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serpent juliet ♔ betty cooper

Baby love, I think I've been a little too kind Didn't notice you walking all over my peace of mind In the shoes I gave you as a present Puttin' someone first only works when you're in their top five And by the way, I'm going out tonight

Best believe I'm still bejeweled When I walk in the room I can still make the whole place shimmer And when I meet the band They ask, "Do you have a man?" I can still say, "I don't remember" Familiarity breeds contempt Don't put me in the basement When I want the penthouse of your heart Diamonds in my eyes I polish up real, I polish up real nice
"When I walk in the room."
June 2022. | Graduation

Betty is counting down the days, hours, and minutes till the end of the school year. There are only six weeks and three days left. Veronica won't speak to her. Jughead won't even look at her, Veronica won't approach her, and Archie won't approach her.

Yale calls. They will not let her in, and the same goes for Jug. It would seem that Yale does not look favorably on a candidate who missed several weeks of school during their senior year (and, if she's being really honest, has attended classes on a schedule that, at best, might be described as intermittent over the preceding two years). It should come as no surprise that college applications from high school game shows do not make it into the Ivy League.

Then, though, the admissions office at USC Sunnydale called. She has submitted her application but is still awaiting a response.

They provide her with the opportunity to participate in their Law | Journalism, and she takes it without any reservations. It's a way out, and she tries to think of anything other than working on their own murder board puzzles.

July 2022. | On The Way To Sunnydale.

Betty has seen the near-death of her then-boyfriend, but despite the look of those around her indicating that they think she will collapse any minute now, she has not broken down. She shot her father without shedding a tear during the game once she pulled the trigger. At this point, she thinks that maybe her tear ducts are too proud to break for anybody or anything and that this is why she cannot cry.

As the daughter of the Black Hood goes about her business wearing a flowing tunic and gathering her books, no one says a word about the daughter of the Black Hood. To this point, all that has been established about her is that she is a student, and the role seems nearly suited to her.

As soon as she enters college, high school will seem like a distant memory to her. She will most likely live far away from her family in a dorm, with her father being a distant memory and others unaware of who he is.

August 2022. | Dorm Room.

She found words, but they were no less vitriolic as she recalled the details of the very recent and very brief phone call she'd ended only moments before. She had taken refuge in her dorm room for the remainder of the day after being set up with her Netflix password and have full access to whatever snacks she had in the refrigerator. Unpacking was the first step in her transition to college life.

Betty kicked off her shoes and leaped onto the bed as she rested her head back against the wall for support. Together, they sat side by side, facing the remainder of the little and rather sad stretch of her room that she had tried to decorate over top of beige cinder-block walls. After taking a few deep breaths, Betty heaved a sigh as she leaned over and ripped the bag of chips away from the table where it had been left open.

She huffs as she stuffs the handful of chips into her lips while simultaneously raising the fistful to her mouth. She eats attentively for a while, the loud crunching of the chips providing her some feeling of pleasure for her frustrations until she eventually musters the courage to turn to her left to measure her response. "Am I losing my mind here? Or am I simply an idiot…" Because it was becoming more evident that it might be one of the two or perhaps something worse.
I can still make the whole place shimmer,

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When the Sun Goes Down.

serpent juliet ♔ betty cooper

When the Sun Goes Down.
When you're on your own And suddenly without me Will you forget about me? I couldn't if I tried When I'm all alone And I close my eyes

You are gonna change the world some day I'll be thinking of home And I'll think of you every night At the same time When the sun goes down When the sun goes down When the sun goes down
"You're gonna need a flashlight."
As her reserved insecurities were exposed, there was no way for her to avoid drawing his attention; thus, the lighthearted environment vanished, and the tone of the talk became more serious. It was an unfamiliar sense of tenseness that was growing up in her chest, and she had the impression that she was being observed closely by his gaze even as she fumbled through her useless words. She drifted; her voice and gaze were the same as she sat with her hands twisted together in her lap. She was courteous and reserved, and all of her defenses were flawlessly built up and back in place. Betty didn't always realize when she was doing it and was uncertain and self-doubt. Still, it was so glaringly obvious now, with his eyes practically staring straight into her, that it only heightened how self-conscious she felt, how pitiful she was being in that annoying passive-aggressive way about invitation and protocol when that was really not a part of their relationship no matter if they were friends or the couple and had never been a part of it at all. She let out a sigh, furious more with herself than with anything else, as seen by the short roll of her eyes as she pushed herself to buck up and address his forthright question head-on. She sighed. She had believed that they were well beyond the point when they needed to tiptoe around one another's business, yet she was, finding herself in the same position without any idea why she was in it.

