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Here we go again.

serpent juliet ♔ betty cooper

Here we go again.
I could trace the fingerprints you left Burning in my skin Here we go again Didn't think I'd see you here tonight How long has it been? Can't shake the feeling

It's lonely protecting a broken heart (heart) It only heals when You're in my vision Remember we built castles in the sky Why did we leave them? Leave them in pieces
"I need you more than I want to."
It's not like she never considered the possibility of it occurring again. After all, it occurred on a nightly basis, almost without fail. And in most cases, that wasn't an issue. She was in her old bedroom by herself, and because she was so accustomed to being there, she started timing the amount of time she spent there. If she were to become conscious, she would have only five seconds to roll over onto her side and hide her face in her pillows. That was a straightforward action, and because it muffled the screams to the extent that it did, it prevented her mother from waking up, which could have raised questions. Maybe. Betty is still determining this.

In point of fact, Betty is unable to recall the identity of the most recent person she confided in about her recurring nightmares. Which in turn leads her down a path of wondering whether anyone cares. She decides this is not a good place to be, so she shakes it off and returns to her regular routine. Tonight is different from what it was before.

They will spend the night in a town that is located two hours south of Riverdale. They had followed a lead that led them there, but it turned out to be ultimately fruitless. However, it is now too late for Jughead to drive home, and he is worn out. He appears to be exhausted, and Betty does not want to test his fragile sobriety by pushing him further. So she gives in and books a room at the first motel she comes across, and her entire stomach drops when the receptionist, who sounds bored and uninterested, tells them that the only beds available are singles.

She reassures him that everything is fine while Jughead casts a glance in her general direction (although the two are not yet making eye contact with one another).

And the majority of it is acceptable. Everything is fine up until the point where they awkwardly settle in on opposite ends of the bed. Then, when he is at the other end of the bed and a million miles away, it feels too much like the end of senior year. And then things go from bad to worse when she finally succumbs to sleep, but she forgets to turn it over in time.

This time, there is no crying into her pillows like there was last time. There can't be because hands are on her arms all of a sudden, and a voice speaks to her in a soft, reassuring tone. This can't be happening. "Breath," he instructs her to do. "You're not even taking a breath. Breathe."

The hands and voice belong to the same person as they were all those years ago. The hands that would press her hand to his chest so that she could feel his consistent heartbeat, as well as the voice that would whisper in her ear as her heart raced. "I'm here. You're safe. You won't ever be in danger when you're around me." Betty has the sensation that she has been transported back seven years, and the difficulty she is having breathing is due to an entirely different cause. It's such a smooth process. It happens almost instantly.

Therefore, she throws herself into his arms without making any attempt to prevent herself from doing so. He encircles her with his arms while humming softly until her breathing becomes more even. It is pleasant outside. Since seven years ago, the weather hasn't had any genuine warmth.

The only words that come out of her mouth are gasps for air. "Make a pact with me," she requests. "Promise me you'll stay." There is a brief pause, but he does not let go of her in any way. Even now, he continues to run his fingers through her hair. He responds by saying, "I'll stay. I won't leave until all of this is over."
I want you more than I should,

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Falling. Betty Being a mom.

serpent juliet ♔ betty cooper

Ever since you left me I've been dancing on my own Maybe down the line I'll feel better all alone But I don't wanna talk to strangers Don't wanna play with players I only wanna get back to you I'm stuck on this emotion If we could get a moment I know you'd feel it too

Maybe I'm wrong But I could be right I don't even care I'm losing my mind
"I wish it wasn't easy to fool myself and lose control."
It all started earlier in the week when one of the twins became ill. Because one of them had fallen ill. Tate and Dottie took Aiden. So that at least one of them could get some rest. Addison Addison's piercing screams had essentially turned into a constant background score in their house over the course of the better part of the past few days straight. Her mother claimed that it was merely a phase that not only Addison but also her older sisters Betty and Polly, as well as every other toddler on the face of the earth, went through at some point, although usually when they were older than Addison was now. The sassy backtalk and attitude were one thing, but Betty was better equipped to handle it with a certain level of patience that had only grown as their daughter did when most of the time it still deescalated into incomprehensible babble. Betty was better equipped to handle it with a certain level of patience that had only grown as their daughter did. It was helpful that Addison could still be easily overpowered in the majority of situations; however, Betty had also learned the difference between battles that were negotiable and mild bribery in order to get her to comply, and she was no longer above resorting to the latter if it meant that Addison wouldn't throw an all-out tantrum when it wasn't deemed necessary for her to do so. The fake crocodile tears were something she was still learning not to give into too easily, unable to shake the aching pain in her chest any time her daughter cried but too early on, Addison had learned to use said tears to her advantage in an attempt to influence her mother for her own personal benefit, and Betty's growing immunity to them was admirable, to say the least. 

