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Prompt for ꜰɪʀᴇ ɪꜱ ᴄᴀᴛᴄʜɪɴɢ

Prompt: It's not your fault

It had been a year since both Coin and Snow died. A year since Katniss told Gale goodbye, He had taken his leave, taking himself out of the scenario with Katniss and Peeta. He didn’t want her to have to pick. Granted, Gale had a feeling he knew who she would pick, and it wouldn’t have been him. A year since he left his best friend, the one he had become good friends with since the death of their fathers. They had grown close and became the greatest of friends. Eventually, Gale realized he loved Katniss, knowing she was confused about her own feelings and figured she would figure it out on her own. 


But then the bombing happened, which took the life of many children, including Primerose. He handmade that bomb but he wasn’t part of the plan to release the bombs on the Capital children. He knew the moment that he had lost Katniss.She knew the bombs were his design. She wouldn’t forgive him. He knew that. So when she said goodbye, he knew he couldn’t go back to District 12. So he went to District 2 to work for the military. He had been there for a year now.


Gale sighed as he left his home to head to work. Another day of training for Gale. He hated it most days, the never ending drills. Granted he preferred to be with Beete working on weapons instead of training. He knew he needed to train, but didn’t mean he liked it. 


He walked along the street, not really taking in the sight of the District any more, so he had missed her until she said “It wasn’t your fault” His head snapped up, scanning the area, eyes landing on Katniss. Some one he didn’t think he’d see so soon. It had only been a year after all. “It took me a while to realize it” She said softly.


Gale blinked. Was he imagining that Katniss was in District 2? He continued to blink, finally determining that she was real. He knew what she was talking about. The fateful day that took Primrose. “I didn’t know Coin was going to call for that to happen” That sentence seemed to be ingrained into Gale’s mind, he had said it over and over since that day. “If I knew…” The sadness, hurt, was clear across his face. 


“I… I know,” she said. Katniss knew Gale better than anyone. He loved Primrose like his own little sister. He wouldn’t want her in harm's way. He knew why she volunteered for the games. He was there for her for both games Katniss was in. He made sure that she didn’t starve when Katniss couldn’t provide. He also grieved for her when she died. 


“I’m sorry” Gale breathed out, his voice cracking as he said it. And he meant it. He had felt guilty ever since it happened. He couldn’t get the scene out of his head. It was also part of his nightmares. But Katniss knew he meant it. She had been his best friend for so long. He didn’t say sorry just to anyone without meaning it.

11/06/2021 08:29 PM 

Prompt for Fire is Catching

District thirteen had become their home after the seventy fifth hunger games. The Captial had bombed the district, leaving barely any survivors. The ones who survived headed for thirteen, a place which wasn’t really home, but a place to live until the war had ended. At least they had somewhere to live and weren’t on the run in the forest with the possibility of being caught by Peacekeepers.


Finally, President Coin agreed to let Gale and Katniss do a small hunt above ground. It felt great to be able to go above ground and get some air that didn’t involve shooting propos. He missed these hunts over the course of the last year. With working six days a week in the mine, then the games and now living under ground, they didn’t get the chance much to hunt.


After Katniss decided they shouldn’t kill the deer, they stopped at a nice clearing and had something to eat. It was quiet between them. It wasn’t odd for them to be quiet in eachothers presence, but this time was different, they were different. Things had started to change between them since the first time Katniss was in the Hunger Games, and it pissed off Gale to no ends.


“So” Gale said after swallowing a piece of bread. “Are you going to tell me what’s bothering you? Or are you going to pretend like nothing is?” He asked as he looked at her with a mug up to his lips for a drink, looking at her over the rim of it. She would deflect, like she had been doing since being in thirteen. The games had changed her, he knew that much. It changed the dynamic that was instilled on them since they became friends after the mining accident that took both their fathers.


Katniss sat quietly as she chewed her own piece of bread, it seemed like she was in her own head pondering what Gale had asked her. But Gale sat patiently as he waited for her to answer him. He had always been patient with her and that hadn’t changed. He knew she needed time, but would also be there for her.


Katniss had been looking out at the forest tree line, when it looked like she saw movement of white. “Wait. Is there some one out here with us?” She asked as she pointed to the tree line. Gale’s head snapped  to where she was pointing, but didn’t see anything. “Are you sure?” Gale asked as he stood and grabbed his gun. “Yes. I’m sure!” Katniss snapped as she stood up next time him. He held a hand up in defense, not wanting to set her off.


“I-I-I thought I saw white, like the Peacekeepers uniforms” Katniss said, almost in a panic. Gale could feel the panic coming off her in waves. “Let’s go” He said grabbing what was left and shoving it into the bag he had. He wasn’t going to take any chances with Katniss out there with him. He radio’d that they were on their way back and there may be Peacekeepers out.


With the bag closed and his back, the gun in one hand, he grabbed Katniss’s hand they ventured as quickly as they could to where Boggs and a team was waiting for them.


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