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06/28/2020 10:58 PM 

Gym Day: Drabble

attention: | mentions: Gym Daywww.roleplayer.me/DorkKnight
'Stop trashing the bags. B isn't giving you any more for a few days. He said something about respect for property and learning better coping mechanisms.'

That was f***ing rich, coming from the man that practically invented dressing up like a bat and punching things to deal with his issues, but f***ing go off, I guess.
Deciding instead to not respond to Wendy's message, Steph took herself to the campus gym to try to work out her frustrations instead. Patrols had been too slow, or other people *coughBrucecough* had been beating her to the scene of things, keeping Stephanie sans faces to beat.
She did however get the heavy bags at the Firewall. Because Stephanie didn't get fancy training robots like the Batcave, or simulations to run through like Cass's little cave. Which was fine. She was glad to even have the Firewall at all. Even if it was technically Barbara's. Like the Ricochet. And the mantle. You know how it is when you're a mantle thief. You take what you're given.
Letting out a low, aggravated growl as she looked around the not too active gym, flexing her jaw a few times before letting out a long measured breath, Steph made for one of the free weighted bags, dropping her bag by the wall and sized it up.
It had seen better days, but it wasn't in the worst shape she had ever seen. Some tape around the middle, where it had been more heavily beaten. She could work with this.
Rolling her shoulders and shaking her hands out, not bothering with any of her gear, in an attempt to limit herself, or possibly to not have to pay for damages on top of her already bullsh*t tuition with her library assistant wages, Steph sunk a quick hip level left uppercut in, twisting from the hips and shoulders, feeling the bag out.
Pulling a face at the amount of creaking and groaning it was already doing on its hook and chains, she steadied it against her body, and let out another annoyed growl.

"You aren't doing it right."

Blinking twice, Steph whipped her head towards the voice.

"Excuse me?"

The owner of the voice, a resident frat bro, stepped towards the bag, grinning in a way he thought was charming, and surprisingly not dead from the amount of venom in her response, that Steph immediately wanted to kick off his head. Stephanie vaguely recognised him from the keg rager that caused her to swear off college parties for life. Was he a douche then? Probably. They all sort of were...
"Everything doesn't have to be about fear. There's room in our line of work for hope, too."
"You aren't throwing the punch right. You gotta do it like this."

Somehow managing to keep her mouth shut, she stepped back from the bag and folded her arms across her chest. The blonde watched as he wound back and punched with his arm, no hip torque, no rotation, no technique at all.
Unable to hold back the reflexive, derisive snort, shaking her head, it looked like Steph had a target for her bad mood, warranted or not.

"That's cute. Did your teddy bear teach you that one? I know an eleven year old that can hit harder than you."

Looking openly offended, Stephanie stepped up and drew back, giving the bag something a lot of the rogues, and the majority of the masks of Gotham had been on the receiving end of, her right hook, at full I wish this was Roman, my Dad, the Joker or Bruce's face force, sending the hundred pound bag into the unsuspecting frat douche she never bothered to learn the name of, knocking him off balance.
Letting out another long breath, not as measured, an attempt to try to reign herself in, Stephanie stopped the bag on the backswing as she moved to pick up her bag. Maybe there was trouble. Maybe she could go start a fight with the Gremlin or something. Someone who could fight back, or deserved it. Or both.
Where was Jason…?
Walking back towards the speed bag, towards the weights and the exits she heard it. She probably wasn't meant to. It was meant for his slowly gathering bros. Did they always travel in packs?

"Yeah, that's right bitch, you better run."

Stopping mid stride and dropping her bag to the floor –Did it land on her phone? Can't check now. Check later– Steph turned around and smiled sweetly, the smile not reaching her eyes.

"What was that?"

The rapid blink confirmed her theory that she wasn't meant to hear it. As the bros began to jostle him, she took the initiative.

"What's wrong? Afraid you'll get made a fool of in front of your boys? You and me, here and now. Spar. Whatever style you want. I doubt you have any at al–"


Groaning, she didn't need to turn to know the owner of the voice. On campus, she would be Assistant Professor Gordon. But f*** that sh*t. She was Babs.
Shoulders slumping slightly, she turned enough to look down at her, kicking her bag out of her way.

"What did I do now?"

"I know what you're doing. Stop it."

Letting out another growl, loudest of the three so far, shoulders slumping, Steph scooped up her bag.

"Fiiiiiine. But when I'm annoying later, I want you to know it's your fault."

"Annoying later? As if it's not just your constant state of being?"

As they both turned to leave, the frat bro seemingly saved from a terrible fate, he didn't seem to know the gift he was just given.

"You're lucky Wheels was here to save you, stupid slut."

