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Canon audition form

Please read and sign rules prior to audition. If rules have not been signed correctly, audition will not be accepted until done.

What is Kaitlyn's favorite movie?:

Why do you want to join?:

Have you been in the group before? If so, as who?

Can you be on at least 2X a week?:

If you go on hiatus will you inform us?:

If you decide to leave will you inform us?:

Have you read the bio on our page? (If you have any questions on the bio please ask):

Do you have previous knowledge of the verse that you are auditioning for?:

Character details: 

Character Name:


Occupation: (ex: student, or just any type of job)

3 Secrets about your character:


Please give us a brief bio on what your character has been up to since the series Finale(if show is off the air) or the finale of the last complete season(if show is currently on the air) that is at least 5-7 sentences?:

Reason for your character coming to Beacon Hills: (Please say more than just a fresh start. If that is the case, explain why? 3+ sentences)

If your character has AU aspects, please fill us in on what those are?:

If this is a deceased character, how do you plan to have them come back to life?:

Please write a sample(1+ paragraph) in the P.O.V of your character from roughly the time where you would be starting (unless there is a promo going that changes this)

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OC audition form

Audition Form

Please have read and signed rules prior to sending an audition in messages

What is Kaitlyn's favorite movie?:

Why do you want to join?:

Have you been in the group before? If so, as who?

Can you be on at least 2X a week?:

If you go on hiatus will you inform us?:

If you decide to leave will you inform us?:

Character details: 

Character Name:







Siblings: (If wanting to make a canon's sibling, please reference sibling rule in the guidelines and/or send message to main page)

Other family:

Occupation: (ex: student, or just any type of job)


3 Secrets about your character:
Personality traits: (3 positive, 3 neutral and 3 negative) If you need help this site has a list of traits from all three

Reason for your character coming to Beacon Hills: (Please say more than just a fresh start. If that is the case, explain why? 3+ sentences)

Brief Bio: (5-7 sentences)

Please write a sample(1+ paragraph) in the P.O.V of your character from roughly the time where you would be starting (unless there is a promo going that changes this)

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Taken playbys

Cara Delevingne
Natalie Alyn Lind
Elle Fanning
Maia Mitchell
Alyssa Milano
Skyler Samuels
Jenna Dewan
Zooey Deschanel
Katie McGrath *
George Cloony *
Lee Pace *
Joe Manganiello*
Theo James*
Eliza Taylor*
Angelina Jolie*
Olivia Holt*
Lucy Hale*

As well as any playby used in any of the shows within our set verses. Playbys with astericks next to them are open characters and the playby is taken due to it being set for a specific character. If you see an asterick and want the face claim, feel free to message us about said character. However, if the playby is here that face is taken and cannot be used for other characters.

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Staff form

Coming soon

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  1. What shows/verses are accepted into this group? We accept Teen Wolf, Shadowhunters, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Legacies, Buffy, Angel, Supernatural, The Secret Circle and True Blood. We also accept creatures and characters from mythology. Along with these verses we sometimes accept characters from small verses, Bitten being an example.
  2. How do we know who is open or closed? We have a blog that says the open characcters. People are taken off the list as they are filled and added back on when it opens. Also on our page we show pictures of all our taken characters. These pictures also link to these members.
  3. What point are you at for each show? In our blogs, we have a timeline. Most shows that are off the air take place post series finales. If the show is still on the air please look at the blog.
  4. Where do we send our audition to? We would like for all auditions to be sent to us in messages. 
  5. Do you require us to use discord? Discord is not required. It is just a way to get to know other members as well as roleplay with them. We have sections in the server where you are able to do different storylines. Some of our members do enjoy doing this.
  6. Can I use playbys that are used by other characters?: We do not allow people to use the same playby as a taken character unless it is done in the show. Example being Katherine and Elena. However we will not accept more with that face claim if they are not in the show.
  7. Can I have Love interests outside the group? No. Our group only allows in group LIs. It keeps things from getting to complicated. We allow one to roleplay with other characters but dating is a no go. This also includes any type of romantic/flirting in character interactions as being a no go with people out of the group.
  8. Can Gods be killed within this group? All gods can be killed and have a string through the fates. The Fates have the ability to kill even the major three Gods.
  9. Can I preconnect my character with other canons in my audition? If you plan to connect your character with someone prior to joining, please send that a character in our group a message to ask their permission. If that character is not in our group yet then no because we do not want one to feel forced into a storyline when they audition.
  10. I have a specific L.I that I want for my character and have worked it into my storyline. Is that okay? Sorry but that audition will not be considered as it is not okay without the agreement of the other person. We do not force ships/L.Is in this group. If you are L.I focused then this might not be the best place for you.
  11. Can you help me brainstorm a character? No. While we will help you with details, we will not help you create a full character. If you need a template to help you get started please ask. This will basically ask you questions to help get you started. 
More will be added as things come up.

