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10/03/2022 12:16 PM 


1.) This movie was based on Anne Rice's famous novel and had a stellar cast that included names like Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas, and Tom Cruise. Which movie is this? C.) Interview With The Vampire
2.) The iconic movie The Silence of the Lambs introduced this iconic character who would go on to feature in countless TV shows and movies. Who is the character? R.) Hannibal Lecter
3.) Which iconic scary movie features Quentin Tarantino and George Clooney as murderous brothers? W.) From Dusk till Dawn
4.) Which 90s movie features creepy crawlies taking over a small town in California? E.) Arachnophobia
5.) Which horror movie was shot entirely on a video camera like a documentary? F.) The Blair Witch Project
6.) Which Martin Scorsese movie features Robert De Niro as a criminal madman? S.) Cape Fear
7.) What color palette does The Ring predominantly follow? X.) Blues, grays, and greens
8.) Which horror movie featured Sarah Jessica Parker as a witch? K.) Hocus Pocus
9.) Where does the story of Scream 2 take place? P.) University Campus
10.) How many Nightmare On Elm Street movies have come out to date? T.) Nine Films
11.) Which Tim Burton movie features the headless horseman? Y.) The Sleepy Hollow
12.) Which children's movie released by Disney has been joked about bordering on existential horror? B.) Pinocchio
13.) Which Tim Burton Disney movie features dogs as the main characters? Z.) Frankenweenie
14.) Which horror author has the most adaptations made from his bestselling books? U.) Stephen King
15.) Which movie features Pennywise the Clown? D.) It
16.) Which actor plays the protagonist in the movie The Woman in Black? O.) Daniel Radcliffe
17.) Which character portrayed by Johnny Depp is a barber who kills all his clients? J.) Sweeney Todd
18.) Which movie features a princess who has to go down a hole in the tree to find a disgusting creature with its eyes in his hands? M.) Pan's Labyrinth
19.) What is the real name of the antagonist in A Nightmare on Elm Street? I.) Freddy Kreuger
20.) Who plays Hannibal Lecter in its first and most horrifying film depiction? A.) Anthony Hopkins
21.) Which terrifying fish has inspired numerous monster flicks? L.) The Piranha
22.) Which movie features a child who can see dead people? Q.) The Sixth Sense
23.) What is the name of the scary clown from the Stephen King Franchise 'It'? V.) Pennywise
24.) Which slasher flick character is terrified of water because he died by drowning? N.) Jason Voorhees
25.) This movie features a clergy member who turns over to the dark side. H.) The Nun
26.) Which flick was shot partly through CCTV cameras? G.) Paranormal Activity

10/01/2022 10:42 PM 


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09/27/2022 12:20 PM 


1.) “Why do you have that look on your face?” 

“I’m exhausted! I’m tired of being strong for everyone, I’m tired of pretending that I’m okay when I’m not... I can’t keep pretending anymore. I’m not okay... I’m not okay and I don’t know what to do about it. I don’t know how to help myself. I don’t know how to keep on going. I just want it all to stop. I don’t want to feel a damn thing anymore” she said.

2.) “What have you done to yourself?”

“I’m sorry. I thought I was passed this. I haven’t hurt myself in a while. I thought I was stronger than this, but I’m weak. You were never meant to see this. Please don’t think any less of me. I would hate for your opinion of me to change. I’ll try and stop again I promise. I really promise I will. I don’t want to hurt myself, it just happened. I’m sorry” she stated. 

3.) “It doesn’t do any good to get worked up.”

“Well now is not the time to tell me to calm down Katie. That will just get me more worked up. The delivery was supposed to be here today but now they aren’t getting here until tomorrow. We can’t complete the huge order we have. We don’t have enough flowers and we need to be on the road in two hours so we can deliver the flowers to the client in time. If we don’t make it the reputation of Darling Buds is ruined” she sighed. 

4.) “No, I don’t hate you.”

“Are you sure? The way you’ve been acting lately makes it seem like you do. You’ve been pushing me away and freezing me out of your life. Kind of seems to me like you hate me. We used to be so close and tell each other everything... but now you keep me at arms length. What did I do? I must have done something. Tell me what I did to make you do this. Just tell me how to fix this please. I don’t want to be on the outside anymore” she said. 

