Mason Davila
It's not bad to dream. But you also have to consider what's realistic.
June 1st, 1990
Galaxy Comics
Sloane, MA


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September 23rd, 2020

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09/07/2020 11:04 PM 

Activity Check 190: The Woods

This wasn’t Mason’s first rodeo, in fact being stranded in the lush woods of Sloane wasn’t even the second rodeo for the olive-skinned male. He’d gone through a few rounds of torture at the hands of Sloane’s known and unknown torturers. Some of the town's destinations had been exotic like Hawaii while the other locations were simply foreign like Denmark. While those trips weren’t the best, the ones that continuously plagued Mason’s dreams were those that took place at home, in Sloane. The Sloane fairgrounds were the most recent on the dark-haired male’s mind, this was the last time he’d been with Dollie, and he’d come home with an ankle that was torn to shreds. Now the Sloane residents were stuck in the middle of the woods that bordered Mason’s Woodfall Village cabin.

All the neighbors had were two dead bodies. The body of Morgan Ashby and the body of Trenton Foster. Everything else had been taken from the town, everything was always taken from them. Mason had finally gotten the smell of rotting flesh out of his nostrils and now the aroma was replaced with the stench of body odor. As he laid in his tent, Mason inhaled slowly trying to calm down the anxiety that was causing his chest to rapidly rise and fall in an uneven pattern. With each inhales of breath the rotten stench of dried sweat, dirt, the lake water filled his nostrils. Mason would be lying if he said the disgusting odor of himself wasn’t better than the two dead bodies that Lydia had found. He tried not to think about the two bodies though, he didn’t want to focus on how or why they’d found themselves in the middle of the woods.

Trent was buried a long time ago. Mason thought to himself, rubbing his hand over his forehead to whip up the sweat that was building on his brow. I, there’s no question he’s dead now. He continued to think about how multiple people in town thought Trent had still been walking among the living but now there was proof that the male was, in fact, dead. Closing his eyes, Mason tried to fill his mind with anything other than thoughts about dead bodies, heat, stress, anxiety, and focus on the one emotion he was having difficulty tapping into. Hope. Is there still anything to hope for?

The thought crossed his mind and rounded to his daughter who was at home with an unknown hospice nurse. There would be hope as long as Dani was alive, Mason would do whatever he needed to do to get back to her, he didn’t know how he’d survive this, but Mason knew he would. Mason knew he would get out of this alive if only for Dani. Slowly he inhaled and tried to focus on memories with his daughter, with Dollie, with Thomasin outside of these woods, and tried to ignore the constant anxiety that was coursing through his veins.

08/25/2020 04:45 PM 

Activity Check 188: Summer

Der’ ain’t no Summer like New Orleans Summer.
Summer is the surround sound of Jazz swirling in the air.
Summer is the Zydeco rhythms beating under your feet.
Summer is the sticky air wrapping around your body. 
Summer has the spicy smells of Cajun dishes. 
Der’ ain’t no Summer like a New Orleans Summer. 

“Mason comes on,” the curvy blonde whined in that way that Maureen tended to do when she wanted something as she tugged at Mason’s lanky arm trying to pull him in the direction of Bourbon Street where there was a variety of eclectic members of the New Orleans community.  The air was thick with a late July heat that bore down on your chest even after the sun had dipped below the earth.  Mason Davila wasn’t sure he wanted to be out in this heat before such a big soccer tournament the following days but Maureen had insisted and the olive-skinned male could never tell the beautiful blonde no. 

“Chu’ gotta learn some patience,” the dark-hued male responded despite picking up his pace as they entered Bourbon Street, and the smell of sugar and rubbing alcohol slammed hard into Mason’s nostrils.  “F***in’ Christ how do ya’ love dis’ place so much?”  Mason asked his companion who was dancing around with bright blue eyes peering around and taking in every sight that she could.  Bourbon Street wasn’t Mason’s scene, he was more of a basketball game at the local high school on a Wednesday night, and movies with his friends after school on Friday kind of person.  Maureen was helping him expand his horizons as she liked to call it. 