02/15/2019 03:55 PM 

Group Timeline

This is the group timeline. It gives details on what has been happening for each character within the group. We did this to avoid confusion among members and have recently decided that it would be good to share with people who are interested in the group and would like to know what point every show is set at ad how long after each series it takes place. If you have any questions regarding this or questins at all, feel free to message the main page and we will respond back as quickly as possible. Thank you.

Teen Wolf – The rpg will be taking place two years after Scott, Malia, Lydia, and Stiles. The whole crew would be roughly 21-22 years of age depending on birthdays.. Stiles has a little sister in high school named Skylar who has lived with their grandparents since before their mother’s death  Skylar has a drinking problem and often takes part in dangerous activities and behaviors. Lydia and Stiles often try to protect her from others and herself. Skylar found out about the supernatural for a little while but then she came upon witches in the graveyard and they wiped her memory of the supernatural in order to protect themselves. They didn’t know she knew about other supernatural and they were also taking that memory from her. .Olivia and Kaitlyn are two sisters who survived a fire in Santa Barbara that killed their father and left their middle sister in a coma. Without being aware of it Olivia and Kaitlyn as well as their middle sister McKenna are the three Greek sisters of fate who spin, pull, and cut the thread,of life. The sisters were once blackmailed that Kaitlyn, who is the cutting fate, was told by a demi-god that he had a way to kill her sisters and if she didn’t kill someone he wanted dead he would murder her sisters. She killed the person, who was not meant to die then, to save her sisters. Zeus saw this as a problem, the fates could kill all gods but him - he needed to keep them in check. He changed them into pre-teens and took away their memories, most of their immortality, and their powers and hid them away. Then he entrusted their lives with a coven of witches. This family of witches would raise them as their own as they grew and then change them back to pre-teens once again and wipe their memories, posing as their family. This went on for thousands of years until Zeus was killed and then slowly their immortality and powers started to leak and come back to them. Then when the balance of life and death was in flux more abilities and even memories slowly started to come back to them. Kaitlyn started to have dreams and visions of people dying who were actually dying such as by the hydra. She went to see the hydra and it didn’t come out sensing who she was that she was a goddess. When Kaitlyn has visions of people dying she sees and feels the last moments of their death. Olivia has surges of emotions that are the experience of a baby being born. She see has been having dreams of her past lives as well. Skylar is her best friend and one day they break into the high school swimming pool and Skylar gets drunk and hits her head, falls into the pool and drowns. By the time Olivia gets her out of the pool she isn’t breathing and she tries to do CPR but suddenly when she is trying to restart her heart a surge of golden light pulses from under her hands and Skylar begins to breath.. Olivia thinks Skylar is the one that caused the golden light and her to come back not herself. She doesn’t want to believe she’s special - it obviously has to be Skylar. Stiles is in school to become an FBI agent. It would be his last year in the academy as you need to be 23 to become an agent. Lydia is in her last year of school at MIT. Both visit home during breaks from classes and also do some work online. Lydia and Stiles are together at this point in time. Lydia is close to Skylar and has taken her under her wing as a sort of little sister. She has remained popular both in and out of Beacon Hills. Isaac went away for awhile with Chris to live out of Beacon Hills. He recently came back to rejoin Scott’s pack as he sees them as family. He plans to join them in fighting the creature. Chris moved away from Beacon Hills after the death of his daughter. Now years later he is returning to help Scott and the pack defend the town against all the supernatural threats. Peter is now a reformed werewolf who has returned to help Scott’s pack. He has two other children aside