A look shared between the Batgirls was a conversation all of its own.

"I'm killing him now."
"We don't kill."
"I'm maiming him now."
"I'll allow it.

Both turning back around, Steph setting her bag in Barbara's lap this time, she stretched her arms over her head, purposely cracking joints as loudly as she could.
"Looks like we're back on, boys. I think I'm required by law to tell you I've had martial arts lessons even though I don't hold any belts."

Technically, not a lie. Her training was far beyond 'lessons', but she didn't hold any belts…
Frat douche got shoved by one of his friends. He was a man, standing over 6'. She was 5'5". Obviously he had the advantage here, right?

"Don't let your boys down, they believe in you. I'm just a little bitch after all. What, did I hurt your feelings or something? Here, you can even get the first shot in if you want. Free go."

Folding her hands behind her, Steph stood still, 3' from him, chin out.
After standing still for what felt like an eternity as she just stared from her, to Babs, to his friends in confusion, she flapped her arms in frustration.

"Oh COME ON! That teddy bear punch of yours isn't gonna do anything to me anyway, just do it!"

A frown grew across his face, but Steph's patience had worn thin. Turning to leave, shaking her head, she started towards Babs.

"This is pointless. God damn spineless limpd*ck cowards can't do anything when actually confon-"


Babs began to lean forward in alarm, as the fist made contact with the back of her head. Staggering forward, more from her own momentum being thrown off then the force of the hit she frowned slowly. Stopping to blink a few times she looked at Babs, a grin slowly spreading across her face.

"We can make this our secret, right?"

Before whipping around, and driving her fist home. Again. And again.
"I'm almost fifty percent sure nothing could go wrong."Stephanie Brownwww.roleplayer.me/DorkKnight

05/30/2020 07:54 PM 

Family Matters: Drabble

attention: | mentions: Family Matterswww.roleplayer.me/DorkKnight
Absently scrolling through one of the many rabbit holes of memes and rogues getting punked that filled her Twitter feed, Stephanie Brown waited to preempt the beeping of the microwave, the signal her leftover casserole was in a semi-edible state.
With her lower back wedged against the countertop as she leant back, legs out in the middle of the narrow walkway that made up 'Small Appliance Nook', her ankles crossed, she would just have to swing her weight forward and jam her finger into the stop button to avoid the beeping that would set off a bout of 'I DON'T LIKE THAT SOUND' barkage from the currently dozing Short Round.
Raising her eyes after every few thumb strokes to check the count down, she keeps watch, the kitchen filling with the smell of the reheating meal. After watching a short clip of Riddler being punched square in the mouth by Robin, good ol' Uncle Eddie losing his stupid bowler hat in the process, a small smile on her lips, she shifted her gaze upwards once more, to see the timer at 0:02.
Pressing the stop button, snagging up her fork and carrying the much too hot plate bare handed to the living room coffee table, practically throwing it down, she let out a soft sigh of relief.
She should have grabbed a kitchen towel or something. Her other hand was occupied by her phone, which she didn't think to put in her pocket.
But that dang clip was too good.
Evening TV in Gotham wasn't the greatest. News, News, News, chaos, chaos, chaos. If she wanted to hear about chaos she'd talk to Klarion. She just wanted some background noise while she ate. While she had what felt like a normal evening for the first time in… ever.
Of course it couldn't last. Her phone rang.

"This better be good…"

Looking down to the flashing of her phone screen, she puffed her cheeks out in annoyance, shifting the mouthful of food to one cheek, seeing the name of the caller.
Boss Man
Bruce almost never called her. Not unless she was in some incredibly deep sh*t and a lecture couldn't wait, or something was very wrong. Flicking the screen unlocked and answering the call, she spoke thickly, not yet having swallowed the mouthful of casserole.


Before she could continue any further, he spoke harshly, even for Bruce.

"Where are you right now?"

Stephanie frowned, confused in general by the call, the question making it worse, taking a moment to swallow her food. Was he in a car? It sounded like he was driving…

"Answer the question, Stephanie."

"God, geez, I'm eating. At home. Get your panties out of a twist. Some human people need to–"

"Good, stay right there."

He cut her off, mid sassy rant. Puffing up indignantly, she pointed in a general direction with her fork.

"Now wait a minute–"

It was pointless, he had already ended the call. Flopping back into the couch, chewing on the prongs of the fork, she scowled to herself, the gears in her head starting to turn. Shifting to look at the pup, still dozing at the end of the couch, she started thinking aloud.