“I like it because it’s everything my parents would hate,” she said simply and Mason nodded his head as a group of college females lifted their shirts and screamed at the top of their lungs.  Everything was loud here, the fun Jazz music that could be found on every street corner of New Orleans was drowned out by the drunken messes that crawled down this street each night, and Mason wanted to enjoy his New Orleans.  He wanted to be wrapped up in the summer air that smelled and tasted like his neighbor's gumbo, he wanted to hear the saxophone player three blocks downplaying an upbeat tune, Mason wanted to get off of Bourbon Street. 

“Well, in most cases I don’t agree wit’ ya’ parents, let me take ya’ somewhere else,” he explained and didn’t give the blonde time to object before he laced their fingers together and shot down a side street that took them further away from the rank stench of Bourbon.  “Chu’ wanna be all wild and sh*t but why don’t cha’ just enjoy da’ actual good parts of home insteada’ tryin’ ta’ give ya’ parents a big f*** you,” Mason smirked as they wove through New Orleans and he pulled them towards Cafe Du Monde.  The two stood in line for fifteen minutes before they ordered fifteen beignets, coffees, and continued to walk around the square. 

That was the summer night that Mason realized he loved Maureen more than a friend, that was the summer night that he realized he never wanted to move away from New Orleans, and that was the summer night that he would hold onto years later when things got rough.  Summer was Jazz music, Summer was Zydeco rhythms jumping beneath your feet, Summer was sticky New Orleans air, Summer was spicy Cajun dishes, Summer was New Orleans and New Orleans was home.

08/07/2020 09:50 PM 

Activity Check 186: Vices




Mason’s dark hues skimmed over the four words that he had scrawled down on the lined paper that his therapist had handed to him at the beginning of their hour-long session.  There was order to the four, there was a meaning behind each of them
, and there was a story behind each of them that he wasn’t sure he wanted to tell.  His eyes flicked from the black ink to the dark-haired woman that was sitting across from him with a patient look resting on her face.  “Take your time Mason, there isn’t a rush to go through this exercise,” she explained, beginning to move her bright purple pen against the yellow legal pad that Mason was slowly beginning to hate with each session. 

The dark-haired male nodded his head forcing himself to look down at the four words in front of him and to think about the significance they had in his life.  “Can I write out what ya’ want me ta’ say first, I think it’ll make it easier for me,”  Mason explained keeping his eyes fixated on the words not wanting to look at his therapist in case she declined his request.  Instead of saying no, she had told him to write whatever he needed, and that they would discuss as he was able.  “Thank ya’, the male’s tone was full of gratitude as he began to write the stories of how he’d become addicted to each of his listed vices. 

Alcohol:  I first got hooked on alcohol when I met Talon Vaughn.  He knew how to have a good time and to bury the bad times under multiple bottles of liquor.  My go-to is Whiskey, the brand doesn’t matter, the shelf doesn’t matter, all that matters is it burns going down.  It’s the only thing I continue to use even though I go to A.A. and N.A.  I can live without the others but alcohol, liquor has always been there to drown out the relentless pain that sits on my chest.  Talon doesn’t know how dependent I’ve been on it since he directed me on how to use it properly to drown myself.  I don’t plan to ever tell him, he doesn’t need to know that I’m more like him than he’d want me to be.  I’m currently zero-days sober from alcohol.  

Speed:  Tatum brought this lovely drug into my life.  Speed was the next level, Speed helped me stay awake from job to job to job, and I never wanted to lose that feeling.  The crash was sh*t, the first one made me think I had lost my mind, but I’d take more than be right back up again.  Tatum introduced me to the people I needed to meet, I got a steady connection, and I didn’t stop using Speed until I almost died.  It took me almost dying four times before I even saw a problem.  I haven’t touched that sh*t since Dani was born and I’m almost nine months sober from Speed. 

Adderall:  The prescription drug because I have A.D.H.D.  It’s simply there, the doctors got me hooked, and I overused my senior year.  It was before I found Speed and the only thing that would keep me up was taking more than prescribed to me.  I still have to take Adderall but my doctor knows about my past with the drug.  I try not to overuse but sometimes I slip when times are stressful.  

Cocaine/Dollie:  Cocaine and Dollie Lovell are essentially the same drug to me.  She was the reason I ever dived deep into the drug.  When I miss her I think about finding a line to snort but then I think about our daughter.  If I can’t have her I want the other, if I can have her then I don’t need the other.  F*** I miss her.  I’m eight months sober from Cocaine and Dollie’s been gone for almost two months….