from Malia and one is with Rowena.He wants to prove that he is not the monster that everyone thinks he is. Theo moved away from Beacon Hills for a while but came back recently to help Scott McCall’s pack. But even though he is wanting to do good and is a pack member, he is still on the edge and still causes some chaos. He is currently torturing Stiles by dating his younger sister. He ended up admitting to being a chimera to her after Stiles came out and told her about werewolves. Adriana Argent is the daughter of Kate. She is an occult expert with knowledge on supernatural creatures. Adriana is a witch. She ran away after being forced into the hunting way of life. She has come to Beacon Hills after being gone for so long to face things in her life.She has returned because she has been told her uncle is in the hospital when really it is a ploy to get Adriana to do what her mom wants her to do. She knows that it could be completely untrue. Derek moved away from Beacon Hills for a while and travels. He ends up starting to make a new pack that he wants to bring back to Beacon Hills. Derek is now an alpha again and has returned to Beacon Hills to reclaim his territory that he never actually gave up. He met Kaitlyn years ago and became friends with her. Now that he is in Beacon Hills, they have started dating. He has a beta named Isabella who is one of the few who follow him around like a puppy. Isabella is a girl who was on vacation in Mexico when she met Derek. After being bit she became his beta and followed him around, giving up her originally normal life in Oregon. She moved with him to Beacon Hills to reclaim the territory and help protect the town. Ace came from a typical, normal family who were all very loving however things don’t always stay happy. At the age of thirteen, Ace was kidnapped and taken to Arcadia Labs. After being drugged and brainwashed, he remembered nothing about himself. It wasn’t until later that he realized the scientists had changed him. He is part of an accidental pack now but he was turned into a werewolf. When the power went out during a storm, Ace was one of the few that made it out. After escaping he spent time roaming and finding ways to get money.Over the last few years he went to get an education and job having wanted to do something with technology and inventing it. He has recently wanted to be surrounded by those of his kind causing him to change locations and move to Beacon Hills.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Set roughly in present day. Years after the finale of both Buffy and Angel.Buffy and gang are in their late twenties, Spike is in town to help Buffy and Angel who he heard were there, while there he  runs into Harmony. Harmony hears that Spike is in Beacon Hills and has come to get his help. She has decided she doesn’t want to be evil and always betray her friends anymore. She wants a soul like Spike and Angel. She’d rather not go through what Angel has to deal with so she is seeking out Spike to learn about and train to get her very own, shiny soul. Spike and Harmony are currently in a relationship of some sort. Carly is currently a waitress and is dating Dean Winchester. Buffy is a vampire slayer. After destroying Sunnydale’s hellmouth, she moved to Beacon Hills. She heard about the high amount of supernatural occurrences. Faith followed Giles with others to London. But everything changed one night and Faith was led down a dark path. One that she had tried to hard to avoid. When she took off, she ended up in Beacon Hills.

Angel – Set roughly in present day. Characters are 14 years older than they were at the end of the series. Fred Burkle has been brought back to life by the powers that be…but why? Fred is currently in a relationship with Sam Winchester.  He has come back to find Buffy so he can convince her to become one with him and be turned. Currently, he is Angelus right now.

The Vampire Diaries – Set 8 years post series approximately set at time of Legacies. Elena is now a doctor and she has a child(canon in Legacies) named Stephanie. Stefan is now in Beacon Hills looking for a new life. He has gone to Salvatore Boarding school to teach. But after being brought back by witches he lost his memory and remembers nothing from his previous life. Jeremy is still a hunter and he takes care of werewolves and vampires around Beacon Hills after following the school there where he also helped set it up in the memory of Stefan.