Betty was unnerved by the screams, which increased in volume and went up an octave as the day and night progressed. Even during those first few days straight she'd come home from the hospital as a newborn, Betty didn't remember feeling this helpless regarding how to provide for their daughter, how to make her comfortable and happy when she couldn't understand what it was that her daughter wanted to calm her down. Naturally, they had arrived at the conclusion that maybe it wasn't something that even Addison could put into words herself if she was sick or something was hurting, unable to tell them what was wrong other than throwing rage-fueled fits like the one they were currently weathering now.

She had only left the room to dash upstairs and retrieve the thermometer from the medicine cabinet in the bathroom, worried about leaving her alone for a second, even for a brief period of time, but the high-pitched screeches followed her everywhere without allowing her any reprieve. Betty only caught the tail end of Addison's escape as she returned to the living room, just as she was pressing the keypad. Betty cringed as she immediately surged forward, knowing all too well from her own experiences just how much that did actually hurt but being unprepared for it. She had become frustrated with Addison's fits, but she had never seen herself this frustrated in a way that she could recognize instantly. The lack of sleep had caused tensions to rise, and her patience had worn thin a long time ago, which was reflected in the faint dark circles that were beginning to form under her eyes.

Betty instantly obeyed him and took the tangled mess of kicking and screaming into her arms. All the while, she held her head back to avoid getting clocked herself as she attempted to wrangle her arms at least around Addison's legs to keep her more or less still. Now that Addison was quite literally screaming into her ear, it was doing nothing to help the headache that she'd had since four o'clock that morning and that no amount of aspirin or coffee seemed to be able to touch. Addison's hands waved, and she came dangerously close to grabbing hold of her mother's hair as Betty's eyes flashed back. It was a moment of 'what do you want me to do?' that stemmed more from the fact that Betty was running on empty than it did from any actual accusation.

"Addison, refrain from..." Betty was attempting to cradle her against her chest while stooping to finagle the thermometer back into her hand while balancing the wriggling toddler in the other hand. The tone of her voice was as commanding as it was pleading. Naturally, Addison didn't give a hoot; her sole mission was to continue screaming at the top of her lungs, and as soon as Betty tried to place the thermometer sensor on Addison's forehead, Addison turned her head away in defiance. "How much of this do you think I could handle by myself?" Betty let out a frustrated sigh and then hurled the thermometer onto the couch as soon as she finished. Then she swung around on her heel, hefted Addison into her hold, and headed straight for the kitchen without so much as a diversion. She handled the situation with about as much finesse as a sack of potatoes.
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serpent juliet ♔ betty cooper

Another day I can't get out of bed Another staring contest with the ceiling It's funny how I'm so f***ing depressed Even with the best view of the city

Even if I said I'm fine No, the polygraph don't lie 'Cause if being sad's a crime
"Doctor diagnosed me as a mess."
His hands had a firm hold on her upper arms, and the fabric of her oversized cardigan was bunched between his fingers as he clung to her and refused to let go of her no matter what. Her layers were thin, and the only clothing she had was an outmoded modest dress made of gray starched oxford cloth with a pressed collar that reached well past her knees. The sweater she'd thrown on as a makeshift jacket was the only thing that was protecting her from the cold. Her blond hair was muted despite the darkness of the forest that was all around them, and her trademark ponytail had been replaced by a loose single plait braid at the base of her neck. Messy tangled strands had fallen loose as a result of the effort she had been exerting to get away from the forest. She had no resemblance to Betty Cooper, but the nuns had done everything in their power to ensure that she did over the course of the past few weeks, putting her to work or forcing her to spend hours at a time in the gardens for silent reflection or in the chapel as penance for the supposed sins she had committed.

It had provided her with time to reflect, as well as time to carry out their plan. First, it had been a matter of finding a phone to call Jughead and let him know that she was okay, where she was despite the lies that her mother had been spreading all over Riverdale regarding her whereabouts, and finally, it had been a matter of figuring out how they were going to get out of there together. Betty's only real resource was time, so she had no choice but to practice her patience and hold on to the hope that she might one day be free, even though she knew that Jughead would spare no effort in his efforts to free her from the outside. When Polly had been practically imprisoned with her unborn children when her parents first sent her away, she only wished she had known about the tunnel network that ran beneath the building because it had been there for decades and she only wished she had known about it then. The caked dirt and rust from the old pipes that Betty had used to guide herself through the dimly lit corridors were now smeared all over her clothes and cheeks; this was how she had managed to get out of the building. It was all leading up to a small door somewhere in Fox Forest, but they had already laid out the plan, and he had promised her that he would be waiting for her when she emerged from the door on the other side.

Betty had half stumbled through the thicket of branches to get to him, and the strength of his arms catching her as much as he was drawing her into him was drawing her into him. His words came in a rush as soon as he was able to crush her against his chest, face pressed into the side of her head with a protective ferocity.