"I can't say for sure..." She was lagging behind, one hand reaching out to fiddle with the straw of her milkshake that was only halfway finished, but she followed up with a more complicated and more determined repeat. "I don't. You'd rather have me around all the time... Not only that, but-" Betty shook her head, exasperated by the fact that her ideas kept running into each other before she had even finished completing one statement. She slammed her hand over her mouth as quickly as possible, as if she feared anything else she said would come out and make the situation worse between them. She hadn't been aware that there was a problem until now, as it was gaining traction between them over something that had initially started out as being so innocuous. She didn't know what else she could say that would make the situation worse between them. The woman's lips were squeezed into a narrow line as she allowed herself the time to put together something comprehensible while also being aware that the person sitting across from her had very little tolerance for her to get to the point. "I am aware that you want me to be there. I want to be there more than anything else, and in most cases, I want to be there constantly." She gave in, her look softening as she could not resist the pull at the corners of her lips that was causing her to grin in a subdued manner.

"That's what I'm most concerned about. I-" She halted and shook her head as she felt the red creeping up in her cheeks. She was becoming embarrassed. "I don't want to mess up anything that's working."
You're gonna need a candle,

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Say My Name.

serpent juliet ♔ betty cooper

Say My Name.
Any other day I would call and you would say Baby how's your day But today, it ain't the same Every other word Is "uh-huh" yeah "okay" Could it be that you Are at the crib with another lady If you took it there First of all, let me say I am not the one To sit around, and be played

I know you say that I am assuming things Something's going down that's the way it seems Shouldn't be the reason why you're acting strange If nobody's holding you back from me 'Cause I know how you usually do When you say everything to me times two Why can't you just tell the truth If somebody's there then tell me who
"Say my name, say my name."
Betty Cooper's shining, aggressive bulldozer of a roommate and self-appointed best friend, Veronica Lodge, had appeared in her doorway with a gleaming head of raven hair and an armful of shimmering, too-short dresses. Betty knew her evening was already planned out in stone when Veronica made her appearance. Even her laptop, which was displaying a sorrowful blinking animation, appeared to be aware that it was going to be a lonely night.

She'd tried to register a few objections—assuring Veronica that she really did want to stay home and read on New Year's Eve, with a blanket on her legs and a cat in her lap, then protesting that she really didn't want to meet some oiled-up, sneering athlete friend of Archie's—but her attempts to circumvent Veronica had been half-hearted. She'd tried to stay home and read on New Year's Eve with Even though she had a pile of coursework, she hadn't even tried to come up with an explanation to explain why she wasn't there. Veronica was adamant in her conviction that extracurricular activities should take precedence over academic work, and she pushed that Betty do the same.

Veronica's black eyes had a naughty sparkle, and the mound of spangled garments had said all that needed to be said.

"He couldn't be a better match for you!" Veronica had expressed her excitement, but she had forgotten how many of her "ideal boys" Betty had already turned down throughout the course of only this semester.

Veronica had flown into the room and began humming as she held dress alternatives up to Betty's sighing and sagging figure. Betty had finally settled on a fringed pink one, and Veronica had then pulled in a variety of shoes, hair, cosmetics, and accessories.

And Betty had put up with the entire embarrassment because she had known Veronica was acting out of kindness, and because she was acutely aware of the futility of stepping into the path of the Veronica train once it had started moving. Moreover, Betty had a strong sense that Veronica would never intentionally hurt her.

Betty's hair was pinned into a riot of golden curls by Veronica as she sprayed, collected, and smoothed it. Veronica had promised, as she did so, that this man was different from the other brainless meatheads that she had put in Betty's path in the past. This gentleman was kind, unassuming, and very reflective! He enjoyed the same things that Betty liked.

Either Veronica had lied about not paying attention to the intricacies of Archie's friend's personality, or she was too preoccupied with her desire to consume Archie in its whole to pay attention to those nuances. Because this man was not kind, quiet, or considerate. He was rude, noisy, and shallow all at the same time. And now Betty was trapped with him, her body poured into one of Veronica's elegant inventions, listening to Reggie Mantle talk about his little achievements and ogle at her chest and then her legs in fast succession, as if he couldn't decide which part of her he wanted to creep on more.

It didn't help that the pub had everything Betty detested—her initial reaction as Veronica was dragging her through the door was that it seemed like a place where up-and-coming trendsetters went to show that they'd been there. This was Betty's first impression of the bar.

The lights were extremely intense, and she had the impression that she was going to undergo an autopsy. She was afraid that the floors were too slippery, and that if she fell, she would expose her derriere while wearing Veronica's five-inch heels. The tables were excessively high and too narrow; they could hardly hold any food. However, this was not a major worry considering that the menu seemed to consist mostly of alcoholic beverages and air. The only thing that was offered to eat were a few deconstructed appetizers that seemed more appropriate for Instagram photos than for eating, and she had to put up with her date bumping her elbows with his meaty ones the whole night.