"He never calls. Which I appreciate, because who wants to be called by their weird not boss all the time? But I didn't get 'you're in trouble' vibes, which makes sense, because I haven't done anything to be in troble for lately, unless he's finally found out D*ck and I borrowed the Batmobile without permission. He asked where I was. Which he could have just checked, using my suit, so he's not thinking clearly. I mean, unless he's stuck a tracker in me at some point when I wasn't paying attention, my suit, or my phone. The Compact…"

Short Round raised his head from his paws to look from Steph, mid ramble, then towards the front of the house. Before she could continue her puzzling out of the situation, it seemed as if there would be an answer delivered, with the black Bentley pulling to a stop outside.
Getting to her feet, a gentle buzz of concern growing in the pit of her stomach, she moved to the front door, beating him there, throwing it open and waving him inside.

"You know, Wayne's stand out in Holden, B. I was expecting thuds on the roof."

It was rare for Bruce to react to her jokes, if ever, but the expression on his face gave her pause. For one, there was actually an expression on his face. And it wasn't from the joke. He may have been dressed like Bruce Wayne in this moment, but he felt like neither Bruce or the Bat to her.
Pushing the door shut quickly, brow creased, she could already feel her pulse spiking.

"What is it?"

He inspected her, then the living room, the remnants of her half eaten food, Short Round back to his napping.

"You should sit down."

'Oh, hell no.'

"Bruce, I swear to god, just spit it out, or I'll slap the taste out of your mouth again."

If it was bad news, especially bad enough news for Batman to be acting semi human, she wasn't about to be coddled. He lowered his eyes to her hands, which she had unknowing balled into fists at her sides, the threat not an empty one, before letting out a soft sigh, eyes lowered.

"Everything doesn't have to be about fear. There's room in our line of work for hope, too."
"Leslie is dead."

"You're lying."

Stephanie spat reflexively, backing up into the wall. He had to have been lying. Another sick test. Another game. It had to be. It had to be.
When he didn't raise his eyes from the threadbare toes of her socks, only shaking his head slightly, a prickle below her nose, the watering of her eyes, a lump in her throat, all began at once.
Refusing to do this right now, refusing to cry in front of Bruce of all people, raising her face towards the ceiling, she cleared her throat loudly, squeezing her fists tighter, clenching her jaw. Make it anger. Anger is productive. Crying helps no-one. Sniffing sharply, she spoke softly.

"What happened?"

With her eyes still tracing the panelling in the ceiling, she could see Bruce look up at her with… was that sympathy? Her anger flared further.


"Bruce. If you don't tell me, I'll go find out myself. Make this easy for yourself."

Snapping her head down to look at him, her voice a venomous hiss.
Another threat that would be followed up on.
With another sigh, this time heavier than the last, as if awaiting a predicted reaction, his jaw flexes in muted anger before responding.

"It was the Joker."

There it was.
Closing her eyes and hanging her head, she laughed bitterly.

"Of course it was. Why wouldn't it be? How many more lives are you going to let him destroy?!"

"Don't do anything rash, Stephanie."

He sounded genuinely concerned. Swelling with rage, she closed the distance the news had initially caused, shoving him ineffectually.

"Ex-cuse me?! All these years and I'm still being compared to Jason?! You know what, maybe you're right. Maybe I am like him. Maybe people like Joker, and Black Mask and my dad should be dead. But if you haven't realized that I'm NOT Jason yet just because I don't jump when you tell me to, maybe you should start learning to jump yourself. Get out of my house, before the Wayne's lose another family member today."

For a moment, it looked as if Bruce was about to fire something back. He even drew back his lips in a snarl to start, the narrowing of Steph's eyes daring him to do it. It would be so much easier for her to be mad at someone, to scream at them instead of feeling the other feelings threatening to bubble out and spill over.
Instead, he straightened, regained some semblance of control and turned towards the door. He wasn't going to be baited into her fight. She almost got him.

"The funeral arrangements are being made. You're expected to be there for part of them. You're just as much her family as I am."

As Bruce left, almost walking into a returning from day shift Crystal as they crossed paths down the drive, the Brucey Charm turned on as he apologised, Crystal walked into see Stephanie, still in place, beginning to tremble.

"So you wanna tell me why Bruce Wayne was in my ho–Stephie, what's wrong?!"

Dumping her bag on the ground, putting her hands on Steph's shoulders and turning her to face her, Stephanie broke down entirely, encompassing her mother in a squeezing hug, sobbing into her shoulder.

"My other mother is dead."

Crystal, who had never been the biggest fan of Leslie, was unsure how to react. Gently rubbing Stephanie's back, she stayed quiet. After crying herself through her mother's lab coat and scrubs, she pulled back, sniffling.

"Sorry… I'm–I gotta go. I got work to do."