Betty had the sensation that time was moving too slowly and that she was moving backward ten steps for some reason. It took her a moment to come to from the shock of him grabbing hold of her and realize that this was all real as his arms wound themselves around her so tightly that it almost made it difficult for her to breathe. This happened as she was coming to from the shock of him grabbing hold of her. She had been left completely deprived of human contact the entire time she had been locked away, so she had been wishing for her freedom, their reunion, and most of all the feeling of him holding her. This had caused her to spend many sleepless nights wishing for these things.

It was enough to send her body into initial shock, and she looked to him in bewildered confusion for a moment as he once again held her out at arm's length as if to get a good look at her and make sure she wasn't hurt. Her eyes glazed over as she looked to him. She could see the movement of his lips, which led her to believe that he was speaking to her and asking her questions. Additionally, Betty had a hazy awareness that Archie was somewhere nearby serving as a lookout, but she had no idea where he was. She was uncertain as to whether or not she had ever been in that section of the forest, as she was unaware that there was a door in this area and had no clue as to where it led. Her thoughts were racing, and she was preoccupied with unimportant particulars while at the same time trying to catch up with what was really going on around her. Her mind was reeling. She threw herself against him with her arms wrapped so tightly around his neck that she wasn't entirely sure if it was her turn to make it difficult for him to breathe but neither of them cared. Suddenly, clarity appeared on her features, as if she were really seeing Jughead for the first time as the haze was lifted from over her head and eyes sparked to life. It was as if she was really seeing Jughead for the first time as the haze was lifted from over her head "You could never lose me Jug…"
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Good Enough.

serpent juliet ♔ betty cooper

Good Enough.
'Cause I used to think that if I tried my best I'd always win But I'll sit in your favourite dress and ask you where you've been People don't leave people if they really are in love I was good, just wasn't good enough I was good, just wasn't good enough

There were four eyes in the garden Two cried but two looked down Now you're asking for a pardon 'Cause I'm a good time, pound for pound And you say this was a hard one But lately you felt stuck And I thought I was first place But I was runner-up
"But I'll sit in your favourite dress"
Betty Cooper was the quintessential example of what it means to be strong. Despite the fact that her parents were estranged at the time, she never missed an opportunity to defend her mother in front of her father. This occurred at a time when the tensions between her mother and father were at their highest. First, she exhibited strength for her mother during the time when Polly was sent away, as well as during the events that followed, such as discovering about Jason Blossom's claim to the twins as heirs to the twisted Blossom family monarchy, she exhibited this strength. Second, she exhibited this strength for herself during the time when she found out about Jason Blossom's claim to the twins as heirs to the twisted Blossom family monarch Betty had been on the verge of collapsing from the stress while she was in Jughead's arms in the Blue and Gold office, but she continued to do whatever it was that she was doing despite the fact that she was in Jughead's embrace. She wanted to hear him say it once more before she could really believe that she was bigger than all the background noise, as he had informed her previously. She needed to hear him say it again because she needed to trust that he was telling the truth fully. When Betty found the man she thought to be her long-lost brother, she took it upon herself to be her mother's strength once more in an effort to give her mother some measure of happiness after feeling as though she had already lost Polly and the twins and not even knowing when they had been born on the farm. Betty did this in an effort to give her mother some measure of happiness after feeling as though she had already lost Polly and the twins.

Betty's life was a living hell because of Chic, who brought with him a brand-new nightmare in the form of the murderer who had murdered her own brother while using his assumed name to trick the authorities. Betty's life had turned into a living hell because of Chic. Chic brought with him the murderer who had murdered her own brother while using his assumed name to trick the authorities. Because of Chic, Betty's life descended into a state of constant torment. It was his purpose to build a breach between the Cooper family, but in the end, he was unable to identify the person with whom he had been intimate: first, the shadowy side of Betty, and then, of course, the Black Hood.

Betty had been aware of the identity of the Black Hood for a considerable amount of time, possibly even before she had told Cheryl about her concerns; however, she had not been psychologically prepared to admit it to herself until just recently. Cheryl had been the one who initially told Betty about her concerns. How could someone with a disposition as warped and nasty as her father be her biological father? While the mayoral election and the rising levels of drug and gang violence paled in contrast, everyone in Riverdale was talking about Hal Cooper and his vile genealogy of murderers, whose blood now ran through Betty's veins, and how gang violence and drug trafficking were on the rise. All of Hal Cooper's assassin ancestors had Betty's blood running through their veins, and Betty was a member of the Black Hood family.

The fact that she was the daughter of the psychopath meant that she was no longer the pure and perfect Betty Cooper that everyone knew and loved, and now that she was the daughter of the psychopath, everyone was waiting for her to crack, just like her cherished father. Because of this, everyone anticipated that she would lose her cool at some point. Betty withdrew to her room, locked the door, and restricted the extent of her participation in outside activities to those with just Jughead and a select group of other close pals. This was done in order to provide her with a means of evading the unrelenting attention that the media was concentrating on their home. She cut back on the amount of times she went outside, but as time went on, she started to feel better and began to restore her strength. After her first visit, which included seeing her father confess his wickedness while he was confined in the cell where he belonged, she transformed. This was one of the things that influenced her reformation. This trip was a significant contributing factor in her development into the person she is now.

