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02/03/2020 06:57 PM 

eight crazy hours of love; Alyssa's POV

OOC note: This is soley based off a real life argument with Reba, followed by her POV on feb 1st 2020.

"ya' know if you wanted Guinn, i would leave and let you go chase after her." what the actual hell Alyssa's reaction was mixed between being angry and upset at the fact her fiancee thought she was interested in her best friend Guinevere  Reinhart who had been her best friend for years because of her sister Harmony, the blonde was rather taken back by the words. Shaking her head closing her eyes it made it worse that the red head kept assuring her that if Alyssa left her for Guinn it was fine no. no. "How could you say that? do you not see i don't want anyone else? Guinn is clearly one of my best friends she's not even remotely interested in females at all, I am carrying OUR son that should be enough to let you know I Love you. but, you say things like this?" Anger flashed inside her chewing on the inside of her lip it was a forty minute drive to downtown Nashville.  she needed breathing space the more she stood there the more Reba kept speaking how could someone their doubt for their spouse like that, "I need some breathing space." those words had to be said Alyssa felt rage more than she had ever before it wasn't like Alyssa to want to leave the situation entirely, grabbing the car keys and a jacket she soon walked out of the bedroom down to the garage a couple hours on the town  to breathe was what she needed yet, she needed to go and clear her mind.

A forty  minute drive to the city itself she was questioning everything, considering of calling up Addison just to vent about her fiancee. down town was buzzing with people and music from every bar along music row from Deirks Bentley's to Luke's 32 Bridge, Asher's kicks were felt as she circled for a park before she knew it she was parked across the street from Jason Aldean's roof top bar and that place was the choice she made up to go to ignore the anger, the heartbreak. Making her way up the roof top bar it was a blessing and a curse that she was known because of her sister, her mother, Randy, Kenny. All of them were people that everyone loved admired and respected and it happened she too would be noticed because of that and her relationship with Reba.

A virgin cocktail sat in her hand while she sat at the bar facing the Nashville Skyline Asher resting in  her womb, forgiveness was something that was so hard to do, she was happy the older woman didn't need to try to keep her happy, sure the relationship took work and a lot of communication  but, sh*t. sometimes the red head tried too hard and it just seemed to turn the opposite way, "do you love her?" was the question she could hear in her head none other than her first girlfriend Addison Strait. it was an itch to call Addison out in New York  doing her own thing  with her own music, surely Addison didn't hate her now since their breakup that was publicised.

For two hours she sat at the same bar, full of thoughts and the answer was clear she loved her best friend that was the woman who wanted her son, who stood beside her through the roughest of times. through everything before Asher was even thought of jealousy was the death of every relationship was she jealous, sure but the blonde knew better than to admit it.

Returning home, she walked in the house she'd been sharing with her sister bonding time for both Reba and Harmony to bond now that they were going to be sisters because of Alyssa and Reba's marriage. "I am so sorry.." was the first words that she heard  as she walked into the bedroom  those blue hues got her, the smile that had dimples in the red head's cheeks every time she smiled she was down. it was simple she was right where she belonged, her son and her fiancee, that was HOME. "yeah me too..just to make it clear.. Guinn is a friend one of my best friends, she's no way attracted to women so there's no chance she'll steal me.." the blonde smirked reaching out and pulling the redhead into her taller frame giving her a gentle kiss. "I'm sorry that was my mistake i get jealous. extremely jealous because look at you, you're gorgeous, smart and taunted." as the things the read head was listing the blonde chuckled rolling her eyes she was gorgeous, she wasn't that talented she couldn't carry a lick of a tune if she tried. "yeah, well i don't want no one else." Alyssa replied kissing her gently.

01/21/2020 11:53 PM 

Alyssa POV

This is Alyssa's POV written in 1st person so bare with me i've never written in first person before.

