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look at us now.

betty cooper
violent delights
with violent ends
Betty would not budge from her position even as he sneered at her and moved one step closer to her. Determination began to set in, strengthening not only her physical but also her mental fortitude. "I didn't..." Once she realized how Jughead had interpreted Archie's message, she felt a sudden stabbing ache in her chest, which caused her original venomous tone to lose some of its sting. Betty was unaware of the lengths that Archie had gone to or the liberties that he had taken in response to her request that he advises Jughead to maintain his distance while causing the least amount of harm and consequences possible.

"That wasn't my intention at all." Her voice cracked with emotion as a look of despair flashed over her face. The expression was brief and transitory, but the Serpent who stood before her did not fail to see it. Whatever had happened had resulted in Jughead no longer taking her calls, which was the primary reason why she had gone to the South Side in the first place in pursuit of him. Furthermore, Jughead had stopped answering his phone.

Betty made an effort to make a speedy recovery by channeling her anger, which she managed to do effortlessly despite the fact that he continued to undermine her mother's trustworthiness. While Betty seldom agreed with the objectives and measures her mother took against defaming the South Side in the pieces she wrote, Betty's love and affection for her mother was fiercely protective of her. "So don't assume that simply because I'm from the North Side you already know all there is to know about me." Betty discovered that she was moving forward one inch at a time in defiance. "Even though serpents are related to us, that's still my mom," she said. Thus, pull back. Betty disregarded his warning and pushed past him with her shoulder in a violent manner in order to carry out the actions she had fully intended.

"Don't tell me what I'm going to do or what I'm not going to do..."
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Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow

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i'm trying my best.

betty cooper
violent delights
with violent ends
The humorous aspect of this situation is that Jughead could sense that she was exhausted. It seemed as if a great deal was resting on her shoulders all at once. She has gone through a lot of difficult experiences. It seemed as if she was conveying everything in one go. Polly's life will change forever as a result of the loss of their father; she will always be concerned for the children. Her mother was now buried in a mountain of reports while Jughead was taking care of the preparations. Veronica was coping with her father's sickness while Archie was assisting the kids. Simply put, she felt completely out of control.

"I really have no idea, Jughead. I simply don't feel like I belong here at all. And I have no idea how to remedy that problem." Betty had the ability to advocate for herself. When she needed to be, she could manage just well on her own. It worked out well, and at the same time, it seemed like he was keeping her in check.

Jug was not contained inside her walls. She had faith in him. She didn't have to worry about being judged, wounded, or criticized while she was with him because she knew he wouldn't do any of those things. Simply put, he was there to provide her his support. Furthermore, she wished it was abundantly evident that she was always there for him as well, even if all she did was listen to him. The distance that separated them seemed insurmountable, but it wasn't. Her mind was playing tricks on her about the whole thing.

She had to take another step before realizing that no one was going. On the property, people believed that she had lost her mind. They had faith in what she was claiming to be true. She paid attention to her intuition, and the results satisfied her regarding how things transpired. Maybe it was because the future was so obscure, and she had no idea where it would lead her, but Betty was confident about one thing: she wanted Jughead, Veronica, Archie, and Cheryl to be a permanent part of her life.
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Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow

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comic betty/ season 7.

betty cooper
violent delights
with violent ends
Betty was roused from her sleep by a dull discomfort in both of her legs. Every muscle in her toes, foot, ankles, shins, thighs, and back echoed with a familiar, reassuring ache that brought back memories of the challenging run she had completed the previous evening. It was evident that she had napped before changing out of her racing attire since her thighs were covered in cotton that had become wrinkled and stiff.


She groaned, "Fantastic..." as she turned over in her bed. "Wonderful..." The digital alarm clock that was sitting next to her bed chose to go off at that particular moment in time. A well-placed cushion was used to solve the problem before Betty groggily stood up and stripped off her practice clothes. This was done before the matter was resolved. Elizabeth Cooper returned after a short shower, which she took to alleviate any lingering physical aches, looking noticeably more presentable. The epitome of cool, confident, and radiant. And, perhaps most significantly, prepared to tackle yet another day at Riverdale High.