Betty was not her father’s daughter. She planned to enlist Cheryl's assistance in order to ensure that her niece and nephew would also profit from the improvements that she was working toward achieving by ensuring that they would benefit from the changes she was working toward achieving.

Stepping into Pop's should have felt comfortable and familiar because it had been for her her entire life, but instead, the audience fell silent, with phones ready to take pictures to feed the tabloids who were still covering the story months after her father's incarceration. she found herself in this predicament. Betty lowered her head and was ready to contemplate leaving when she heard a friendly and recognizable voice break through the clamor of the others. She jerked her head up and looked around, and there he was, seated in a booth just a few seats away from where she was sitting. She took the olive branch, jumped at the opportunity to shake all the bystanders who were waiting for her to blow it, and did so with a noticeable sigh of relief and the tiniest hint of a smile on her face. She accepted the olive branch.

Betty remarked, "I've continued to develop some stories," as she slipped into the booth to sit beside the boy with a beanie and laid her bag down next to her as she did so.  "I've been okay, I guess," she said. Although she did not physically contact the other boy's eyes, she maintained her grin throughout the entire interaction. This was done more out of reverence than true affection for the other person. She said, "What I really need right now is my favorite person and some pancakes. On top of that, there should be some coffee there as well."
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Mind Is A Prison.

serpent juliet ♔ betty cooper

Mind Is A Prison.
Sometimes I think too much Yeah, I get so caught up I'm always stuck in my head I wish I could escape I tried to yesterday Took all the sheets of my bed

Then I tied up my linen with five strips of ribbon I found Scaled the side of the buildin', I ran to the hills 'til they found me And they put me back in my cell, all by myself Alone with my thoughts again Guess my mind is a prison, and I'm never gonna get out
"Said even if it's true"
Jughead's thoughts began to become darker, and Betty noticed it even though she kept her worries to herself. Observing each other's hesitations without criticizing them as they might have done in the past to encourage one another to open up seemed to be how they handled most topics these days, if only for the sake of their relationship's transparency and clarity, given how little there was in the distorted Riverdale world around them.

Her lips initially parted, giving way to a hesitant inhale followed by an empty exhalation because she had no words to say. She was so unwilling to provide him with anything of herself; how could she push him? She had gotten into the habit of keeping everything about her life secret from someone, and now the list had expanded to include him. Betty had kept the Black Hood phone call from him a secret because she was afraid to alert the police and didn't want to jeopardize Polly's safety. Betty was aware of Archie's disapproval of her actions. Still, she didn't care because she couldn't bear for anything to happen to anyone nearby due to her negligence in disobeying the madman in a mask's repeated warnings.

She smiled hauntedly in response to Jughead's startling realization that the simplest of sugary delights could cure their issues, even though her eyes were fixed on a distant location. "Right now, our Pop's booth is the best." She gently pushed on his arm to move him toward the door as her fingers closed around his both to reassure him as well as herself. " If you're lucky, you could even split some chili cheese fries." They floated out of the Blue & Gold office together, if only in physical proximity, and she reached up to kiss him on the cheek.

Despite their delicate moment in the rare and sought-alone time, Betty lost him somewhere in self-reflection and his own memory along the way. She became acutely aware as she lifted her head to gaze up into his worried eyes. The mention of his younger sister brought on a grief she hadn't intended to force onto him, and she bit down on her bottom lip with reluctance as remorse crept in. "I apologize." Her apologies were soothing, and she caressed his cheek with her fingers.

"I didn't mean to bring up a negative subject." Since she needed a deeper comprehension of his upbringing or background, she landed clumsily on her choice of words. Everything else felt inadequate. He had only ever given her brief tidbits of information about it in passing conversations, never dwelling on specifics for too long, and Betty had never felt the need to urge him for more. She was okay with him disclosing as much as he felt comfortable doing so. The fact that both of them had already spent an excessive amount of their formative years being pressured by their parents and other external forces in a variety of different situations contributed to the development of their safety net—their connection to one another—which allowed them to live without the worry of being judged.
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If Betty cooper was Allie Hamilton 2.

serpent juliet ♔ betty cooper

if Betty cooper was allie hamilton 2
The lingering question kept me up 2AM, who do you love? I wonder 'til I'm wide awake Now I'm pacing back and forth Wishing you were at my door I'd open up and you would say "Hey, it was enchanting to meet you" All I know is I was enchanted to meet you

This night is sparkling, don't you let it go I'm wonderstruck, blushing all the way home I'll spend forever wondering if you knew This night is flawless, don't you let it go I'm wonderstruck, dancing around all alone I'll spend forever wondering if you knew I was enchanted to meet you
"I'm wonderstruck, dancing around all alone."
When you are close to passing away, your whole life will supposedly play out in front of your eyes all at once. When you are there without a choice, ready to travel to heaven or hell or purgatory or wherever you felt you would go, the events of your whole life will play out in front of your eyes. And with it would come feelings of regret and guilt, remorse for the things you did not do, and humiliation for the things you did do. This was the terrible way that life ensured that you carried the weight of remorse and embarrassment even in the last moments of your life, even in the final second before you passed away.