With that, turning and wiping her face on the bottom of her shirt, she made her way up the stairs to her bedroom, to suit up for the hunt.

"I'm almost fifty percent sure nothing could go wrong."Stephanie Brownwww.roleplayer.me/DorkKnight

04/11/2020 11:28 PM 

OWWP: Growth

'When you grow up, when you live in the shadows of others legacies, you have to foster your own growth.'

Stephanie Brown

04/11/2020 02:12 PM 

OWWP: Penance

Resting her head to the rapidly heating tiles of the shower wall, Steph closes her eyes, letting out a slow hiss as the water beat down against her aching shoulders.
There was a good chance all her upper back would be the same color as her suit come morning, but that was just part of the job. Taking a deep, almost soothing breath of the steamy air in, she slowly straightened up, and took to washing the blood (not hers, this time) from her hair, gingerly prodding at her ribs.
After the shower, that cleaned her, but didn't make her feel any better, she shuffled off to her bed, pulling on her well loved blue and purple striped pyjamas, flopping face down, unmoving, aside from her finger stroking the nose of Short Round as he came to investigate.
If aches, pains, a little blood and going to bed sore was her penance to pay, she would continue to pay it, until she was no longer able to.
Stephanie Brown

04/11/2020 01:40 PM 

OWWP: Resurrection

Everything felt fuzzy. And was… jittering around.
Trying to open her eyes was a struggle. Like her eyelids were glued together, and weighed a thousand pounds each.
Trying to raise her hand to wipe at her eyes, a sharp stinging bit at the back of it. "Stephanie, please, stop pulling out the IV, sweetheart. I know you don't like medications, but just until we land, I want to keep you comfortable."
...Leslie? What was happening. Wasn't she with Batman? Land where? "S'going on?" She croaks softly, scowling. You didn't need open eyes to have expressions. A pause. Leslie squeezes her hand softly. "Stephanie… we left Gotham. You–well, you died."
Her automatic reflex kicked in. Rolling her head to the side, with a wince, forcing a grin, an eye peeking open to look at the doctor. "I only wanted to be Robin, I didn't expect an upgrade to Phoenix, with resurrection powers."
Stephanie Brown

04/11/2020 01:06 PM 

OWWP: Forgiveness

If cities could have little sisters, this would be Gotham's.
Stephanie wasn't here for it's resident guardian angel in blue. At least, not right now. If all things went well, he wouldn't even have to know she was here.
No, this trip was a long time coming.
Like many of the people… affected… by her mishap when she lost the first legacy mantle she collected, her target eventually relocated out here.
The intel (cass) was good on where to find her mark, but she was, for lack of better word, scared.
She didn't know what to expect from what was about to happen. All she knew was that Cassandra respected her, and how dangerous Onyx was.
Sure, she had faced league of assassin members before, but if Onyx came at her, well, she would deserve it, in all honesty.
Movement snapped her from sinking too much further down that dark mental trail. The warehouse door across for her crashing off its hinges, bodies cascading out under the floodlights of the shipping yards Blüdhaven built itself on.
Straightening herself slightly, ready to launch into action should the situation call for it, her alertness was unwarranted.
Striding through the open door frame, casually dusting off her hands and looking over the unmoving bodies, stood Onyx. Sinking to start tossing the pockets, Batgirl made her approach, with notice.
"That was smooth as hell…"
'THAT wasn't though, Steph. Great open. Why not just ask her to punch you in the throat immediately.'
Without looking up, the assassin kept going about her business.
"I had heard there was a new Batgirl now. Didn't think it would be you." "In all honesty, neither did I. She just… handed me the suit, said 'I'm out, you're it', so…" Straightening up, and closing the space between them, narrowing her eyes, examining the visible eyes of the blonde bat, Onyx with her hands on her hips, Stephanie's by her sides.
"Right. So spit it out. What do you want."
Unable to hold her gaze, eyes flicking to her cheek instead, head lowering slightly, Steph sighed softed.
"Straight to the point, huh? I've apologized to almost everyone, except you. About Orpheu–"


Blinking at the sharp strike to her face, her hands still by her side, Steph raised her eyes to meet Onyx's gaze again.
"If you came searching for forgiveness, you're looking in the wrong place, little bat. We all have to deal with the blood on our hands. I think someone knew you'd be looking for a way, and gave you the answer."
Tapping a finger to the golden symbol across Steph's chest, Onyx gave a pointed look.
Stephanie Brown