When Betty wiped her hand across the fogged mirror, she took notice of her wet hair, tanned skin, and clear blue eyes. On the delicate skin of her lashes, a trace amount of red was still visible after the treatment, although this was quickly corrected. Betty may argue that she single-handedly kept the make-up company afloat at a more difficult time due to the massive amount of concealer she applied after an Archie-instigated crying session.

Nonetheless, the day would turn out to be a good one. This would be a wonderful day to celebrate. The phrase "Betty Cooper Isn't Worried About Archie's Infatuation With Ronnie" seems appropriate for today's day.

The revitalized blonde flashed a smile in front of the mirror while keeping this in mind. "That is exactly right. You are gorgeous as well as confident in yourself. Even though Archie is an idiot, he will eventually see your amazing potential as a lady after the track meets against Central the following month, even if he is stupid." Betty was prepared for the day by applying a dab of concealer under her eyes and many dramatic coats of mascara on her lashes.

After freshening up, the blonde hurriedly stuffed her school papers into her lucky bag. She changed into a fresh set of workout clothes before making her way to the kitchen while still dressed in her typical comfortable attire.

Alice Cooper couldn't help but smile in what could only be described as an ill-concealed sense of relief as she glanced up from a big cookbook as her mother chirped a joyful "good morning." The previous evening's memories of a more troubled teenager have been firmly shoved to the side for the time being. "Hello, my sweetie! How are you doing this morning?"

"I'm operating at my full capacity once again." Betty beamed as she opened the refrigerator, pulled out a glass container, and stuffed it with the Italian food that had been left over. "The muscle soreness is alleviated after a restful night's sleep. I slept like a rock all night!" Alice was aware of when she should refrain from inquiring more, so she did not press the issue further when Betty deftly sidestepped the topic of whether or not she had a date with Archie. "You came home with the volume turned all the way up. I am aware that the game will take place in a few weeks, but if you push yourself too hard, you will not be doing your team or yourself any favors."

Betty gave a warm grin and rolled her eyes in a kind gesture. "I am fully aware of the constraints placed on me, Mama. I have been participating in cross-country running for the last four years. Do you still have any of that meatloaf in the fridge? I had the impression that I had seen several of them the other day..." Beyond the tin containing the peach cobbler. " Oooh. Peach-cobbler. This would be perfect for Juggie."  The intelligent girl grabbed both containers and crammed them into a large blue checkered bag along with the spaghetti. Betty was aware that her buddy was more than capable of consuming more food, so she came to the conclusion that it was more than plenty for a school lunch.

"My, my, my. Your appetite has most definitely been stronger." Alice couldn't help but chuckle as she turned another page in her recipe book and saw the radiant smile on her daughter's face.

"You are fully aware of the fact that Juggie has been stealing from me ever since we were in the second grade." "How is it doing with our cherished Forsythe?"

"Mom. You must be the only person on the face of the globe who calls him such, with the possible exception of Jug's own mother. He's also extremely outstanding." Along with her mother, Betty sat at the island in the kitchen and spread a slice of bread with pumpkin butter that had been sweetened. "What the heck is going on with the recipe book?"

Alice let out a sigh as she sighed and ran her fingers over her platinum blonde locks. "Tonight, your father will be having dinner with a couple of his employees at our house. I was under the impression that I would cook something other than meatloaf or pot roasts this time." Betty tilted her head to the side. "Oh. Would it be helpful for me to come home earlier than usual tonight to assist you?"

"I hope you have a fantastic time with your pals since that's what I want for you. Don't even bother to entertain the thought." Alice stayed quiet for a little while. Betty said yes when asked whether they were simply "hanging out" at Pop's, but she didn't seem as eager to talk to others as she had earlier in the week. Betty turned her head upward as she felt her mother's hands encircling her own.

When she was confronted with challenges like these, Betty was acutely aware of how blessed she was. Although she was subjected to various excitements, stresses, and thrills while she was away from home, she could always depend on her parents' unshakable support. She couldn't help but break down into tears and seek comfort in her mother's familiar embrace when she saw the unadulterated love, concern, and comprehension in her mother's ice-clear blue eyes.
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Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow

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betty cooper
violent delights
with violent ends

Her ring finger was the first to give in to the overwhelming need to subject herself to excruciating pain that she imposed on herself. Her fingernail accidentally touched the scarred flesh of her hand, where a crescent-shaped mark that was half a shade darker than the rest of her skin remained. This mark was so obviously and evidently healed over and over again, and her fingernail innocently curled inward after making contact with it.


