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06/08/2020 11:51 PM 

Mood Board Monday.

"Love is love no matter who you love. So, be happy with the person you love the most, and don't let anyone tell you it's wrong to love them."

05/29/2020 04:59 PM 

What’s In A Name?

Name: Emma
Meaning: Whole or Universal
Origin: German

"Mommy, how did you get your name?" A little Gracelynn asked her mother as Emma smiled and picked her daughter up placing her on her lap. As much as she loathed her mother for letting her father do the things that he did to her and her brother she still thanked her for the name that she had given her. She didn't feel like she really fit the bill for the name Emma but at the same time, she liked to think that it was because she was dealt a bad hand. Maybe if she had had a better life when she was younger she would've been a better person but she was definitely a better mother.

"Well, that's a good question sweetheart. You see, your grandmother gave me that name. It means wholesome or universal. Your grandmother liked to think that your mom was going to grow up a wholesome woman. She didn't have the best life growing up but she still turned out to be okay. At least I think so." Emma told her daughter with a smile as she bent down slowly and placed a soft kiss upon her daughter's forehead. She loved how her daughter always wanted to learn and she was a little curious why she had asked about her name.

"Mommy's just a little curious though, why do you want to know what my name means? Are you guys learning about names in kindergarten and their meanings?" Emma asked her daughter with a smile as Gracelynn smiled back and nodded her head. Emma loved how they were already learning the meanings of names especially since she never got to learn about that in kindergarten. It was usually just about naptime, playing on the playground, and getting snacks. Nowadays kids were learning a lot about stuff before they even got to kindergarten let alone grade school.

"What does my name mean mommy?" Gracelynn asked with a smile. "Well, your name means favor or blessing. I gave you that name because you were a blessing to me and your father. Both you and your brother were before he passed away. We didn't think we were going to get to have kids but then we got pregnant with you. You were our miracle and we liked to think of you as a blessing." Emma told her daughter with a smile as she felt her daughter wrap her arms around her neck and kiss her cheek. These were the moments that Emma loved.

"I really like our names mommy and the meaning of them. I'm so glad that I got to learn what they mean and I really think that you are wholesome like your name says." Gracelynn told her mother with a smile. Emma knew that her daughter was only five but she still seemed so smart for her age. "Well I love our names to sweetheart and I'm glad that you like them. I love you very much and I can't wait to see what else you learn in kindergarten." Emma told her daughter with a smile as she held her in her arms and hugged her one last time.

03/20/2020 05:58 PM 

St. Patrick's Day Drink Recipe.

Shamrocked Shooter


2 Ounce Melon Liquor (Midori)
1/2 Ounce Irish Whiskey (Tullamore Dew)
1/2 Irish Cream Liquor (Carolans)

Steps To Make It

1. Gather the ingredients
2. Pour the ingredients into a cocktail shaker
3. Shake very well
4. Strain into a shot glass
5. Serve and enjoy

03/18/2020 02:15 PM 

Emma's Wish List.


1. I wish that I can give Gracelynn, Landon, Clark, and Cassie the best lives in the world.
2. I wish that I can get over my past and what happened to me when I was sold into that cult.
3. I wish I could forgive my father for selling me into the cult that put me through hell.
4. I wish I could find a father for my kids so they have a father figure in their lives.
5. I wish that I could take my kids on more vacations wherever they want to go.
6. I wish that I could bring back the man who raped me to put him away for good.
7. I wish that my twins didn't have a father who was a rapist and is now dead.
8. I wish that my two oldest kids had their father back and he didn't die in a car crash.
9. I wish that I can give my kids everything they want in this world until they grow up and can do it themselves.
10. I wish that I can find happiness again with someone and they will love me the way I love them.

03/17/2020 07:43 PM 

Drabble Using Three Words.

Emma couldn’t believe what she was seeing right now. “Mommy! What’s that in the sky?” Gracelynn asked her mother as Emma smiled. “Well honey, that’s a rainbow. They usually only come out while it’s raining and sunny. You are looking at the aftermath of the two. It’s really beautiful isn’t it?” Emma asked her daughter with a smile as Gracelynn smiled and nodded her head in excitement. She had never seen anything so beautiful than a rainbow. Her daughter hadn’t really got to see a rainbow before or never recognized it until now. With just the look on her daughter’s face, it made Emma really happy that she was able to share this moment with her daughter. It was one of those memories that Emma was always going to keep with her.

