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Why Emma Came To New York.

"Emma! Are you ready? We have to leave now if you want to make it to the townhome in time. We have a long drive from Niagara Falls to New York City. It's about a 6-hour drive."  Emma's sister called out as Emma sighed. "I'm coming! I have to let Brownie go to the bathroom first since we are taking him!" Emma called out to her sister as she walked down the stairs of their house. She had just found her sister again after losing her for so long. They lived in a pretty nice house now but they were moving because of school and because of Emma's job. She was now a detective for the NYPD. She had got this job to hide from law enforcement after being raped and killing a man. She had to get her kids out of Niagara Falls and away from law enforcement before they took her kids.

After losing her husband to an awful car accident, Emma didn't see herself getting married again, but she didn't rule out the possibility. She needed a fresh start and after getting accepted into NYU Emma figured this was her shot. She could start over with her sister and their new roommate in a townhome in New York City. This was going to be the best thing for her and for her kids. "Come on Brownie, we need to get you out before we go," Emma told him with a smile as she put him on his leash. She took him out to the backyard and let her go to the bathroom then brought him back inside and took his leash off. "Okay! I am ready!" Emma called out to her sister as she walked into the foyer. "Is Gracelyn and Landon ready to go?" Her sister asked as Emma smiled and nodded her head. 

"Yeah, they are in the living room waiting for us to be ready," Emma replied as she walked into the living room. "Okay guys, it's time to get going. Come on." Emma told her three-year-old little boy and her five-year-old little girl as she took them by the hands. She still didn't have the heart to tell them she was pregnant again. She didn't want to explain to them that she was raped and that's how she is having twins. So she opted not to tell them until she absolutely had to. Right now she was only a week pregnant. So she wasn't showing. She didn't have to worry about her kids asking questions or trying to explain to them what happened. "Otay mommy. Me ecited." Landon told his mother with a smile as Emma bent down and kissed the top of his head gently.

Emma walked out of the house and locked it knowing they had a long ride ahead of them. She got her kids into the car then got Brownie and Max into their car letting them into the backseat. Emma didn't believe in putting her pets in cages. So she always let them roam free in her car and kept a close eye on them. "Alright, here we go. Mommy is going to show you the new townhome that we will be living in. It's got quite a few rooms and I think you guys will love it." Emma told her kids as she got into the car with her sister. She buckled her seat belt then turned the car on. Another thing that Emma was excited about was getting to own her own animal shelter. She wouldn't be working there full time but she could hire whoever she wanted and come in when she needed to.

Six hours later they had and some bathroom breaks in between they had finally made it to their townhome and got out of the car. "Okay. Let's go see our new home." Emma told them with a smile as she got them both out of their car seats and out of the car. She got the animals out of the car and then walked into their new home. It was big for a townhome but with three adults and 2 children staying there she was happy that it was big. It was smaller than what Emma was used to but at least it was still big enough for five people. "Home sweet home. I am so excited about this new start for all of us. New York City is going to be the place we all love. I just know it." Emma told them as she closed the door to their new home and looked around.

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