Thomasin:  She’s an addiction in a strange way.  A way I do not acknowledge more than this.  

Putting his pen down Mason looked at the words he wrote and wanted to scratch through every word.  Instead, he looked up at his therapist, “Can we talk ‘bout da’ list next week?  I’ma give it to ya’ ‘cause if I take it I’ll burn it.  I just don’t think I can talk ‘bout it today.  But I need time.”  The male explained as he handed the female the list of vices that he knew he needed to face but wasn’t ready to.  Not all of them at least.


07/27/2020 05:59 PM 

Activity Check 184: A Hit

The muggy Sloane air stuck to Mason’s shirt as well as the inside of his lungs with each breath that he took in while drinking from the bottle of Whiskey nestled between his palm and fingers.  The olive-skinned male had started out sitting on his back porch when the burnt orange sun had begun to sink below the treetops that surrounded his cabin in Woodfall Village and now the lights that Dollie had hung all over the porch had turned.  “F***,” he groaned with a roll of his head to the side trying to look for the pack of cigarettes he thought he’d brought out with him and thought he saw movement off to the side of his house.  “Hello,” Mason called out in a slurred yell, “Well sh*t if ya’ ain’t suppose ta’ be here why would ya’ answer me,” he added before chuckling and taking another hardy pull from the lip of the dark Whiskey bottle. 

For a few moments, nothing could be heard but the familiar sounds of Sloane crickets beginning to form their nightly orchestra around Mason’s home and Mason began to settle back into his chair forgetting about the cigarettes he had been searching for moments earlier.  Closing his eyes the male cleared his throat feeling the familiar tug from the alcohol that pulled him deeper into a numbed state when he heard footsteps from the other end of his porch.  His dark eyes flew open to see a man, dressed in all black slowly approaching Mason with a gun pointed at the center of his skull.  Mason smacked his lips together trying to figure out what to say, he couldn’t tell if it was the man who’d raped him coming back to finally finish him off, if it was one of T.F.’s make up doubles, or if it was just bad luck. 

“You Mason Davila,” the male’s voice was clear but Mason heard the words through muddled ears and was only able to nod his head as he stared down the barrel of the gun.  “Good, I was hired to take care of you but I noticed you’ve got a little girl and I want to offer you a deal.”  The gun remained fixed on Mason’s face as the male walked to the end of the log bench that was off towards the side and he grabbed the seat before sitting down.  “You pay me double and I’ll go leave you alone.”

Keeping the bottle firmly in his hand Mason tried to push himself up into a better sitting position, “Double?”  He asked unsure what that would mean for his bank account when he had a sick daughter who needed a number of treatments. 

“Yup, double or I shoot you right here.” 

“Aight’,” he said looking at the male, “Double and ya’ tell me who hired ya’.  Deal?”  Mason extended his hand towards the male who had been hired to kill him.  He knew he was being an idiot but if the killer was giving him an option then Mason was going to take it.

“Double, I’ll rough you up for good measure, and the next time you see Donnie DiMaggio give him a big smile for me.” The male responded as he took Mason’s hand in his, shook it, and the two men finished their deal with one another.

07/12/2020 09:25 PM 

Activity Check 182: Playlist ii

I Think I’m OKAY --- Machine Gun Kelly 

Watch me, take a good thing and f*** it all up in one night
Catch me, I'm the one on the run away from the headlights
No sleep, up all week wasting time with people I don't like
I think something's f***ing wrong with me

Mason has spent several years battling his addictive personality,  his addictions to alcohol, Adderall, and Speed.  When he is at his lowest points I think I’m OKAY by Machine Gun Kelly represents how he responds to everything going on around him.  Mason can ruin his prolonged sobriety in one single night and has multiple times before.  He takes a good thing and f***s it up in a single night or a single moment. 

Someone To You --- BANNERS

And if the sun's upset and the sky goes cold
Then if the clouds get heavy and start to fall
I really need somebody to call my own
I wanna be somebody to someone

Mason hasn’t felt like someone important to anyone since his mother passed away and all he wants in this world is to feel important to a friend, a loved one, or a family member.  Mason tries to be a good friend to those who are good to him, a wonderful lover to the people he is romantically involved with, and the perfect family member.  He is always striving to be someone to someone and will extend himself in the process. 