The Originals – Set in present in timeline of Legacies.. Davina is a witch who has ancestral magic. She drew on the power of her ancestors. There was a ritual that they got more magic and the girls were chosen. It was called the Harvest and the girls throats were slit. They were said that they would bring them back to life. A vampire saved Davina before she was killed. All the power from the other girls were in her causing her to become the most powerful witch. The vampire protected her and used her against the other witches. She learned a lot of magic and developed a sort of found family in New Orleans. She developed a love relationship with Kol Mikaelson but then most of her found family died. After that she eventually moved to Beacon Hills to get away from New Orleans.

Legacies - The Salvatore school for the gifted was burned almost completely to the ground by angry humans from mystic falls who figured out exactly who and what the students at the school were. M.G. is currently going to school at the new one that was made by Alaric in Beacon Hills. Lizzie and Josie also both switched the new school with their dad. Lizzie continued being an emotional wreck and Josie was still protective of her sister despite everything they had been through. With Caroline back at the school, the girls are ecstatic to have their mom home. Caroline had been searching for a way to stop the merge.

The Secret Circle – Set in the present day, but also right after season 1 as though season 1 took place just prior. Cassie moved to Beacon Hills after graduating high school. She is continuing to learn about being a witch and honing her abilities.

Shadowhunters – Set in the present day at the end of the last season of the show, beginning of the new season as it starts and taking the events at the end of the season and then go in their own direction on how to solve them. Magnus didn’t actually lose his powers but instead overstressed them from use and had to basically rest them. Magnus comes to Beacon Hills with his young son to sneak sanctuary and offer his services. He opens up a shop for down worlds and humans alike. Fred Burkle and others offer him their protection and he offers them his magical assistance in exchange. Alec comes to Beacon Hills to find Magnus and bring back home. They decide to stay in Beacon Hills where it is safer for Magnus and have a blue baby named Max. Magnus and Alec become married. Magnus and Alec also bought a house at some point while in Beacon Hills.

Supernatural - Set in 2019, with full events from season 1-9 having a mixtures of specific events from season 10-13 having happened. Dean is currently a Knight of Hell. Dean and Sam know Chuck is god. Mary Winchester is back but currently MIA, after a tear in the fabric of reality has somehow been made through which the other world’s Michael plans to attack our world, unknown to Sam and Dean who have lots of their own problems. Mary, Cas, Ketch, and a small team of hunters went to the others world to rescue Jack and ended up helping some of the rebels come over to our world. Unlike other angels, Michael managed to get through to our world. Sam has met Fred Burkle and become very close with her ,while looking for Dean. Dean is in a relationship with a vampire slayer and waitress named Carly Spencer. Rowena’s magic pulled her to Beacon Hills after she escaped from being tortured. Upon arriving she found the Hale pack, she grew close to Peter Hale. Rowena ran away with Peter for a bit and then ended up getting pregnant. Rowena was threatened by Talia and then left Beacon Hills for a few years. She later returned when her daughter was three years old. Her daughter was kidnapped, and she left Beacon Hills temporarily after that. She has recently returned.