03/14/2020 07:07 PM 

OWWP: Coping

She is two years old. Arthur has lashed out at them all again. Crystal is coping with pills and drink. Stephanie cowers behind the couch, her 'cape' snatched from her, laying on the floor. Whether they realize it or not, actions have been set in motion that will change them all forever.
She is six years old. Arthur has locked her in the closet. Crystal is coping with her drug induced stupor. Stephanie's mistake? Sneezing. Making noise while Arthur was reliving his 'glory days', rewatching his tapes. The lesson taught? Be angry at things you can't control.
She is nine years old. Crystal is no longer coping in ways Arthur deems acceptable. The options are rehab, or he kills her. Crystal choses rehab. Stephanie is left with a 'friend' of her fathers for a week. She learns how to run, how to hide, and that grown men cannot be trusted. This last lesson sticks with her for a long time.
She is ten years old. Arthur is in jail again. He couldn't stop leaving clues. Crystal is coping by going to work. She doesn't seem to be falling off the rails. But Stephanie is watching for the signs. And waiting. Maybe she should learn aikido?
She is fourteen years old. Arthur is out. Rehabilitated, he says. Crystal isn't coping. The downward spiral begins again. She knows what she has to do. 'To the Spoiler belongs victory'.
She is fourteen years old. She isn't coping. She wasn't smart. Stephanie is pregnant. Crystal is supportive. Crystal tells her she's proud of her for how strong she is. They both agree; Arthur will never know. The baby will be given up for adoption.
She is fifteen years old. Arthur Brown is dead. Died for the government, they said. Crystal is coping well. Stephanie is not. She is reckless, more so than usual. Baiting the Birds of Prey into leading her to Uncle Eddie. She has so many questions…
She is sixteen years old. This cannot be happening. Is she actually really Robin right now? 'Not bad for the daughter of a failed banker robber'.
She is sixteen years old. This CANNOT be HAPPENING. This is all her fault. The city. All those people. Orpheus. Stephanie isn't coping. Stephanie is dying.
She is seventeen years old. She can't stay away. The ghost of Spoiler haunted her long before Spoiler returned from Africa to haunt the Batfamily. Or Stephanie returning to Crystal in the hospital. None of them are coping.
She is almost twenty years old. Arthur Brown is dead, but 'Aaron Black' isn't. She won't let him hurt people anymore. Hurt her anymore.
Stephanie is Batgirl. She copes with her cape and cowl.
Stephanie Brown

03/09/2020 04:51 PM 

OWWP: Touch

attention: | mentions: The Bright Knight OWWP: Touchwww.roleplayer.me/DorkKnight
"So, no lies? You're actually introducing us to your boyfriend today?"

Jordanna snatched at Steph's wrist, asking the question for what was the fifteenth time in the last hour, and almost jarring the funnel cake from the blonde's grip. Scowling slightly, recovering her hand from the brunettes wrist, she shook her head, rolled her eyes and smiled wryly, nudging Francisco in the ribs.

"Next thing she'll ask is if she looks ok, watch. More worked up about seeing him than I am…"

With an indignant huff, folding her arms, and pouting, Jordanna looked down to Stephanie's well worn sneakers, to her own fairly new, fashionable ankle boots, puffed out her cheeks and slunk over to Francisco's side.

"As long as I'm better dressed than you Freakazoid, I guess."

Rolling her eyes again and shaking her head, catching a shared look that read 'Oh Jordanna…' with Michael, Francisco took up the brunette's hand. Stephanie took a bite from her powdered sugar coated treat, then said thickly, covering her mouth with her hand as she spoke.

"I don't think we will ever have to worry about me being better dressed than you, Jor, don't panic."

As if to try to defuse the situation, or out of his own curiosity, Michael pipes up, Steph holding the plate of sweet, deep-fried, carb-loaded goodness out to them to share as he does, the boys accepting the offer, Jordanna abstaining.

"When exactly will Mr Man be getting here? You aren't exactly the best at sharing. You know. Anything. At all. Ever."

Averting her eyes, shading them from the sun and making as if she was looking across the thriving quad, currently brightly colored and filled with tents and stalls, streamers and banners, even a main stage with speakers and what would later likely be a band, she grimaced slightly at being called out like that. Is that what it felt like? No wonder people didn't like her too much…

"He's coming from Blüdhaven, so soonish, I guess? He'll find us. Well. Me. But by extension, us."

Flashing a grin after seeing the eyeroll from Jordanna, they all froze, hearing a cackle from the center of the quad, and immediate screams.
Stephanie's immediate reaction was run towards whatever the issue may have been. Craning her neck to see over the already scattering merry-makers, any remnant of the dumb blonde collage student facade had dropped, catching sight of the sackcloth mask of one of the former alumnus, Scarecrow.


