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09/28/2022 05:56 PM 

The Ugly Duckling - Drabble

The wide and curious eyes of eight year old Cecilia peered out the tinted window of the big black car. She couldn't recall ever seeing so many people in one place before. They were all in fancy dresses that matched her mothers, and she was mesmerized by way the sun hitting the fabric made them sparkle like some sort of magic. "Mama, look." she pointed to all the men taking pictures, a few of them pointed in the direction of their car. "Listen, Cecilia." she snapped her fingers and Cecilia knew that meant to look at her mother. "I know you and Olivia have never been to one of these events before, so I need you to understand just how important it is that you behave. Do I make myself clear?"

Cecilia nodded her head and looked over at her five-year old sister Olivia who was nodding as well. "Good, there are going to be a lot of people taking our picture and talking to me on that red carpet out there. If you are spoken too you are to be polite and answer clearly." she sighed "This is such a huge deal, I mean it. Good behavior only." Mommy always seemed irritated or to busy and even though this was a big deal supposedly she didn't seem happy, she just wanted to give her and Olivia orders like always.

Looking down at the black shiny shoes she had on she began to kick her feet back and forth a bit anxious to get out of the car that was now starting to get a bit warm and making her legs stick to the leather on the seats. The one thing she did like so far was that she and Olivia got to wear princess dresses. Hers was black just like her shoes, it was fluffy and soft and even had a pretty bow on the back. Mamma never let her and Olivia go to these kinds of things, but she heard her father tell her mother that this was an event that she and sissy should be there for.

"Alright, it's time." Mama sighed as the door opened. A man reached in and took her mothers hand and when she got out a lot of people began to cheer and take photos. It was something she was use to, her mother was a movie star and people were always taking her picture. Dad got out next, and he then helped her and Olivia out of the car to the red carpet her mother mentioned earlier.

So many people continued to take photos and ask questions of her Mom and Dad. Cece just looked around in awe, and she couldn't help but like the attention, but all the flashing lights were starting to blind her. No one had talked to her or Olivia until they were almost to the entrance of the building. "Cecilia, what do you think of your mom being nominated for an Oscar?" the man bent down and shoved the microphone in her face. She glanced at her Mother who was raising a knowing brow at her. "I think it's pretty cool." she laughed a little. "When you grow up do you think you will be an actress?" Right away she shook her head. "No, Mama said I'm not pretty enough, that Livy is the pretty one."

Her answer was soon followed by an awkward silence. The man with the microphone didn't know what to say and as she looked toward her Mother she could see a flash of anger in her father's eyes. Had she said something wrong? Her Mother always taught her to tell the truth, and she told her all the time she wasn't pretty enough to be an actress that maybe if she was lucky she could work behind the camera like her father. The next few minutes were a blur because her father moved quickly to get them inside.

Later that evening.

Cecilia woke to the sound of yelling, loud yelling, louder than normal when her parents would argue. She slowly opened her door and tip toed to the stairs. She sat down quietly listening to what was being said.

"You tell our daughter she is not pretty? What the hell is wrong with you Justine? How could you say that? Our daughters are beautiful and you are trying to ruin their self-esteem?"

"I just don't want Cecilia to get her hopes up, I'm sorry but..." She was cut off "Sometimes I wonder what I see in you." That was followed by the sound of the front door slamming shut.

Cecilia quickly walked back to her room and crawled back in to bed. She knew that when her mother told her those things that it hurt her feelings, but she had been told them for so long she just believed that was how it was. She sunk down further in her covers as her lip started to quiver. It wasn't until her she heard dad stand up to her mother that she thought maybe she wasn't an ugly duckling after all.