“Mommy, can you tell me a story about rainbows? I know how they form now but I want to hear about what happens when you get to the end of a rainbow.” Gracelynn asked her mother as Emma smiled thinking of the story that her mother used to tell her before she turned into the horrible woman that she was. “Of course I can sweetheart. I can tell you while we drive to get something to eat. I think you’re going to love the story because it’s pretty darn magical. So I want you to sit back, relax, and enjoy while I tell you an enchanting story about folklore I was told long ago.” Emma told her daughter with a smile as she continued to drive to the nearest drive-through. She wanted to make sure that they made it home in time before it got dark. 

“Now, once upon a time, there was a leprechaun who left a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Leprechauns are little people that like to dress in green with a top hat. Some say if you see one of them that all of your wishes will come true. I don’t know if leprechauns exist but if they do it would be pretty darn cool to see one. Now if you get to the end of the rainbow you just might see a pot of gold and a leprechaun with it. Leprechauns are very cautious with their gold and only give it to people who tend to get to the end of the rainbow. I haven’t met anyone who’s been to the end of the rainbow yet so who knows if that’s true.” Emma told her daughter with a smile as she looked back at the excitement on her daughter’s face while she continued to tell the story.

“You know, they say if you are lucky enough to get to the end of the rainbow you can even make a wish. Of course, you still get the pot of gold too but it doesn’t hurt to be able to make a wish. Although, I’m not sure whether or not that part is true or not. After all, this is just folklore that my mom told me when I was little like I’m telling you now with you being a little. We will never know unless someone actually gets to the end of the rainbow.” Emma told her daughter with a smile. She knew there was actually no gold at the end of the rainbow but her daughter was only five and she wanted her to believe in things as long as she could until Emma had to tell her the truth. She wasn’t looking forward to that time because she didn’t know how her daughter would react.

When they finally arrived Emma looked back to see a big smile on her daughter’s face. That was all she would ever ask of her daughter was just to see her smile every day. “Thank you for telling me that story mommy. I really hope that maybe one day I can get to the end of the rainbow. It would be awesome if I was the first girl ever to get to the end of the rainbow. Plus, I would get a lot of gold too and I would get to see a leprechaun. This was the best story ever. Thank you for making my day mommy.” Gracelynn told her mother with a smile as Emma drove through the drive-through to get their food. It was things like this that her daughter said that Emma always looked forward to hearing when she was with her. She really was a perfect princess in Emma’s eyes.

03/16/2020 05:18 PM 

St. Patrick's Day MoodBoard.

"May your trouble be less and your blessings be more. And nothing but happiness come through your door."

02/12/2020 11:28 PM 

Sentence Starter.

"I thought that the bottle was empty but there was one glass left," Emma replied to herself in a low tone. She didn't want people to hear what she was saying. She thought she could drink it all but it was impossible. There was no way to do that. She didn't want people to judge her for ordering it and not drinking it. People were crazy these days and they judged you for everything. Emma didn't want to go through that. She didn't want to finish it either. The last thing she needed was to go home drunk. She didn't want her family to know she stayed away to drink. Her friends understood that she was a mom now. So, hopefully, they would help her finish it off. They had asked her to come out and of course, she did. She needed time with her friends lately. 

Emma was trying to figure out what she was going to do. She knew she could ask her friends but then they would question her. Why did she have to get two? Emma didn't even realize that she had gotten another glass. Maybe she had blanked out? Things like that had been happening with her lately. Things happened that she could not explain. Emma felt like she had had already had too much to drink as it was. There was no way she was going to be able to drink this other glass. "Hey guys, can you do me a favor? So, I have no idea when I got this other drink. I was wondering if anyone wanted to help me finish it? I don't want to be too drunk when I go home to my kids." Emma told her friends hoping that they would help her out. 

The one thing Emma needed now was a break from all of this. She needed to relax and get her mind off of drinking for the night. She had to be completely sober and have no hangovers when she saw her kids the next morning. "How about I take it off your hands? You can go dance with Steph and I'll down it for you." Alexander told her with a smile as Emma nodded her head and got up from her chair. Emma walked over to the dance floor and started dancing with her friend. She was lucky to have friends who didn't judge her. Ones who wanted to help her more than anything else. They didn't care that she bought a drink she couldn't finish. They did it for her and they let her have fun. That was even more than she could have asked for from them.

Emma couldn't believe how lucky she was. She had friends who really cared about her and understood her. Those types of friends were hard to come by nowadays. So she was lucky she had made those types of friends in her life. "Thank you so much for all you guys do for me. Thank you for being so understanding. You guys really are the best. I thought people were going to judge me for not being able to drink the other glass. I am just so used to people judging me, but you didn't. Thank you for being the most amazing friends that you are. I have no idea what I would do without you guys." Emma told them as she hugged them and then made her way to the dance floor. It was one of the most amazing nights she had ever had.

