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10/13/2021 09:26 PM 

Announcement: New Changes

Before I begin this just know that I truly do cherish each one of you. You're ideas are always brilliant, your drabs are simply amazing, and your edits are truly beautiful. Those I have had the pleasure of writing with, you guys have been simply wonderful and it's been a lot of fun. With that said, I have something to say and many of you may not like it... Some of you may not even see this and will question things later. To all of you who may be upset by what I have to say, I'm sorry... I truly am. 

I have had this character since the early 2000s. She has been in many different verses, written with a lot of different people, and had some awesome stories created with some really amazing people. As much as I love creating new stories with her and seeing where my writing partners and I can take our chosen paths, I think the time has come for a new change. When I first placed her in the MCU/DC/SPN verses there were so many wonderful people willing to write and create, some stories came quite a ways and some never got past the first post. Now, there are no more stories to explore with her. I understand inspiration dries up and real life comes first, my own life is hectic as hell right now with trying to find a new job and my family members going through different medical procedures. Still, I find it hard to stay hopeful that she will ever have new adventures so... It is with a heavy heart that I must bid her on-site stories a goodbye.
I will be deleting all messages and comments relating to current stories in the coming days, so that if I ever do return to writing stories then they will be with a fresh start and a fresh mind. If I have any stories going on Discord, they will stay where they are and will not be changed. This changes only applies to the site, Discord will be unaffected. From this day on, I will only be focusing on posting drabs and edits as inspiration allows. I'll also post open statuses so anyone can join in if they wish. I may decide to return to writing stories with people in the future but for now it's getting hard to keep the optimisim alive and I feel it's time for a break. 

I will also be doing a friend sweep... I know there are a few of you who have been there for me the longest, so you will all be safe. Everyone else I will have to go through and see where my feelings fall. If we haven't spoken in a long time or I don't even remember adding you, then I cannot promise that you will be safe. I do treasure everyone I meet and talk with at some point but, as I've stated several times already, remaining hopeful is hard. I've tried to stay hopeful that people will want to write, that they'll come back from hiatus or breaks...but the longer times goes on, the harder it gets. I am a very patient person, as many of you know with how long I'm willing to wait for responses or messages in general, but even I have my limits. I truly do love you all and want nothing but the best for you, but there comes a time when I must value my own thoughts and feelings above my patience level and this seems to be one of those times. 

I'm sorry if this message upsets anyone, I'm sorry if I've ever hurt you or done something to make you not want to write, I'm sorry if I've ever hurt anyone in any way without realizing it. I'm just sorry... 

If you don't have my discord by now, you're probably not going to get it... I'm very selective with it and I'm sorry for that. 

I'll be giving it a couple days before I make the change completely. Saving everything will take time, and that gives everyone a chance to read this... 

Remember... I love you all but this is what I feel needs to happen. I've been patient, I've put others first for so long and now I feel it's time to put me and my wants and needs first. I honestly have been thinking about this for several months now but have been waiting to see if things changed... This was not a emotional decision and not an easy one to make. If I ever do decide to write with people again, to create new stories and adventures, then I will be just as selective with who and why as I am with my discord. 

I've had this character for so long that I do not intend to delete her and I do not want to put her on hiatus as I have done with my other one. So I will be trying this change first to see if things improve. If not, then a hiatus may be needed. Only time will tell for sure.

So... That's it. That's all I wanted to say. 

09/17/2021 06:14 PM 

Drab - Bermuda Vacation

The ocean had always been a source of mystery and intrigue. For as long as the young girl could remember she had been fascinated by the many myths and legends that surrounded the world’s largest bodies of water. From tales of mermaids and massive megalodon sharks to ships and planes that disappeared beneath the waves, from unknown aircraft in the skies above to people who had disappeared without a trace. She had been fascinated with the legends of sunken treasure and hidden cities, myths of massive monsters hiding in the deepest and darkest parts of the oceans. Tales of spectral ships sailing silently through the waves, causing misfortune to all who saw them were particular favorites of hers. From the time she was very young, Stella had read everything she ever could about the oceans. She studied the real as well as the mystical. She read up on the reefs and known wildlife that called the dark waters home, she would study about the delicate coral systems and plant life, read about the thermal vents in the deepest parts of the ocean and how the different marine animals interacted with one another. She was always surprised to hear stories about dolphins saving unsuspecting swimmers or ship-wreck victims from sharks, or just how smart dolphins and killer whales truly were. Her favorite things to study, besides the paranormal, were the Great Barrier Reef and the Mariana Trench. She found them absolutely fascinating. Her love of the ocean and the real and paranormal secrets it held had always been fueled by her family. Books on marine life and ocean ecosystems were her birthday presents. Books pertaining to the paranormal myths, mysteries, and legends that surrounded the oceans were her presents for Christmas. Trips to different nautical museums all around the country were her gifts for doing well in school. While her parents knew there was a chance she would grow out of this fascination as she got older, they didn’t have a problem with supporting it for as long as they could. 

Her love for the mysteries of the ocean never faded, though. It only grew stronger and stronger as she was able to read more mature material on it and learn about the advancements of marine science and biology in recent years. When she began earning the chance to study with scientists and actually get hands-on learning while aboard their ships, her parents realized this love their daughter had for the ocean would never fade. It was possibly this realization that led to them preparing for one of the biggest surprises they had ever done. Keeping the secret was hard, as their beloved daughter was nearly as skilled at detecting lies as her mother. They saved, planned, and prepared for months, making sure every last detail had fallen into place. On the day of Stella’s eighteenth birthday the family made a trip to a local aquarium and celebrated by eating cake in one of the dining rooms. The walls were made of glass and the lights were dimmed, the light reflecting in from the water on the other side of the glass casted the room in a dim blue hue. They ate and laughed as sharks and other marine life swam around them, some curiously watching while others just passed by without another glance. It was odd but the teen didn’t mind, she found it relaxing. As the family finished up and left the aquarium, the parents surprised their daughter with one last gift… An all-expenses paid four-month cruise to Bermuda. To say the teen was excited would be a massive understatement… Her family wouldn’t have been surprised if astronauts on the moon could hear the scream of excitement. They all knew the trip would be a long one, but it was an amazing opportunity for their daughter so in the end, they knew it was a great decision. The weeks leading up to the departure date were spent preparing and going over lists. A list of things to take, a list of places to see, a list of things to buy as gifts for her family, a list of activities to do, a list of how much she could spend at each port before she went broke… She had lists for everything. Everything was planned out to the smallest of details. She wanted to make sure that nothing was forgotten and that she did as much as she could to really enjoy the trip. When the day arrived the young teen was up at four AM, packing. She packed, checked, unpacked, checked, and repacked her luggage for hours before her parents managed to convince her that she had everything on her lists and they were finally able to leave the house. The drive down to the dock was filled with a nervous-excited energy. Her anxiety was attempting to take control but she refused to let it… She wanted to get out on the ocean, to actually see the mysteries for herself and experience the magic the deep waters held. Even if she didn’t encounter anything paranormal, just being out on the ocean was a treat in itself. As she got ready to board the ship she promised her family that she would call and text every week, to send pictures from every port and to keep in touch during the long trip. 