Betty ought to have been savvier at this point and should have known better than to listen to old wives' tales or the collective they. If there was one thing that her first few years living in the big city taught her, it was this. A mentality typical of people from a tiny town would only lead her to the bottom of the tracks, where nothing significant ever occurs. She would destroy herself by believing everything that was said to her, particularly if the statements were made by unknown people. However, she had not really learned anything. After all, she did spend her childhood in Riverdale. Anyone who had the experience of growing up in the tiny town at the same time as Betty, at the period when the mystery surrounding Jason's murder was at its height, was aware that one never really outgrows Riverdale.

In this little town, where death was always lurking around the corner, she realized that her life would be summarized in an instant before her own eyes, and that would be the end of it. She had no idea it would be in this sleepy little town where all she knew would be turned upside down. There were moments when your life flashed before your eyes, not because you were close to death but because you felt more alive than ever.

At this same time, she was unable to identify the difference between the two. She could just make out Jughead's hand on her thigh and his other hand on her lower back, as well as the pull that was occurring between the two. The temptation to remain there forever. The temptation to move herself closer to him, to bury her head into his shoulders just as she had done all those years before, to take a deep breath of his scent and notice how different but familiar it was, and to draw herself closer to him. The only thing she could hear was her heart pounding, and if she listened carefully enough, she could hear that it matched the beat of Jughead's heart.

He possessed her. Nonetheless his. Always had been.

Betty's temporary wavering was made evident by the physical space she placed between herself and Jughead at that precise time. She did not remain under his touch for more than a moment before removing herself from it completely. If she had been a different person, she might not have left the place where she was. She would have left the house without even saying goodbye if it had been any of her previous boyfriends. However, in that little minute, after she had distanced herself from Jughead, she managed to get a good look at him, and in that instant, she realized how much she missed being touched by him and how much she wanted to be touched again.

She didn't bother to get up and go away; instead, she ran straight back into Jughead's arms.

She wanted to communicate that she had returned. "I'm here. I won't go again. I'll remain." The words slowly worked their way up from the place in her chest where she'd kept them hidden the whole time and began accumulating at the base of her neck. She had been considering them for many years, but she had been holding off on saying them because she was waiting for the ideal phone call, moment, and location to do so. But even at this late hour, she was aware that they were not genuine. She was aware that she would travel. She was aware that she was unable to keep these commitments.

So instead of talking, she comforted him by burying her head in his neck, murmuring an apology, and telling him how much she had missed him. She would keep saying that she missed him repeatedly until the words themselves no longer caused her pain and her chest began to feel lighter.
I'll spend forever wondering if you knew I was enchanted to meet you,

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What if Betty cooper was Allie Hamilton.

serpent juliet ♔ betty cooper

What if Betty cooper was allie hamilton
The lingering question kept me up 2AM, who do you love? I wonder 'til I'm wide awake Now I'm pacing back and forth Wishing you were at my door I'd open up and you would say "Hey, it was enchanting to meet you" All I know is I was enchanted to meet you

This night is sparkling, don't you let it go I'm wonderstruck, blushing all the way home I'll spend forever wondering if you knew This night is flawless, don't you let it go I'm wonderstruck, dancing around all alone I'll spend forever wondering if you knew I was enchanted to meet you
"I'm wonderstruck, dancing around all alone."
Betty Cooper's dreams used to come true once upon a time. She had once been young, hopeless, and stupid, and brimming with vitality that she did not possess anymore. These nightmares had Jughead appearing next to her. She had imagined that she and Jughead would be together throughout her youth when she had little hope and was foolishly full of stupidity. Even though they had never used the term "forever" in reference to one another, Betty always imagined that they would be together "forever" when she told him how much she loved him.

That was the direction in which she believed everything would go. That was the phrase that kept running through her mind every time she was near him, whether it was while she was holding his hands, kissing his lips, or seeing him grin. She did not verbally commit to staying with Jughead forever, but she did consider doing so on a daily basis throughout their time together.

However, as time went on, she matured. She matured, reached certain conclusions, and eventually went away. The worry in her head turned out to be more significant than the affection she felt in her heart. It turned out that the advice and words of caution her mother had given her mattered more than she had first admitted to herself. She wanted to use the word forever; if she had, you can be sure that she would have meant it! But her mother — my god, her mother — would yell at her and lecture her about what love was, what forever was, and what it meant to let go of these words before they left her. Before Betty Cooper said farewell to her friends and family, she dug her fingers into the palms of her hands and sobbed all the way to New York City. However, this did not influence her choice in any way.