She may well have been wearing her cowl now. Face set in concentration and determination, she grabbed the wrists of Michael and Francisco, who still had Jordanna's hand, now gripping his arm, yanking them roughly between two of the brightly colored stalls, dumping her funnel cake on the ground in the process. He was going to have canisters around, for sure. It was likely they were already being dosed. She needed to keep them together long enough to get them to the Compact. It's ventilation could keep them from the worst of it. Right? Right. That was the plan she was gonna work with. If not that, the security system would take care of them.

"What are we doing? We have to get out of here?!"

Jordanna yelped. Giving her a withering glare she may or may not have picked up from a pointed cowl wearing mentor that never actually worked on Stephanie herself, she yanked her jacket off.

"I'm working on it. We gotta stick together, or you're gonna get seriously hurt. Or worse. Just trust me on this, and we should all be ok…"

"Trust you with what?"

Steph sighed heavily, explaining as she began to enact the plan.

"That's Scarecrow. We're probably already being drugged. You're gonna see and hear all sorts of horrifically frightening, nightmarish bullcrap, but this.."

Francisco eyed the jacket wearily, squeezing Jordanna's hands in what he felt was a reassuring manner. With a quick glance through the ever present messenger bag, to snag the fear gas inoculant from one of the many pockets of her utility belt as quickly as she could, without allowing the other three seeing the contents of the bag, clasping it between her teeth, and beginning to tear her jacket to strips, looping it around all of their wrists, binding them all together, with thicker strips being hastily measured up for their eyes. Seeing the plan coming together, Fransisco asked softly, almost as if he already knew the answer.

"...you've only made three blindfolds…"

"Someone's gotta lead us to safety, right?"

She grins tightly, before jamming the injector of the inoculant into her thighs, probably harder than necessary, just to be sure she pierced her jeans.

"What was that?!"

Michael yells, as she begins ensuring the blindfolds are secure, the makeshift bonds firmly in place, and slowly starts to guide them through the panicking crowds.

"Everything doesn't have to be about fear. There's room in our line of work for hope, too."
"Epi-pen. Adrenaline. Anything to help, right?"

Lying came so easily, even now. She could feel her chest tightening, breath shortening. Did it not work? Did he change his formula again?
No. No time to panic. No time to let fear get the best of her. People depended on her. If she was starting to fight panic, knowing what she was experiencing, the others were going to be in a worse condition.
Edging her way along the backs of the stalls, trying to ignore the nightmares creeping into the corners of her vision, the monsters whispering to her, pulling her blind, but not deaf, occasionally struggling charges along.
Fishing through her bag again, this time for her earbuds, whipping them a few times in a half hearted attempt to untangle them, she holds them in her teeth, before snagging her phone from her back pocket, jamming the plug into the headphone jack, and dialing 'Sweetcheeks'.
Hearing the line pick up, she opened her mouth to speak but was cut off, physically and verbally, her path interrupted by a man screaming about the flying spiders, swinging a commandeered tent post wildly, causing her to duck, almost dropping the phone as she reflexively jammed her foot into his knee, shooting it backwards, dropping him, and thusly, the threat of swung tent pole.

"Steph? Steph where are you?"

The urgency in Grayson's voice caused her to look around, as if she would see him around somewhere, swallowing hard, trying to not let her eyes linger on the wooden faces drawing closer.

"I got caught in a spot of trouble… I'm pretty sure the jab didn't work…"

Still aware enough of her situation to be vaguely coded, she hoped she would get the message across.

"You wouldn't be you if you weren't in trouble. Got your friends with you too, huh?"

Only grunting a response as she pressed on, tucking the phone into her back pocket, holding the microphone on the headphones with her already gritted teeth, she sniffed sharply.
This was stupid. Why did she call him why she was like this? So… useless, pathetic… always pathetic. Always worthless.
That's who she was. Worthless Stephanie Brown.

'They all see it, you know. It's why they leave…'

The shrouded face of Spoiler ran straight at her, grasping at her shoulders, to be knocked away with another knee-jerk, defensive maneuver, this time in the form of a savage 'Glasgow kiss', rearing her head back, and clashing her forehead into the center of 'Spoilers' face. Gasping reflexively, the smarting was enough to bring her back to the voice in her ears, over the ones in her head.

"What's your plan? Talk to me. We're on the way."

Biting down on the inside of her cheek to try to keep focus, refusing to look down at the unfortunate soul laid out at her feet, she dragged her friends around them.

"D-did you say we? I-uh. Sh*t. I'm dragging them to the Compact. Then shut the doors…"

"What else, Steph. C'mon. Stay focused."

Spotting the purple mini in the not to distant parking lot, she growled slightly, more in renewed determination, but also annoyance at the irony of what she was about to say.

"Can't say. Spoilers. Hearing still works."