Day after day, week after week, port after port… Stella did just as she had promised. She sent her family pictures of her scuba diving, proudly standing next to massive fish reeled in during her deep sea fishing attempts, and of herself exploring cities near the ports they stopped in. Each picture sent back was accompanied with one or two paragraphs describing the events that led up to the picture, as well as what she had done that day. As much fun as she was having on the trip, though, there was a part of her that was beginning to miss her family. Thoughts of having the ship turn around or of catching a plane at one of the ports they stopped in kept filling her head. She wanted her family, the endless ocean waves were making her long for the beach trips she shared with her sister… The only thing that kept her from catching a plane or turning the ship around was the fact that her family had spent a lot of money on this trip for her. She knew ending it short would probably upset them or make them feel like it had all been a waste, and she would have rather died then make them feel that way, so she forced herself to continue on. Per her evening routine, Stella called her father and smiled when he picked up the phone. He could tell something was bothering her by the way she talked but she played it off as being slightly seasick and asked how the family was doing. She spent an hour talking to him, then an hour talking with each member of the family individually. She laughed at things they had done while she was away and told them stories of her own adventures. When she finished speaking to her sister, she promised to call again the next week before she hung up and placed her phone on the table beside her bed. As she settled into her blankets she heard the distant sounds of thunder somewhere outside the ship, but she wasn’t worried. The ship had safely sailed through many storms during the first half of the four-month cruise, so she was confident that the captain would be able to safely get them to their final port destination. 

In the morning when she awoke, the teen found that the ship had indeed docked at the Bermuda port. She wasted no time. She quickly changed into a bikini, grabbed her sandals and a towel, then rushed off the ship and onto the famous pink-sand beach. It was just as beautiful as she had heard and she couldn’t resist snapping a picture of herself lounging on the pink sand before sending it off to her sister with a caption saying “Wish you were here”. Stella spent an hour suntanning, an hour swimming, an hour surfing, then an hour diving beneath the waters before she returned to the ship. She showered, changed, and grabbed her wallet before leaving the ship once more. She met up with some other passengers and walked with them into the nearest city for some shopping, sight-seeing, and fine-dining. Stella had grown close with a few of the other passengers and they had become like her family while she was on this cruise. They all talked about their shared passion for the ocean and she told them about her fascination with the paranormal and unexplained mysteries that surrounded the many different oceans. She told them some of her theories and listened to their own, they compared notes and sometimes got into heated debates but things would always go back to normal within a few minutes. She couldn’t help but feel like the passengers were a real family. Several hours passed before the group returned to the ship, laughing and discussing the daily haul from their shared shopping trip. The sound of the horn told them that their time in Bermuda was up, so they all boarded quickly and returned to their own cabins. Stella tried to call her family to tell them about the trip but found her calls went unanswered. While this mildly worried her, she figured they were out on a mission and would call her later. 

Wave after wave, cloud after cloud, mile after mile and day after day… The return trip seemed to pass in a very similar manner to the first trip. Stella found herself diving beneath the waves, exploring the deep, fishing the deep waters and reeling in massive catches, writing journal entries and taking pictures. She couldn’t explain it but… She had a feeling that they were just living the same set of days, as if they were a movie scene put on repeat. She talked to the passengers but no one else seemed to feel like anything was off, yet she couldn’t shake the feeling. Was she just going crazy? Was her mind playing tricks on her? Was her anxiety so far out of control that she was just getting paranoid? Were they really stuck in a loop? She wasn’t sure… What she was sure of, though, was that something was not right. Per her nightly routine she tried to call her family, but the sound of endless ringing only added to the growing sense of dread. Sometimes her calls would go unanswered, sometimes they were picked up by a voicemail system, and sometimes there was a soft ‘Hello?’ but the voice did not belong to anyone in her family. She knew they wouldn’t just up and move or change their phone numbers without telling her first so this worried her. She tried to send a text but got a “failure to deliver” message every time. Stranger still was the fact that there were a couple of times where she would check her phone and find that the date was years into the future, or sometimes years into the past. While that was odd, she blamed it on the lack of satellite signal and faulty gps location. The ship stopped at a few more ports during the return trip and the young woman busied herself with finding more gifts for her loved ones, or exploring. She had also been marking days off on a calendar and, finally, the end of the trip was in sight. 

The moon had gone to bed on the final night and with the rising of the sun the next day, the teen stood at the very front of the ship with her bags packed and slung over her shoulder, a wide smile on her face. In the distance, through the morning fog, she could make out the New York City skyline. The unmistakable tall buildings gleaming in the sun, promising her safety and security at last. She was bursting with excitement, as were the passengers that had begun to gather around her. They were all excited to return home to their loved ones, excited to see familiar faces after such a long time away, excited to sleep in their own beds and watch movies. As the ship neared the dock, passing cargo ships and fishing vessels, Stella noticed how the people on these vessels would look at the ship in shock or point and whisper to their neighbors. Her excitement faded and she began to get the feeling again that something was not right… She couldn’t shake it but the way people were staring at the ship made her feel very uneasy. Finally the ship docked at the original port and the passengers were allowed to depart. Slowly they all made it from the ship onto the dock and moved to the area where their families should have been waiting. One-by-one the passengers all realized that their families were nowhere in sight, this only deepened the sense of dread as emerald eyes scanned the empty space, looking for a family that was not there. Finally someone found a newspaper in the trash and rushed to show the rest of the passengers, when the paper got to Stella she felt her heart sink into her stomach. “This… Can’t be right…” She muttered in shock as she stared at the bold headline, which shared the same date as when the ship had reached Bermuda: 




The blonde quickly dropped the paper and pulled her phone out. The date on her phone now read October 25, 2028. If that paper was right… No. It couldn’t be! The teen quickly dialed her father’s number, fear and dread filling every fiber of her being. Other passengers had gathered around her, some were listening to her and some were simply staring in shock at the newspaper. She didn’t care. She didn’t care if they were listening or staring. Every ring felt like an eternity but finally, after only four rings, there was a click on the other line followed by…


Her throat clenched tight and she felt her mouth go dry. Tears began to sting the edges of her eyes. Her father… She would know that strong tone anywhere. As he repeated the “Hello” she finally felt her words come back and she couldn’t stop the tears as they began to fall.


Silence. It might have only been a few seconds but it felt like eternity.

“Stella?! Honey, where have you been?!”

“I… I don’t know. Dad, I’m at the dock… The paper… It has to be wrong…”

“Stella, sweetheart… You’ve been missing for fifteen years. Stay put, I’m coming to get you.”

