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April 18th, 2024

Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 25
Sign: Cancer
Country: United States

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July 31, 2017



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04/18/2024 03:01 PM 

σωєѕ ℓιѕт ~ωнєяє яσσтs яєѕι∂є.~
Current mood:  drained


Splatter Phoenix ~ Owe him/her
Harley Quinzel ~ 1st story Done
Adam Douglas ~ Owe him/her
Lord of Lightning. ~ Owes me


𝕿aste 𝕿he 𝕭lood [TTB]

~ Character Page in Discord ~ Done
~ 2024 April Monthly Drabble ~ Posted

1X1 Stories

sʜᴇ's𝙌𝙐𝙄𝙄𝙉𝙉𝙎𝘼𝙉𝙀 ~ Owes me

Group Stories

Utopian Nightmare ~ last reply: 04.18.24

last updated: 04.18.24

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03/14/2024 11:20 AM 

яυℓєѕ σf иαтυяє ~αρρℓу σи тнє ∂σттє∂ ℓιиє~
Current mood:  adventurous

❧ Please submit your RP storylines in the comments section only, following the format of exchange comment posting. Messages are for OOC's or private discussions. I kindly request that you consider posting your replies in the comments section on my page to foster a more interactive environment between writers. Your cooperation in this matter would be greatly appreciated, as it allows for a classic exchange of comments where I can respond directly on your page as well.

❧ I engage in semi/para/multi RP, occasionally do one-liners depending on the preferences of other RPers. While I am not excessively strict about grammar, proper spelling and punctuation are essential in RP.

❧ I do not discriminate when it comes to adding people to my list, but please refrain from adding me solely for the purpose of increasing your friend list.

❧ It is important to note that RP and RL are separate entities and should not be conflated under any circumstances. Any interest or relationship between our characters does not imply a desire for a real-life relationship.

❧ I have a zero-tolerance policy for drama. While I respect your personal choices, I request that you refrain from involving me in any of them. Please leave it at the door.

❧ If you have any concerns or grievances regarding my actions or statements, I encourage you to approach me directly. Avoid spreading rumors or speaking ill behind my back without giving me the opportunity to address the issue.

❧ Please refrain from using my pictures without permission. Many of them are edited or gifts, and I have put effort into creating them. If you find a picture you like, feel free to ask, and I can provide you with the original copies or create edits for you.

❧ Messaging should be reserved for private matters or out-of-character discussions. In-character stories should take place in the comments section, unless there are technical issues preventing this.

❧ God-modding and autoing are not permitted.

❧ Please do not kill off my character without obtaining my consent first.

❧ I strive to be as active as possible, but please be patient as replies may take some time. Real life obligations can sometimes interfere with RP, but I am understanding of such circumstances.

❧ Above all, remember to have fun in RP!

❧ Real life always takes precedence over role-play.

Disclaimer: This RP profile does not represent Alyson Hannigan. Poison Ivy is the property of DC Comics and DC Universe, and I do not claim ownership over them.

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