Better Off This Way --- A Day To Remember 

When you fall I'll be the only one who looks away
When you call I'll be the first to tell you I can't stay
It's all over, I've found a better way
To help keep you from me
I'm better off this way

Mason listened to this song religiously when his girlfriend, at the time, Samantha left him while Sloane was in Hawaii.  There had been many red flags in their relationship that he can identify now and knows that he is better off without her.  This song reminds Mason that no matter what he is better off without Sam in his life. 

In Between --- Beartooth

Life's so dark when every day is a struggle
Why go out and see the world on fire
Don't let your mindset become what controls you
Speak right now and make the choice to grow

Mason doesn’t make it well known that he struggles with mental health issues that continue to become increasingly worse as he ages.  He has always stayed busy, involved, and out of his head in order not to deal with his mental health issues but now that Dollie is no longer in his life he isn’t sure how to distract himself.  Even with Dani in his life, Mason has to remind himself that each morning is worth waking up and living.  He has to remind himself that his mind isn’t going to control him and that he will live past his dark thoughts. 

Without Walls --- Memphis May Fire

If you think that I take it to heart now you see this is my design.
You don't know the cost.
So I'll keep my faith and you can stay lost.
Who is with me? We have the strength to shed light.

This isn’t the best song to depict Mason’s relationship with God but it is best to show his relationship with faith.  While Mason’s relationship with God has waived throughout his life, his faith has always stayed true.  He knows what he believes in even if he has a strained relationship with God and that will always be the case for him.