As the phone clicked off the teen felt as though she had been hit with a freight train. Her arm feel to her side as the shock took hold once more. She thought back to the odd feelings she had gotten on the ship, how it had felt like they had been trapped in a loop for days on end, how nothing had seemed right to her… She had thought it odd at the time but hadn’t worried about it. Now… Now she was terrified. For the first time in her life she was afraid of the ocean. Mentally retracing their location, she realized they had been sailing through the Bermuda Triangle the day before they had successfully arrived at the port of Bermuda. Their ship… All of them… They had all gone missing inside the Bermuda Triangle. She stood there with her bags, staring in shock at the paper still on the ground. She could faintly hear the other passengers calling their own family members and hear the shock in their voices as they were told the truth as well and made their own realizations. Her body felt heavy and numb. Her head, her mind, was spinning a mile a minute trying to make sense of it all. Her eyes were fixed on the paper on the ground, now covered in a mess of footprints. She was in shock. It was only when she felt two familiar hands gripping her shoulders that she finally snapped out of her shock. Tear-filled eyes shifted slowly up to the familiar ones of her fathers which held tears of their own. “D...dad…” She muttered, her body starting to shake as the shock wore off and her anxiety and fear took hold. The supersoldier quickly pulled his daughter into a tight embrace as the two sank to the ground, crying together as she realized this was all really happening and he realized his daughter was alive and safe. 

She would never board another vessel bound for Bermuda, ever again.

09/15/2021 03:32 PM 

Drab - Ghostly Adventures

* This drab was inspired by a prompt, but it is a continuation of another drab I did a while back. *
Drab - I Died Today: https://www.roleplayer.me/view_blog.php?id=0000507053


She had trained every day of her life. In the mornings before school, she would be in the training room. During lunch breaks at school, she would be in the weights room. Coming home from school, she would always dump her backpack at the door and head straight to the training room. If she couldn’t sleep at night, she would go to the training room. Every waking moment of her life was spent training, either physically or mentally. During classes she would complete her assigned work before reading books about combat styles and stealth practices. If she was forced outside for any reason, she would go through endurance and stealth training with other members of the team. Training always felt more natural to her than playing with dolls or watching tv… It was just who she was. So how was it, then, that a simple mission could go so wrong? How could a normal mission, one she had done countless times before, end in such a horrible way? 


These were the thoughts that ran through her mind as she stood, staring down at her own body. She watched the blood soaking the concrete around her body, pouring from the deep slice in her neck. She saw the coldness within her own eyes and felt a sickening feeling forming within her. How was it that she was now looking at her own body? She remembered the words “I’m sorry” leaving her lips as a blurred face had appeared above her, her vision already so far gone that she couldn’t tell who it was. Now, as she finally surveyed the scene, she realized the face belonged to her father. “Dad,” she started but felt the words catch in her throat. She saw the tears falling down his cheeks and tried to touch him, but watched as her hand went right through him. Her breathing began to quicken as her head whipped around, quickly spotting her mother beside her father. “Mom!” She called out but watched in horror as her mom simply knelt down beside her father and held him in an attempt to console him, tears falling from her eyes as well. “Bucky? Clint? Bruce!” She turned to each of the others as they ran in and watched with fear as they each passed right by her and went straight to Steve, their own eyes staring in shock at the lifeless body on the concrete. Panicked cries left the young girl’s lips as she gripped her head and began running around the building, screaming, tears falling down her cheeks. Her eyes kept glancing from her parents to her body, to the team, and back to her body. Slowly the realization began to dawn upon her that she was truly dead. They couldn’t hear her, they couldn’t see her, they couldn’t feel her… She couldn’t tell them how sorry she was, she couldn’t tell them that she was still there and that she loved them, she couldn’t hug them or console them herself… All she could do was watch their pain and hope they could move on. 


When her father began to openly sob over her body, hiding his face in his wife’s chest as he clung tightly to her, she had to turn away. Stella could not watch the strongest man in her life fall apart because of her… It hurt her more than she would ever be able to express. With no other options, the youngest Avenger left the building and began to roam the streets, her hand shoved deep into her spectral pockets. She didn’t fear anyone bumping into her as she walked the crowded New York city streets. Everyone she passed just passed right through her. Some gave a shudder but easily attributed it to the weather, as it was late fall. She kept her eyes down as she walked, not sure about where she could go. No one could see, hear, or feel her and she wasn’t tied to the location of her death or her family… She was a free soul, free to wander around the world and go wherever she wanted. She had no idea how to move on to the world of the dead, be it heaven or hell, so she just walked. She explored shops she had been too young to enter, roamed through random apartments around the city to see what was happening; She explored bars and subway stations. At one point she had even decided to watch and see what Fury did when there were no missions to assign or peace to keep, but when she realized all he did during quiet times was read she had quickly gotten bored and left. She had always thought being a ghost would be fun… You could go through walls and scare the hell out of people. However now that she was one and realized no one could see her, scaring people didn’t seem to be a possibility anymore. 


At some point, Stella had found herself walking the street beside her old elementary school. Deciding there was no rush to go anywhere else, the young teen had stopped beside the building and simply stood within the shadows, watching the children play. Never knowing the true evils of this world, she never had a problem with kids...besides animals, they were the most pure beings on this planet. She didn’t know how long she had been standing there for but as she continued to watch the children she became aware that one little girl was looking in her direction. The teen glanced behind her to see if there was a teacher or parent standing there, but when she saw no one she turned back around and felt one slender brow rise in curiosity. As the young blonde stepped to the side she watched the kid’s eyes follow her. After a few minutes of this the little girl began to giggle before she ran over to where Stella had been standing. “Hi there! Do you want to play with me?” Confused, the teenaged spirit knelt down to the girl’s level. “Are you talking to me?” Her tone seemed more hopeful than she had thought it would and this seemed to be picked up on by the child. The little girl giggled and nodded again before pointing to the sandbox she had been playing in. “I don’t have any friends… The other kids think I’m a freak. Would you like to play with me?” The teen gave a hesitant nod before following the child over to where she had been happily playing in the sand just minutes before. 


As she watched the little girl attempt to make a sandcastle, she couldn’t help but feel a smile form on her face. She offered pointers that her father had once given to her sister at the beach and smiled at the look of success on the little girl's face when it turned out right. The two continued to talk and laugh as the day went on and when it was time for the little girl to go home, she held a hand to the ghostly teen with a smile. “Come on! You can come home with me if you want to!” When the parents asked the child who she was talking to, the little girl simply replied with “My new friend. She looked lonely so I asked her to play.” Stella looked from the child to her parents before she entered the car. She was surprised when she didn’t sink through the seat but soon settled herself beside the child. As the afternoon turned to night, she watched the family eat and laugh together before the child was given a bath and tucked into bed. Once the lights were out and the door was shut, the ghost knelt down beside the child’s bed and noticed the sadness in her eyes. “You miss your mommy and daddy, don’t you?” The teen thought for a moment before giving a soft nod, placing her hand on the blankets and tucking the child in as much as she could. “I do. I made a simple mistake and now I can never take it back…”  The teen moved to sit with her back against the kid’s bed and soon felt the small hand playing with her hair, much the way her dad had done when he knew something was bothering her. “Go to sleep, Emily. I’ll be here when you wake up, don’t worry.” As the child finally began to drift off to sleep, Stella couldn’t help but think about her own family… She wondered what they were doing at that exact moment. She knew she couldn’t stay with the child forever… She would leave once her own family had crossed over so that she could be with them once more. But for now, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad… At least she didn’t have to be lonely anymore.



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Drab - September 11th Remembrance

Before we get into the drab, there is the challenge I spoke up in the initial post. With 9/11 being only a couple days away, I decided to challenge myself to do a remembrance drab. Something for my character to focus on, paying tribute to the fallen and the heroes in her life. The details are below, if you are interested.