5.) “Looks like I’ll live long enough to make you pay.”

“Wow someone has been watching one too many revenge movies. Make me pay how? I mean seriously, who do you think you are the Godfather? With all those pills you keep popping and the alcohol you keep drinking you’re probably not going to live as long as you’d hope. It was a dumb bet, it’s silly to get so worked up like this. Take a damn chill pill” she said. 

6.) “Did you really think you’d get a second chance?”

“I guess I hoped things would work out. The universe had other plans for us before, but now we are both in the same town again, I... I guess I thought we could get a do over. Try again. Try and get it right this home and not let anything get in our way. I guess I thought you’d want the same thing, but clearly not. But just remember you’re not the one who go your heart broke. I did” she firmly stated.

7.) "I don’t understand, why are you doing this?”

“Because I want to feel something. Anything at all. All I’ve been feeling lately is numb, a nothingness. It’s like I can’t rven feel at all, so I do this... I do this to try and feel. It works now and then, sometimes I still feel nothing. I don’t know why I’m like this but I am. If you can’t handle it then you should leave, abandon me like everyone else has. No shame in it. I’m used to it by now. People always leave right?” She asked. 

8.) “What makes me so special?”

“You get me in a way that nobody else does. I can be my absolute self with you. I don’t fear you judging me. I don’t have to pretend to be something I’m not to please you. You accept me for the way that I am and I love that about you. You love me just as much on my bad days as you do my good days. You’re always there when I need you and I can’t thank you enough for that. I love you” she said softly. 

9.) “You have no idea what I’ve been through.”

”Oh I do, trust me. Do you seriously think your eyes her only one to go through sh*t? Newsflash you aren’t. I’ve been where you are so trust me I understand better than most people. What you’ve been through doesn’t excuse your actions though. You had choices and you made the wrong decision. Learn from it. Do better. Be better. I’m here for you” she stated.

10.) “You really don’t have to do that, not for me.”

”I know I didn’t have to do it, I wanted to. Wanting and having to do something are completely different. You are worth it. I love you and I hope this shows just how much I do. I would do anything for you no matter what. I’ve got your back. You don’t need to understand why, or believe why. Just accept it. I’m here and always will be” she spoke softly. 

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09/12/2022 10:52 PM 


Beach Vibes Playlist - Let’s Go To The Beach
1) DNCE - Cake By The Ocean
2) Blake Shelton - Some Beach
3) Katy Perry - California Girls
4) Zac Brown Band - Toes
5) Kenny Chesney - When The Sun Goes Down
6) Morgan Wallen - You Proof
7) Old Dominion - I Was On A Boat That Day
8) Jon Pardi - Mr Saturday Night
9) Hardy - Unapologetically Country As Hell
10) Dierks Bentley - Somewhere On A Beach

09/11/2022 12:01 PM 


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Sunbathing | Swimming | Surfing
Volleyball | Building Sandcastles | Collecting Shells
Exploring Rock Pools | Reading | Frisbee

09/10/2022 11:23 PM 


Beach Questions!