09/21/2022 04:24 PM 

The big break ; Trigger warnings

"I told you, you can't hide from me girl." A large figure stood in the doorway of the rickety cabin. He was in shadow as his deep brown eyes scanned around the room. "No one ever does." he practically cooed those words as he took a step inward. A flash off moonlight cut across his face to revel some of his features. He had a large gash across his cheek that was bleeding, and he had the intensity of a hunter written on his face. He took another step this time his boot snapped a twig that echoed through the entire space. "Here piggy, piggy." he cackled and took another step. His large hands were wrapped around an ax the handle stained in crimson. "You know the longer you hide the worse it's gonna be on you girl." 

The brunette was under the table. There was a chair and a few boxes in front of her, but she had a small view of the room. She placed her hand over her mouth to try and quit down her erratic breathing. Her hair was dry and sticky from caked blood.  Skin dirty and sweaty and her clothes nothing more than a pair of blood stained underwear. She had no shoes and her feet reflected that with their many cuts and scars. Tears were streaming down her face, and her body shook in fear. This was the only chance she had gotten to get away, and she feared what would happen if he caught her. 

Her blue eyes peered out of the small opening, she couldn't see him any longer had he gone? No, she would have heard him leave. She pulled away and tried to rest her head against the wall. She had a moment of rest but it was followed by excruciating pain. She screamed as she reached up to grab at the hands that were pulling her off the ground by her soiled hair. "I told you I would find you." he squealed in delight as he raised her three feet from the ground and threw her to the wall on the other side of the room. "Now what did I tell you about getting away from me?"  He came closer this time he pulled her up by her arm and drug her out of the cabin kicking and screaming. "No one can hear you bitch." he growled the rage in him now showing. 

He kept dragging her in the dirt till he came to a large tree. He chained her wrist to a pair of cuffs that hung from one of the branches. He placed the ax on the ground and then went to work hitting her across the face. Each blow making contact and each blow made a spill of blood. When he had enough he went over to his ax and picked it up with purpose. "I'm done with you." He said as he swung with all his might. The ax made contact with her abdomen cutting her body clean in two. A mess of blood and entrails fell to the ground as he walked away."


The director stood from his chair. "That's a wrap everyone good work." everyone on set began to cheer.  "Cecilia you were great." The director walked over and helped remove her hands from the cuffs. "Thanks." she smiled. "I know that ax is fake but I swear it gets me every time." She looked at an assistant who was handing her a robe which she happily accepted. "Listen Cece, I wanted to talk to you." Frank motioned her to follow him over to his chair. "I think it's time for you to actually be the star of the movie instead of just a victim." He placed a script in her hand. "Howling Moon. It starts shooting in a month and I want you to take the lead." 

Cece looked at the script in her hands and smiled so wide it could have lit of the night sky. "Are..are you serious?" she looked up at Frank who gave her a nod. "No need for a screen test I already know you are the one I want. So what do you say?"

Looking down in her hands once again to look at the script with the name "Howling moon" across it. This was her chance she thought, this was all she had worked for coming true. "Frank." She said looking up. "I'm your girl."

08/01/2022 07:58 PM 

MMM Sarah Connor

"Come on, come on just a little bit further" Sarah huffed at the car. The damn thing had been on it's last leg for the last seventy miles. Her plan was to make it to Baker and find another car there she could steal maybe this time she would have better luck but her and John didn't have the luxury of being picky after everything that had gone down. They had successfully stopped skynet from forming, killed the T-1000 and sadly lost John's protector. She knew he was feeling that loss hard but it had to be done, war was hell and there were sacrifices that had to be made even Sarah looked at herself as a sacrifice if it came down too it. Nothing was more important than protecting John and even though there was hope on the horizon Sarah knew deep down she would never be able to feel safe, that feeling was lost years ago when the terminator first came for her. However now it seemed like it was all behind her or at least she prayed it was, that was yet to be seen.