Challenge: Write a 9/11 Tribute / Remembrance drabble.

*Note: If your character was not born yet, you can age them up for the drabble only, or write it through the eyes of their parent. For mine, I chose to age her up by a couple years, as she would have only been 2 years old at the time. The version of her that is giving the speech is 35-years-old.*

If you would like to take on this drab challenge yourself, please be sure to credit where you got the idea. If you would like to share this drabble, please use the blog link posted below. My bulletins are set to "friends only", but the blogs are set to "everyone".

------------------------------------------ Drab: ------------------------------------------

A day for remembering the fallen. There were many of these kinds of holidays celebrated each year, yet this one was different. Many of the others had been around for decades, if not centuries. This one, however, was still so very new to people… The tragic event that had resulted in this holiday had only happened twenty short years ago...when two hijacked planes crashed into two of New York’s best known monuments. Heroes of all kinds ran towards the collapsing towers while others ran for their lives. Now, twenty years later, a press conference had been scheduled on the very site where the attacks had happened. The usual suspects for this type of event were nowhere to be seen. Instead, standing on the raised platform in front of the crowd stood a young woman dressed in her finest suit. Her golden locks were curled neatly away from her face and fell in elegant spirals down her back. Emerald orbs scanned the crowd of reporters and curious onlookers as she mentally prepared her speech. She had no physical copy with her, as the full speech had been written within her mind. Neither her sister nor the rest of the Avengers knew what she was going to say. Her hands remained folded on the podium in front of her and she remained as silent as she was when she had first stepped up to the microphone. It was a rare day when the daughter of Captain America and Natasha Romanoff stepped up to make a speech, the reporters in the crowd were hungry for answers but the blonde had not spoken a word as of yet. Her father stood as still as a statue beside her, and her sister stood on her other side. Behind them stood the rest of the Avengers, each member adorned in a stylish suit of their choosing. It had been ten minutes since the young woman had taken to the podium. Through the questions, camera flashes, and annoying microphone interference, she had remained stern and silent. 

“You all know why we’re here,” she began at last, effectively silencing all questions. Her tone had been soft but formal, making it clear that she would not answer any questions just yet. “Twenty years ago, two of New York’s finest monuments stood on these grounds. Two towers that signified the hope and pride of this fine city. Twenty years ago, terrorists destroyed those towers and changed our world forever. Twenty years ago, innocent children lost family members for no reason, in a senseless attack. Husbands lost wives and daughters, mothers lost sons, brothers lost sisters… Everyone in this city knows someone that was injured or killed in that attack. But I am not here to preach about that attack or the pain we still feel from it. Instead I am here to ask the same question that Tim McGraw asked in one of his most famous songs…” ” She paused for a second to mentally check her notes, giving her eyes time to once more scan the crowd, daring someone to interrupt her with a stupid question. “Where were you when the world stopped turning on that September day? Were you in the yard with your wife and children or working on some stage in L.A.? Did you burst out with pride for the red, white and blue, and the heroes who died just doin' what they do? Did you look up to heaven for some kind of answer and look at yourself and what really matters?” 

Emerald orb shifted to her sister for a moment before they danced over to the father they shared. She noticed the twitch in the corner of his lips and mirrored it with a small one of her own before she returned her attention to the crowd in front of her. She gave the reporters time to write down what she had said before she continued, making sure to look over each camera in the crowd. “I remember where I was.” She took a slight breath before she continued, keeping her posture as straight as she had been taught. “I was in history class, attempting to stop a fight between two classmates. Our teacher rushed in and turned the tv on, demanding we all pay attention. I felt fear flood my veins as I saw the dust and debris exploding from the towers. I felt the aftershock from the attack, as my school was only a few miles away. More than that, I felt the fear of knowing my father was there. He had been making plans with Shield for a secret mission, and had been sent there to retrieve some documents. I left school that very instant and ran the three miles to the attack site, fending off anyone that dared to try and stop me. Do you know why?” She felt a pain in her chest at the memory and found herself wishing she could hold her father’s hand. She couldn’t just yet, this was too important of a message and this was perhaps the only time it would be taken seriously. “All across the world, people everywhere know this man to my right. You all know him simply as Captain America, the greatest single threat to anyone that dares oppose us, who becomes even more of a threat when his team stands with him. You all know the suit, the shield, the courage and bravery. You know he will stop at nothing to protect innocent souls, no matter where in the world they are. Everyone on this damn planet… All of you… You only know the hero. There are very few of us who see the man behind the mask, the human behind the supersoldier… We see Steve Rogers, a normal, average, American man...one that just happens to have the ability to protect the world. But me?”

The young woman glanced over her shoulder at the rest of the team. Her eyes danced from Fury to Wanda, Vision to Tony, Bruce to Peter, Pepper to Nat. She gave each one a smile before turning back to the crowd of reporters and pedestrians. She cleared her throat before she gave a slight gesture to her sister, her hand returning to the podium a second later. “We see something no one gets to see. We see our FATHER. The man who raised us, taught us to ride our bikes, read us stories every night before bed. The man who had hands gentle enough to wipe our tears, but firm enough to punish us. The man who nursed every injury, gave us hope when we needed it, erased all of our fears and worries, refused to let us harbor any doubts… The man who trained us, took us shopping when it was needed, fed us, bathed us… To the world he is Captain America. To his coworkers and friends, he is Steve Rogers. To us… He is Dad. And what NONE of you know is that the first hero on scene that day was not the firehouse fire chief, as reported in the papers. Captain America was already on scene for a meeting. He was the first one to see the planes and began rushing people from the building. So yes, I did leave school that day. Yes, I did run three miles to the attack site and knock out anyone that dared stop me. Yes, I was afraid of being crushed by the debris… More than that, though, I was afraid of losing my father and the first friend I had ever had.” 

Taking a break, the young woman finally reached over and allowed herself to be photographed and recorded taking her father’s hand into her own. She squeezed it as tight as she could and smiled when he returned the pressure, his eyes meeting hers for a brief moment. The young woman then reached out with her other hand and gripped her sister’s hand just as tight, giving the other young woman a smile. Her eyes returned to the crowd in front of her, a soft breath escaping her lips. “We are here today to honor every hero present on this site that day. The firefighters who rushed in to aid those still trapped inside while battling the blaze the crashes caused. The paramedics, who positioned themselves on the streets and administered medical treatment to all the lucky survivors, and the ones who were responsible for moving the bodies of the deceased. The police officers who rushed to make sure everyone got clear of the scene, and who stopped at nothing to protect those that they could. The search and rescue teams, who spent days combing through the wreckage to find any who were still alive, as well as the bodies of those less fortunate. Also Captain America, Steve Rogers...who was the first on scene and the first to recognize the attack, and whose quick thinking most certainly saved more lives than would have been spared otherwise. So tonight, when those lights come on and project the astral image of the fallen towers on the very site where they once stood… Be sure to take a moment and think back to that day. Remember the feelings you felt when you first realized what had happened. Remember the fallen and those permanently scared from the experience, be it emotionally, mentally, or physically. Then ask yourself this one question… Where were you when the world stopped turning on that September day?"