Even if Betty hadn't been forced to go out on a date with a narcissistic and insecure jerk, which she was, she still would not have enjoyed her time at this establishment. Reggie, as was to be expected, cherished it, and he gushed about its many virtues right into Betty's ear, which he came dangerously close to licking.

Betty pulled back her chair with a squeak and marched towards the bar as she glared at Veronica, who was probing the inside of Archie's ear on the other side of the table. This was all Veronica's fault. Betty glared at Veronica as she was doing this. Betty could not take any more of Reggie's descriptions of the environment, no matter how complimentary they were. Reggie did not live up to his reputation of being "bitchin," "f***ing fantastic," or "hot as sh*t," and neither did this establishment.

She didn't bother to glance at the bartender, instead directing her ire onto the uncomfortable shoes with the straps that she was wearing. It was the hearty laugh that came from the bartender that caught her attention. "That horrible, huh?"

Betty was unable to control herself and accidentally smacked her open hand on the bar. "Somehow, a poor date on New Year's Eve is much more awkward than usual! It's crazy because we're meant to be celebrating fresh beginnings, but instead I get to listen to some jerk boast about his glory days playing football in high school. What does it have to do with a fresh start?"

And then she glanced up to the bartender to apologize for boring him with her account of her misfortune, but she was rendered speechless by the sight in his eyes. Suddenly, she questioned whether or not she had ever really seen a pair of shoes before.

They were hooded and shimmering beneath the bar lights; they were the darkest shade of blue she had ever seen. At that same moment, the thought came to her that the term "blue" was not an adequate descriptor of the hue, but that it was required nevertheless since no other word could do them credit.

It dawned on her that she was looking openly and that she had a spot of drool on her chin at the same time. As soon as she took stock of the black curls that were desperately trying to break free of his woolen beanie, the angled lines of his cheekbones, the hint of bicep peeping out from beneath his t-shirt, and the crooked grin quirking one side of his lips, words did not flow any more readily.

She could feel them squeezing her and putting pressure on her lungs.

Betty endeavored to help, despite the fact that her own eyes seemed like saucers. "I am inconsolable! I am certain that the very last thing you want to do is to listen to me complain, especially on what is probably your busiest day of the year! And I'm so sorry that my inconsequential problems have bored you to death! It's just—the date is so awkward, and this isn't the first time that—not that it matters to you—but it's New Year's Eve, and—"

She became bright pink all over, starting at the top of her head and working its way down to her skin. "Okay, I'll stop talking now.Could you make me a whiskey sour, please?"
If no one is around you,

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They all want a bite of me.

serpent juliet ♔ betty cooper

They all want a bite of me.
Awake at night I'll sleep all day Everything in color all I see is grey I'm sayin' yes when I feel no 'Cause I'm scared that in the end I'll be alone

Forget to eat Don't buy what I need I let people push me 'til I bleed And I take the beatin' Over my breathin' Yeah, I'm unhealthy and messed up
"Everybody wants my energy, yeah."
Betty carries a great deal of guilt throughout her life, some of which is justifiable and some of which is not; when the guilt is justifiable, such as when she made a monumental mistake with TBK, she is able to sit down and let it go. When Betty's own sister blames her for something over which she has no control, she just can't take it any longer. Betty no longer feels the rage that she had in response to Polly's demand; rather, she just feels sheer, worn-out despondence coursing through her veins.

Archie, to his credit, grimaces as soon as the words leave his lips, emulating Betty's recoil and audible sigh at the same time. Eric and Polly convey the impression that they are delighted, Alice gives them all her signature scowl, and Jughead seems caught between punching something and pulling out his eyes.

She remains there for a time, taking in the beauty of the evening while watching lightning bugs dart in and out of view. As she straightens up to face her destiny, Polly and Alice have returned inside, and Archie has driven out of the driveway. However, Jughead and Eric are still sitting on the porch railing.

Betty spins around on her heel and enters the house while Jughead continues to sneakily observe the situation from a distance. Betty is in a hurry, despite the fact that Eric has offered her more time and the fact that she wants to go through the emotions brought on by sleeping over next door. She remembers to bring her toothbrush and a book from the library that she has renewed six times but has not yet started reading, and she throws some extra kibble into Toffee's dish before putting a few essentials into a tote bag. Betty rubbed her chin and responded to Toff's by saying, "I'll be there tomorrow." Even if she doesn't quite smash the front door, she does yank it shut with more force than is necessary. In addition to that, she does not shut the door behind her.