Sarah glanced over at John who was asleep in the front seat a jacket draped over him for a blanket as she carried on through the desert. The car was starting to make a squeaking sound now she knew they had to find a place to stop as soon as possible before they were stranded out in the middle of no where and with the cops looking for them it was not the ideal situation. She reached on the dash and pulled out a cigarette from the pack and placed it between her dry lips. She reached for her lighter and lit it and then let out a groan she was still nursing some pretty bad wounds she got from the T-1000. She and John stopped the bleeding with ripped clothes and a pocket knife was used to remove the bullet from her leg, she needed to get a hold of some real medical supplies to patch herself up properly, but she wanted to get as far away as possible first.

Sarah wanted to make it Vegas she had a nice little stock pile of weapons in an underground bunker out there. She and John would be safe, and they could lie low until everything calmed down then they could slip into Mexico and never be heard from again. This was the plan and come hell or high water she was going to make it happen. The car started to squeal even more and shook her head "Damn it" As if out of no where she saw a trailer off in the distance maybe she could get some help there or if it was abandoned her and John could get some rest and try to fix the car in the morning either way she was going to give it a shot "John, wake up I need you to be alert" she shoved his arm until he woke up "Be on guard we don't know what we are going to encounter here"

She opened her car door and John did the same she could hear the sound of a barking dog by the bark she knew it was a loud one. "Sh*t" she said "John stay still" the door to the trailer opened and a Rottweiler came running out, right away he went over to John and stared him down barking his head off. John was doing his best to speak softly to the dog but it wasn't working. Suddenly a red haired man approached them he didn't seem like he was going to blow their heads off but one never knew. The first words out of his mouth were him recognizing her as the cyberdine chick, he almost seemed impressed which made Sarah relax a bit maybe he wouldn't shoot their heads off after all.

07/28/2022 08:33 PM 

MMM Velma Kelly

Chicago was the kind of town where anything goes, well anything if you had money and a few cops and politicians in your pocket. Every night was a party if you knew where to look and Velma not only knew where to look she was the cherry on top of the illicit sundae of sin furnished by Chicago's underbelly. Velma Kelly was a no nonsense dame who was more than happy to tell you how it was if you tried to touch the merchandise or swindle her out of money. She worked hard for everything she had and no Johnny on the spot was getting their hands on anything that was hers. This included her husband, just ask her dearly departed sister Veronica.

To say it was a huge inconvenience that she got pinched by the cops wasn't exactly true, sure she would have preferred to be lunching at the Congress hotel but being in jail proved to be the career launch she needed. Her fame sky-rocketed right to the top and love stuck men who couldn't possibly believe that she could commit such a crime sent her money, candies, and flowers just to show their support. Some men were pushovers but God bless their naive hearts, because they were the one's paying for her defense attorney Billy Flynn.

Velma sat in a plush chair that was a gift from one of the guards she had wrapped around her finger all for a kiss on the cheek. She looked over to the desk that was filled with magazine articles and full page layouts of the fiendish Velma Kelly. A huge and sly grin crossed her perfectly painted lips, even though she was in the pokey it was no excuse for a gal to let herself go. She rose slowly and grabbed the Look magazine and headed over to her bed. She walked past a small mirror that hung on the wall, she ran her fingers through her raven locks and blew her reflection a kiss before sitting on the edge of the bed. 

She had a meeting with Billy, and she wanted to show him the new article making sure he knew if it wasn't for her he wouldn't be getting the publicity that was lavished on him of late. "Velma" she heard the guard say "Your attorney is here" She stood and smiled "Thank's Joe" She reached down and grabbed the magazine in her delicate yet deadly hands. As she started to walk out the cell and down the hall, the black silk gown she wore clung to her body, and the black robe with the red trim flowed behind her, she looked like some kind of goddess come to fruition. 

She walked into the open room filled with tables, a few other dames talking to their attorney's but none of them had Billy, she was the envy of Murderess row. Billy said nothing as he offered her a smoke and a light which she happily accepted. Sitting across from him, the cigarette hung out of the side of her mouth "So, you have news for me or have you been sitting on your ass getting a manicure? 

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