Then she folded her ring finger and took a quiet, deep breath as she readied herself mentally and physically for what was about to take place. At times, Betty had the impression that she was an unwilling passenger on this all-too-familiar journey of self-destruction; nonetheless, she always accepted it. The release from the emotions that had been tearing at her and consuming her from the inside out. That was the only power she believed she possessed at any given moment, and it was the only thing that kept her firmly rooted in the actual world.


Her middle finger, which is also her strongest finger, commanded and pushed the ultimate folding in of her fingers on top of one another. It was a lack of will, her power of choice now turned inward and against herself rather than any effort to battle the obsessive habit she'd acquired at a young age and only perfected over years of suppression. This was a habit she'd acquired at a young age and only developed through years of repression.


Her index finger was unable to resist the desire while the rest of the fist was being formed, and the effort that she exerted via her hand muscles culminated in the manner that the edges of her nails slashed into the preexisting shapes that were carved in her palms. This was her salvation; it was how she re-defined her sanity according to her own standards whenever she felt an onslaught of anxiety growing up inside of her.

This was her safe place, the place where she felt the most protected since she was able to shut out everything else that was occurring in the surrounding environment, leaving her with nothing but the anguish to concentrate on. It was sometimes sufficient for her to continue doing what she was doing; other times, more pressing circumstances needed her to curl her fingers until she was satisfied with her job and felt like she could breathe again. Sometimes, it was enough for her to continue doing what she was doing.

It was because of this that she felt guilty, humiliated, and compelled to withdraw from life. In contrast to her mother,  her mother had turned a blind eye away from the difficulties that were occurring inside the confines of her home. Betty was left with scars that served as a constant reminder of the anguish she was carrying and the quiet that was forced upon her and expected of her to achieve the unachievable levels of perfection that were required of her. These scars served as a reminder of the anguish Betty was carrying as well as the quiet that was forced upon her and expected of her.

The exquisite and magnificent Betty Cooper was a piece of porcelain that had been broken and ruined beyond repair. The imperfections were disguised and painted with pastel paint so that people walking by wouldn't be able to see the intricacies. As this was taking place, the pleasant and welcoming smile on the artifact's face remained intact, despite the fact that the rest of the world had forgotten about it.
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Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow

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Romeo & Juliet.

betty cooper
violent delights
with violent ends
Her fingers fit perfectly between his as they always had and as she was sure they always would; however, it was the only tether she felt tied to reality as she stared blankly out at the empty street in front of them that had been flooded with police cars and officers taking away her father in handcuffs only a few hours earlier. After all, Betty had gone through at the hands of the Black Hood, only to find out that it had been her father the whole time, she continued to feel numb. This was her mind's method of protecting her by shutting off portions of herself for the purpose of keeping her safe. She was being manipulated, and she was being tormented. Where does this lead? Betty had taken copious notes and jotted down pertinent information after each and every contact with the masked killer; nevertheless, at this point, she was faced with questions rather than answers. Even though Jughead was the only one left there after everyone else had gone in, humiliation, questions, uncertainties, and a profoundly terrible sensation were now buried in her gut.

As her crazy father revealed the complete history of the Blossom and Cooper cover-up, it meant something entirely different to be Betty Cooper. The horrifyingly twisted home video that dad had forced her and her mother to see, which revealed the nightmares of his youth, just reaffirmed what she had always dreaded and what she had known deep down for some time: the evil that lurked inside her, who Betty indeed was. The child of the figure is known as the Black Hood.

"This battle, Jug... this fight represents all that I have ever done in my life." She turned to look him in the eye when she finally spoke, her voice quivering with emotion as she attempted to keep it gentle. "All that has gone wrong because of my father. I ought to have put a stop to it earlier since I had the ability to. Yet I was able to assist him." She felt a wave of overwhelming nausea wash over her as the knot in her gut tightened and twisted inward.

