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Updated story for my character

In the beginning

After the world had been created and God had created humanity and Lucifer was cast into Hell the fallen angel decided to create a race of his own. Humans were deeply flawed creatures and he sought to create the perfect race. He created the Ing. The first Ing was nearly formless but Lucifer soon realized it had the ability to adapt to its surroundings and survive almost anywhere. He decided to give it the ability to procreate and within a year there were a hundred Ing. They were primitive and seemingly frail but Lucifer sensed the deep seeded, primal rage that emanated from them and for the first time he was afraid. He knew this would ensure humanity's destruction but they wouldn't stop there. They were a threat to all existence, especially given their ability to possess other beings, taking over their mind, body and soul. Thankfully they weren't strong enough to possess any truly powerful beings but the fallen angel would take no chances and cast them into the void.

In the darkness they crept. In the darkness they hungered

The Ing screamed in agony and rage as they were cast into their prison. It was another dimension, one of utter darkness and seemingly without end but it was also a barren wasteland and the only living things there were themselves. No hosts to possess, no lives to extinguish. They were meant to be the perfect weapon of war and their purpose was denied to them by their creator. The darkness ate at them and every day was a struggle. They should've died in the void but instead they integrated with it. They bared their teeth and swore one day they'd return. With red in their eyes.

Eventually they adapted to their new environment, though they'd never again stand in the light of day as the first born Ing had done. They soon learned to take basic quadrupedal forms along with others and soon began to divide into warrior, hunter and worker castes. It was at this time the first born Ing formed the hive mind that would link them all. They were one. But it also learned how to form portals. It couldn't sustain them for more than a few seconds but it knew that would change. The darkness is patient and the creatures multiplied.

Lucifer's second attempt

Lucifer had learned his lesson and when he created demons he gave them the secondary purpose of being able to kill Ing while at the same time, being immune to possession. But for now they would fight Angels. The demons formed a hierarchy of their own but they had a natural love for battle and competition could be fierce among them. Lucifer knew they were the perfect army and knew that unlike the Ing, they knew when to stop. Demons had a capacity for mercy, honor and even love and so, he prepared for his long war with Heaven.

The war between Angels and Demons

When Hell attacked the gates of Heaven the Angels were initially caught off guard but the Arch Angels proved to be fearsome opponents and drove Hell's Legions to Earth. The open warfare continued across the world and humans were frequently caught in the crossfire. But both sides also realized that humanity had the unique ability to choose a side. Good or evil, Heaven or Hell and both sides tried to get them on their side. Hell also formed their own knights, the equivalent of arch angels and again they were at an impasse.

Eventually the war proved fruitless and both sides realized the only real losers were humans, their homes destroyed, their loved ones burned in divine light or hell fire. They agreed to a truce but both sides kept agents on Earth to monitor one another. It was at this time other beings were coming into existence. Vampires, Lycans, ghouls and others. Some, like vampires were capable of sentient thought but others were nothing more than mindless beasts.

The rise of Lemuria: Humanity's protection.

Humanity needed protection from roaming packs of Lycans and other supernatural creatures but Heaven and Hell saw it as beneath them but they decided on a compromise. They found the very best of humanity and Heaven created a home for them that would also serve as a gate to Earth. Hell was prepared to give them the gift of magic but the Angels knew how destructive and corrupting it could be. So Hell gave the new Lemurians the souls of willing demons that would bond with their own. They would remain human for all intents and purposes but wouldn't suffer the effects of old age, disease and were as fast and strong as any demon. More than a match for anything they'd reasonably end up fighting on Earth.

The Angels sought to balance the fact that they were essentially half demon and ingrained in them a deep sense of empathy for humans. "We bleed as they do. We mourn as they do and we love as they do. That is why we fight for them and if need be, die for them." Was the first proverb they heard and it was passed on from generation to generation.

Lemurians soon became known as fierce, skilled warriors but they mostly stayed away from humanity, preferring to aid them from the shadows. The fact that most humans had no idea supernatural creatures existed only aided their efforts. Most were warriors but Lemuria had its share of scholars and philosophers.

Lemuria established itself as a monarchy but a democratically elected one. The people would vote once every two years.