There is an unpleasant silence that lasts for exactly five seconds in the foyer before Jughead groans and starts to make his way up the stairs. Jughead is undoubtedly going over in his head what happened the last time they shared this room with the elephant that was the size of Archie in the foyer. She mumbles to herself, "I'm not feeling like a big girl right now," as she looks down at her hands. There is a little silence before she continues "To tell you the truth, I find it to be rather unsettling. I'd much prefer be lounging around on the sofa." She doesn't look up until she's far into the book, and even then, it's only because light is streaming into the now-dark corridor, which Betty can see through a tiny gap in the bedroom door. She continues reading. She can't help but crack a grin as she opens the book once again and begins to immerse herself once more in the fantastical world it contains. She is so comfortable that she may fall asleep while thinking about the protagonist's love interest in the book.

After then, it turned into a nightmare. Betty is wailing in anguish and fear at the farthest nook of the hole she is stuck in while wearing a windbreaker that seems to have been taken from the FBI but is really on her body. Due to her dismal efforts to scale out, her fingernails are bent backwards and rough, she has a stinging ache in her side that makes it difficult for her to breathe, and she is fatigued. I am really worn out.

Betty eases into the hug while taking choppy breaths through her sore throat, which she has been using to cover the fact that she has been screaming for the first second. Betty is still sobbing, but now she is blinded by bright lights, and instead of being on the ground, she is now resting on a mattress. Her torn and bloody jacket has been replaced by something softer, which is wrapped securely over her and kept in place by muscular arms. One of the arms begins to stroke her back in gentle circles before connecting to a body and then to a voice that she is familiar with." It's Jughead, Betty; you're safe; you have nothing to worry about."
'Til there's nothing really left of me,

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Mad world.

serpent juliet ♔ betty cooper

Mad world.
All around me are familiar faces Worn out places, worn out faces Bright and early for their daily races Going nowhere, going nowhere

Their tears are filling up their glasses No expression, no expression Hide my head, I want to drown my sorrow No tomorrow, no tomorrow
"When people run in circles."
Betty was quick to reassure the person that "no, no one's in danger," which, at least according to her understanding of the situation, was the correct response. She did this, and as a consequence, some space opened up near the other customers, which enabled her to move closer to the end of the bar than she would have been able to otherwise. She pressed her lips together and thought about how to begin until she came to the conclusion that she should simply dive in feet first and give it all she had. She then proceeded to do so. She pressed her lips together in a tight pucker. "There is not even a single item that could be considered an improvement. I believe I ought to have articulated myself more clearly. Simply said... The snakes are to fault for this chaotic situation. When people think of me, I get the impression that the only thing that enters their minds is the fact that I am the girl who lives next door to them. This is the impression that I receive. They believe that this is the only reason I am here and that I have no interest in other people in any way, shape, or form. Although it is not the only reason I am here, it is not true." It wasn't only her emotions that steered her in that direction; other people's comments that she overheard also had a role in making her doubt whether or not that was the situation.

Betty yearned for a group of people in whom she could find a place to call "home," and it's probable that the events that had transpired in her past were a direct contributor to the formation of this need in her. On the other hand, after giving it some thought, she came to the conclusion that it wasn't. Totally and with the utmost degree of sincerity that is humanly conceivable. "I can't help but question how much of it can be credited to my efforts and how much of it is just pure luck. As a consequence of this, I need your assistance in elucidating the reasons why I am permitted to occupy this space. That doesn't seem like the right way to express it, but what I really want to demonstrate is that Jughead and my mother aren't the only reasons I'm here; I have a lot of other views and opinions. This doesn't seem like doesn't seem like the right term for it, but all I want to do is show that. That I am not dependent on anybody else and have my own existence, and that, as a result, I am deserving of the same respect as everyone else because I am an independent individual with my own life. 

Since Betty cared about Jughead more than life itself, it was no longer necessary for him to attempt to drive her away. If she were really honest with herself, she would admit that the reason she danced was not just because of Jughead but also to demonstrate to herself that she was able to handle the circumstance. This is something she would do if she were being genuine with herself.
It's a very, very Mad world,

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In this messy room.

serpent juliet ♔ betty cooper

In this messy room.
Shame on me for the clothes on the floor Empty bottles that I left everywhere Last night's jacket couldn't keep me that warm It's lying there as lonely as I am And when my head gets heavy I turn off the lights I swear that these walls get me I'ma be fine

In this messy room I don't have to think of you There's too much for me to do I don't have to face the truth here In this messy room There's nothing for you to see In my chaos I find peace Only safe place I can be-e In this messy room
"In my chaos I find peace."
Because of how dry her mouth was and the aftermath of waking up in a cold sweat, she asked for a glass of water, which served several purposes. First, it gave her a moment alone in which she could try to collect herself and her thoughts so that she wouldn't start crying again in front of his watchful eyes. Second, it gave her a moment alone so that she could get a glass of water, which gave her a moment alone. Betty rolled into herself a bit more tightly, her shoulders tensing as she crouched over her lap and freed her hands from around the edge of the mattress so that she could wrap them over the sides of her knees. She felt the familiar tingling sensation as the blood rushed back to the tips of her fingers, which had gone white from the amount of pressure she'd exerted gripping the bed for bearing rather than allowing herself to dig familiar fingernails in the beds of the palms of her hands. She had gripped the bed for maintaining rather than allowing herself to dig her familiar fingernails into the beds of the palms of her hands.