With that, the young woman left the stage with her family. Her arm wrapped tight around her father as they faced the lights, both of them going back to that day and the fear they felt. As the sunset faded behind them, someone began playing the song the young woman had quoted in her speech, bringing a smile to her face. She hummed along with it as she held her father and sister both very tightly. She felt her mother’s hand on her back and looked over to see the rest now standing beside them. As the song played and the lights took over the darkening night, the young woman couldn’t help but feel pride blooming within her very soul. This was her nation and these were her people. She knew she would stop at nothing to protect them, just as her father had done so many times over the course of his life. It had been twenty years since the fatal terrorist attack that claimed so many lives, but the city had grown closer because of it. Everyone knew someone that had been there that day, no matter the reason. They were united in a way that nothing could ever destroy. This was her home. They were her family as much as her real one. She would never let them forget the price they had all paid that day.

09/03/2021 09:12 PM 

Drab - A Chosen Fate

The day had been long, the mission had been even longer. The two had been sent half-way across the world to reinforce their organizations control over a third-world territory. The resistance fighters in the area had put up a strong opposition but the two had been successful in squashing the resistance after a couple of weeks. Now they stood face-to-face within the training area, a grin adorning both of their faces. Though they were exhausted from their mission, they had set a strict schedule and were not about to forego a session just because of their exhaustion. The young woman had made terrific progress over the past few months and had proved herself able to keep up with her father at his best. Now, as they faced off against each other once more, she was once again showing just why she was top of her class. She took his blows without flinching, blocked when she needed to block, and landed several blows of her own. The training combat between the two seemed to be expertly timed, their movements playing off of one-anothers as though it were some odd dance that only they knew. He was able to counter her without much effort and she was able to dodge without even thinking about it. They knew each other's moves so well that it was almost telepathic. As their session came to an end, both breathing heavily, they couldn't help but share a laugh as they left the gym and made their way down to the mess hall for some well-earned dinner. They were more than just the perfect team... He was her world. They were father and daughter, she was a nearly-perfect copy of him and shared his beliefs, he was her Captain and her best friend, she told him everything and he was always there for her. More than that, though... He was her hero. He was everything she strived to be. He fought for Hydra, won against Shield, he stood for a better world and refused to let anything come between Hydra and its ultimate goals. She was proud to be his daughter.

Long lashes brushed against pale cheeks as her eyes fluttered open. She was sitting in her window with her elbow against her knee and her chin in her hand. The memory had played out like a movie during her daydream, the same way many other memories had done here lately. Each one was as painful as the last, a sour note in a once-perfect song... Green orbs glanced from the window to the desk across the room where a picture of her and her father set. Her thoughts had been going wild the past few days and she couldn't help the feeling that their perfect team was on the verge of breaking up. Her perfect world had fallen apart only a few months ago, she remembered it like it was yesterday... 

The two suited up as normal, both laughing and smiling as the excitement of a new mission flooded their systems. This was what they constantly trained for... What they lived for. The orders had come in and they were tasked with assissnating the head of SHIELD. This was the moment they had been dreaming of. Hydra was finally making its move, the world was about to be theirs. The drive to the city was long and silent as they both centered themselves and mentally prepared for what was to happen. Entering the compound had been fairly easy, the security sucked. As the two made their way through the compound, they had been stopped by a woman standing in the middle of the hall, the door to their victory only a few feet behind her. It was only then that the blonde realized why it had been so easy... It had all been a setup. She readied her weapon as she moved a few feet from her father, her eyes locked on the woman in front of them. She was ready to make the move... "Tell her to stand down, Steve." The womans voice was cold, but not harsh. It held a note of familiarity and the teen couldn't help but be confused as she watched her father's posture go from a defensive one to a casual stance. "Stand down." Her eyes widened slightly as she heard the command fall from his lips. He had never ordered her to stand down before... She was confused but lowered her weapon to her side, though she kept her body tense and ready. She listened as the two talked, mentioning a time long ago when they were together... Her confusion only deepened as the woman talked about how old the teen was and how strong she had become. They soon heard other agents coming in and her father ordered a quick retreat. As they arrived back at the Hydra base they called home, she couldn't restrain herself anymore. She demaned to know who that woman was, why her words seemed to affect her father so much, and why did he order a stand down and retreat when he never had before. The look in his eyes told her it was something she would regret asking but she needed to know. That was when he told her about her mother... The very topic he had always avoided discussing. He mentioned how her mother had gone off on a mission shortly after her birth and had not come back. He had thought her dead and refused to ever talk about her again. He had left her alone after that... She had trained on her own for the first time, ate alone, and refused to sleep. Three days passed in this way before her father came to her once more and informed her that they would be joining Shield so that they could be a family with her mother once more. 

Adjusting had been impossible after their arrival. She had discovered that they would be sharing a house with her mother, another of her father's lovers named Wanda, someone named Vision, twin sons that belonged to Wanda and Vision, and a teenage daughter of Wanda and Steve. Though the two teens were nearly the same age, it had been clear from the start just how vastly different they were. Roni, her father's other daughter, was always more into shopping and going out to have fun where as Stella was more into training and missions. Another blow to her spirit was when she had been informed by her father that Shield would not allow her to go on any missions until she passed a series of tests to prove her skills and capabilities. The more she realized how different this world was from the one she had known, the more she began feeling like a stranger in a strange land. Though her father seemed to adjust rather easily, she could not. Finally, it had gotten to be too much for the teen and she had called up an old contact. It was only when she was heading out the door that anyone realized what was going on and stopped her in her tracks. She knew Veronica meant well, stating how they were a family and that she didn't have to stay the way she was... She knew that it might be possible for her to fully adjust if she just let go of all she knew; but that was just the thing... She couldn't let go. She had tried to fit in with them: playing board games during game night, joining them for family movie nights, going to school with them...but she was miserable. The only bit of joy she experience was when she and Veronica teamed up against their father in a paint war, and that was mainly due to the memories it had brought up of times when she had been in similar situations during missions. "You're wrong..." Stella finally stated, silencing her sister nearly instantly. 

Green hues laned on the confused face of her sister as Stella turned around, her bag still slung over her shoulder. "I have tried, Roni. I have gone out shopping with you, gone to the beach, watched movies, participated in games... I have spent time with the family and tried to open up and relax but I can't. The few times I have tried, I became so overwhelmingly anxious. I am not a normal child and I will never be a normal child." She could see different emotions crossing her sister's face and simply shook her head as she glanced behind her sister. Their father was standing there with his arm around her mother, with Wanda at their side. His face seemed to mirror the emotions in Roni's with a touch of guilt tossed in. "We may be family...but we are not the same." Her gaze shifted back to her sister before she turned around and continued towards the door, picking her dufflebag up as she opened the front door. She let out a soft breath and spoke once more, "We may be blood, but that doesn't make us a family," she cast a quick glance over her shoulder at the world she was leaving behind before she turned and stepped out the door, "not anymore." With that she made her way down to the waiting taxi and allowed the driver to place her bags in the trunk as she got into the back seat. She waited until the house was safely out of sight before she let the tears finally fall, one hand wrapped tight around the necklace her father had given her for Christmas. The pain in her chest was unlike anything she had ever known... Her father, the only family and friend that she had ever known, her perfect teammate, had chosen his path. A path she knew she would not be able to walk. He had chosen to stand with Shield, knowing she would never be able to escape Hydra. It was all she had known, all that she trained for and all that she was. She was not a normal child. She had not had a normal childhood. She was a soldier, born and raised within Hydra's walls. So as much as it hurt to leave her father and his perfect world behind, it was Hydra that she returned to. Alone.