The return of the Ing

In the year 1900 The Ing had gathered an army large enough to wage their war. They had been able to secretly abduct other beings to serve as hosts and by this time the first born Ing or Emperor Ing as they called him had created his queens. Leaders of his legions. They had free will but were unable to disobey him and one named Celosia who possessed the only known demon-angel hybrid would rise up to become second in command. As the swarm began probing Earth they discovered Lemuria served as a barrier and they learned about this race of defenders of humanity. Humanity numbered in the millions. They were physically weak but they could use magic and could serve as a mass source of hosts for the Ing. Plus, they had no way of defending themselves from being possessed. But first they would have to deal with Lemuria.

When the Ing first tried to possess a Lemurian they found that the demon in them would simply rip the Ing to shreds on a cellular level. At first this disturbed the Ing but it soon enraged them. Their original creator had made a new race solely to kill them it seemed and they swore they would destroy Earth, Heaven and finally, Hell. The Angels, likewise had no defense against Ing possession.

1940 began and the Ing gathered outside the gates of Lemuria. The Long Siege had begun.

The Long Siege
The Ing flung themselves at the gates again and again and Lemuria had no idea what these strange creatures wanted but they were prepared to defend themselves and they struck back with impunity from behind their wall, aided with human technology they had acquired over the centuries, though they still mainly fought with their trademark blades of demonic energy.

It took forty years (1980) but the gates finally fell and Celosia took the field, leading the dark swarm personally. Despite their best efforts the Lemurians were outnumbered, though they inflicted losses on the Ing that horrified even them, even if only slightly. As their defensive lines fell one after another Celosia showed her skill in battle but also her cruelty. There was grace and nobility to her step. A beauty there but her eyes held the apocalypse. There was no hint of compassion or mercy. Her voice remained steady even as her words sent a chill through her enemies. When her hybrid wings spread wide, dark energy struck down all who witnessed it. But there was one she grew to hate.

Novelek Mactovish was a young man, barely 20 years old when the Ing had finally entered Lemuria itself but had quickly proven to be a skilled leader and warrior. He had been at every defensive line and Celosia soon noticed he would be the last to leave and even engaged her in battle alone a number of times. He showed no fear and had managed to fight her to a stale mate numerous times. Time and again their blades met. Novelek was a master of pressing the attack, driving his opponent back until they were exhausted but Celosia held her own and her nine bladed whip gave her the advantage of range. Each seemed to move on its own and could entangle a hapless victim while another flayed and skewered their friend alive beside them. Neither seemed to tire and a stalemate was common until Celosia called for her legions to overwhelm any remaining defenders and Novelek learned quickly that it was best to retreat when the sky grew dark.

After 20 years of war Lemuria realized they couldn't hold on any longer they began evacuating survivors, taking a portal to Earth even as Novelek held off the Ing with the remaining warriors. Again Celosia appeared and Novelek held her off, his blades keeping her trademark nine bladed whip that had skewered and decapitated so many of his friends and loved ones at bay. His wife and child had escaped to Earth and he soon followed them. The portal was sealed behind them and as the Ing stood upon the broken bodies of friend and foe alike they realized they had been cheated of victory. Lemuria had fallen but many of their kind had escaped.

The battle hadn't been without cost though and the Ing strengthened and reorganized their legions. As powerful as the queens were they could seldom issue commands while fighting a skilled opponent at the same time, Celosia notwithstanding. Sub-commanders were needed and would issue command from their queen to the warriors. They had individual personalities as the queens did but weren't as powerful.

The Ing prepared for the next phase and to finish what they started. Earth was wide open now and Celosia would again take the lead and her efforts in the ensuing hunt and purge would cause her name to instill terror. It was at this time the queens began shrouding themselves in Lemurian cloaks as both mockery and reminder. A mockery towards their fallen foes that screamed triumph. It was a reminder that the darkness was eternal and the swarm all-consuming.

The Hunt

The Ing eventually found their way to Earth but realized they'd need hosts to survive there. The queens would be on their own for the most part and forced to take mostly human forms but if the surviving Lemurians thought this would give them the advantage they were mistaken. The Ing queens hunted the survivors relentlessly and by the time Celosia and Novelek met in battle again Lemurians had been almost driven to complete, utter extinction. The Ing Queens were acute at tracking them and frequently ambushed their prey in the middle of the night.

She resorted to using a debilitating Ing poison and while he managed to keep fighting he knew he'd be dead by night fall. His wife and child were in hiding and he had a plan that might put a stop to the Ing. As he lured Celosia and her legion into an ancient chamber deep underground he activated a machine that demons and angels had constructed. When it activated it cast the Ing back into their world and for all intents and purposes locked them back inside.