She gave up what she may have had with Jughead in exchange for what she already had at the time. She gave up the opportunity to keep her youth eternally out of concern that it might change her in some other way.

Despite this, it was as if she'd never been away as she entered Jughead's house. As if she hadn't made the wrong choice by going with him. As though she had chosen to ignore the sign for the exit instead. When she entered Jughead's house, it was almost as if she were entering into a place that was also potentially hers. The realization that all that had been and everything that had happened in the past that was intended to stay in the past was all around her caused her eyes to fill up with tears.

Betty took it all in; she had to do her best not to cry.

The chandelier that hung over the table finally broke her, and the way that Jughead gazed back at her ultimately caused her to let out a solitary tear running down her face. She made an effort to smile despite the circumstances. Instead of looking at her ex-boyfriend, she wiped the tear from her cheek and admired the chandelier. She did not glance at her ex-boyfriend. "You accomplished it," she continued without looking at him, "I'm— I'm so, so proud." Betty moved closer to the table and ran her fingertips over the smooth surface of the tablecloth. "Everything is just stunningly gorgeous, in all honesty. You make me very proud."

Betty pondered whether or not he would respond in the same manner if she allowed herself to shed more tears at this time. Inside her thoughts, she attempted to chant a mantra on why she shouldn't weep. However, all she could think of was all the times Jughead held her whenever she did.
I'll spend forever wondering if you knew I was enchanted to meet you,

01/11/2023 12:27 PM 

Side Effects Part 3.

serpent juliet ♔ betty cooper

Side Effects Part 3.
You get the rush While I rush to save you Fill up your cup While mine's empty trying to change you You're smoking me out 'til I'm on my last breath I'll give 'til I got nothing left You get the high I get the side effects

I hate that I'm so damn attached The prescription to all of your issues When your heart gets racing too fast You're calling and I can't refuse It's toxic, it's costing all my energy If I didn't love you, you'd be my worst enemy
"You're smoking me out 'til I'm on my last breath."
"Did the fact that I was straightforward with you and confessed that I still felt a connection to you in some capacity imply that I want to transform you into someone you are not?" She exploded, her eyes going wild as she stared back at him. "Even after all these years, your perspective on love is still so twisted up that's how you perceive it?!"

"Self-righteous? That is quite rich of you, Jug, particularly coming from you." She spewed back, her tone softening from the fury she'd fought back with just a few seconds before, an annoying half-smirk of mockery and disbelief twisting her lips upwards into the smile of the curse she'd released inside the confines of his apartment. This was a far cry from the sweet Betty Cooper he'd known in the past, some twisted and worse version of even the darkest parts of her he'd known all those years ago, and eerily similar to the person who'd shown up with the sole intention of eviscerating her with passive aggression and offhand snide comments to belittle her as much as humanly possible in her misplaced jealousy.

"Oh, I do that, don't I? in the same unreserved manner in which you express your final judgment towards me? Or anybody else in this vicinity? as another more justification for you to be hard on yourself when compared to others?" She responded to his scowl with an unsurpassed intensity, and she did not back down from any of the warning signs that his waning control over his words and movements was attempting to give to her. "Why on earth would you have chosen to do that? You were the one who made the decision to let go of your grip on the circumstance. When I apologized for it more than once, Jughead Jones, it was because I had been punishing myself for it for five years, and I still do making those apologies. Please enlighten me as to what it is that you anticipate from me. Due to the way you have conducted yourself today, there is not much that can be done about it, jug. You've told me that you've gone through everything and have let go of it so many times that I've lost track of how many times you've really said it. We carried ourselves as if we were still students in our senior year of high school. You felt threatened whenever I paid attention to someone else.  Could you possibly clarify what it was that you expected from me ?" Betty was unable to perceive this situation in quite the same one-sided light that he did. In her mind, that particular episode in their lives was over, and she had no idea whether or not Jughead had any lingering feelings of envy or hatred against her. That another something had started up completely within of her. "Then again, we may have been deceiving ourselves this whole time by believing that we were ever truly friends in the first place," she said.

"God! You want to stand here and lecture me about sanctimony and how to behave when you're the poster kid with your holier-than-thou philosophical beliefs about how the rest of the world operates according to just you. The one who stands apart from the spectator. Jughead Jones was always on the outer edge of the group." She was now distorting it into her own reality to hurl it back in his face and do all in her power to alienate him more. The sneer that followed was full of poisonous hatred, knowing well how much self-loathing he had been forced to confront and overcome over the years.

