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October 4th, 2022

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June 22, 2017



09/25/2022 07:02 PM 

Corey & Celina Scene

Corey stood on the pond with Celina as they skated along the ice slowly, each using telekinesis to make sure they didn't slip. Celina smiled and held her arm around his neck, Corey's arm around her waist. "Thank you for trusting me and also for not letting your dad blast me into oblivion when he thought I was...well her." Corey nodded. "You're my true mate. My dad doesn't hate you. Celosia just left a lasting impression on him that's hard to shake."

Celina nodded, giggling as he spun her gently. "Things have been so messed up for me a long time. But I feel like with you I truly have my second chance at starting over." Celina smiled and began to sing. "Can you help me find my way. I've been lost for so long. I don't even know where this went wrong."

Corey grinned, knowing the song. "Find strength to armor me. To face my enemies. A whispered draining plea. Can you help me find my way? I've been lost for so long I don't even know where it went wrong Can you help me? Can you help me?"

The two came together as they sang in harmony. "Ohhh caustic are the ties that bind. Like barbed wire, taut and fine. Tied around the wrists that plead. Crimson for the dark to feed. Caustic are the ties that bind." The two fired a blast of demonic and angelic energy that lit up the sky above them.

Celina giggled and squealed as they fell into the snow bank, Corey landing on top of her softly. "You did that on purpose!" "I did not!" He kissed her lips deeply.

09/22/2022 03:53 PM 

Steven vs Kaylee: Heaven is brought to its knees

Kaylee smiled and dropped the wounded Angel off the ledge and Steven narrowed his eyes at her. "You'll regret that bitch." "Will I? Does the Lemurian care about what happens here today? Heaven never cared what happened to Lemuria." Kaylee let her large, black wings spread wide and Steven noticed she had two holes in her cloak for them. "I never thought I'd be fighting another of your kind." She stared in realization. "Novelek's son. This will be a treat. If you get by me you may follow Celosia."

Steven ignited Shadow Wrath and his Shoto, the former transforming into its spirit form, becoming solid. A piece of demon scales grew from the side of the hilt, growing and flexing to cover Steven's right forearm to just below his elbow. His demonic aura flared up after his cloak disappeared and his eyes turned demonic yellow. "Your move, Kaylee." 

Kaylee smirked and raised her Dawn Shredder, firing the minigun at full power. The bullets of dark energy flew at Steven and he was forced to block with Shadow Wrath's flat. He lunged at Kaylee and swung, batting her weapon aside only to have her release the weapon and in her hand appeared a sword. She blocked his follow up swing and gasped as the force of the blow sent her stumbling back a couple steps. "I see how Leah and my other sisters fell to you. You've become strong in a very short amount of time."

Steven was about to respond when his danger sense screamed in his mind to move. He threw himself back and watched as blasts of dark energy flew past him. Kaylee's Dawn Shredder was still very much active. He caught Kaylee's swing on his blades and shoved her back hard, swinging again to force her back further. Down the long, golden hallway they battled. Steven spun on his heel and swung Shadow Wrath, pulling back quickly and stabbed his Shoto downwards to stab at Kaylee's shoulder only to have her spin on her heel before flipping away.

Steven leaped to meet her, staying on her and continued his barrage of swings, slashes, feints and occasional kicks. All in an effort to keep Kaylee on the defensive. His aura was doing its job of deflecting the blasts that came from the Dawn Shredder as it flew about ten feet above Kaylee, switching to the left or right sides of the road seemingly on its own.

He kicked Kaylee in the chin hard and brought Shadow Wrath up to finish her off. Kaylee roared and punched him across the face, sending him stumbling back. Both panted softly and looked at the other. "One minute." Steven said." Kaylee nodded. "Take it then."