And this is where Steven's story begins.

06/22/2017 04:05 PM 

RP Ideas

1.She's the princess of a kingdom (human or elven work well) and while she's out all alone my character finds her. He's the commander of a demon scouting party from hell sent to gather information on her kingdoms strength. She doesn't know he's a demon and he seduces her, revealing himself afterwards. He makes her a deal that he'll spare her kingdom if she agrees to be his queen. Years later they return to her former kingdom to conquer it and her people are shocked at what she's become.

2. Her and her family are some of the original vampires and my character (He's a demon) is brought to her family as a child to hide him after Lemuria falls. They grow up together and are put into an arranged marriage even as they fight in the war against the Lycans who inadvertently unseal the Ing. (this would take place in modern times and they'd both age slower once they hit a certain age)

3. She's a witch and is found by a demon sent to protect her while they hunt down and destroy other evil creatures. They soon discover they've been lovers in her many past lives (she's died multiple times but is always reborn with her memories erased) and after the first couple times Hell has recalled him and erased his memory but they always find their way to one another. She won't die in the rp, that's just backstory.

4. She's a famous Asian k-pop star and model (can be non Asian too) on vacation in Hawaii. She meets my character and he seduces her. They spend the rest of their vacation together and when she returns home she finds out she's pregnant and tracks him down. They'd decide on where to live together but while away from one another they realize they've fallen for one another.

5. It's 2017 but the Axis powers won WWII and America and Canada agreed to a truce though they still carry out commando raids and the like, my character being one such commando. Steven is sent undercover shortly after enlisting in the military due to the fact that he speaks fluent German and his father pulls some strings. He lives in Germany for the next five years and enlists in the military, becoming a German paratrooper. He discovers the existence of an all female group rumored to be a military unit/ CIA type agency and is ordered to infiltrate them. he aids them in various missions and gains their trust but finds himself falling in love with one of them. Likewise she feels an attraction towards him and begins questioning what her government and CO are doing (But keeps those thoughts to herself for obvious reasons) Eventually she finds out who he really is but instead of turning him in she demands that he let her help him and they secretly work to sabotage the organization as well as the German military in general.

6. They attend a college for higher beings (anyone but mundane humans can attend). He's a demon and she could be a witch or something along those lines. They fall in love after he seduces her but to their surprise she's become a demon herself and they've also become soul bonded. Afterwards they learn that a race of dark beings wants to destroy them so they can conquer the mortal realm and they have to deal with that along with their responsibilities as students.

7. This is an RP based off of the TV Show The Tudors. He's sent back in time to warn Anne of her fate and what will happen if she gets involved with Henry VIII. They fall in love and are together before she ever comes to court and by this time she's become a demon herself and his queen. They're soon forced to make sure history isn't messed up by the Ing in return for fate allowing them to be together. (This is a work in progress)

8. This is mostly for Final Fantasy characters but can work with any sort of mage or summoner. She finds an artifact at a strange shop run by a strange merchant who sells it to her for next to nothing. After she accidently breaks it a demon (my character) is unsealed and she quickly tries to assert control over him. He's having none of it however and agrees to help her in battle and protect her but in return she must agree to submit to him. Worse still is the fact that when he's summon her powers are locked and he can choose when he wants to leave.

9. Ahri's performing at a concert and my character is there but isn't really interested in her music. He finds her very attractive though and he decides to have some fun with her by teasing her as she performs (using telekinesis), seeing if she can continue to focus even while her arousal grows. By the time she goes into heat he decides to get up on stage and have his way with her.

10. He's a demon hunter in the days of the Roman Empire and encounters a demon that appears as a beautiful young woman (She's also Liliths daughter). She seduces him into sleeping with her and by the time he realizes she's a demon it's too late. His soul is corrupted and the demoness attacks him with an overwhelming number of demons. He dies and goes to Hell but is able to keep his body. He's tortured but learns that pain can be a teacher and eventually overcomes it. He fights a demon that agrees to merge its soul with his and he gains the ability to change between his human and demon forms. Him and the demoness find themselves falling in love and they're sent to the human world to form an order of humans infused with demon blood and tasked with protecting the world from the Ing who have been unsealed by this time.