She made another adjustment, moving in closer while cocking her head to the side. She coiled herself up like a snake, ready to strike, aware of the risk she was placing herself in by coming closer to the person she wanted to attack. "I suppose you actually fulfilled that Jones family heritage after all, Serpent Son taking his proper position on the wrong side of town; how about that for a self-fulfilling prophecy, Jug?" As she stared intently at the fire in his eyes, a shadow started to appear on the edge of her vision.
I'll give 'til I got nothing left,

01/10/2023 12:36 PM 

As the World Caves In.

serpent juliet ♔ betty cooper

As the World Caves In.
You put your final suit on I paint my fingernails Oh, we're going out in style, babe And everything's on sale We creep up on extinction I pull your arms right in I weep and say, "Goodnight, love" While my organs pack it in

Oh, girl, it's you that I lie with As the atom bomb locks in Oh, it's you I watch TV with As the world, as the world caves Oh, it's you that I lie with As the atom bomb locks in Yes, it's you I welcome death with As the world, as the world caves in
"Oh, girl, it's you that I lie with."
The sun had already begun to set by the time Betty stopped the vehicle at the Riverdale Cemetery after the short journey there, which took just five minutes. She kept a watchful eye on the quaint little village as she waited for nightfall to arrive. It didn't seem proper to face the dead body of her father when Riverdale was treating them to one of its breathtaking sunsets. Even in death, he did not merit the enjoyment of anything of aesthetic value. He was deserving of the chilly, dark night, his six-foot grave, and the rubbish and graffiti that surrounded his gravesite. Betty remained seated in the driver's seat, all of the resentment that had built up inside of her over the course of the week now bubbling to the surface. From Brett. His feeble efforts to intimidate her may be seen from this. Jughead is not being truthful with her. Jughead is working on a book about her father at the moment. She was rejected by Yale due to the fact that the university did not accept her for who she was, including her terrible past.

After the town had been abandoned for good, Betty climbed out of the station wagon and grabbed the sledgehammer that belonged to her father. She made her way with purpose to the furthest reaches of the cemetery, which was where the citizens of the town requested she lay her father to rest. If we don't see it, we won't remember it, right? She had been under the impression, at the time, that her father deserved a respectful burial. There were just 10 individuals that turned there, and she was well aware that they had come only to see her. They weren't there to pay their respects to her late father; rather, each and every one of them had come to console her. The majority of students at her school had ignored the fact that her father had passed away, but some who did notice said that it was for the best that the Black Hood was no longer alive, and others were relieved that he had passed away. Betty's feelings toward her late father had changed from sorrow after his passing to just resentment in more recent years. Betty saw a path of rubbish leading away from the isolated grave, which was at least fifty feet apart from the rest of the graves in Riverdale's cemetery. It's possible that after she was through, she'd locate a dumpster full of horse poop and have it dumped on top of his grave. It's possible that she'd have a better mood then.

Even though he was rotting in his grave, Betty made sure he was aware of the amount of suffering he was inflicting for her. He had already messed with her in the past and the present; now he was messing with her in the future. She believed that after he had left, she would be able to escape his danger, but she was frustrated to learn that this was not the case. Just being there in front of his grave made her feel sick to her stomach. Then and only then did she give herself permission to feel even the slightest bit emotional. Typically, she would simply keep everything bottled up inside of her and wait till she saw Jughead so that she could vent her emotions to him in secret while he comforted her and hugged her tight. She couldn't help but feel a few tears welling up in her eyes as she criticized her father for all he'd done, but she didn't make any attempt to wipe them away as she did so.

After that, she grabbed her sledgehammer and brought it crashing down on the corner in an effort to break it off. Despite the tears and the rage, it was a satisfying experience. Therefore, she struck it once again. And again, and again. She intended to make it seem like a jumble of rocks and stones. As time went on, she began howling and roaring out her frustrations as she continued to swing, swing, swing, as tears streamed down her cheeks. At some time, her mother appeared and grabbed her to the point where she was able to remove the sledgehammer from her grip.

That was the moment when Betty really lost it. As she fell into her mother's arms, her body sagged and became limp. Her body trembled as she cried and sobbed in an uncomfortable manner. Her mother addressed her with a few words while holding her daughter's face in her hands so that she would look at her. Betty's mental state worsened as a result of the fact that her mother had finally come to be with her when she needed her assistance the most. She gripped her tightly, eventually letting go so that the hammer could fall to the ground. Alice did little more than stay put and offer some words of consolation to her daughter for a few minutes before leading them back to the station wagon. Before driving them back to their house, Alice instructed Betty to sit in the passenger seat and stowed the hammer in the trunk.
As the atom bomb locks in,

01/09/2023 12:27 PM 

Vigilante Sh*t.

serpent juliet ♔ betty cooper

Vigilante Sh*t.
Draw the cat eye, sharp enough to kill a man You did some bad things, but I'm the worst of them Sometimes I wonder which one will be your last lie They say looks can kill and I might try I don't dress for women I don't dress for men Lately I've been dressing for revenge

I don't start it but I can tell you how it ends Don't get sad, get even So on the weekends I don't dress for friends Lately I've been dressing for revenge
"She don't start it, but she can tell you how it ends."
The black velvet of yet another spooky night had spread over the little town of Riverdale, covering everything in a thick blanket of darkness. The typically lovely image of a bright sky had become scary and pitch black, serving as an ominous portent and a bloodcurdling backdrop. It went well with her jet leather clothing, raven hair, and the dreadful demeanor emanating from her heels rubbing against the muddy and damp asphalt. "Stars, conceal your flames; let the light not see my dark and profound inclinations..." Every click of her heel punctuated each phrase her thoughts shouted on a loop to the depths of her subconscious, her green eyes blazing menacingly through the darkness like those of a wolf on the prowl for its victim.

