump
10. Tonight Tonight - Hot Chelle Rae

One thing I know about friends, a goodtime can always be spent together with music blasting. Speedy tempos always call for better moods. especially in larger groups. This playlist here is a list of songs I have heard on all my friends playlists even mine. Hell even when its just two friends this playlist could list a mood, and even a dance party could happen. Drinks, Dinner, Barbecues, and summer hangs on the beach. This playlist is for everything, well maybe not a romance setting.

07/12/2020 09:21 PM 

soul sisters/brothers Muesday Tuesday

Colson, Esmeralda, Gracelynn, Harlow, Livia, Mason, Matthew, and Sinikka. The infamous crew, The one of a kinds. They have made me laugh, They have made me cry, They have saved my life. These fantastic nerds have proven to be the ones that are worth living for. Colson man, He is a wild one let me tell you, even though I sell you drugs, we have had some damn good times, and I know he has my back no matter what. Esmeralda, We met on wild terms, and I never expected us to stay friends, I am stupid glad I met her. Gracelynn, Damn did I meet her in the craziest way, I owe her a lot. We saved each others lives. Literally. Harlow, The love of my life but also my BEST friend. Never replacable ever. Livia, you're a crazy one, and I'm glad you are in my life, its amazing to see you grow outside of Rafe. Happiness suits you. Mason, No matter how much you piss me off, you're a chill dude. I wouldn't replace your annoyance at all. Matthew, We have a long history and I owe you big time for helping realize who I am. Sinikka, most of all I owe you everything I own, You saved my life LITERALLY, Taught me that drugs aren't really all that important to consume. I'm clean and sober from cocaine because you helped me learn from my stupid mistakes.


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