"He adopted me after all these years" I've never had a feeling like i do now adoption papers sat in my hands my very own father who raised me most of my life took the plunge without me even knowing. Was Kenny willing to give up legal rights oh sh*t i'm past the age of eighteen this was an adult adoption looking up from the documents i just had signed i was legally his daughter for the rest of my life  there was no denying it now, there was no complicated story why the adoption didn't get done sooner than later down the track. I personally wasn't expecting to  sign these and be asked on my mama's birthday a gift to my dad, a gift to Mama that willingly agreed that I was his daughter and always had been and would be for the rest of his life until he was called home.

" what are you thinkin' girl?" My dad's voice shot me from my train of thoughts what was i thinking? trying to find my voice wiping away a tear the only words that would come out of my mouth was. "i'm thinkin' how lucky I am that i have you, my name gets to be changed and i have the same maiden name as Harmony" I've always had the need to have Harmony's last name Travis we were always sisters i didn't get why i too couldn't be a Travis why i had to take a man's last name that decided everything was complicated I was always Hannah Alyssa Rogers did i want to be known to share his last name? of course the last thanks giving i was in Dallas right before i announced i was pregnant not knowing Asher's Gender or, even his name. I had someone for most of my life who didn't even have to choose to take in another daughter and love her as his own. I have a respect for the fact he wanted to legally give his name to me  for all of us to share the very same last name.

Mama, Oh how Mama was nothing but the sweetest angel on this earth coming to realise she encouraged daddy to  go for it, I had no idea they'd talked about it constantly until today i stand with papers and an envelope that had my name on it. it was surprising that Today would be the day of her birth but the day i signed my life to one man. forever,/i> there's no one in the world i wouldn't have but Randy, Dad, My forever Dad

01/19/2020 10:20 PM 

Randy & Alyssa POV;

Randy's POV

"Baby girl"the musicians eyes lit up when his youngest daughter walked through the doors standing up staggering to meet his youngest daughter, wrapping his arms around her petite build using his strength it was no denying that Alyssa wasn't his by blood but he did a hell of a job at raising her.  Using the weight with Alyssa's strength he caressed her cheek she'd been visiting almost every day since his stroke left him slightly paralysed on his left side, "I have something for you" his speech was slightly impaired since the stroke "yeah what's that more stuff for Asher?" Alyssa's voice made him laugh she was the spitting image of her mother and there was no denying that, what Alyssa didn't know he had adoption papers to make her officially his daughter with a name she could officially change to.

"Girl, i need you to pass me that envelope don't peak at it" Randy's voice grew nervous  his daughter was about to finally expect something that had been in the back of his mind since the day the blonde was six years old after Kenny walked out it finally made sense that Alyssa would be Hannah Alyssa Traywick after all she'd been his, the envelope was handed to him the nerves for Alyssa to accept the question if she would formally take his name someone who had been a father most of her life. It was nerve wrecking to say that he had wanted to ask for years  

I hope she accepts it

Trembling hands  he held the envelope his wife encouraged Randy to take the plunge to get Alyssa adopted to formally ask her with papers. "Come here.." With Alyssa's footsteps he grabbed her hands pulling himself up from sitting down at the kitchen table "I'd get down on one knee, Darlin.." a tear formed in his eye a moment he'd been anxiously waiting for so long was here. Alyssa held on  to her father's hands when he decided to hand her the papers as he watched her tear open the envelope, it wasn't long before the blonde read the papers "I've been wanting to ask you for so long's your mama's birthday and there's no greater gift i've even been given, you're not mine biologically, legally  but i want to know if you will."

An overwhelming sense of emotion hit himself and the peitie blonde  when he finally asked, raising his hand he wiped away a tear with the response "yes, forever" before she'd fallen into his arms full fo gratitude  that this day he legally claimed her forever.

01/15/2020 05:07 PM 

What if its you. Drabble PT2

God, this didn't need to be more complicated than it should be it was clear her feelings towards Addison  were the same as they had always been. but, Reba there was something about the way mature woman rocked her world and loved her very deeply rooted soul. something about that woman her heart tugged at her heart, something about her wouldn't leave her alone she was 19-20 when she felling love with the red head.