Nothing in her connected her to the stereotype of the perfect younger daughter of the Cooper family; in other words, if someone were to run into her on the street, they would not know her. Betty Cooper had passed away and been sent to a peaceful place where she could smell lavender and chamomile while wearing collared sweaters and preppy knitted cardigans. The length of time for which it would continue was not yet determined, but for the time being, the girl with the golden heart whom everyone had abandoned was put to sleep under the naivety of false ambition and futile ambitions. Her other self, Ago, was there to clean up the mess that her character, with all of its tiresome heavenly range, constantly managed to generate.

Therefore, Betty pulled her hair back into a tight ponytail and started her investigation all by herself this time. And it was her obstinacy that led her to be here tonight, on the other side of the tracks, in a place where nobody actually dared to step foot, least of all decent ladies like she was supposed to be. She proceeded to don her raven armor and walk seductively on her heels as she made her way to the most notorious club in Riverdale, known as the Southside Serpents hang out.

Betty slowed down for a second so that she could have a better look at the location from a distance. She had a preconceived notion that it would be nasty and ghetto-like based on all of the tales that she had heard floating about. She was terrified, but not because of herself or of what she was about to do; instead, she was terrified of him and the version of him that she may encounter. It's possible that it was already too late and that he did, in fact, belong in a place like this. Whatever it was, Betty needed to know it. Betty wanted to know with her own eyes whatever it was, and she needed to save him if there was even a sliver of a possibility that he would want to be rescued.

She unzipped her black leather jacket with a steely resolve, exposing her lacy black push-up bralette and her ample cleavage as bait for whatever lowlife may be helpful to her. She did this in order to attract the attention of the filth. A pair of black leather thigh-high boots, provocative underwear and a mini skirt that the girl had altered even further to barely reach under the curve of her ass gave the girl the confidence that she had the winning combination for a free pass into the bikers' private territory. Betty was confident that she would not be rejected by them. She believed bikers would appreciate a pair of sexy boots more than their elegant black pumps. She had on a black wig that gave her an air of mystique and made her appear to be the ideal temptress. She maintained the seductive allure of her appearance by sexily wiping the pad of her ring finger across the corner of her lips to keep the color of her Seduce Scarlet lipstick, and then she licked the excess lipstick off her finger while maintaining a wicked grin. Betty began her journey toward the door with a rediscovered sense of self-assurance and the demeanor of the confident women of the city.

As she strolled past a row of vintage Harley and BMW motorcycles, she was greeted with loud whistles and filthy talk from some repulsive-appearing men who were lounging on their bikes, smoking and drinking beers. However, she paid them no attention and instead directed her seductive eyes to the buffed bouncer stationed at the small bar's entrance. Betty was able to sneak into the pub without being questioned, and the man, who was roughly the same age as her father, gave her an appreciative gesture towards her ass. He was formidable, but with a sexy grin and a little additional sway of her hips, she could go past him.

The inside seemed to be just how she had pictured it: thick with smoke, reeking strongly of alcoholic beverages, and teeming with macho men. She was there on a mission, not to pass judgment or write an article, so she resisted the urge to throw up and her snarky comments. Instead, she let her prying eyes take a quick scan of the room before they landed on the person she was interested in: the man who was responsible for recruiting new blood in the decades-long tradition of biker members.

His height was average, but he had abnormally broad shoulders that he had achieved through steroids and other illegal substances. His black hair was in frizzy curls all the way down the middle of his back, and it was gathered in a loose ponytail at the back of his neck. He was in his forties. His height was average, but he had abnormal board shoulders. He was covered in tattoos, with his awful black muscle shirt displaying all of the abstract patterns, and the sharp angles of his jawline and his bony nose gave off an air of menace. Betty didn't even flinch; instead, she removed her jacket while staring at him with malice, slung it over her shoulder, and then catwalked over to where he was seated at the bar.

Betty was leaning on the barstool next to him with a chilly but devious smirk as she watched him ogle her killer legs while she clicked her heels. This left him with no choice but to look shamelessly.

"Are you going to buy me a drink, or are you just going to sit there and stare?" "Are you going to buy me a drink?" She challenged him by raising an eyebrow, and she saw him smirk in a repulsive way that indicated that his intentions were nothing but obedient while giving her a once-over with his pitch-black eyes lingering again on her legs as he licked his lips. This showed that his intentions could have been more reliable. Betty was once again overcome with the want to throw up.
Don't get sad, get even,

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