11. Crime RP. The city she and her family live in is basically under control of four different crime families with her father being the boss of one. A new gang starts to move in though and only adds to the ongoing war between the families and civilians are caught in the crossfire on a daily basis

Steven is a special forces operator and is asked to go undercover and join her family as an enforcer, helping them wipe out the other three families and then dismantle hers while feeding as much evidence on them as possible. When they meet he's given the job of protecting her, accompanying her to clubs, etc. They dislike one another at first but slowly warm up to one another and begin sleeping together. She eventually finds out who he really is but decides to help him since she starts wanting out herself and she finds out she's pregnant.

12. (Sci-Fi idea)

In the year 2217 earth has prospered and unified, taking over the rest of the solar system as well for its rich resources. Humanity has also evolved to the point that 1% of the population has begun to show signs of psionic potential. These psionics become the basis of the United Earths special forces. Mars is also formed as a colony after finding advanced technology and it soon becomes a sister world to earth. Equal yet different. Mars produces far more advanced weapons and technology than earth and forms the back bone of the Sol Empires military but Earth produces some of the most advanced starships the galaxy has seen and forms the SE's navy, though hyper space is untested. As the largest, most advanced ship earth has ever produced is preparing to launch the Sol system is invaded by an alien race: The Ing.
Earth is quickly invaded and burned and its military crushed.

13. Steampunk/fantasy idea
Steven is throw into a giant steampunk based city by a mysterious force. Unfortunately he appears inside a massive bank vault shortly after a robbery has taken place. Your character is on the scene and when she finds him in the vault she arrests him, thinking he's part of the gang of bank robbers despite his protests. Later, she visits him in the maximum security prison, hoping to turn him and get his help with arresting the other robbers. She's oblivious to the fact that he's a demon and he decides to humor her and help her on one condition: He wants her. She reluctantly agrees and he proves to her that he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and he becomes her partner after his name is cleared even as she slowly becomes a demon herself. What happens next can be any number of things.

14. Grail War idea
Every 100 years a secret war is fought between humans that can bind their souls with demons, angels and warriors of the past. The winner gets to make a wish upon the holy grail and can either lead the world to salvation or destruction. MC has been training for the grail war only recently and YC is the co-heiress of a powerful family that wants to win the tournament. YC and her younger brother have been training all his life for the tournament. What she doesn't know is that MC and YC were put into a secret arranged marriage though neither of them know it. MC and YC (along with her brother) would start off as rivals. The Ing also secretly enter the tournament.
15. Foreign exchange student
She's an exchange student from Sweden and Shelby's cousin (same age roughly). She transfers to the university in Canada where Shelby and Steven attend to keep him distracted while Shelby tries to destroy his sisters future career (law school) he doesn't know about Shelby's criminal connections but she doesn't know he's in the military. Shelby also doesn't count on lily falling in love with him. She also has no idea about Shelby's criminal connections. She's very intelligent, beautiful, confident, calculating, seductive and ambitious. But deep down she's actually a good person.

16. Rivals and forbidden love
He comes to a very prestigious university in South Korea and she's essentially the rich queen bee of the school. They immediately dislike one another but she's curious about him since he's a foreigner. They fall in love after a new years eve fling which is frowned upon in the country (interracial relationships aren't illegal but very frowned upon) and struggle to keep it a secret. Her friends would dislike him too at first but one friend in particular would hate him out of jealousy of the two and seek to ruin the twos relationship, eventually seeing her former friend as a rival. He eventually gets her pregnant and she decides to go with him to Canada (his home country) She'd be starting to model when they met too and her career would slowly take off.

17. From school Evil to actual evil.
she's the queen bee of school and my character is a demon. He sees how evil she is (in a high school way) and asks if she's ready to go from high school evil to actual evil. He seduces her and she becomes a demon herself and they work together to slide Riverdale towards damnation.
(This idea would work best with either Regina George (Mean Girls) or Cheryl Blossom (Riverdale)

18. Cosplay
she's a famous cosplayer conned into doing a very steamy photo shoot with a guy. Afterwards they spend the rest of his vacation together and by the end of it they've fallen in love. They meet again a few weeks later and he's undercover protecting a VIP's son.

19. Cosplay with fantasy
He's a fictional character in a fictional game and somehow ends up being brought to life by a mysterious force. She's a cosplayer and a big fan of the game MC is in. The two meet and she teaches him about the modern world.

20. She's a singer (or she can be a college student) in modern times. My character is from the past and after discovering that she knows magic (her powers are dormant but can be awakened any number of ways.) he seduces her and takes her back to his time after the two fall in love. He tells her that at a certain point magic and mythical creatures were destroyed by an unknown, evil force. That's why they don't exist in the modern age. Other stuff will happen but the overall premise is them trying to bring about a better future.

