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February 06, 2019


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Bowie was in the back room of Darling Buds taking inventory. She marked down what flowers she needed to order more of, followed by paper, tags, ribbons and some other things that she needed. She then went to the computer and placed a delivery order of everything she needed. Once done she sat at the front counter. She grabbed her sketchbook and began doing some random floral bouquet designs. She always wanted to challenge herself so she was trying to think outside the box and do something she had never done before.

The bell then chimed above the door and her blue hues rose to meet the gaze of the person that walked in. She smiled at he customer “good morning and welcome to Darling Buds. What can I help you with today?” She asked with a bright welcoming smile. “Umm so I’m kind of in trouble with my girlfriend and I know she loves your flowers. Could you make a bouquet of yellow roses, daisies and some baby’s breath?” He asked her. Bowie nodded her head “of course I can” she said. Bowie went to the back and grabbed what she needed before returning to the front of the store. She then fixed up the bouquet for him and once he was happy she wrapped the flowers. After he paid he left the store in a hurry.

Bowie then sat back down and continued sketching. A few moments later the bell chimed again and Bowie glanced upward. “I knew you would be here” Azarath said. “Find me in my own store, now what gave you that bright idea?” She chuckled as she teased her boyfriend. “Close up shop I’m taking you out for the day” she stated. “And where May I ask are you taking me?” She questioned. “That would ruin the surprise. I’ll wait outside in the car” he smirked before heading out. Bowie grabbed her things before locking up and getting into the car. “Okay driver, the adventure begins” she chuckled. Azarath started the car before driving off to the surprise he had for her.

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Here are six songs on Bowie’s workout playlist.
1) Bad Habits - Ed Sheehan
2) About Damn Time - Lizzo
3) As It Was - Harry Styles
4) Upset The Neighbours - Nicotine Dolls
5) Running Up That Hill - Kate Bush
6) It’s My Life - Bon Jovi

06/27/2022 05:19 PM 


TW rape
Bowie was emotional, more emotional than usual. She had seen four of the boys who had raped her in Phoenix Rising and the instant trauma came flooding back to her. She felt sick. Her mind was racing. Her plans were sweaty, she was unsteady on her feet barely unable to see or think straight. She was not sure how she made it home but somehow she did. Hands still shaking her got a glass of water. Chugging it down the cool water was refreshing for her dry burning throat. It was not helping with her nauseous feeling though. Glancing at her reflection in the glass doors to the cabinet where she kept her parents fancy dinner plates for show, she saw how she looked. Her reflection showed the violently beaten and raped teenager from her past, she also saw the guys looming over her.

Bowie screamed and threw the glass she was holding at the wall. It smashed and the pieces fell to the floor. She cried and sank to the floor, falling upon her knees. Avery then came bursting through the door. “Are you okay?” She asked, concerned for her sisters wellbeing. Bowie didn’t answer she just cried hysterically as her sister held her. Eventually Bowie calmed down and she finally managed to speak. “There is something I never told you” she stuttered. “I was gang raped when I was younger. I saw some of the guys at the bar earlier. I was hoping I would never see them again but they always sporadically come back. I see one now and again but never four at the same time. I freaked out” she said. “What happened?” Avery asked her, wanting to know more details other than the vagueness Bowie had given her.

I was staying at a friends for a sleepover and went downstairs to get a glass of water in the middle of the night. Her brother and his friends were having a sleepover in the living room and invited me in to play some games whilst one went to get me a drink. They spiked it and then they all took turns beating and raping me. I didn’t even scream and I couldn’t fight back because they held me down. I was so stupid. I should have done more” she cried.

Avery gave her a sympathetic look, feeling sorry foR what he sister went through, “There’s nothing you could have done” Avery said to her. “They are the problem, not you. I am so sorry that happened to you, and I’m sorry they never faced the justice system and got punished for what they did. You are a superhero, don’t ever forget that” she said. The two then spent the rest of the evening talking to each other and Bowie was finally able to fall asleep after spending so long crying.
"It is not your fault."