06/30/2020 10:07 PM 

Activity Check 180: Connections


Alec Armaros:         
I met Alec in New York during a short summer that I lived there.   I was strapped for cash and took on a few side jobs centered around the artwork in New York.  Years have passed since our time in New York and I recently learned that Alec double-crossed me all those years ago.  But what he owes me was stolen from him and now we have to go undercover to get it back.  The f***er owes me and we’re going to take back what is mine. 
Romy Baker: 
Romy was the first nurse I saw after I was raped a few months back in Sloane.  She was the only nurse who took the time to see that my story didn’t match the injuries I was presenting with.  I don’t like seeing most medical professionals but after the way Romy took care of me after my rape, I don’t mind going to see her.  The only bad part is now she checks in on me anytime she knows I’m hurt and not following the doctor's instructions.  It’s a bit of pain most days but I think it’s her showing that she cares.  
Vida Banai: 
Vida Banai and I have a difficult relationship.  I wouldn’t consider her a friend but I wouldn’t consider her an enemy.  The woman is holding my friend hostage and until recently the blonde didn’t know that I was secretly planning to steal this friend away from her.  I found out months ago, when a friend of mine introduced me to Vida, about the underground portion of The Ring of Fire.  I didn’t have a problem with the business until I saw my friend walkout to be bid upon and I knew that anyone could buy her.  Anyone could rape her, kill her, and I couldn’t let that happen.  A few days ago Vida approached me about always buying the same girl and I finally came clean to see if there was a way to save my friend's life.  I’m hoping this works but if it doesn’t I’m going to do whatever it takes to set her free. 
Russell Crawford: 
Russell Crawford is the new guy next door and doesn’t seem like a terrible guy.  We have a scheduled interview coming up to discuss everything that has been going on in Sloane.  I’m not sure what kind of questions Mr. Crawford will be asking and I’m not sure how honest I’ll be with him. 
Noah Diaz:    
I first met Noah Diaz when she bumped into me at a local music supply store while I was checking out a new guitar.  There was a sadness in her eyes that spoke to the sadness hidden deep within me.  Since meeting her she’s become like the younger sister I’ve never had and I can’t wait for that relationship to continue to grow. 
Donnie DiMaggio: 
There isn’t anyone I hate as much as I hate Donnie DiMaggio.  I don’t have proof yet but I know that Donnie and his sister are the reason my friend, Jayden, disappeared a few years back.  I’m waiting for Donnie to slip up in Sloane so I can finally take that mother f***er down. 
Jude Grant:    
Jude is one of the people I’m closer to in Sloane and it all started over a mutual love for music and video games.  He’s always there for me when I need an extra ear or another shot of Whiskey.  Sometimes he brings his dog, Harp, over to see us and Dani loves that floofster.  It makes me miss Bailey so much.  I think I’m going to set up a weekly video game session with him where we can chill out with one another. 
Jade Michaelson:    
Jade and I have a difficult relationship with one another.  When I first came to Sloane we barely knew one another and she helped me out with a few last-minute documentation issues.  Then when she returned to Sloane I went to her with a job that turned out to be too expensive for me to handle and I didn’t want to admit that to her.  Instead of staying out of the job, like I had asked her to do, Jade dug down anyways and found out one of my biggest secrets.  Since then we’ve been friends, enemies, and then friends again.  We keep going back and forth with each other and it depends on the day whether I view Jade as a friend or a foe. 
Mia Mitchell:  
Mia keeps pushing to dig into my mother’s death.  She keeps trying to re-open the case and I don’t know if I can keep convincing her to put it off.  I don’t want Mia to find out the truth as Jade did and I’m not sure what I might have to do to keep Mia’s nose out of my mother’s closed suicide case. 
Aurora Montgomery:   
My girlfriend is close with Aurora and some days I wonder if they’re the couple here.  But truthfully, before Aurora and I left we got to know each other because she came into my comic book shop looking for something new to read.  We talked a while about the different styles of comics, books, and art.  Since then she’s been a good friend to my family and Dollie made her the Godmother of our child.  Something I didn’t get a say in and I have a few concerns I’m hoping I can clear up with Aurora soon. 
Celeste Navarro:  
Celeste and I are trying to make Sloane a better place but the terrible people in this town aren’t making it easy.  She confronted me one day about one of the tattoos I did for a client a few years back and told me that he is doing terrible things to little girls like Dani.  I decided then I needed to help her find this f***er and give him exactly what he deserved. 
Katarina Reyes: 
I wouldn’t say Kat and I are friends.  She is one of the students who attends my weekly art classes at the comic book shop.  Kat has great promise but tends to get in her head when it comes to expressing herself and I’m hoping that attending my classes can help her out with that. 
Juniper Soleil: 
​​​​​​​Juniper has done more for my family than I could even begin to vocalize.  After the fire at Sorry Mom, she approached me and asked if I wanted to do some side work with her and the Hellhounds.  For a few months I put her off because I didn’t want to do illegal gigs anymore, I wanted to stick with getting Galaxy up and running, but then my debt to James kicked in.  It took a toll on me and when I found out Dollie was pregnant I finally took Juniper up on her offer.
Eden Stark:  
Eden is the ex that got away even though we both know we were terrible for each other.  For a short time, I thought she was the one but now I know she was the one I wanted to save.  The one I wanted to desperately make sure knew she was loved and to not see fail.  I’m not sure what it was about her but for a long time, I couldn’t stand to see her sad.  That was why I told her to leave her sugar daddy back in New Orleans but in the end, she left me.  When I saw her for the first time years later in Sloane I wasn’t sure how to react, how to feel, but I knew then I was thankful for the option of friendship.   

06/15/2020 09:35 PM 

Activity Check 178: Parents

I don’t know you.  A choice that I originally didn’t make but one I didn’t stand up against.  One I didn’t fight to change.  I was so young.  We were so young.  I didn’t want to lose my family, my relationship with God, or the future I had always envisioned for myself.  I don’t know you and I know it wasn’t originally my choice but it was one I continued for the rest of your life.  

I don’t know you.  I don’t know if you look more like me or more like your mother.  Do you have any of my features?  I hope you have your mother’s eyes, the texture of her dark hair, but maybe have my olive skin tone.  It would be a breathtaking sight, I’m sure you were a beautiful kid, and I almost tried to see you once.  But I couldn’t do it.  Your mom invited me parents forbid it.  I wish I had gone, I wish I had met you at least once.   Maybe then I would know what parts of me you’ve passed on to any children you might have.  I wonder if you do have children?  Are you married? 

I don’t know you.  I don’t know the man you’ve become, the kind of things you enjoy, or the things you dislike.  I don’t know where you live.  I don’t know what career path you’ve chosen for yourself.  I don’t know if you’re close with God or if you celebrate religion in another way.  But I hope we pray to the same God, I hope we at least talk to the same Being each night before we go to bed, and I hope He is watching over you for me.  