She was so thankful for all the friends she had made over the years. They all cared about her and she could now see that. She felt very lucky to be their friend. She continued to have a good time until it was finally time to go home. Now she could go home without worrying about her kids seeing her. She wouldn't have a hangover the next morning when she saw them. She was so thankful and grateful for that. Emma finally got everything she needed and made her way out of the club. She was ready for the rest of the night. She knew she would go home understanding she could have a good time without getting drunk. "You guys really are the best friends ever," Emma told them as she hugged all of them and left for the night. 

02/11/2020 03:18 PM 

Valentine's Day Bucket List.

1. A movie day- I honestly just want to go out with friends and watch a romantic movie or something. This is the perfect time of year to watch romance movies with friends.
2. Romantic Picnic in the park: I have always wanted to go to Central Park and just have a romantic day with dinner with someone special.
3. Spend the day with my family- I hardly ever get to see my kids because of work. So, spending today with them would be my ideal Valentine's Day. 
4. Hanging out with my friends- I never get to see my friends anymore. So I think doing something with them would be on my to-do list for a day like this. 
5. Eating tons of candy- I mean I would love to just eat tons of V-Day candy and have lots of heart-shaped boxes filled with chocolate. 
6. Being kissed in the rain- It won't happen this Valentine's Day but maybe one day it will. It's on my bucket list for this Holiday. 
7. Find someone- One Valentine's Day I intend on finding myself a man. Maybe not this one, but one day I am going to enjoy Valentine's Day with a date.

02/10/2020 01:57 PM 

Valentine's Day Mood Board.

01/25/2020 06:24 PM 

Shout Out To My Ex.

"Shout out to my Ex, you're really quite the man. You made my heartbreak and that made me who I am." Emma sang out loud with the song as she felt the sudden wave of relaxation start to watch over her. Her ex had been the worst person she had ever encountered in her life. She spent so much of her life trying to please him that she made her own self miserable. It was like she was watching her life unfold and there was nothing she could do to change it. All she did was try to please him all the time and every time she listened to this song all of those memories of what she had done just to please her ex really came flooding back. In all honesty, she was relieved and happy that he was finally gone. She finally felt like she could breathe again and she knew that she deserved to be happy. She could finally find someone that could make her happy in ways that he could not.

He wasn’t the best person in the world for her and Emma always knew that. She just had a thing for hiding it because she wanted him to be the one for her. He hurt her in more ways than she could ever imagine and now she was finally free. It didn’t feel like she was free but she decided that letting go of him was the best thing for her. As she sat there listening to that song she felt empowered to move on and to give herself a better life. Sometimes all it took was one song to realize that you deserve something way better. He hurt her in more ways than she could count but she was stronger and better because of it. “I deserve to be loved and wanted by someone. I don’t need to give all of myself to someone and them only give half to me.” Emma told herself with so much confidence in her voice.

She knew that she needed to get out there and start looking for someone else who could make her just as happy as she made them. She needed to stop being all about herself and grieving and move on. She had spent enough time grieving about her ex and she was tired of feeling like it was her fault. She wasn’t ever going to be able to find someone else that was good for her if she continued to grieve about the one that hurt her. He did not deserve that much grief from her and she did not want to give it to him any longer. “I just need to go out and have a good time. I need to stop letting the stress and the depression get to me and just be happy.” Emma told herself as she got up from her bed and decided to get changed to go out. This was something that she really needed.

This was going to be the day that she decided to say no more. She was going to live her life the best way she knew how and she was not going to let some stupid guy get in the way of it. All of her friends told her that she needed to move on and they were right. This song had randomly come on the radio that she was listening to and it was a message to her. It was telling her that it was time to let go and she could be mad at her ex but she shouldn’t let it get to her. “You made my heart break and that made me who I am. Those are the strongest words I’ve ever heard before.” Emma told herself as she grabbed everything that she was going to need to start her day. She had a different take on things now and she was going to live her life the best she could.

Emma felt like a brand new person after hearing this song. She had been thinking hard about what she was going to do now that she had her heartbroken and this song helped her with that. It was a few simple lyrics but it told her so much more than she could’ve imagined. She was ready to move on and start a new life, a better life. One that did not involve her ex and letting him hurt her anymore. She was going to be happy and she was going to meet new people. She was going to open her heart again and that was something she thought she would never do. “For the first time I’m ready to go out and greet the day with a new attitude and a new look on life. Now that’s some deep stuff right there.” Emma told herself as she walked out of her house and into the sunlight to start a new day.

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