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A) Adventure
B) Bonfire
C) Compass
D) Dehydrated Food
E) Evergreen
F) Flashlight
G) Grizzly Bear
H) Hammock
I) Insects
J) Jacket
K) Kindling
L) Lantern
M)  Map
N) National Park
O) Oar
P) Path
Q)  Quiet
R) Rucksack
S) S'Mores
T) Trees
U) Undergrowth
V) Vest
W) Wilderness
X) Xantus' Leaf-Toed Gecko
Y) Yurt
Z) ZIp Ties

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Kayaking | Climbing | S'Mores
Romantic Picnic | Swimming | Fishing
Hiking | Watching The Sunrise | Stargazing

06/23/2022 12:01 PM 


1.) Would you rather camp in a tent or an RV? Tent in warmer weather RV in the colder weather
2.) Would you rather go “glamping” (fancy camping) or go backpacking? Backpacking
3.) Would you rather go fishing or hiking? Hiking
4.) Would you rather tell ghost stories or play games around the campfire? Ghost Stories
5.) Would you rather roast marshmallows or hot dogs? Marshmallows
6.) Would you rather camp in the Spring or the Fall? Spring
7.) Would you rather go camping or go on a fancy cruise? Camping 
8.) Would you rather go to a campground with a playground or a pool? Pool
9.) Would you rather camp deep in the woods or at a campground with activities? Deep in the woods
10.) If you were camping, would you rather see a bear or a skunk outside your tent? Skunk 
11.) Would you rather kayak or canoe? Kayak
12.) If you caught a fish, would you rather eat it or throw it back into the water? Eat it 
13.) Would you ever go tent camping alone or would you rather go with a group? Both depending on the mood
14.) Would you rather go camping with your friends or your family? Both 
15.) Would you rather eat smores or trail mix for dessert? S’mores
16.) Would you rather take a long hike without hills or a short climb? Long hike
17.) What is worse, getting bit by a snake or a bat? A bat unless it’s a posioness snake
18.) Would you rather have power or be off the grid when camping? Go off grid
19.)  Would you rather go camping for two weeks or two nights? Two weeks 
20.) Would you rather go camping in freezing cold or super-hot temperatures? Both
21.) Would you rather bring bug spray or sunscreen? Bug spray
22.) Would you rather go camping by yourself with gourmet food or go camping with friends and canned food only? Friends
23.) Would you rather bring your best friend camping for one week or four friends camping for one night? One week
24.) If you were responsible to make dinner camping, would you rather cook hotdogs over the fire or a gourmet campfire meal? Hotsogs
25.) Would you rather camp on hot sand in 90-degree weather by the ocean or 70-degree weather in the woods? Both

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06/20/2022 02:24 PM 


Positive and Negative Traits

1) + Loyal: Bowie is a fiercely loyal person. She will defend the people she cares about with her life.

2) + Caring: Bowie is a very caring person. Since she was a child she has shown motherly tendencies to people. Whenever someone is sick she will be the first person to make some chicken noodle soup. 

3) + Adventerous: Bowie loves travelling and exploring new places. You can always find her hiking and discovering new things and she is always ready to try new things too. 

4) + Dependable: Bowie is someone you can always count on. Whenever you need her she will be there for you. No excuses and no exceptions.

5) + Honest: Bowie will always be honest, no matter how much the truth hurts. She was always taught that honesty was the beat policy. 

6) - Argumentative: Bowie can be extremely argumentative, especially when it comes to defending something she is passionate about. She may not be a big fan of confrontation but she is not afraid of it. 

7) - Smart Aleck: Her smart mind and mouth get her into trouble a lot. Sometimes Bowie can’t keep her thoughts to herself and will say what she is thinking. 

8) - Clumsy: Bowie is extremely clumsy, she is always tripping and falling or dropping things. It can be a problem most of the time but it’s apart of who she is. 

9) - Insecure: Despite people thinking she is confident she is actually insecure. She worries she isn’t good enough, doesn’t deserve people, doesn’t deserve happiness and worries she isn’t doing the right thing. 

10) - Stubborn: Bowie is stubborn as a mule. She will dig her heels in and doesn’t back down easily. 

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