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12/16/2018 05:16 PM 


Some people have asked me how I write Superman.
This will explain everything.
This isn't just your "typical," rules blog.
So pay attention or be deleted.

1.) How I write Superman: Whatever the storyline requires! I don't mind branching out and going to the more traditional comic book version of him or the movies...I can do any! An early starting out Superman or one that has been around the city of Metropolis for a long time. Anything is possible, let's just do something in our story that hasn't been done yet, and go from there. I like doing AU storylines that are fun and creative to write.

II.) Storylines: As I stated above I accept all and any kind of storylines. That means crossovers as well! Because of the multi-verse exists, I put Superman in basically any verse. Just come up with some kind of creative storyline is all that I ask of you. We're all here to have fun and not take things too seriously.

III.) Multi-Para to Novella: I don't write anything less than a multi-paragraph style comment. I don't write in para unless it's on discord or just the usual greeting comment. My comments for the most part will have more than 1500 words each time. I don't expect you to always match me but at least be in the general ballpark of that. 

IV.) Mature Content: The films are always a bit dark, so that's how my writing will be. I highly suggest being over the age of eighteen when writing with me. That being said, if all your here for is sexual content, I am not here for that. Yes, it can happen in writing but if your here just for that, might as well clear out now.

V.) Where I write: Comments only! On occasion, discord. All out out of character talk can be done in messages or discord. (If you want my discord, ask for it!) I don't mind the greeting comment either but after that I prefer all out of character talk to be done in messages.

VI.) Love Interests: My favorite person to pair Superman with is Lois Lane, second Wonder Woman. It doesn't have to be this way, as that's the best thing about role play, you can be with anyone. Women only. I'm very picky when it comes to this role, I don't want anyone backing out or ditching the account after we get the storyline going. Also we can storyline going and work our way to something like shipping once the story takes off and go from there.

VII.) Drama: No drama! I don't allow out of character drama on my friend list! You know what this is. I shouldn't have to explain it. In character drama is more than welcome for the story, it makes things interesting.

VIII.) Typos and Spelling: Please know proper grammar, spelling, and proofread any work before you submit it. I understand a typo here and there but say for example, if you spell the word "smocking," wrong twice and clearly meant to say "smoking," it's not a typo. That's a mistake. This isn't Twitter. Double check before sending writing to avoid mistakes like this.

IX.) Time: I'm pretty busy in real life and work a full time job. During the week I'm not on much and do most of my writing on the weekend. (Which tend to get pretty hectic as well) So forgive me in advance for making you wait for a starter/reply. I wont say how long they'll take, just that it will take some time. If you have patience, we're prefect for each other. 

X.) That's all for now folks! Please leave a gif of your character and state which Justice League character is your favorite. It doesn't have to be one of the main ones, just any really. Now let's get something going! Ready to hear from you! Don't be shy and contact me about a story! Or I may do that as well....If you have rules, let me know and I'll sign them as well. 

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