It was progress, even if it was just the tiniest step forward on a trip that was building up to more leaps and bounds backward before she felt like she was actually getting any better. But it was progress nonetheless. Patience was essential, both toward herself and toward each other, but Betty wasn't giving herself enough time to cope with her trauma in an acceptable manner. Patience was also essential. Even though it had not been that long since she had been placed with the Sisters, she was already annoyed with them. As is the case with most things, she established expectations for herself that were far too high, making them hard to achieve. She should have been resilient enough to not allow these standards to impact her to such a profound degree. Even in her sleep, she was plagued by terrifying visions that gave the Sisters of Quiet Mercy some measure of control over her. She was embarrassed by the fact that they had triumphed in some way, that they had really succeeded in breaking her as a result of their actions.

She was unable to control the way it made her leap, which was in accordance with the promise he had made in a gentle voice. Even when she was expecting it to be him, and even when she was in the darkness and comfort of his bedroom in the trailer, her answers weren't her own. Even when she was having a nightmare about him. She took a long breath to steady herself before glancing down at the floor, unwilling to look up at him until they had another opportunity to communicate with one another. Bright eyes shot up to his, instantly filled with remorse for how fast she'd snapped at him, misinterpreting what he'd said earlier, and allowing her misguided emotions to get the better of her. Bright eyes darted up to his, filled with guilt for how quickly she snapped at him. "I know..." She confirmed it feebly, her own voice being wobbly at best as she gratefully accepted the drink with a contrived ghost of a half grin of appreciation on her face.

"I just want that everything would simply vanish. I've had enough of trying, and I've had enough of battling. " She finally admitted it while holding onto the glass with both hands in an effort to keep it stable as she took a timid drink from it. Her hands were still shaking. Betty gave a little shake of her head as she leaned down to place the glass on her knee. "Am I? Tough? I had previously assumed I was certain, but now I'm unsure. The entire time I was locked up, I tried to convince myself that I was more powerful than all of their strategies. I told myself that I was just biding my time until I could get out of there, knowing that you, Archie, and Veronica were all fighting just as hard from the other side. Perhaps I needed to convince myself of this in order to get through each day. However, as of right now, I'm not so sure." She accepted it, shrugging her shoulders and revealing muscles that were already fatigued and achy from keeping all of the strain she was experiencing inside her body.

"Perhaps they've had this in mind from the beginning. My mother, along with the sisters. It wasn't about physically being there; rather, it was about how they still managed to get into my brain even though I wasn't strong enough to combat any of it like I believed I was." She drifted off, going someplace by herself in her own thoughts, as her attention dropped to the lip of the water as she leisurely brushed her fingers over the edges of the glass. Her voice died off as she did this.
Only safe place I can be-e,

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Midnight Rain.

serpent juliet ♔ betty cooper

Midnight Rain.
He was sunshine, I was midnight rain He wanted it comfortable I wanted that pain He wanted a bride I was making my own name Chasing that fame He stayed the same All of me changed like midnight

So I peered through a window A deep portal, time travel All the love we unravel And the life I gave away
"He stayed the same."
It was at that very time that she became aware of moisture on her face, and since it was such a shock to her system, it drove her to speak the first sentence she had said since the death of her father. "Are you able to tell me exactly when the rain began falling?" Betty seemed fatigued, which was reflected in her soulless and lifeless voice. She had the impression that she could go to sleep for the rest of her life and never be content with herself. However, she was shivering so badly that she thought she could hear her teeth chattering as a result of the impact.

"She's going into shock," he said quietly as if he were trying not to terrify an already terrified animal further. "She's going into an anxiety attack." The minute after that, he shone the penlight directly into Betty's eyes, and she quickly closed them in response. "Miss Cooper, that is quite the gash on your forehead," the doctor said. When Betty heard her last name being spoken out loud, she immediately began crying and shook her head. She also let out a feeble sigh.

Betty trembled and moaned, "Please just call me Betty," since she did not want to hear her father's surname. The memories were still much too fresh and horrifying to bear thinking about. While the EMT nodded his understanding and had a sad look in his eyes.

He reacted with a sincere "Of course, Betty," and she could see from his tone that he meant what he said. Her attention was pulled to the nametag he was wearing, and she skimmed it quickly before answering.

She spoke softly to him and comforted him, "It's alright, Kyle.Who among us absolutely has to be there if even one of us needs to go to the hospital?"

