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08/03/2020 10:20 PM 

choices music list

Choices jam

Russ-Losin control
Au/Ra- Panic Room
Chasing Atlantic- Heaven and back
Niykee Heaton- Bad intensions
Lana del rey- Young and beautiful
Madison beer- hurts like hell
Marina-How to be a heart breaker
Pia Mia- Hold on, we’re going home
Gabby Barrett- I hope
Daya- Hide away

They all represent one way or another a choice or even multiple choices. Everything from giving up her daughter, leaving Cameron and her chance to be happy and be loved to now and the choice she made to dip back into old habits and even new. After her and Cameron got back from Italy, she made the choice to start up drugs again. This time it was anything she could get her hands on through mason’s casino. The question now is will she get back on track? Will she face facts about her and Cameron? Who knows but the choices are always there… Run… or deal with them as they come, guess we will have to wait and see?

08/02/2020 05:11 PM 

choices moodboard


If you give me the choice between breakfast lunch and dinner it will always be dinner. You get all the good stuff for dinner and well deserts too ;) If I had to choose any clothing it would be PJ's because I can stay in my stitch footies all day every day. All-day in bed or work? Well, shocker, I love to f***ing dance and I don't care if I have to show my tits or ass in the process I will choose work. Vacation all the way. I  love to travel and have fun so why not live my life as best as I can. be young wild and free? Phone or laptop? Phone I need it more for work than I need my laptop. My soul is and always will be music and dance. The way I feel when I hear a song and begin to dance, even by myself is something no one will ever understand. Oh always hands down living on the beach. I am way too much of a beach lover to live anywhere else. Obviously a  dog person, 100% a dog person... To be honest I hate cats. The last one is way more complicated but I can get money all I want where I work or randomly flashing a tit on the sidewalk. To answer the question id choose love. I made the mistake of not choosing it once and I have regretted it every single day since. If only love was something I could have that would make choosing it all the better. 

07/25/2020 06:18 PM 

Country playlist

When I hear these song’s, they bring back either good or bad memories. When i was first getting over Cameron and the obvious feelings, I have for him sometimes I needed some whiskey glasses. The other songs that I listened to on repeat when I left were die from a broken heart, blue skies, heartless, and lonely if you are. Now when I hear One Margarita and every little thing it’s a dance party that never ends!!!! The next two represent both good and bad. Come back to bed is nothing but good memories and makes me think of cam and what I hope will one day happen. Whereas Lonely call also reminds me of Cameron. I made it clear that day on the boat that I had feelings for him turns out they are a lot stronger than I thought but I also know that he possibly doesn’t want me in that way, which is fine but I wont be a lonely call to any man especially not Cameron. It would hurt us both too much.


  1. Die from a broken heart- Maddie and tae
  2. Heartless- Diplo ft morgan wallen
  3. Blue skies- Filmore
  4.  Lonely if you are- Chase Rice
  5. come back to bed- Sean Stemaly
  6. One Margarita- luke bryan
  7. One of them girls- Lee Brice
  8. Every little thing- Russell D*ckerson
  9. Whiskey Glasses- Morgan Wallen
  10.  Lonely Call- RaeLynn

07/24/2020 10:08 PM 

july friday task

It was days like this that I needed out of my head. Since being back from Italy I knew I would need to get more comfortable out in public again but my time away had helped out a lot, surprisingly. I started out on the beach just to clear my mind and think of what it was I wanted to do that day. The waves crashed onto my feet as I held my sandals in my hands. When I finally looked up, I was at the pier where the fair was going on. I took a deep breath, the smell of funnel cakes made my mouth water uncontrollably. I made my way down the pier and to the nearest funnel cake stand. While in line I listened to the music that was coming from further down the beach.

I was lost in the music humming along until a familiar voice semi whispered into my ear causing a smile to curl onto my lips. “well hello stranger!”. Turning I was face to face with Cameron who already had that knee-weakening smirk on his face. After we had gotten some funnel cakes, we went off to explore just how the OC’s fairs were. Up until this year I hadn’t been to any fairs that the OC held. We both managed to play games all night and have fun, just like back home in Madison. Cameron managed to even win me another stuffie to add to the stuffie collection I’ve been accumulating over the years. But we didn’t want the fun to end so we ended it with camping as well. Overall this was one of my favorite fairs in a long time. I genuinely had fun and was able to get out of my head.