08/14/2021 09:35 PM 

Drab - Memory Loss (A series)

It was just supposed to have been a routine mission. They were supposed to leave on a friday, arrive at their target destination on saturday night, infiltrate the bunker, retrieve the hostages, and be home by monday afternoon. They had performed similar missions a thousand times before, it was almost second nature to them now. They had done their research, knew where the targets would be and when, knew how to get in and out without being seen and where to place the explosives for maximum destruction. It was simple. It was routine. Somehow, though, things had gone wrong. It was just them on the assignment so no one knew for sure what happened...but something had gone horribly wrong. Physically, the two bore very few injuries, save for a limp or a bruise. It wasn't their phsyical beings that had been damaged... It was their minds. She had been so excited when her parents had returned home safely. 

She had run to the door to greet them but had frozen when Fury was the one to walk in. He had directed her out the back and stood behind the garage with her as her parents entered the house. She watched through a window as they moved around with smiles, neither one even glancing around as if they were looking for her. "Something happened on their mission," Fury had started, drawing the blonde's attention back to him, "they don't remember you. In fact... They don't remember ever having a child in the first place." Her body had gone cold at his words, her mind unable to grasp what he had just said until he said it again. A sickening feeling had begun to settle in her stomach as she turned her gaze back to the window, watching as they shared a tight embrace followed by a kiss. Fury had taken her hand then and led her to the waiting car, she knew what would happen now... She was underage. She could not be on her own for another year and her parents had no idea who she was, or that she even existed... So, she would likely be sent to a home of sorts somewhere. She had stared out the car window as Fury drove back to SHIELD HQ, she stayed quiet as he led her through the maze of halls and corridors, she didn't even look up as he guided her to his office and pushed her down in a chair. Her mind was numb, her heart ached, and she felt sick. 

It hadn't taken long for him to decide that she would stay in a small house owned by SHIELD. Operatives would visit and monitor the house so she wouldn't truly be alone... But she would be alone enough. They had removed every picture of her from her parent's house, packed up everything in her former room, and moved it all into the little house she now resided in. She was left to place them where she wanted, and she had done so with her personal belongings. When he agents had asked about the photos she had turned away and asked them to stick the box of framed photos into a closet in the hall and lock it. She couldn't stand to see the happy smiles looking back at her, knowing there was a chance she would never have that again. 

Emerald eyes glanced from the floor to the window beside her bed, the memory playing like a movie without sound across the screen within her mind. She remembered that day like it was just yesterday, even though it had been a month now. She could still feel the pain, her heart was still breaking, and her mind had never left the dark place it had fallen to that day. If they didn't remember her then it wouldn't matter if she disappeared for good, right? A soft sigh fell from the quivering lips, her gaze shifting from the window to her hands clenched in her lap. She watched as little drops of water fell to her hands but made no moves to stop herself. She was alone in this house, the agents had all left weeks ago, so there was no one to hide her tears from... No one to stop her pain. She had once been so strong, fearless and brave. Nothing had ever bothered her or frightened her. Now... She felt helpless, weak, and afraid. Her emotions, which she had once been able to so carefully conceal, now ran wild. A week after she had been moved into this place Fury had informed her that she would be playing the role of "new recruit"... Meaning he had told the team that she was going to be joining as a new Avenger and that she was going to be assisting them on missions. He knew it would be hard for her, but he also knew it was the only way she could be with her parents again. 

The only thing that made it easier on her was the fact that Bruce, Clint, Wanda and Vision all still remembered her. Steve and Nat had been the only ones assigned to that mission, since it hadn't been marked as a priority mission. The fact that the young teen still had some people who remembered her and knew of the pain she was going through helped keep her going. An alarm sounded on her phone and she quickly dried her eyes as she reached over to dismiss it. She stood and made her way to her bathroom to wash her face, erasing all evidence of the tears she had been crying. It was time for a strategy meeting regarding a mission that was scheduled for next month, one that the entire team would be needed on, including her. She sighed softly as she turned her lights out, grabbed her phone, and made her way down to the waiting car. It didn't take any time at all to reach Shield Headquarters, so she had no time to focus on the pain still gripping her chest tight. She entered the meeting room and greeted the others as she took a seat beside Clint. She had nodded to her parents when they greeted her but she had to quickly avert her gaze as her emotions were still quite raw. She swallowed the lump in her throat as the meeting started. She did her best to focus on what was being said, but it was hard when it was her father directing the meeting. She just hoped she could make it through without letting her mask slip.

08/13/2021 08:50 PM 

Drab - Hydra 13th

It was a rare day in the city that never sleeps, a rare day for the majority of the planet. It was a day of legends, myths, and superstitions; A day when evil was said to reign supreme and a day where people paid extra attention to their surroundings. No, it wasn't Halloween... What then, you may ask, was this date? Friday the Thirteenth. A young blonde grinned as she made her way through the streets, her mask fixed firmly to her face as her hood hid the blonde hair beneath. Yes, it might have been the middle of August, but she didn't care as she walked the streets in her battle armor. From the moment she had opened her eyes this morning she had known today was going to be a great day. She had felt a vibe in the air that had made her want to dance, she could feel a tingle running against her skin like a faint electrical charge... There was a powerful energy in the air and she loved it. 

She watched the fear in pedastrians eyes as she danced under ladders, leaned down to pet black cats that crossed her path, and even stepped on cracks in the sidewalk. As she passed by an outdoor cafe she took salt shakers from the tables and spilt the contents on the tables before she continued to dance down the street, a soft hum falling from her covered lips as she did so. She threw rocks at mirrored surfaces, shattering the glass in the streets, and even dared to dance across graves as she passed through a local cemetary on the way to her destination. Though her actions seemed innocent enough, little did the city know that she was just getting started. The more she continued her bizzare actions, the more random people seemed to stop and stare in horror. She grinned even more as she noticed the police commander himself standing amongst the observers, dressed in only his plain clothes. Well, it would have been more fun if he had been dressed in uniform, but it mattered not. As she danced along a fairly large crack in the sidewalk, the uniformed teen twirled elegantly, the public unaware that she had released her Chakram from her hand. Screams of terror sounded through the crowd as the police commander's head fell from his body, horrified eyes watching as the dancing teen raised her hand above her head, catching her weapon as it flew back to her. 