She had her doubts about the darkness he said was there in each and every one of them. It was much too simple for her to recollect the same memories that he did that evening in the booth at Pop's after the surprise birthday party from hell that she had masterminded out of her own good purpose. The admission that she had made to him about the scars in the form of a crescent moon that was located on her hands and the darkness that she feared existed inside her. The fact that she had finally been given evidence of something she had long feared—that the darkness was absolute—made her feel sick to her stomach. It wasn't a sickness that she'd conjured up and that made up some part of her; somewhat, the revelation that her father was the Black Hood solidified the worst things that she'd always hated about herself throughout her entire life. It wasn't a sickness that she'd manifested, and that made up some part of her.

To what extent did she resemble her father in that he was nothing more than a ticking time bomb? How much longer had he lived a life devoid of abnormalities, his actual nature lying latent till it was reawakened by her remarks at the jubilee? Betty had toiled on that speech for days, thinking only of promoting Jughead and the innocence of FP Jones. Yet, it had been twisted into something so profoundly wicked that she was unable to endure hearing the words echoed back to her by her father just a few hours ago. " Riverdale must do better... We must do better... " Scary now as they continued to play in a never-ending loop. Betty sprang to her feet and tried to run away, but she could only make it as far as the bushes surrounding the Cooper home's front steps before she threw up. Her fingers were immediately ripped from his grasp.

Betty attempted to settle herself and calm her anxiety by wiping the inside of her lips with the sleeve of her jacket, taking a deep breath, and shutting her eyes. She used this strategy. Control. What a sour idea it is now, the one purpose that had dominated her life and been ingrained in her routine for such a significant amount of time, and just look what it has gotten her! A family that was shattered by lies, and she was the only one left to bear the weight of the consequences. "What if I'm not good at this Jug? What if I'm not strong enough to handle all that's happening?" When she turned her back to face him, she made a gesture toward the town around them. "Wait a minute, what do you mean by the fact that your battle isn't done either...." now realized what he'd been trying to tell her about the mantle on his jacket and what its significance was for the Serpents and the Southside in the conflict that was still going on.
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Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow

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Consider me distracted. 2x14

betty cooper
violent delights
with violent ends
While Betty is packing her belongings to go to the Lodge's cabin, she decides on the spur of the moment to get her black bra and skirt from the back of her wardrobe. She pauses for a moment before continuing her examination of the wig. Betty wants this weekend to be about them rather than Jughead's insatiable drive to investigate Hiram Lodge. Instead, she would rather play into his other insatiable demands. Jughead is waiting for her downstairs. Betty wants this weekend to be about them. Betty quickly stuffs the wig into her little bag while she ponders over whether or not she should show Jughead this aspect of herself. Nevertheless, they had previously pledged not to keep any more secrets, and this is one of her more thrilling secrets. Either that or she is harboring the hope that he will find it enjoyable.

Betty is taken aback when he lowers his face after hanging up the phone, and then he turns to tell her the secret that Cheryl had dumped on him, which Betty hadn't yet found out how to communicate to him. It is a source of fear for her that all of their progress may be undone in an instant. She is willing to battle tooth and nail to keep them together, and she is happy when Jughead reassures her that everything is going okay and that he's just sorry she didn't tell him sooner.

Later in the evening, when Betty is feeling a little tipsy, she moves herself near Jughead's body in the hottub. Veronica puts them on and enjoys the way his palm presses firmly on the silky material of her swimming suit as they are submerged in the water. She also enjoys the sensation of being gloriously free from the bright green drink. Betty isn't envious when Jughead makes jokes about leveling the playing field or when Veronica brushes her lips against Jughead's, but it lights a fire under her.

Betty has a healthy respect for Jughead's self-assurance, especially the smiles he saves only for her. She wants to show him a more self-assured version of Betty when they are lying in bed together. Her confidence is boosted when she wears the wig and bra together. When they are drying themselves in their bedroom, she finds the bra and skirt in her suitcase, which causes the flames to creep even further into her chest.

He adds with a sly smile on his face, "Consider me distracted," which she can see he enjoys hearing from Betty since she is so self-assured. Having Jughead Jones exactly where she wanted him to be, including the power and sensuality of the situation. Even though she feels her insides relax as his hands wrap around her waist, she maintains her joyful resolve as he removes the wig.
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Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow

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almost home.

betty cooper
violent delights
with violent ends
Betty Cooper used to laugh at the concept that ignorance is bliss; it is always preferable to know the complete issue in order to address it in an appropriate and suitable manner. Maybe it was the Cooper in her, that continuous, entrenched voice encouraging her to do everything with flawless elegance and charm. Maybe it was because of the Cooper in her.