1.) When was the last time you went to the beach? Last weekend
2.) What beach did you go to? Myrtle Beach
3.) Who did you go to the beach with? I went alone
4.) Did you go with your family and friends? I went alone
5.) What did you do on your last trip? Sunbathed, relaxed, rock coined and hiked
6.) Did you swim? Yes a lot of time was spent swimming 
7.) Did you play any sports? No sports were played
8.) How much money did you spend on your last trip? $0 was spent
9.) How much time did you spend there? 3 hours were spent there
10.) Did you enjoy your last trip? Yes I very much enjoyed it
11.) Did you suntan? Yes I got a bit of a tan
12.) What beaches do you usually go to? All of them. I love the beach.
13.) What do you like to find in the beaches you visit? Sea shells, rocks and any lost items. 
14.) How do you keep your belongings safe while you are swimming? In an old suntan lotion bottle, cleaned out and cut secretly so I can stash stuff.
15.) What do you wear to the beach? Shorts and tank top, over a bikini.
16.) Do you drink beer when you go to the beach? Occasionally beer is drunk
17.) What do you usually eat and drink when you go to the beach? I usually bring my own snacks and drinks and it varies
18.) Do you always wear sunscreen? Always I don't wanna burn
19.) Do you play any sports when you go to the beach? Sometimes soccer and volleyball
20.) Are you afraid of sharks or other sea life? Nope not at all
21.) Do you collect sea shells? Always do it's so fun
22.) Do you prefer a calm beach? A calm beach is relaxing, better than a rough beach
23.) Do you listen to music when you go to the beach? I always listen to a beach playlist
24.) What music do you usually listen to when you are laying on the sand? Soft calming music
25.) Do you read books when you sit in the shade? Yes I love reading whilst sitting on the beach
26.) What do you hate the most about beach trips? I hate when it is overcrowded
27.) Do you like walking on the beach? I love it, I love the feeling of sand between my toes
28.) Have you ever lost something valuable during a beach trip? I lost a diamond ring once
29.) Have you ever surfed? Yes I love surfing 
30.) Have you ever made new friends on your beach trips? No never have
31.) Have you ever been night-swimming? Yes I love night swimming 
32.) Have you ever been fishing on the beach? Sometimes but most of the time no 
33.) Have you ever been to a famous beach? A few, I don't remember all the names 
34.) Have you ever been to nudist beaches? No never, not my vibe 
35.) Have you ever swam with big waves? Yes it's an amazing feeling 
36.) Have you ever seen a jellyfish at the beach? Yes, I feel bad that they are dying on the sand
37.) Have you ever been stung by a jellyfish? A couple of times yes
38.) Have you ever made sand castles? Building sandcastles is the best
39.) Have you ever played beach volleyball? Yes a lot of the time
40.) Have you ever played beach soccer? Yes a lot of the time
41.) What is something people do at the beach that you would like to try? The banana boat
42.) Is it safe to leave your money and phone on the beach when you swim? If it is stashed secretly yes
43.) What tips do you recommend to your beachgoers? Don't be a douche and respect others
44.) What do you think of private beaches? Just the same as regular beaches
45.) What’s the best time to go to the beach? When the kids are at school
46.) Would you like to own a house on the beach? I would love that. #Dream
47.) What do you think of topless sunbathing? I'm for it. I do it when it isn't too crowded and I can be tucked away
48.) What is your opinion of nudism on the beach? Do your thing
49.) Should there always be lifeguards on the beach? No! I feel like they are only necessary when a lot of young kids are around.
50.) Why do small children like the beach so much? The sand and the water obviously
51.) Are you afraid of sharks? Not at all
52.) Do you think about sharks when you are swimming? No not really
53.) Do you get seasick? Nope not at all
54.) Are you scared of dolphins? Not at all
55.) Which do you like more salt water or sand? Salt water for sure

09/09/2022 11:26 PM 


Summer this or that!

Family vacation or Party vacation
Tropical vacation or Road trip
Sun-bleached hair or Freckles 
Beach days or Exploring
Volleyball or Corn hole
Glow sticks or Flashlights
Bonfire or Pool Party 
Summer fling or Long term love
Beach or Pool
Sunrise or Sunset 
Sunburn or Bug bites
Picnic or Hike
Neon or Pastel 
Chill or Hype
Watermelon or Pineapple
Hamburger or Hotdog
Ice cream or Popsicles
Sunscreen or Tanning Oil
Bikini or One piece
Flips flops or Bare feet
Zoo or Aquarium
Star gazing or Movie night
Shorts or Dresses
Warm Summer nights or Early Summer mornings 
Rooftop party or Beach party 
Butterflies or Bumblebees
Afternoon bike ride or Afternoon long walk
Lemonade or Iced tea
Playlist or Reading list
Travel or Staycation
Water balloons or Slip-n-slide
Lay out or Dive in
Sunflower field or Strawberry picking
Camping or Concert
Barbecue or Potluck
Pina colada or Margarita
Hat or Sunglasses
Snorkeling or Sailing
Surfing or Parasailing
Shade or Sun
Theme park or Water park
Baseball game or Mini golf 
Sandcastles or Bird watching 
Roses or Sunflowers
Humid or Breezy 
Concert or Parade
Ferris wheel or Rollercoaster
Fireworks or County fair
Secret garden or Secret diary
Writing poems or Writing love letters
Waterfall or Rainy day
Play hide and go seek or Play in the mud 

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