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Activity: We understand that everyone has a life outside of here and we believe that comes first. However, this is an active para to multipara group so activity within the group is expected. We as that members get on 2 times a week and get at least 1 reply out once a week preferred. You do not need to write with everyone in the group. Please make sure to have a few storylines with those in the group. We ask that you to have at 3 connections and storylines with the members of this group. An activity check will be done eacbh month with points. Members need to gain ten points per month which can be done through many ways including starters, replies, reposting group statuses, group rp, discord rp, drabbles, group event storylines and discussions.
Writing Length/style: While we understand that while it's sometimes difficult to find inspiration to write long replies, This is a para to multipara group. For your replies, we would like them to be at least a paragraph in length. You are allowed to write anything above that but please be understanding that not all members write as much as you write. Our group is also 3rd person writing.
Drama: Drama is good when it is in character. But that only implies to in character. If out of character drama is reported to the owners then the one causing it will receive a warning but if it happens again , that member will be asked to leave the group. In order to know that the drama is occurring, we ask that a screenshot be provided in order to avoid any "he said, she said" and that wouldn't be fair to anyone. Kaitlyn's favorite movie is Harry Potter. If you are going to post pictures that includes another members personal information (display name, url link) please get their permission first.
Connections: Romantic connections must stay within the group. Members may not connect their storyline with another canon character without permission from that canon. If the canon is not already in the group then they cannot be connected with another with exceptions to siblings (see sibling rule). This is so that when the canon does join, they do not feel forced into a storyline or connection with another. Also, members are allowed to have two sets of mains, one being those in the group and another being those outside of the group. However, the group mains need to be priority.
Second/Third Roles: Members may take on a second role after they have been in the group for 1 week. They also may take on a third role a week after that. This is so we can see if you are active enough to take on another. If you play a character from one verse, you may not take on another character within the same verse. We count TO, TVD, and Legacies as three different verses therefore you can take one from multiple of these. The same goes for Buffy and Angel.
Original Roles: Original roles are allowed but they must make sense to the storyline.
Sibling Roles: We are now allowing sibling auditions as long as in your audition you explain where your character was during the span of the show. There are certain characters that we do not accept auditions for, for siblings.
Children Roles: We are now accepting children roles, except we are not accepting babies played. If your character is wanting to have a baby then it will need to be NPC. In order to be accepted, the child must be at the age where he/she can speak.
Hiatus: If you plan to go on hiatus please let us know. We understand that sometimes things come up in life and that you may need a break. If your hiatus goes on for longer than expected then we ask that you check in with us and let us know.
Dead Characters: If your character is dead in the show does not mean he or she has to be dead in the group. When auditioning, if you can come up with a way that is reasonably supernatural then we will be willing to accept that character. However, while most characters are able to be brought back, we do have some that we have decided should remain dead. If you are curious as to who please message us.
Face Claims: Any face claim who have appear(ed) on two or more shows that we allow canons from, the role  that the actor was in the longest will be the one who uses the FC. For example, in The Secret Circle Faye is played by Phoebe Tonkin who goes on to play Hayley Marshall in The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. In this case, because she was the role of Hayley longer, Phoebe's face would be used for her and the person playing Faye would be able to pick her FB. There may be exceptions if there is a good enough reason. No mirrors of canons accepted unless it is canon in the show. If the face claim is in any of the shows that we accept then it cannot be used for an original character.

Face changes: We allow face changes when asked however due to other people who might want to take a role with one of the faces you have 48 hours to change your profile picture indicating who your playby is.
Time Setting: This group is set post series finale for any show that is over and set at current season for shows that are still on the air. We have a timeline that we send out to members in order to show what has progressed or been added to it. If you wish to see the timeline in order to see where the other members are, you are welcome to ask. Legacies is set post pilot and has a special storyline and has a special storyline to go with it so that it is set in Beacon Hills. If you are curious about this please message us for details.