I know I don’t know you but I wish I did.  I wish I knew all of the things I don’t know about you.  I wish I could say I, Anthony Michael Sanchez, have a son who is proud to call me dad.  But even more than that?  I wish that despite me not being in your life, you are happy.  I wish you knew that I love you and I wish you knew that I have prayed for you every night since I knew your mother was pregnant with you. 

The forty-five-year-old male scanned over the words that he had scribbled down for the therapy session he was waiting to begin.  For the past couple of years, Anthony Sanchez had fallen into a depression that he wasn’t able to get out of, one that worried his wife, his children, and his parents.  When his depression ended up causing Anthony to lose his job, the male knew he needed to see a professional outside of his church, and that ended him up in this therapy office.  The first year and a half of therapy had gone terribly, Anthony refused to mention that he had a child out there in a world that he knew nothing about, but around the two year mark he decided to open up about his firstborn. 

That was when Anthony saw progression in his sessions, the now greying male could name and manage the weight that rested on his chest.  He knew that he didn’t know his firstborn, he didn’t have any rights to his son, and he barely felt he had the right to call Mason his son.  But as he grew older Anthony’s regret of not knowing his son was too much and now he wrote out all of those feelings onto one sheet of paper.  There had been many versions that had ended up in the trash but this one was the one Anthony was okay to share with his therapist.  Maybe he’d try to share them with Mason and make all of the unknowns something that Anthony knew.


05/18/2020 12:12 PM 

Activity Check 174: Alyesha 2

Mason didn’t know how to process what occurred on Wednesday, May 15th at the Alyeska Resort in Alaska.  He didn’t think anyone of the Sloane resident’s did.  He remembered that he had run into the recreational room where a familiar female’s scream had sounded from and found Otto, a new male in town, dead.  Throat cut.  Blood seeped into the foundation of the Alyeska Resort.  The young magician would never leave this place, he’d become one of the Sloane ghosts left on the property to haunt any future Sloanie’s who returned.  

Otto was another T.F. victim but he was free of the torture with an unknown end.  The rest of Sloane watched, with terror stapled to their features, as someone from their past spoke to them through a distorted voice.  Trent Foster.  No, not Trent but someone dressed up like Trent.  Someone who was trying to follow in Trent’s footsteps.  The Hispanic male listened intently as the figure explained the rules, listened as his mind went numb to the news that they were trapped in this frozen tundra with no way out, and when T.F. finished, Mason escorted Dollie back to their room where his mind raced endlessly. 

Thursday May, 14th at 3:30 am: 

I choked Jade…I can’t believe I choked Jade…
Mason turned over under the pile of blankets that he’d managed to find for their room and hoped he didn’t wake Dollie or let any of the cold air slip under the blankets.  She was da’ reason Dollie and Dani almost died though.  Jade deserved it.  He knew attacking Jade like he had earlier had been a turning point for him.  He’d never attacked a woman like that before.  He’d never even attacked another man like that before.  She deserved to be choked.  Dat’ bitch deserved much more den’ dat’.  What am I gonna do? 

Thursday May, 14th at 6:00am:

The Hispanic male continued to toss and turn as different thoughts plagued his brain over the next few hours.  I can’t believe dat’ Eden was workin’ with T.F.  However, Mason knew if he truly thought about it he could believe it.  If I had to protect Dollie and Dani, if T.F. was threatenin’ dem’ in any way, I would work for him.  I’d do whatever he’d ask me ta’ do.  Mason inhaled as his thoughts drifted back to his daughter who was back in Sloane and the fight that they would be returning to when they returned to Sloane.  Are we gonna even get back der’? 

Friday May, 15th at 1:00pm: 

“Dollie,” Mason crocked from across the hotel room, “I’ma go out ta’ look for some wood or somethin’.”  His body shivered from the lack of heat and he knew that the blonde needed a fire more than he did.  “Shouldn’t be too hard.  Ya’ wanna stay in da’ room or try ta’ sit downstairs wit’ other people?”  As they came up with their game plan for the day, Mason piled on layers of clothing hoping to drown out the cold feeling that was creeping deeper into his bones. 