21. she's a sweet, shy secretary that keeps her job after the company is bought. She's expecting more of the same from the new CEO but she's shocked when he steps into the office. He seduces her and the two slowly fall in love.

06/22/2017 04:04 PM 

Modern Character Variant

Steven is in his mid to late 20's and serves in the Canadian Forces as a member of Joint Task Force 2. He's trained in assault and direct action tactics and has basic knowledge of mechanics and explosives. He has extensive knowledge of tactics and can usually manage to keep the enemy off balance and guessing what he'll do next.

His weapon of choice is a customized C8 SFW carbine with a kimber night warrior as his side arm of choice. He's also skilled in close quarters combat.
Steven is trained in HALO, HAHO jumping and combat diving.


Kimber Night Warrior:

06/22/2017 04:03 PM 

Fantasy Character Variant

Steven wasborn and raised in Lemuria (a different plane than the human world, heaven, hell, etc.) Lemuria served as a sort of barrier to the human world to protect regular people from outside forces. Lemurians were a race of long lived humans that were chosen by Angels for the task of protecting the human world from any outside forces, their souls were merged with the soul of a dying demon soon after they were born to put them on more even footing with the creatures they would be fighting.

For centuries Lemuria stood as a barrier until "they" came. The Ing swarm were a race that came from a world of darkness and wished only to destroy everyone and everything. Soon after being able to create portals on their own the Ing found Lemuria and tried to enter but failed, so began the long siege.

For 50 years the Ing pounded the gates of Lemuria to rubble and entered the kingdom, the Ing then proceeded to conquer the kingdom and slaughter all inhabitants. However, some did survive and escaped to the human world to hide. (Steven was a few weeks old when Lemuria fell)

Two years later, one of the Ing queens found him and his parents, killing his mother and father but before she could kill the boy a demon stepped in and took him to hell, teaching him how to fight because hell knew that they couldn't afford to ignore the Ing but they were too busy fighting heaven. So the boy became a man, training for the next 23 years to become a knight of hell.
Steven was born and raised in Lemuria (a different plane than the human world, heaven, hell, etc.) Lemuria served as a sort of barrier to the human world to protect regular people from outside forces. Lemurians were a race of long lived humans that were chosen by Angels for the task of protecting the human world from any outside forces, their souls were merged with the soul of a dying demon soon after they were born to put them on more even footing with the creatures they would be fighting.

For centuries Lemuria stood as a barrier until "they" came. The Ing swarm were a race that came from a world of darkness and wished only to destroy everyone and everything. Soon after being able to create portals on their own the Ing found Lemuria and tried to enter but failed, so began the long siege.

For 50 years the Ing pounded the gates of Lemuria to rubble and entered the kingdom, the Ing then proceeded to conquer the kingdom and slaughter all inhabitants. However, some did survive and escaped to the human world to hide. (Steven was a few weeks old when Lemuria fell)

From here the path diverges but his parents are deceased.


1. Demonic Empathy: Steven is able to befriend hellhounds and other hellish creatures with little difficulty. (he can commonly be seen with two hellhounds for this reason)
2. Weapons Talent: Steven is able to wield most weapons with ease.
3. Demonic Attributes: Steven has the strength, agility, etc. of demons. He'll have stopped aging physically by age 30.
4. Unable to learn magic. He can use some scrolls 
5. Flow Walking: Steven is able to look back at past events as well show others. He can't alter events but can alter someone's perception of them.
6. Demon Form: Stevens demon form is used for most of his more powerful abilities but doesn't last very long yet, as such he tries to finish the fight as quickly as he can.

The Ing swarm number in the millions and work like a hive mind, the emperor being in complete control but he also created 10 Ing queens to command his armies more effectively.
Each queen has possessed a powerful being, the host being either willing or unwilling, but the hosts soul and mind are long gone.
The Ing Queens:
1. Shelby (human, witch)
2. Leah (human)
3. Scarlet (Vampire)
4. Alexis (succubus)
5. Bella (werewolf)
6. Natalie (fallen paladin)
7. Kaylee (angel)
8. Celosia (Demon/Angel hybrid)

The other Ing can possess other beings as well, dragons, angels, etc., Demons are immune to Ing possession and if attempted, the demons soul will simply rip the Ing apart when it enters its body

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