She heard the unmistakeable sound of boots running towards her, a tell-tale sign of officers rushing to the scene. Without missing a beat, the teen began to kick, punch, and slice the arriving officers, her moves matching the rhythm of the music in her head. She sang along as she fought, dodged, and maimed the uniformed members of New York's finest. She stopped when the men no longer put up a fight and stared down at the bloodied and broken bodies, their chests barely rising and falling as they groaned in pain. "You're lucky you're not on my list for today," she said with a laugh as she left them there for the ambulance. She quickly rushed down the street and out of sight, making sure to slide underneath another ladder as she slipped into an alley, her eyes peering out from behind her mask as she waited for her next target. She slipped further down the alley to avoid detection as she waited, occassionally checking the time on her phone. Soon the politician she had been waiting for passed the opening and she snatched him up before leading him to the other end and out into another busy street. She proceeded to dance with the terrified man, making sure to send him under a ladder as she did so. She knew how superstitious this man was and was thoroughly enjoying the terrified look in his eyes. "You know what they say... Under a ladder is seven years of bad luck. Breaking a mirror is another seven, or is it ten? Let's find out." She laughed as she forced a hammer into his hands and made sure he couldn't let go. She led him to a building with mirrored walls and had him smash through seven of them before she let him drop the hammer. "You've also stepped over ten cracks on the way over here. I'd say you're up to about fifty years of bad luck, now." She laughed hard before she shoved him out into the middle of the traffic, turning away as the man was hit by a speeding truck which seemed to swerve at the very last moment, possibly sparring the man's life. "Seems it starts now." 

The young woman shrugged as she made her way towards City Hall next. She knew several of Shield's best agents would be there to present a presentation for something. She wasn't sure what it was, but she knew it would be fun to see the looks on their faces. She barged right in through the front with her guns drawn, firing at every person she could see. Once the ammo was emptied she tossed them to the side and proceeded through the building, tossing firecrackers and small palm-sized bombs into different rooms. She repeated the actions on every floor until she got to the one where the meeting was being held, but stopped right as she stepped off the elevator. The commotion on the lower floors had gotten their attention and it seemed the armed guards were waiting with the Shield agents behind them. "Well, I guess I should have started up here. No matter." She pulled out her Chakram once more and gave it a quick flick, watching as it sliced through every weapon in the room before it returned to her hand. The fight started then. She was quick to strike first, slicing the throat of the nearest operative before ducking and knocking another's legs out from under him, slicing through said leg once he was down. The operatives were good, she had to admit that, but they had forgotten who she was. Necks were snapped, limbs were severed, and heads were removed. One by one the operatives fell at her feet, blood staining the once pristine carpet as terrified screams echoed throughout the floor. 

She knew fires were raging below, but that wasn't a threat to her. Emerald eyes gazed at the male that stood before her, someone she had once considered a friend. He was one of Shields best fighters, a trainer of the new recruits, and someone she thought she could trust. But he had turned her in when she revealed her desires to him, desires she was now acting upon. Her rage took hold and soon they were locked in a fierce hand-to-hand battle. She could see the fear trying to take hold of him and wanted to roll her eyes at his words. He was good... He managed to land three quick blows to her face, one of which managed to bust her lip open. She soon had them flipped and landed more blows to his face bafore she pulled a knife from her pocket... The very knife he had given her one Christmas as part of the gift exchange. Without a second thought she plunged the knife through his neck and stood up, dusting herself off. She watched as the life faded from his eyes before she turned and rushed down the fire exit. She sealed off every door she could find to ensure any who had survived her assault could not escape the building. As one of the lucky few rushed forward to try the door she saw the panic in his eyes as he realized it was locked and that all of the windows had been sealed shut as well. She watched as he banged against the glass and screamed for help, causing a smirk to slowly form across her lips, her mask now held in her hands. 

"Hail Hydra." She spoke, loud enough for the trapped man to hear, before she turned and made her way back down the sidewalk. Her mission was over. She had succeeded. As she made her way down the sidewalk towards the place she was to meet her father, the young operative pulled a black rag from her back pocket and pressed it gingerly to her busted lip. She could hear more explosions sounding from the quickly-burning building, screams from those trapped inside fading as their lives were lost to the raging flames. She knew her father would be somewhere, watching, and she couldn't help but smirk against the rag. The time of peace was over. Friday the Thirteenth would go down in the history books as the day Hydra rose from the ashes of a forgotten past to take over once more. This day was one of superstition and of power. This was their day.

08/13/2021 06:14 PM 

Drab - Letters to Home - Mom & Dad

Days and nights had begun to run together, attacks came at odd hours and sleep was hard to comeby these days. Something the young woman had been accustomed to since as far back as she could remember. When she couldn’t sleep, she would train until she dropped. Random surprise attacks from her parents had also played apart in her comfortableness within the combat zone. Getting into fights in school, not being able to relate to normal kids or anyone outside of the Avengers, taking her aggression out on innocent people either at school or in training matches… It had all seemed natural to her and she didn’t feel like it was just because she was the daughter of two Avengers… There was something more to it. Now, as she sat on a rock atop a hill, she seemed to understand where her path had been leading her. A smile graced her lips as she allowed her eyes to lower from the now-quiet battlefield to the piece of paper in her lap. In moments of peace like this, as rare as they were, she found herself writing letters back home to her family. 

Mom & Dad,

You both know how terrible I am at expressing emotions...so I have no idea if this letter will even make sense, but, here it goes. 

The only thing I ever wanted in life was to make you two proud to call me your own. I wanted to see you two smile and know that I was worthy of the legacy I would one day carry on. I wanted to feel like I was worthy to carry either last name… But I never did. I couldn’t get along with normal children, I was always in more fights then I would like to admit. I even caused problems with the police and never pulled any punches, no matter who it was against. The more trouble I caused, the less I felt like I deserved the legacy or the names. I didn’t feel like you two were proud, even though you said you were. I always felt more ashamed of myself and less like I belonged. People used to tell me that causing trouble and fighting was in my blood… I didn’t believe them. Looking back now, though, I guess they were right. I would always prefer playing ‘soldier’ over playing with dolls, kickboxing over dancing, karate over ballroom… Training over prom or mud over makeup. I was never a normal child and at the time I didn’t understand why that was. It seemed the harder I tried to fit in, the worse things got. 

Looking around now, observing my surroundings and being where I am… I think I finally understand why I was the way I was. I told dad this once before… But I feel like everything I ever did from the time I could walk, all the fighting and troublemaking… I feel like it was all leading me up to this moment. Almost as if it was fate’s way of preparing me for the role I would one day take on. Most of it could’ve been due to my anger issues and temper, but I think the majority of it was preparing me for what I am today: A soldier on the front lines. Most of my unit talk about how afraid they are of dying and never getting to see their families again… Me? I don’t fear that. I don’t fear death...which is kind of weird now that I think about it. I feel alive in the midst of combat, almost like I was meant to be here. I can’t help but wonder if dad felt this way when he was serving. It’s kind of amusing to think about. 

Mom, I’m sorry we didn’t get to bond much. We were both so busy with missions and things that it never seemed to be a good time to just relax and hang out. I know we planned to go to that little Italian bistro that opened up downtown, maybe we can when I come home? I also still owe you a shopping day, and a day of resting by the lake. We also had plenty of sparring matches lined up… I’ll make good on all of my past promises when I come home on leave. I promise. Did I ever tell you I got you a birthday present? I was going to give it to you on your birthday but duty called and I just kept it safe in my closet. It’s still there if you would like to open it now. I also recorded every episode of that show you liked, they had just released the season finale before I left so I made sure to record it as well. I locked it all down so no one could erase it until you watched it… You’ll have to let me know how it ends. 