"The antidote saved both of your lives, but the fluids will be of even greater assistance in removing the toxins that were produced by the poison. I would want both you and Veronica to be given an intravenous full of fluids so that the toxins may be removed from your bodies as rapidly as possible. At the very least, I'd want to have a conversation with you, Jughead, and Archie. I want to make sure that the damage to your ribs is nothing more than simple bruises,"

The image of Betty's father's dead corpse that had just appeared in her mind at that precise instant caused her lungs to constrict and her airway passages to narrow, and she immediately dove into the familiar depths of an ice cold, excruciatingly painful panic attack. When she thought of the rain once again, her breathing became irregular, her heart pounded violently against her ribs, and tears flowed down her cheeks, which increased the level of terror she was already experiencing.

Kyle advised his companion, who was watching him with a concerned expression on her face, to just count to 10 while maintaining a regular, regulated breathing pattern. "Betty, do you think you could help me out with this?"

Betty gave a little nod and tried her best to carry out his instructions, making an effort to take great breaths in and respectable breaths out despite her internal resistance. As she worked to get her breathing back to normal while wearing the oxygen mask, her fists curled tightly inward.

After some time, he gently took hold of her wrist and sat with her through the worst of the anxiety attack. Betty was relieved that the medical professionals had only seen what they perceived to be the worst of the situation, so she loosened her hands and tucked them under her ribs as it passed. She expressed her gratitude to the world for the fact that they hadn't seen the worst of it. It seems like Kyle wanted to keep the oxygen mask on for an extended period of time, which caused her to breathe incorrectly. After some time, he was able to take it off, and the four of them climbed into the back of the ambulance, which then raced across town and towards the hospital in Riverdale with its sirens blaring.

Following the administration of intravenous fluids and the subsequent pumping of those fluids into Betty's skin for a period of time, she found herself in bed. She was aware that her friends did not like to sleep and would rather remain up with her, yet, she encouraged him to get as much rest as he could today, knowing that things would be different the next day. She did this in a kind manner.





Betty was forced to deal with all of the unpleasant rubbish holes, despite the fact that she did not like to deal with them but was aware that she could not run away forever.

The death of her father had occurred. Gone forever, never to be seen or heard from again. Despite the fact that he was a murderer, she did feel a certain way about it. She wasn't sure how she was supposed to feel about it, however.


She would never again feel whole or complete.
All of me changed like midnight,

12/26/2022 01:01 PM 

Side Effects Part 2.

serpent juliet ♔ betty cooper

Side Effects Part 2.
You get the rush While I rush to save you Fill up your cup While mine's empty trying to change you You're smoking me out 'til I'm on my last breath I'll give 'til I got nothing left You get the high I get the side effects

I hate that I'm so damn attached The prescription to all of your issues When your heart gets racing too fast You're calling and I can't refuse It's toxic, it's costing all my energy If I didn't love you, you'd be my worst enemy
"You're smoking me out 'til I'm on my last breath."
There was a fire here that could not be extinguished or kept under control despite her best efforts. Instead, she found herself plunging headfirst into the flames, ignoring every warning sign and a red flag that told her to turn and run the other way, which left her unprepared for what she would find at the center of the blaze. Even now, when scorn stared back at her from heated eyes and venom poured from his lips, Betty's intuition had never served her well; it wasn't enough to send her off with her tail between her legs when it was to her best advantage to do so. The fact that she persisted in staying in the apartment despite it being abundantly evident that she was no longer wanted there served simply to add gasoline to the fire already raging across from her.

You. After leveling the charge at her, he continued to attack her with harsh and icy words. The accusation weighed heavily in the air. "I am not attempting to make you seem like anybody else!" It was the first sign that her wide eyes were beginning to equal the intensity that he was displaying in his. "I never have." Even after all these years, the words that haunted her continued to follow her:

"Betty, I'm not one of your projects!"

Even now, after all these years, they were again in the same perilous waters, and she was still the one at fault at the center of it all. For such a long time, Betty had fought the losing battle of trying to prove to him that she wanted nothing more of him than precisely who he was. However, since that night in Archie's garage, there had always been a part of her that knew that once spoken, the weight of words once out in the open could never really be redacted. Once spoken, the importance of words out in the open could never be redacted.

"So this is what you're telling me? Where did the policy of complete transparency go, according to which, no matter what occurred, we could still communicate with one another? What happened to all that honesty, Jughead!? When I come here, I have nothing but the utmost integrity, yet instead, I am crucified! I thought I wasn't your problem anymore?" Her voice became more high-pitched as the intensity of her own assault of feelings increased. Betty was having trouble understanding them herself, but she felt she was beyond this point. She believed that they had grown apart as individuals but in their own unique ways.