Friday May, 15th at 11:00pm:

“I gotta clean’em,” Mason explained as he looked at Dollie’s torn up finger beds, “Dey’ could get infected.  We don’t know where Donnie’s been.”  He tried to laugh at the words to make it seem like a joke but in truth the couple didn’t know where the other tattooed male had been.  They didn’t know what T.F. had done to him and they didn’t know what could come from his attack on Dollie. 

I wished ya’ woulda’ just stayed in da’ damn room.  I never shoulda suggested ya’ comin’ out to be ‘round other people.  Ya’ an easy target.  Too easy right now.  Donnie gotcha and it’s all ma’ fault.  F***in’ Christ will dis’ ever end. 

Saturday, May 16th: 

Mason tended to Dollie’s wounds as best he could using bits of snow from their hotel room balcony.  He wanted to get her food to ensure that the medication she was being forced to take wouldn’t tear at her stomach but he didn’t know if he could.  Mason knew he could attack Jade without remorse gnawing at his gut but then he’d look at his girlfriend’s nailless hand. 
Could ya’ do dat to even Jade?  Should ya’ do dat to her?  It would get food, water.  But how many more people woulda ya’ have to maim.  It would keep Dollie alive though.  It would keep chu’ alive.  Ya’ gotta stay alive ta’ get home ta’ Dani. 

Sunday, May 17th: 

I want it to end.  Maybe dis’ will be da’ best gift to Dani.  Maybe no one ever findin’ us up here will be da’ way her case will end.  She’s young enough, right?  She won’t remember.  Maybe dey’ll contact dat’ family in Alaska and she’ll be closer to us den’ she thinks.  Yeah...maybe dis’ will be da’ best gift to her if we die up here. Maybe T.F. is right after all.  

05/03/2020 12:40 PM 

Activity Check 172: Where We Live

**Writers Notes** Everything that is centered in the middle of the blog is linked to an image I created.  Please click to see what is being described.  Thank you! 

First Floor:

Exterior:  The exterior of the cabin is in the shape of a triangle that has a high peak that reaches the tops of the surrounding trees. The wood has been repainted black that covers a majority of the home. The front porch is made of a simple, light, wood that leads up to a colorful door while the back porch extends into the woods surrounding the home. The back porch is decorated with a few potted plants, a table, and a grill to enjoy the warmer Sloane weather. 

Entryway & Kitchen: When you enter through the front door you see the stairs and to the left is the small, simple, and pure white entryway. The entryway has a coat rack, a bench, and a few family pictures that are important to Mason. After passing through the entryway you go right into the kitchen area that only holds the necessities. The cabinets are made of the same wood as the exterior of the home with a white marble counter-top that holds amenities that the family needs. 

Living Room: The living room takes up most of the room on the first floor and has a grey wooden floor that extends throughout the first level. Dollie completed most of the decorating for this room by including different rugs, chairs, and a nice wooden coffee table that was made from the leftover wood that was used to renovate the back deck. The living room is Mason's favorite room in the home. 

Guest Bedroom:  When you walk up the staircase that is set right in front of the entrance of the home you are taken up to the second floor where the first room you come across is the guest room that holds three beds. The guest room, along with most of the other rooms in the home, has access to plenty of natural light that floods the white carpeted floor. Similarly to most of the other rooms in the home, Dollie is to thank for the plush blankets, pillows, and wall decorations that make the room feel homey. If Mason needs a place to work while he is at home he uses the guest bedroom because this is the least used room of the home. 

Full Bathroom:  There is only one bathroom in the Davila cabin because of the structure of the home. When you exit the guest bedroom you will walk a few paces down the hall and enter a door to the right that opens into the full bathroom that was updated the first month that Mason moved in. Most of the bathroom is painted white while right behind the toilet Mason put up a few leftover pieces of wood to break the white wall and the shower. The bathroom has a sink, toilet, shower/tub, and holds the linen closet. 

Second Floor Cont.:

Daniella's Nursery: Daniella's nursery used to be Mason's office but when he found out that he would be a father he decided to renovate the room beside the master bedroom. The walls were replaced with wooden planks that were painted white and the white carpet had been replaced when Mason first moved in. The nursery was decorated by both Mason and Dollie throughout the end of her pregnancy. The crib and changing table that is also a dresser are both made of dark wood that was found during a shopping trip that the couple had in Sloane. Dani's nursery is soft, peaceful, and holds an energy that Mason connects to his mother's spirit. 