Dad, I owe you an apology as well. We had so much fun planned out and matches scheduled… I guess I kind of ruined them, huh? I know I should’ve told you about this before we planned it all, but I wanted to surprise you with the news on your birthday… But I wanted to wait until I got my unit assignment. I’m sorry, dad. I promise I’ll definitely train with you when I come home, if you still want to. As for all the pranks and surprise balloon attacks we had planned out, I’ll make time for all of that as well. I can’t wait to have another paint balloon war with the fam. I want to make time for everyone and to do everything I’ve missed out on. I don’t know if you ever hoped or planned for one of your kids to take this step but… I do feel like I belong out here, fighting the good fight. I’ve helped do so much good in the past few weeks, I feel like it’s made up for all the bad I’ve ever done. I haven’t slept since we got here, but I don’t think that really matters… In fact, I think it’s pretty normal for this area. Anyways, I feel like I’m rambling… I really miss you and mom. I can’t wait to see you guys again. Until next time, Captain :)

Love always and forever,


08/13/2021 05:41 PM 

Drab - Letters to Home - Wanda & Vision

Days and nights had begun to run together, attacks came at odd hours and sleep was hard to comeby these days. Something the young woman had been accustomed to since as far back as she could remember. When she couldn’t sleep, she would train until she dropped. Random surprise attacks from her parents had also played apart in her comfortableness within the combat zone. Getting into fights in school, not being able to relate to normal kids or anyone outside of the Avengers, taking her aggression out on innocent people either at school or in training matches… It had all seemed natural to her and she didn’t feel like it was just because she was the daughter of two Avengers… There was something more to it. Now, as she sat on a rock atop a hill, she seemed to understand where her path had been leading her. A smile graced her lips as she allowed her eyes to lower from the now-quiet battlefield to the piece of paper in her lap. In moments of peace like this, as rare as they were, she found herself writing letters back home to her family. 


Wanda & Vision,

I know we might not have been blood but you guys accepted me into the family so completely. Y’all were there when mom and dad were gone on missions, y’all were there even when they were home. If I had something that I didn’t feel comfortable talking to them about, y’all were there to listen. I can’t tell you guys how much that meant to me and how much I really appreciated it. Y’all were ready and willing to help with it all… Training, cooking, comforting, talking… You were there for everything from the small accomplishments to the major wins. You guys taught me that family isn’t just what you’re born into, but that you also don’t have to be blood in order to be a family, because family is what you make it and I’m so happy you allowed me a chance to be a part of yours as well as my own. I miss the family dinners with everyone, the family movie nights and how competitive mom could get during family game nights. I miss the pranks Vis would pull on dad and the jokes Wanda shared with mom. I miss the laughs, the smiles, the tears and the laughter. When I get home, the first thing I want to do is a major family movie night under the stars with all of you. 

Wanda, I wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done. When I was having troubles with my powers, you stepped in and helped me get them back under control. You helped me learn how to harness them properly and showed me it was possible to lead a normal life, even though I had the power to literally destroy anything and everything in my path. I lived in fear of this power for so long and you finally showed me that it was nothing to be afraid of. I know I was hesitant at first, as I never liked the thought of having someone poking around inside my head.. But I’m glad you persisted until I gave in. I still have problems controlling it at times, but it’s nowhere near as bad as it used to be and I can actually limit the range now. Thank you so much, for everything you’ve done. 

Vision, you are just an awesome person. You treated us all equally and never favored one over the other. I know most parents say they don’t have favorites but still secretly favor one child over another… But you never did. You loved us all the same and treated us all the same. You were there when we cried and when we laughed. I don’t know what else I can say that I haven’t already said many times before… You were always willing to help us in any way possible, you and Wanda both. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to be a second father… I love you and Wanda both so much, as much as I love my own parents. I hope everything is good back home. I miss you guys. 

Love, always,


08/06/2021 09:48 PM 

Drab - Letters to Home - Roni

Days and nights had begun to run together, attacks came at odd hours and sleep was hard to comeby these days. Something the young woman had been accustomed to since as far back as she could remember. When she couldn’t sleep, she would train until she dropped. Random surprise attacks from her parents had also played apart in her comfortableness within the combat zone. Getting into fights in school, not being able to relate to normal kids or anyone outside of the Avengers, taking her aggression out on innocent people either at school or in training matches… It had all seemed natural to her and she didn’t feel like it was just because she was the daughter of two Avengers… There was something more to it. Now, as she sat on a rock atop a hill, she seemed to understand where her path had been leading her. A smile graced her lips as she allowed her eyes to lower from the now-quiet battlefield to the piece of paper in her lap. In moments of peace like this, as rare as they were, she found herself writing letters back home to her family. 



Hey girl, what’s up? You would not believe the sh*t I’ve seen today, let alone the past couple weeks. The fighting is nearly constant, but you know me… I thrive in that kind of situation. I sent you a package last week, did you get it? It’s a gorgeous dress and it was a gift from some grateful civilian. It’s not really my style so I thought you’d like it. How is everyone? And the dogs? Is my room being kept off limits? I’m sorry for all the questions, I just don’t get a lot of time to write so I wanted to ask while I could. How’s your training going? I know I didn’t push you as far as I should have before I left, but I hope you’re making progress. I’ve been forced to keep my abilities a secret on the battlefield… My commanding officer wants to keep me as a secret weapon. I still fight, though it’s mostly hand-to-hand or with weapons… I can’t use the gravity ability unless it’s a dire situation. He has allowed me to use the shapeshifting ability though. It’s fun to sneak into enemy territory after taking on one of their forms and gathering intel… I love it. 

How’s the dating scene and the party scene? Are you having fun with your friends? What about that series you were watching before I left, have you finished it? Has Netflix come out with anything decent yet? What’s new on tv? I really miss watching tv… Even though I always had issues sitting still. What about family game night, is that still a thing? Speaking of… Did you guys ever find where the Shoe monopoly piece ended up after the dogs ran off with it? I still think that was funny. Oh, before I forget… I think I’m starting to fall for someone. Don’t tell mom or dad. There’s this guy in my unit and he’s just so damn hot. Every chance he gets, he’s running off for a swim in a river nearby. We’ve engaged in combat training a few times to keep our skills up and even when he ends up on the ground, he still has a smile and a compliment towards me… It’s so weird. I’m used to those I beat hating me until they get better… But he’s different. I don’t know if it’s just me or what, so I’m not risking anything just yet. But yeah, this stays between us, got it? 

If you get a chance… Would you mind sending me some of my books? I’d like to read when I get some downtime, as rare as it may be over here. I’m sending back some sketches I’ve done, if you could put them on my bed for me, I’d appreciate it. Is Fury still mad about all his suits turning pink? It was just a prank! Anyways, I better go. It’s my turn to do a perimeter check and security check. Miss you girl, hope you’re okay. Keep training and keep your chin up! Love you, always.

- Stella.



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