His subsequent remarks had her speechless, her eyes shimmering with the impending risk of tears as she took a visceral step back from him, her head bent back as if she were bracing herself for a physical assault as he closed the gap that separated them. "I don't want you to be broken; if I had wanted you to be, would I have worked so hard to put the parts back together for as long as I did?!!" Her fury had subsided, but she had developed a far more profound sense of melancholy as her voice began to quiver. "I had hoped that we'd both be able to be civil with each other..." She bungled her sentences while silently berating herself for her inadequacies with language.

"I would never want for your life to be filled with unhappiness." The hands seemed to be reaching out to him as if she were brave enough to attempt to touch him, but they immediately folded in on themselves as she withdrew herself. It had been little more than instinct, old bad habits that didn't appear to be the only trick up her sleeve that hadn't perished with the blunders they made when they were younger.
I'll give 'til I got nothing left,

12/24/2022 12:36 PM 

I get the side effects.

serpent juliet ♔ betty cooper

Side Effects.
You get the rush While I rush to save you Fill up your cup While mine's empty trying to change you You're smoking me out 'til I'm on my last breath I'll give 'til I got nothing left You get the high I get the side effects

I hate that I'm so damn attached The prescription to all of your issues When your heart gets racing too fast You're calling and I can't refuse It's toxic, it's costing all my energy If I didn't love you, you'd be my worst enemy
"You get the high"
After they were said, it was no longer a missile attempting to reach its intended target; instead, it was a direct strike at the very center of her being. She felt an immediate extinguishing of all of her fire as a result of the iciness, not just in his tone but also in the manner in which he fixed his eyes onto her. She was engulfed in the web of animosity they had woven between them, and she was caught in her own trap as everything backfired on her in such a spectacular way. For a minute, she was startled not just into silence but also left helpless and immovable.

Betty had yet to arrive with a strategy, any genuine expectations, or any other purpose beyond those opening remarks. She hadn't come ready for a fight, and certainly not to the level to which things had escalated, but she'd sought revenge for her hurt, and here she was being repaid in full for fighting fire with fire, being permanently scorched by the licking flames. She had come unprepared for a fight and certainly not to the level to which things had escalated. The hush that descended between them served not just as a symbolic but also a functional purpose. There was no turning back now; there would be no hasty apologies or clinging to one another as they had done so many times during the course of their shared past.

Once upon a time, there was an inexhaustible magnetism, which was a force that was larger than the world itself that forced and propelled them toward one another. Their connection may have been temporarily weakened by their split and the various relationships they entered into, but at its very core, it had been boundless. Or so she believed at the time. In its stead, a force known as repulsion emerged as a force that was equal and opposing to it. Betty had no choice but to take a hesitant step backward; it was her body's feeble effort to fortify her for what it was inevitable would follow next. Her breath passed through lips that were apart, and her voice was already trembling before he had even managed to get the words out. The course laughing with which he sought to recover himself by, the sweep of his palm down his lip an age-old tell indicating his deepest sentiments and fears she'd gone hunting for The course laughter with which he tried to recover himself by She dragged them to the surface. They laid them out for her visceral assault in an effort to cause him as much anguish as she possibly could, and she knew that she was successful.

She felt the emptiness in him reflected back in her chest, but it wasn't long before he spoke again, the dagger forced through her to the hilt so that she was sure the blade showed through her back in the place of her heart. It was a bitter victory for her, and she felt the emptiness in him reflected back in her chest.

"Get the heck out of here now."

She was unable to move her muscles on her own will throughout the subsequent seconds, which gave the impression that the passage of time had been completely slowed down. She had no more fight in her, no more cutting things to say, and she was completely spent. The transformation was almost palpable; the vengeful look that had been in her eyes only a few seconds before had been replaced by a glassy expression. It was as if he was no longer even in the same room as the monster that had been there before. Her jacket remained in her possession, folded neatly and crisply over her arm. She grasped at it now, needing some physical feeling to ground her in the reality of what she'd done, and her jacket stayed in her grasp.

It was a momentary sight, just a flicker in her eyes of the girl he'd fallen in love with all those years ago in the Blue & Gold newspaper office. It was her last opportunity to say goodbye to Betty before she abruptly turned away and began moving in a direction that was consistent with exiting the room. She felt the knob in her hand and turned it gently, but she didn't dare to glance back over her shoulder because she didn't want to see what was waiting for her there. Instead, she got up, opened the door, and walked out, slamming it gently shut behind her with a terrible silence that was only broken by the conclusive click of the latch. She was confident that he would lock it again at some point after she had left, but she thought it unlikely that he would be concerned if she tried to return for the second go-around immediately.

This was the end. This was the last act of their play, the tragic conclusion to their Romeo and Juliet story as it was destined to be written from the very beginning. Betty noticed that she was wandering down the hallway, oblivious to the ground under her feet and devoid of any clear purpose or objective. She could barely make it to the end of the corridor before she was compelled to lean against the wall for support since she was unable to continue walking. Her legs could not bear her weight and gave out from under her, leaving her looking like the broken wreck she felt right there on the hallway floor. Her eyes welled up with tears once again, but she couldn't place precisely when they did so.