Betty is at a loss for what else to do, so she decides to just sit and listen. Since Betty Cooper always follows what her mother tells her to do, she is a good example of this trait. She listens as her mother instructs her to remove her dress and put on pants; she listens as she is instructed to wash a load of blood-soaked rags in the washing machine, to wash Chic's hands of blood for him, and to assist Alice in wrapping the body in additional towels, transporting it in the back of the station wagon, driving with her to some obscure corner of the Southside, and placing it in a drain pipe. 

It seems like an eon has passed by by the time Betty hears the screech of brakes coming from the street outside after the phone connection has been disconnected. Alice has not spoken a word; instead, she has been washing the kitchen floor, which is now spotless, and mumbling reassurances to her son, who seems to be in a state of shock. Betty is hunched at the bottom of the front steps, her body falling in on itself as she watches Jughead descend the motorbike and begin running for the Cooper home's front door, which is still open.

At some point, the faucets are turned off, and Betty emerges from the bathroom with wet hair pressed against her face and mascara ring marks around her eyes. As Jughead tosses her the robe, she just shrugs it on and takes the items from the counter before following him down the hall to her bedroom. Betty observed the him who was taking care of her as he kneeled down to carefully apply ointment and band-aids to each of the crescent sores on Betty's hands. Betty sat down at the side of her soft pink bed and. As he is doing this, Betty falls to her bed and assumes the fetal position, grabbing both of his hands in an effort to drag him along with her.

"Don't let go," she begs with all her might.

"I've got you," he murmurs in her ear. "I've got you. I'll always have your back."
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Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow

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betty cooper
violent delights
with violent ends
Dorm Room

After she had moved away to attend college, though, Riverdale had changed significantly. After she and her mother had gone on that road trip, it had never indeed seemed like their house was their home again. Every subsequent trip back had resulted in an ache and a twinge of melancholy on her part.

Betty mainly had realized that in the city, no one had a tendency to ask many questions about anybody else so long as it seemed that you were busy or otherwise involved with something else. This was one of the most essential things that Betty had discovered about the city. Another thing that couldn't be farther from Riverdale.

She took another big breath in and let out a sigh as she rocked forward until she was sitting fully erect. She then turned to in a bashful manner to give her entire attention as she reached up to remove the ponytail at the crown of her head. It was starting to give her a headache, or at least she claimed that it was the cause of her headache rather than the many hours she had spent hunched over her laptop screen, which was far too close for comfort. Betty tried to give her mind a break by running her fingers through her hair and ruffling the strands so that they were no longer in their ideal position.

The Office of Admissions

Betty has seen the near-death of her partner and has not cracked, despite the fact that they seem as if they anticipate she would break at any minute now. She successfully murdered her father without shedding a tear. She speculates that maybe her tear ducts are too haughty to rupture at this point in time.

Since it was more of a general, all-day state of being, the school was about to start, and she would very much enjoy it if she was vomiting her way through all of her courses.

Nonetheless, the overarching theme was that she was not given the opportunity to choose her own destiny. Once, she attempted it, and it completely derailed everything.

The only people who were still speaking to her when she left Riverdale were Cheryl and Toni; she felt such a burden with what had transpired between her, Veronica, Archie, and Jughead. Her cousin and toni were the only sources of strength she had at the time.

Betty finds that she can only sometimes understand what Cheryl is saying. That goes against her background and the early years of her high school career when Betty Draper had already wrecked more than a few things for her in her hard times. How is it possible for someone who had such a difficult childhood to have such a good heart?

It's odd because college was the very last thing on her mind at that moment. It seemed as if she had no connection to her history at all. While waiting to be admitted, she was seated in the Admissions office. That wasn't the first time she started something new or met new people, but the few individuals she felt responsible for hurting were the ones she wanted in her life.

Tour guide

The fact that it is such freaking terrible causes her heart to start thumping in response. Nonetheless, shouldn't get it wrong. This ought to be relatively unimportant in comparison.

The Hooded One in Black Everyone from the Farm, including Edgar Evernever. She is Betty Cooper, for crying out loud. She has fought the King of the Gargoyles.