"it doesn't need to be this complicated, Lyss this choice is up to you" Reba's words were so sincere and softly spoken Alyssa knew she meant no harm by this confession they shared the most deepest memories. god. Reba was good at it, good at making her feel one way and now she needed to  figure out what was next was it to pack up the life she built with Addison? or, to start it with the woman whom now said everything she'd been feeling  since they'd walked away to let Alyssa live life with Adley. Why was this even harder with the words sitting on that piece of paper? and an engagement ring that sat in the box in front of her.

what if it's you, what if our hearts were meant to be one?

That kiss meant something resting her forehead against hers Reba wasn't stopping her to go back to Addison, she wasn't going to make this as harder as it had seemed. "god..don't do this to me..but, what if it's you?" Alyssa couldn't control her emotions her little boy needed Addison even if her choice was to go back to the red head and start life. "don't rush, sweetheart i'll be here when you make up your mind" The soft touch Alyssa's gaze  fell into the ocean blue eyes of the read head.

What if it's you.

01/14/2020 09:25 PM 

What if its you. Drabble

What if it's you

"I've got something to tell you,  that i just can't say I'm writing it down, incase maybe  some day our lives take the turn down the road we can't see right now, I know you're happy and I'm happy for you..""

A letter sat in Alyssa's hands she was sixteen weeks pregnant and engagement ring sat on her hand as she tore open the envelope, she hadn't seen Reba since 2015 a year, a year she dated the read head a mature woman that had never been loved by a woman. Something about a sixty something year old woman  that made her feel something when they made love right after Alyssa's graduation from Ole miss, Reba had been a family friend for over her mother's 30 years how could Reba go from the aunt to now the ex girlfriend that Alyssa had still a soft spot for aside from Addison. What if they were the couple that were suppose to be together what f Addison wasn't suppose to be the one she was walking down the isle to and joining the strait family, the question was why couldn't she let the red head go 

What if its you, if i ever hold you i'll never let go, but if i never do how am i to know?.

"So.." Reba's voice caught her in the midst of tears how had the blonde not known Reba wanted to marry her a ring sat in the box in front of her a lump was formed in her throat, a gentle touch of her hand she pulled Alyssa's hand toward her. "lyss.." the red head caught the tear that slipped down her cheek an engagement ring a letter of a confession, a song, the blonde's heart was broken Addison Marie Strait would be the victim of her fiancee and son leaving her. "don't cry, oh baby don't cry" the other woman began to kiss her tears away this was the thing this woman was too kind, too sweet  Her gaze of tears trailed down her cheeks a soft approach "I Love you, don't blame yourself for this, I never showed it for you to know. Alyssa cleared her throat  between her relationship struggles with her father and now Reba how was she suppose to do what was right.

"God, stop.." A kiss planed on the strawberry blonde's lips  cupping her face she rested her forehead against hers "this is more complicated than it has to be.." Alyssa spoke softly she couldn't get her breathe from crying a meet up was suppose to be casual, casual no reminiscing  but here she was again.. This wasn't suppose to happen, never.

01/06/2020 10:10 PM 


  1. October 8th 2019: Alyssa  finds out she's pregnant 
  2. `November  28th 2019: Alyssa announces she is pregnant  to her family at thanksgiving
  3. December 22nd 2019:Alyssa asks Addison to marry her.
  4. December 24th 2019 :Alyssa finds out she and Addison are having a little boy 
  5. December 29th 2019: Alyssa and Addison have a gender reveal with her family and friends.
  6. January 1st 2020: Alyssa tries to reconcile with her Father after years of Kenny being out of her life  for years.
  7. Jan 14th: Alyssa receives a call from ex girlfriend Reba McEntire and that becomes a meet and greet.
  8. Alyssa gets Adopted by Randy Travis who has been her father for most of her life.