Betty felt the gaping hole in her chest begin to spread, and each weak breath brought with it another searing anguish. As the anesthetic of her rage began to wear off, it left behind nothing but destruction in its wake. "What have I done...? Excuse Me?" It was a scream of despair and anger, yet no one was present to hear it or care that it was being said. An unhappy girl wandering aimlessly, broken and abandoned in a hallway.

Where her place in the world was.

The jacket slid off her lap as her hands withdrew within themselves and her fingers curled inward. She yearned for the gratifying agony that comes from fingernails digging into the skin. She pounded them into her flesh, the same shapes as ancient scars that had healed over the course of many years, with enough force to draw blood, but she did not stop until she had done so.

It was the only thing that could calm her down, even though she was pounding her fists furiously on the tiled floor at her sides in a fit of rage. She was angry with herself for having ever came to the event in the first place. Because she had harmed the one person no doubt full of questions about where she'd gone and what was wrong.

She wiped the tears from her cheeks and got to her feet as the weight of so much self-loathing settled into its old fitted place atop her shoulders. With one final squeeze of her hands as a reminder of the pain she inflicted upon herself, she wiped the weight of so much self-loathing off her shoulders. Leaving as just a fragment of the Betty Cooper she had been before she entered, the other half of her still being trapped inside his apartment and raging on the other side of the door as she departed.
I get the side effects,

12/10/2022 01:25 PM 

Winter Things.

serpent juliet ♔ betty cooper

Winter Things
Hey-oh, I wanna pretend we're at the North Pole Turning the heat into an ice cold holiday Made just for me and my baby Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh Ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh My baby's in town and we're gonna do some winter things, hey, yeah

Just imagine that we're laughing In my cabin, chilling by the fireside Even though this sun is blasting We can be wherever if we visualize
"Made just for me and my baby"
After working together on the gingerbread house for an hour and eating three cookies, both of them stood there with their eyes slightly cocked as they observed the structure they had created. As they watched, the ceiling began to slide off one side, eventually landing on the plate underneath. Betty snatched it up in the middle of her bout of laughter and reattached it, this time using a huge glob of icing to hold it in place.

Jughead pointed at the chaos that they had created and added, "I bet this is the worst gingerbread house you've ever constructed.I suppose that it fits well with the overall motif of our present house."

"I've lived in a "perfect" home and constructed dozens of "perfect" gingerbread houses, but this one, which is all crooked and sloppy, is by far my favorite." Betty smiled radiantly at him as she licked a piece of icing off her fingers and then offered it to him. Her grin was genuine.

Betty urged that they cover the roof with candy, switching colors as they went. She started looking around the counter when she suddenly noticed that they were out of the green candies and continued doing so until she caught the person who was responsible for the situation red-handed.

"Jughead!" Betty shouted. "Did you consume every single one of the green ones?"

He shrugged as if it were common knowledge when he said, "The green ones taste the best."

"If we don't have any more green candy, how are we going to complete the roof?" Betty let out a moan. "There will be a major error in the pattern."

Betty whispered something under her breath before reaching for her glass and consuming the remaining contents.

Betty grabbed a bunch of sprinkles and edible glitter that she had stolen from her own baking supplies, and then she blew it all over the house, focusing her attention mainly on Jughead.

"Oops," she chuckled nervously. He was paraphrasing his own remarks.

After a brief pause, they both launched an assault on each other, snatching sweets and hurling them all over the kitchen, covering each other in sprinkles and gumdrops, and putting icing all over the faces of the person they were fighting. Just as Betty was about to stuff a handful of gummy worms down Jughead's back, Jughead swung around and grabbed the empty piping bag. He then squirted gooey icing over Betty's face, and he let out a wild laugh as it flowed down her forehead, cheeks, and collarbone.

She gripped both of his ears and rubbed her face vigorously over his, spreading the icing all over him as she went. Jughead yelled and flailed, gripping her waist in what she believed was an attempt to yank her away from him; however, he dragged her closer and tickled her sides instead.

She gave some thought to the proximity of her lips to his as she planned out her strategy for exacting retribution. Her lips came into minimal contact with his as she moved her face from one side to the other and continued to rub against him. Even before her face made touch with his other cheek, a fire had already begun to burn between the two of them. Both of their movements slowed down, and he stopped laughing. Both of them withdrew their hands slowly and hesitatingly, leaving a little gap between their teeth and leaving their lips slightly open so that their air might mix. When they looked at one another, their eyes met, and for a fleeting moment, they both wondered if this energy had always been there, if there had been some kind of static between them from the very beginning.
My baby's in town and we're gonna do some winter things,

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