After a brief pause, as if putting together what she said, in which two shadows passed over head, causing her head to snap up reflexively, catching sight of the enormous, terrifying Bat, and smaller blade wielding bird, she immediately looks away, reflexively yelping.

"Your plan involves something in the car. And they can hear you… you just saw B and Damian, huh?"

Whimpering in the affirmative, no longer in control of her breathing patterns, on the verge of a blind panic, and resisting the urge to break into a dead sprint to cover the distance to the car, wrapping the strip of fabric around her hand to remind herself what she was doing, listening for Michael, Jordanna, and Francisco.

"Hey, you're doing great. I screamed when I first saw B on the fear toxin. I'll be there soon. Just hold on."

'Just hold on. How often did you tell yourself that when He had you? How often did you think they'd come save you?'

"Shut… up…"

She hissed, now within range to unlock the Compact remotely.

"Whatever you're hearing, Steph… you keep telling it. Fight it."

"Thank you for that brilliant insight, D*ck, I would have never thought of it on my own!"

She snaps, feeling Jordanna flinch behind her. After a beat, jaw clenching and unclenching, her father laughing at her from the corner of her eye, she sniffles, swallowing hard.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean that… when I get stressed-"

"I know… you're ok…"

His voice was soft, reassuring. Safe. Taking a deep breath, she braced. If this damn dosing today had throwing all the other fears at her, even just a little, then any loud noise-
Squeezing her eyes shut, her hand now on the drivers door on the Compact, she unlocked it remotely. What should have been the usual beepbeep of central locking and alarm system disabling rang out as the whining of power drills, setting her teeth on edge, and turning her stomach. Almost doubling over, she instead reefed the door open, and starting from the end of the line, manhandled Michael, Francisco, then Jordanna into the Mini, before slamming the door shut again, and turning on the alarm system, before mule kicking the door as hard as she could.
The systems anti theft device, as rigged by Lucius Fox, was a powerful aerosolized tranquilizer.

"What was that? Stephanie? You ok?"

"Peachy keen. Just part two of the plan… putting them to sleep in the car…"

Her breaking voice told a different story. Another pause, as she slowly sank down with her back against the door, curling in on herself, resting her forehead to her knees, eyes closed.

'You're so easily replaceable. They wouldn't miss you if you vanished again. They didn't even notice the first time. You weren't ever really Robin. Just a tool, to be used until broken, or not useful anymore, and thrown away. Just watch, he'll take Batgirl from you too. Back to nobody Spoiler. Who cares about Spoiler? Who cares about Stephanie Brown? No-one. Don't you ever forget it.'


A light touch to her shoulder, quickly, wisely recoiled, as the reflexive jab went in its direction, head snapping up, interrupted the rocking, and repeated muttering of 'Shut up' and 'no'.
Seeing no-one on the side that touched her shoulder, feeling her headphones being pulled at, she whipped her head to the other side, to see- nothing.
A dark mass, obstructing her vision. Putting her hand up in a panic, she realized it was a hand. In a gauntlet. Another light touch across her forehead, the other hand, brushing her hair away.

"It's me… I don't want you to freak… I'm here."

"I'm almost fifty percent sure nothing could go wrong."Stephanie Brownwww.roleplayer.me/DorkKnight

03/01/2020 01:38 PM 

OWWP: Endless

Holding the ice pack to the side of her rapidly swelling face, the pressure of the cowl no longer holding everything in place, Stephanie sighed heavily, hunched in her seat in the firewall, her uncovered eye resisting the urge to roll.
She had already told Wendy to clear out before Bruce rolled in after her, and Barbara popped up on the screen, as she had already begun taking parts of her suit off, and was using part of the shelving to wedge her shoulder back in place.
While the endless, shouted lecture about ‘recklessness’, and ‘needless self-endangerment’, bounced around the sterile white and lavender trimmed environment of the gifted ‘batcave-esque’ base raged on, Stephanie groaned slightly, shifting, trying to keep herself from stiffening up, the dark, almost bloody bruising, of deep mottled purple and maroon colors between her shoulders, running down under the back of her undersuit, letting out a groan. “Are you two done yet?” A pause, passing glance between the two of them.
“Yeah, I get it. Stupid sh*t means Steph gets dead again. But guess what. I didn’t die. Those kids didn’t die. And I only dislocated my shoulder and maybe tore some stuff. I’d call that a win this time. Lecture me when I die again, alright? Now if you’ll excuse me, I have an ice bath to go sit in, then I’ll patch myself up.” Shifting her weight out of the seat, biting back a groan, closing her eyes in a wince, Stephanie flicked her gauntlet at the Bat, before shuffling her way towards the Firewalls showers, absently cradling her left arm to her chest, mentally preparing it for a sling for a few days at least. “And if you think trying to get the boyfriend on my case on this one, you’re gonna be in for a bad time, because he would have done the same thing, and you both know it.”
Normally she would have pointed back at them, but right now, raising her arms to shoulder level just hurt too much.
She knew they were right.
She just didn’t want them to win this one.
Stephanie Brown