12/05/2019 12:45 PM 

piece by piece /A Drabble pt2

" Dad no, You don't get to talk right now you walked out on me i begged you to want me, to take me with you do you not get that hurt?" Alyssa's tears fell upon her face  looking at him how many times had she traveled to Houston begging Kenny to want her, this was damaging to her that now her eighty one year old father was standing infront of pregnant Alyssa. "My senior year i traveled to see you  hoping you'd want me,  you left me in your past." She was now angry at her father for the way he left his love had to be earned

How could a father walk out on his own daughter and pack up his truck and leave a screaming six year old behind begging her own father to take her with him. It didn't make sense why a father would do that Alyssa couldn't even imagine walking out on her own child no matter how many excuses could be the answer to why. she couldn't imagine her own daughter questioning her worth.

"I remember your back walking away from me, Dad I cried i begged you take me with you, do you even realise  how much damage that has done to me I wanted nothing more than my daddy." Anger shot she pushed his hands off her face he was 81 years old any day his life could be cut short. "I have a baby on the way and i hope it's a girl, because I'll never leave her like the way you left me i'll never leave an image of my back on her mind. I'm putting her first and first will always be. I'll never leave her begging me to want her."

Unlike you I'm gonna put her first, i'll never leave her like you left me.

"I am so sorry, Baby i'm so sorry you feel this way and you have every right to be angry, I'm sorry that i made you question your worth." Kenny's heart was breaking in front of him  his own daughter back crying her heart out, she was carrying a baby and choices were being made and maybe he wasn't going to be in her life at all.

"Sorry you can say it all you like but that's years of questions and now i don't think I can trust you, I can't watch you dote over those boys  because I SHOULD have  had you.. " Alyssa  tightened her grip on holding her arms."You left me in your past like my other siblings you've done. I want to forgive you but i can't,  you burned a hole in me and i don't think it'll ever be patched." She had every right to finally make her mind up.

Your words just fall flat.

Piece by piece..

"Randy for as he goes he is my dad because he never left me, he took care of me he took me in, he didn't have too.. and as far as i'm concerned he's my dad after all he wanted me,  You abandoned me, he didn't... sorry, i'm so sorry but i don't want to see you right now." Alyssa turned and walked away before giving Kenny anything else to say, before he could say something she was GONE.

12/04/2019 12:36 PM 

piece by piece /A Drabble

Piece by piece you collected me..

I was six years old when you walked out the door "Daddy where you goin'?" A six year old who couldn't understand why the Greatest man that left stars in her eyes walked away without taking her with him Wherever he was going  why? was the question was he leaving was he going on tour? Alyssa cried  as she pressed her face against the door watching her father walk away from her "I love you daddy, come back!" sobs caught in her throat  the only thing he'd said to her before he packed and walked out was that he loved her more than stars in the sky. If he loved her that much. "I wana go too! come back!" he was already gone out of the drive way, Did she do something wrong for him to leave? was it her throwing a tantrum every now and then,  Alyssa sat at the door waiting for him to return  he didn't return at all  she thought he would be back in an hour.

p>She takes care of me and doesn't ask for money

p>Adley was the saving grace and here they were  now expecting a baby with hopes  it was a girl. Honestly the minute Alyssa found out the test was positive Kenny's leaving had an impact on her,  she swore up and down she would never leave her like Kenny had done without the explanation until now.

p>She never asks for money she'll never walk away.

p>"I still don't know why you walked away, you left me at six years old.. did you think it wouldn't bother me that you up and left me?" Alyssa asked  it wasn't easy to finally bring the emotions she'd been feeling, for all those years "Now all the sudden even in college you  want something to do with me  is it because now you know I'm pregnant and it's possibly a girl. IF it is I'll never leave her like you left me  I  can see you walking out the door I begged you take me with you but, you didn't want too; You broke me into pieces  if it wasn't for Addison, my mom and my sister  i don't think i could copies you sent christmas presents, birthday cards.. You didn't love me.. Now that you've seen my blog flourish  and now suddenly  you want something? Dad.. I Love you but.." The tears slid down her cheeks college he still tried now  he was really trying to establish  the connection between the two. "baby..." He cupped her face she deserved respect and an honest answer  now that she was starting her own family  the tears in down her face killed him, did it really kill him  now to see  that six year old now a 25 year old  still crying. "No Dad.. "

p>Piece by piece  she restored my faith..

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