Skimming: If we learn you did not read the rules in full once in the group, we will give you one chance to reread and actually read. But if they are not read and signed appropriately after the first warning it will be removal from the group. Rules need to be read prior to audition ior audition will not be accepted.
Rules are subject to change at any time. If you have any questions regarding our rules feel free to message us and we will respond ASAP. Please sign with a gif if you have read to here. If you are mobile then please sign with your favorite quote.
Group etiquette(discord and roleplayer) : Discord is not mandatory to have if a group member. This is purely for fun.
1. Please do not assume that everyone knows what someone or something is. A werewolf may not know anything about a vampire or a warlock and vise versa. There are different creatures in different shows so do not expect others to know what you are.
2. Please respect other members. It is important to show respect if you want respect.
3. Try not to blurt out what type of creature you are. Not every character wants to know and by saying it, you are effecting their storyline. By saying it both in group roleplay or on roleplayer, there are many members who feel as though they cannot be involved. It is important that everyone should feel included. If you want to have certain group storylines with characters that involve the supernatural then you may open up a topic in the group forum and write in there. Also, keep in mind your character before saying what you are. Would your character enter a place and tell a large group of people that they are some type of supernatural creature? However, the main point of this rule is to make sure you talk with the other writers in the chat to make sure that they are okay with it.
4. Remember what happens in chat effects your character. These are storylines that are apart of the group storyline. If you see something supernatural or do something natural that is fine but keep in mind it is now part of your character's story.
5. Harassing members is a big thing. It is not okay and will result in being taken out of the chat. If this occurs after being taken out of the chat then it will result in removal from the group. If we hear it from multiple people that you are harassing then it will result in removal from the group. If you have questions about this or it has happened to you, please come and talk to us. Please be able to show us what is going on so that it does not become a "he said, she said" sort of situation. We are here for all of you and want you all to feel safe and comfortable.
6. Do not talk about other groups in the group chat. It is not appropriate to talk about other groups in the chat whether it be positive or negative. If you wish to talk about them, please use your DMs. and keep it private. If we see it a warning will be given. If it continues then it will be removal from the chat. We will definitely not tolerate negative talk about another group while in this group. 
7. Remember, if a character is not in the group then they cannot be added to your storyline. You can not say that they have a connection to you until we have one and they give you permission to include them. We do not want someone to feel forced into a storyline when they join. If we notice this has happened then we will discuss it with you. Any connections that exist within the show still exist within the group. An example would be the ending of TVD. The ending will not have changed however, the writers may choose to change it post the ending of the series. Say your character ends up married to another character but you do not like that connection, you are able to have them divorced.
8. We do realize that some people do share personal information in chat. However, we would like to ask that you not ask anyone questions about their personal life in the group chat. Not everyone feels comfortable in saying but might feel pressured into telling. This is a way to make our members feel safe. This is another concern that has been brought to our attention and has been a reason why some have not gone into the chat much. If you are unsure that something should be discussed in group chat then please take it to Dms. 
9. Please keep any IC chat out of the OOC chat from now on. General chat is there for OOC and should only be used for so. This is now here in order to avoid confusion in this chat. The IC chat, IC roleplay and roleplay locations are places where IC chat should be happening. IC chat and IC roleplay may be any length but the roleplay locations are asked to be paragraph and up due to this being a para to multipara group and due to it being something that adds onto both yours and other members storylines. 
Thank you for your understanding. If anything changes we will make sure that members are updated on it.

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Prewritten Original Roles

Paul Lewis

Playby: Patrick Dempsey

 Paul Lewis was your everyday, mundane human who lived in Chicago with his wife and teenage son. Because of an illness inflicted upon his son, Paul made a deal with a demon to help save him. At the time, he had not known the repercussions of this deal and the demon made sure to keep it that way. To get away from the big city, he and his family packed up and moved to the small town of Beacon Hills where he took a job at the local hardware store. This was far from his original office job but he felt the need to change many things within his life. Little did Paul know, because of the deal with the demon, he had become a shapeshifter, that only could turn into one part of a hydra. When he signed the contract, he had not read closely or at all thus he did not realize what he would become or that this curse would affect his family as well. Now each night for several hours, he guards the lake which is where the portal to hell is and kills anyone who comes near i

Sarah Lewis

Playby: Amy Adams

:Sarah Lewis originally worked in an art gallery but when she got married and had a son she left this job to become a housewife. When her son was inflicted with an illness, Sarah fell into depression. But somehow, her son got better which brought joy back to her life. It came as a shock to her when her husband decided he was going to uproot them and have them move to Beacon Hills, a town in California.When she arrived in town she found it rather boring and decided it was time to get a job so she would have something to do during the day.So with this she got a job as a maid and started working for various people around town. While it was not something she considered fun it did give them a little extra money since her husband as now working a job that made significantly less than he had been making before. When her husband had signed a contract with Sarah became a shapeshifter that was one part of a three person hydra.When in this form she has no recollection of being a human and when human has no recollection of being a hydra,that is being controlled by a demon. Now each night she stands guard at a lake that is the home to the gates of hell.and kills anyone who comes near it.t