Despite this, she just wants to get away as quickly as possible. Every instinct in her is screaming at her to get out from there as quickly as possible.

But her body is unable to cooperate. She cannot move her legs or turn her body, and all she can do is gaze at the individuals she had resigned herself to that she would never see again.

That is something other than what she is able to explain. That is something that leaves an impression on her mind, including the tone, the voice, and the brokenness that she caused in the person she loves the most in the entire world.

She recalls days gone by, days that seem like they happened a thousand years ago, days that were more gentler and more straightforward. "We're partners. In the serpents, in life, in all of it. You're a good person. You're not evil. "

As the tour leader at long last arrived, Betty was jolted out of her thoughts to some degree. She brought herself back to the center. She was able to do what she set out to achieve.
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Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow

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when we go down together.

betty cooper
violent delights
with violent ends
When she took another hesitant drink from the glass that she clutched between her quivering hands in her lap, she just nodded as the only response she deemed necessary or was capable of mustering as she did so. While he talked, she slowly curled and uncurled her fingers over the glass. She clung to his words as he served as a reminder that she had fled and was no longer being kept against her will, and it was one of the most crucial things to grasp onto when everything else seemed so overwhelming.

'You're still you.'

Betty mulled over the words in her thoughts, aware that she did not fully believe them; nonetheless, she felt a softness residing in her breast that suggested he believed them and was fighting for her when she did not feel strong enough to do it for herself. As he came to lay next to her, unlike in the past, she found herself wanting the security of his proximity once again. She automatically leaned into him as her knee rested against his, and she craved the comfort of his proximity. She was aware of his gaze on her, but she kept hers fixed on his hands spread out on his legs. This provided her with an alternative point of focus that was less unsettling and made her feel less exposed to meeting his eyes. When he said he didn't care what their plan had been, there was a familiar flare of spirited defensiveness ready to fight back. He implied that it somehow trivialized what she'd gone through if it was all for nothing. However, he continued until he posed the obvious question to her, to which he certainly already knew the answer.

She finally glanced up, eyes searching, and a ghostly smile pulled lightly at the corners of her lips as she remembered the route of memories with him interspersed in the photos over the whole of her existence beside the grinning boy with red hair who was her best friend. "To some extent, we all grew up together" she finally accepted it, even as she could feel his trademark sarcasm coating her words. But, the comfort of their shared sense of humor was one of the first normal emotions she'd had in days.

The single giggle not only broke the stillness but also loosened the tight tightness of her muscles as she finally relaxed against him once again. An involuntary scoff of amusement occurred as a result of the situation. It was not a secret to either of them exactly how obstinate they could be; yet, she did not see her own stubbornness as necessarily a strength until now, when he framed it for her. Neither of them could hide the fact that they could be stubborn. She followed the movement of his hand as it made its way to her wrist, and as she did so, she became much less concerned about the glass that she was still holding. Instead, she let go of one of her hands and grabbed hold of his hand in order to pull his arm back around her, after which she nested herself against his chest and closed her eyes. "Even if that's the case, you're helping to put an end to all this noise and making me feel like myself again, Jug," she said. She confessed it, her tone gentle as she concentrated on hearing his pulse with her head pressed against his chest. Her voice was no longer riven with the anguish and sense of failure she had felt before.
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Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow

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serpent juliet ♔ betty cooper

That if I can't be close to you I'll settle for the ghost of you I miss you more than life (more than life) And if you can't be next to me Your memory is ecstasy I miss you more than life

So if I can't get close to you I'll settle for the ghost of you But I miss you more than life
That if I can't be close to you
Betty has no recollection of Polly's funeral. But not because her brain was gentle enough to blot out the trauma. She was too high on medications to notice anything. Veronica informs her that Alice yelled at her at the cemetery parking lot for being emotionless and uncaring. Betty, on the other hand, is concerned and wishes to dispute. That's why she's forcing herself not to feel anything. It's agonizing to feel. Numbness is simple.