07/21/2020 09:27 PM 

foodie tuesday


Ilove all food but these unparticular are my favorites. Strawberries are my go-to “healthy” food. Cover them babies in white chocolate and god damn are you a god. For the main course get me some Chinese food and pot stickers and I may just marry you on the spot. Thing is I’m probably not joking. 3 Am pizza with a sonic float or smoothie is orgasmic. I’ve never not had a bad night with 3 am pizza lol. Then burgers and nuggies well they are second to Chinese food so I guess you’ll be on the right track!


06/26/2020 12:10 PM 

Thursday two peas in a pod



When you think a best friend, you think of someone who is just that a person who is your friend. My best friend is Cameron. I know shocker right; we go from hating one another back to best friends. How did we become friends is a long-ass story. I was always attracted to Cameron in one way or another. We are so much alike yet so different. From day one I could see through him; I could see the man he didn’t even see in himself. I could see the potential that he had to become the amazing person he is now. After I left and we ran into one another again we weren’t friends at all. In fact, I’m pretty sure he hated me just as much as I tried to hate him, but let’s be honest I couldn’t hate him.  He came to me and we hashed things out to a point but things between us won't ever be the same. This is where things get more interesting. Yes, we are friends and we always will be but he is and always will be more than just a friend to me. He will be my lover, my best friend may be at times a pain in my ass but I love him in all his forms none the less. I love where our relationship is at right now and I am so glad to have him back in my life. I actually think we are better friends this time around then we were the first time. I look for people who are caring, some may say I look for people who need fixing. I like to fix people; I can’t help it! I love people who call me out on my sh*t and so much more. I could literally go on forever. Cameron is literally perfect. Cocky, caring, honest, hardworking to the point you have to drag him away from work sometimes. Honestly, any woman would be lucky to have him as a friend or otherwise because the man's a damn catch. 


06/26/2020 04:06 PM 

Museday tuesday 2

Catch by Brett Young

Cameron Fulton

I mean this song plays and the first person I think of is you. For a while I tried to catch your attention, though I already knew I had it. When I left I didn’t think I’d see you again. I didn’t ever think we would end up in the same place. I wasn’t trying to feel the way I do. I was trying so hard to hate you but I couldn’t. One look at you had me catching my breath. Yes, catch my breath. Every time you’re near I can’t help but feel like a baby deer learning to walk for the first time. I never expected to love you but you have away of growing on people, even with the walls you build. I never gave you permission to steal my heart again Cameron but you did. I can with out a shred of doubt and even if we aren’t together say I love you still to this day more than I’ve ever loved another person.


06/23/2020 09:15 PM 




So as you see I love pink!! Always have always will! Poor king and Cameron here have suffered my pink influence already. King with his beautiful neckless(collar) and Cameron well I may leave my blanket over there just so I have one! The two important men in my life and I make them suffer with pink in theirs. I am pretty simple when it comes to nights out actually. A walk around twinkling lights or a simple movie will do but I never used to be who I am now. I used to be shy, self cautious, and thought the worst about myself. After leaving everything behind I made a change. I have become more confident in everything I do. I'm not shy in fact I'm feisty as hell now and sure as hell confident in my body and how I make a living. How I make my living is fun, I get to dress up all I want. Its pretty much Halloween every day for me. Coke is coke! Amazing and my weakness the fact its in a pink can! eeeeeeeeeeek!


06/14/2020 03:59 PM 




I have a lot of memories both good and bad but if I had to go back and revisit one it would be the one pivotal moment that changed my life. It would be the day I regret the most and the one that has led to a now so complicated friendship. Everyone knows the history behind Cameron and me, I mean we don't try and hide it. Things weren't always perfect but for me, they were my perfect. Things changed when we went to Big bear.. Somethings happened with my ex and a mutual friend that lead me to use drugs again and when I say drugs I mean anything I could get my hands on at the time to numb everything. That is where this storyboard starts to take its turn. High out of my mind I cheated...I wish so badly I hadn't. Maybe things would be different...The events to follow only made things worse and including blood on my hands and the worst of all hurting the one person I love more than anything on this earth...And yes I still say love because no matter what I will always love Cameron. No one can replace him and no one can compare to him. It's that simple. The look on his face when the elevators closed is one I will never get out of my head. I had the strongest man I have ever known and I saw him crushed in that moment. So if I could go back and change it all I would. I would listen to what he had to say and I wouldn't have run away. I would have stayed, made things work because now. God now things are so complicated and I want the one thing ill never be able to have... 


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