Ryan Lewis

Playby: Jake T. Austin

Ryan Lewis was your stereotypical athlete in high school junior. He was considered to be an extremely talented football player up until he was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. His hopes for getting to play sports professionally were crushed and he started to slack off when it came to school. Because of this he was in and out of the hospital a lot while also having had surgery to remove the fluid from his lungs. Ryan was going to get a transplant but all that changed when they thought his body would reject the organ. One day he suddenly had no fluid in his lungs and appeared to be better. It was as though he had healed overnight and no one could explain why. No one except his father that is. Ryan had plans to join the football tea again but was then yanked out of school in Chicago and forced to move to a small town named Beacon Hills. When he got there, he joined the lacrosse team where he seemed to do well. In order to stay on the team he had to work harder to keep his grades up but this was hard for him due to having a hard time paying attention. Little did Ryan know but his dad's signing of a contract involved him and each night he would shapeshift, with his parents, to form the third part of the hydra. Along with his parents, he protected the lake that guarded the gates to hell and would kill anyone who came near it. This was something that when in human form he had no recollection of.

Lainey Johnson

Playby: Katie Leclerc

Lainey Johnson, a nineteen-year-old witch, was born in Beacon Hills. Growing up she was forced to keep her powers hidden, preventing her from learning full control. The powers skipped a generation leaving her mother with only knowledge on the powers. In high school she was particularly into drama which carried over to college where she majored in the topic. Not traveling far from Beacon Hills, she only went to school in the next town over and continued living at home with her parents. Recently she inherited the family grimnoire which she has been able to use to help her gain better skill with her magic. She is skilled when it comes to time magic but lacks control when it comes to fire. With her time magic she is able to turn time back by a minute and isolate elements such as stopping rain in a given area by freezing time for a short period within that area.When stress, upset or anxious her spells often result in fire.

Elliot Clarke

Playby: William Moseley

Elliot had recently graduated from a school near Hershey, PA. He is twenty-four and double majored in English and Education. He got a job at a local school and met a teacher who he dated for a while. After they got engaged he discovered that she was cheating on him with the principal. Upset over this he moved back to Beacon Hills where a friend helped get him a job as the English teacher at the high school. He was happy to move back as this was his childhood home up until the age of fourteen when his parents decided to move him away. Part of him feels as though the town is not entirely safe due to the recent disappearances which causes him high anxiety.

Johnathon Larson

Playby::Open as long as in age range and not in any supernatural shows within the group

Johnathon Larson is a 486 year old crossroad demon who has the appearance of 27. He was born in the 1700's and before he was a demon he worked as a blacksmith who was selling cheap material at a high price leaving customers believing that they were receiving good quality tools. He fell for a girl who paid no attention to him. Because he wanted her attention he then traded his soul in order to get her attention. Due to not being able to remain loyal, he lost the girl and she moved onto his friend.When his time came the demon decided that he was evil and decided to change him into a demon instead of letting him die. After centuries of making deals with humans he came across a man named Paul Lewis who he then made a deal with to save his son. The deal he made was to make Paul and his family into someone who transforms into a hydra and guards the gates of hell that was within a lake in Beacon Hills. 

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Zeus - God of sky, lightning, thunder, justice, and honor. pb george clooney

Hera- Goddess of women, marriage, family, and childbirth. pb Angelina Jolie

If the character you're looking for is not on this list and is alive after the final episode don't hesitate to message us. Not everyone is listed. We also accept characters outside of these verses if you can explain how they would fit into the storyline. If a character you want is deceased, you may still audition of them as long as you can come up with a reasonable explanation as to how they have come back to life.

Verses we are currently accepting canon, AU, and OC characters for besides Teen Wolf are The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Legacies, The Secret Circle, Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Shadowhunters, and Mythology.


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