02/29/2020 10:27 PM 

Short Round: Drabble

attention: | mentions: The Bright Knight Short Roundwww.roleplayer.me/DorkKnight
ME: My neighbors dog had puppies! They're so cute! We should totally get a puppy :P

Sweetcheeks: Yes

Frowning faintly at the almost nonsensical response to her message, but putting it down to early morning Vigilante/Detective crossover burn out, Stephanie tucked her phone away, and leant back, reaching for her coffee, doing her best to not fall asleep in class for the day, and attempted to take notes.
Instead, however, she was thinking about a childhood she never really had.
Forget the dad was a villain crap. That's old hat to mope about.
She had never had a pet. Not even a goldfish.
You think Arthur would let another mouth to feed into that house? He barely wanted Steph there.
A lot of the time she wondered what it would have been like to have a pet. She always enjoyed hanging out with everyone else's dogs, and cats, even the bats in the cave. But having one for herself? Never a thing.
Before she knew it, instead of note taking, she had doodled a bunch of animals.
Miraculously, aside from not taking notes, she managed to get through the day without any accidental naps, no coffee spills, no accidents at all. A good day? For Stephanie Brown? Unheard of.
Heading from school to the Firewall, surely there was bound to be some sort of bad news there. Exiting the elevator to see Wendy already sitting at the holographic monitors, Stephanie threw her bags on the ground.

"Alright. Hit me. What've we got? Who's dead. What am I after tonight? What bullsh*t. Batsh*t? Guano? Has B-man got in store for us."

Adjusting the position of her seat to look at Steph, brows both raised high at the babbling from the blonde, she just shrugged.

"So far, nothing. Unless there's a callout, you can either workout, or go patrol. Your call, girl."

Screwing up her face at how… easy... everything was being today, Stephanie went to change to her workout kit.

"Everything doesn't have to be about fear. There's room in our line of work for hope, too."
A good half hour later, Proxy cut her music, just as she was getting into the groove.


"You might wanna just chill a second. I spy with my little eye one boyfriend in the elevator…"

She grinned at Steph widely, as if she knew something Steph didn't, causing her to frown slightly, and drop to a seated position, starting to unwind her hand wraps.

"Yeah, ok?"

The soft dinging of the doors sliding open, the yellow light spilling into the almost clinically white space that was the Firewall, stepped D*ck Grayson, however, he wasn't alone. Seeing the little bundle of dark fur, Stephanie let out an involuntary squeak, leaping to her feet, handwraps forgotten about, trailing after her from her wrists.

"Hey you. When I poked my head through your window and didn't see you I figured here would be the next best bet."

Smiling at her as if he just walked around with a puppy in hand every day, she squinted at him slightly.

"I was kidding!"

"Oh, I know. But I also told you I'd get you all the goldfish you could ever want and never did, so I figured this was a fair trade."

Screwing up her face to try to disguise the fact the she could possibly be on the verge of tears but will deny it if ever asked about it Steph snatched at Graysons collar, pecking him quickly, before scratching behind the ears of the furry baby with both hands, cooing softly.

"What's his name?"

She asks softly, glancing up to the brunette, as the pup tried to playfully chew at the hand wrap.

"We gotta pick, y'dork. I wasn't gonna name our little one without you."

He chuckles, passing the pup into her arms.
After a few moments of silence, in which she watched the newest member of the family, gently stroking a finger over his paws, her head snaps up to look at her partner.

"How about Round? Is that stupid? Like… a round of robins?"

With a grin that could, and quite often did, melt her heart, he reached over to scratch the pup.

"What about Short Round? You could call him Round for short."

Beaming brightly, she shifted to lean on him.

"Okie dokie, Doctor Jones! Works for me! Hello Short Round! Ace isn't a bully. I can't make promises for Titus though."

An exaggerated gagging from behind them snapped Steph out of it, making her to jump slightly.

"Can you guys be cute elsewhere? This is a place of serious bat work…"

Wendy wheels towards them, smiling all the while. Rolling her eyes, Steph holds Short Round level for her to pat.

"Please… this is my lair, girl. Ain't no serious bats here. Now shut up and love my son."

"I'm almost fifty percent sure nothing could go wrong."Stephanie Brownwww.roleplayer.me/DorkKnight


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