"and," Veronica gently informed Betty when she has awoken on her enormous, luxurious sofa in the newly refurbished loft, "jughead had to take you out of there because alice was trying to shake you, and you wouldn't move." Grief presents itself in a variety of ways. Veronica tells her of this, practically rationalizing Alice's actions, attributing them to her sadness, and forgiving how it shows in a fury for her remaining daughter. "it's okay if you're mourning in different ways." But Betty knows better. And so does Jughead. That had to be why he was the one who led her away—he understood all the red flags and could see what she was attempting to hide from a mile away. Maybe it's because Jughead can still read her after all these years. The tiny, sad, fearful part of her yearns for that fiercely. The rational side, the one who desires numbing, understands that this is only because he is an addict himself. Why, Betty wonders, does that truth sting the most when she swallows a tablet she shakes out of a portable aspirin bottle? That dashed hope pierces her heart.

Betty discovers the pills by chance, tucked deep within her bag from when she took them for post-abduction injuries. Alice shouts at her once again, so she runs upstairs and gathers her bags to go—somewhere. And the small orange bottle begins to tremble. Without hesitation, Betty reaches under the bed, unscrews it, and dry-swallows three at once.

It's pure ecstasy.

It helps her fake her way by telling Juniper and Dagwood, through a somber conversation with Dr. Curdle, Jr., when he recommended a funeral home run by a mortuary school colleague by choosing Polly's outfit for the burial. Alice shrieks that it's all Betty's fault through the two-three-seven times.

Betty takes the remaining two pills from the bottle, tosses her things into a bag, and walks unsteadily across the driveway to knock on Archie's door, recalling his kind offer to stay at the home if she needed a break from it all.

Jughead is shocked and apprehensive when he answers the door, but as she slurs her request for a place to stay, all doubt fades from his expression. "are you okay?" he asks; she believes she hears him ask. "how's your mother?" she says before snapping that "my mother can go to hell and that she's perfectly well. i simply need to get some sleep away from her, and it's 3 a.m.," and she's bleary-eyed, checking the clock on the TV box from her tight living room couch.

Betty has a garish chenille blanket spread over her, possibly a Veronica buy, and pulled up just high enough to grip the edges in her hands and hug them close to her chest, as she does in her sleep. She simply knows Jughead placed it there.

Archie's own small orange bottle is in the garbage when she stumbles into the restroom. It's practically overflowing. Betty extracts a few and consumes them with a palmful of tap water.


It's all a blur until she wakes up on Veronica's couch, shaking and pill-less, and feeling painfully alone, days later. Betty sits in the empty, opulent apartment with a spare key and a cup of coffee on the glass end table, mistaking Veronica's stillness for a need for space. Betty desires to rip apart Veronica's immaculate medicine cabinet, but she knows better.

For herself, no. But she understands that since Jughead had to carry her out of the graveyard yesterday and knows why he's made it his mission to clear the spot of everything she may grab.

It's all right. Somewhat. She hasn't had enough time to become addicted; she's done her homework. Betty, on the other hand, is tired of feeling. And to do so, she must be either sleeping or high, or—no, those are her only two alternatives. Her phone rings wedged awkwardly in her suit slacks' pockets at the acute angle. Betty could cry with relief if it were Jughead.

"sorry for not being able to stay; i have an early shift. after that, i'll drop by."

Couldn't stay, which means... Had he remained with her here at Veronica's? This is what drives him back to her—that she missed their first hug in so many years because she was high out of her mind—feels like a strike to the gut. Betty scans the area for signs of Jughead's presence or a door to another room she can't see—it looks to be on the floor. Off to the side of the couch lies a mound of crumpled blankets and a squished sequin throw pillow.

Betty doesn't recall his touch in the cemetery. Still, she remembers all the other times' Jughead had stood by her when she was at her worst: marching into the Sisters with her all those years ago, letting her cry into his flannel as she told him through shaky sobs about the Black Hood phone calls, carrying her through the woods after Penelope put them through hell and killed Hal, soothing her after nightmares. The sight reminds Betty of him sleeping on the floor beside her of all the messed up things they've gone through together and how messed up her life has been—and continues to be. And how being near Jughead helped her feel a bit less insane. Betty chastises him for being sober. She can't be able to drag him back down. He shouldn't be sleeping on the floor to ensure his ex doesn't overdose on benzos.

On the other hand, Betty drags his pillow up to the couch and tucks it under her head. He's still using the same shampoo after all these years. It has a mild aroma that clings to the cloth and puts her to sleep in minutes.
I'll settle for the ghost of you,

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