Master Bedroom: The last room on the second floor is the master bedroom. When Mason first moved in he only had his bed in the room but with the help of Dollie, the room has more flair but doesn't scream the public side of Mason like Galaxy Comics does. But the room is bathed in whites, grays, and simple decorations. The whole house has a complete aesthetic that wraps into a nice cabin in the woods feel.

04/11/2020 05:03 PM 

Activity Check 169: Easter Tradition

“Mason are ya’ ready for Mass?”  Sofia called out as she ran a tanned hand over her light blue spring dress that she’d been wearing to Easter Mass for the past couple of years.  A white sweater rested on her shoulders that matched the flowers sprinkled over the fabric of her dress. “We won’t be late for dis’ Mass Mason Abbott Davilla.  Ya’ better get ya’ butt down here, dressed nicely within the next few seconds, or I’ma skin ya’ hide.” Sofia added as she gathered up her cross-body purse, her handheld fan that had been a gift from Mason’s youth pastor, and began to walk towards the door as her son’s footsteps bounded down the hall. 


“Mom, I think I’ma need a new suit, dis’ one is startin’ ta’ get short,” Mason explained to his mother pointing at the inch of skin that was visible between his socks and the bottom of his black dress pants.  “I can’t go ta’ church like dis’, Maureen will see me, and dat’s just gonna be embarrasin’ momma.” His cheeks blushed lightly while his hands fidgeted with the tops of his pants.  


Sofia’s eyes widened before a soft laugh escaped her lips, “Alright’ Mio,” she said through her laughter, “Follow me.  I think I have the perfect Easter gift for you this year then.” The dark-haired woman explained and began to walk back up the stairs towards her bedroom as Mason followed behind her.  This year, like most years, Sofia hadn’t created an Easter basket in a traditional way that most families did. That had never been Sofia’s style, she’d always been more focused on teaching her son the importance of Holy Week, and his budding relationship with God than the Easter Bunny or Santa Clause. 


“Ya’ know ya’ don’t gotta get’ me nothin’ for Easter, we spend all week doin’ what matters most anyways,” Mason explained as the two climbed the flight of stairs to the second level of their small New Orleans home.  “I’m just happy dis’ year I was able ta’ go ta’ da’ whole week. Last year I had soccer games durin’ some of da’ stuff for school. Ya’ remember how I couldn’t miss 'em?” The teen asked as his mom stopped him right in front of her bedroom door. 


“Si, I remember Mio.  Da’ coach didn’t like me much after ma’ conversation with him but I knew without ya’ there ya’ team may not make it to the championship.  It was a bit of a sacrifice,” Sofia admitted feeling an overwhelming sense of sadness from missing some of the Holy Week events last year, “But we got to attend Holy Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday along with everything else.  Plus you know this gift isn’t like what other kids get on Easter.” 


“I know,” he explained, “I just want ya’ to know ya’ don’t gotta give me anythin’,” Mason said again his eyes watching as his mother disappeared behind her door and he waited for her to return.  “Plus I don’t eat candy like that anyways, it always messes up my stomach.” The Hispanic male continued to talk until his mother came back with a small bag and she nodded her head at her son to open the bag.  Carefully he pulled out a leather-bound journal as well as a pair of black dress pants and turned to speak but his mother’s hand stopped him. 


“Before ya’ go sayin’ it’s too expensive der’ both from other family members dat’ I think would want ya’ to have’em,” Sofia explained the half-lie to her son before motioning towards his room.  “Now go change into those pants because,” her arm turned as she looked at her watch, “We need to have been gone in order ta’ get a good seat for Mass and I don’t want to be in da’ way back. I can never hear nothin’.  I’ll meet you in the car.” Sofia smiled, leaned in to give Mason a quick peck on the cheek, and made her way down the stairs. 


“I’ll be right down,” he called after his mom as he went to his bedroom to change quickly. Easter, like most other holidays, in the Davila home was centered around the celebration of Jesus Christ and it wasn’t something Mason minded.  He enjoyed being with his church, his family, and his God. Mason never felt like he was being steered in the wrong direction until his mother got sick a few years later and even then he went through the motions each Easter begging God to bless the Davila family with the gift of a cure.


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