A minute later the battle commenced and Steven was again on the offensive, only breaking his concentration to follow Kaylee up to the next level. He blocked her swing from behind and kicked her back, swinging again, shoving her against the wall when their blades locked. His grenade launcher was in his left hand a second later and he fired. The resulting explosion of demonic energy sent Kaylee to the floor in a heap and she gasped as Shadow Wrath was driven through her chest a second later.

Steven swung and slashed her Ing soul in half when it emerged. The expected explosion he expected never came and instead he saw Kaylee standing there in spectral form. She smiled. "Thank you."


06/01/2022 12:10 PM 

Corey & Celina's classes at the CFSB

     Formal Classes

Angelic Studies (Celina)
Battle practice classes
Weapons training
Defensive techniques
Magic & Weapons


05/26/2022 11:01 PM 

Dramatis Personae

This is mostly to keep track of all the characters Steven and Linnea meet. More to be added

Friends & Family
Desmond: Steven's uncle. Retired Hell Knight 
Shinoku Sengin: Steven's bond brother. Shadow demon
Mila Sengin: Shinoku's wife/mate
Jason Nilsson: Cousin of Linnea. Ruler of the kingdom allied to Nilsson kingdom. Dragon-human hybrid
Olivia Nilsson: Jason's wife

Children (Generation 2.0)
Mactovish Children
Corey Mactovish (18) Steven & Linnea's oldest son
Matthew Arranis (18) Lemurian, Corey's best friend
Amy Mactovish (15) Steven and Linnea's oldest daughter
Rivka & Bethany "Beth" Mactovish (10) Steven & Linnea's twin girls
Dean Mactovish (age 13) Steven & Linnea's Youngest son

Sengin Children
Adam (18) Shinoku and Mila's son. Demon. 
Katie (17) Shinoku and Mila's daughter. Demon. Adam's younger sister.

Nilsson Children
Liam & Levi (18 & 17) Jason and Olivia's sons

Harris: (18) Lemurian. Friend of Corey's, Kelsey's true mate

Kelsey (18) Angel. Celina's best friend. Harris's true mate.

Celina Everice (18) Demon-Angel Hybrid. Uzor's daughter


Lucas: Headmaster
Giles: Librarian and mentor

Shepherds Ministry

Fenris: Director of the Shepherds, Liz's Husband
Mia: Linnea's assistant


Liz: Owner of the magic shop. Friend of Steven & Linnea, Fenris's wife.
Alex: Bartender and owner. Information broker for Steven.



Raziel: Angel


Lilith: Ruler of Hell. Mother to Steven's demon


Christopher: Human. Rescued by Steven from Vampires


Uzor Everice: Rogue mage. Celina's father.


05/24/2022 08:51 PM 

Steven vs Lycan nest: 2 years after the Ing war

Steven entered the warehouse and smiled to himself. The Lycans hadn't noticed him yet. With any luck he could rescue any civilians inside and then deal with the Lycans afterwards. He pulled the hood of his long black cloak up and let his shoto fly into his left hand with telekinesis, moving silently as he crept up behind the Lycan. It was a crazy idea slashing their throats as he had seen in movies. 'Something only a Lemurian would try and succeed at.' He mused, igniting his blade and yanked its head back, dragging his blade along the creature's throat, the blade of demonic energy burning through its flesh, muscle and bone. Shadow Wrath was in his other hand a moment later, burning through the second Lycan's chest and upwards through its brain as it ignited.

He made his way deeper into the warehouse, surprised it was so big. What was even more was surprising was how far underground it went. He decided it didn't matter, spotting another Lycan charging him as he was halfway down the stairs. In a second he flew past it with a kick of his feet, bisecting the Lycan as he landed and spun on his heel. He sensed another behind him and thrust backwards, letting it impale itself on his blade then finished it off with a blast of dark energy that ripped most beings apart at a cellular level. It was a horrific way to die and he seldom used it but the bastards deserved it he figured.

He pressed on and swung low as another Lycan charged him, slashing its leg off at the knee before beheading it with a flick of his blade. As he saw a particularly large Lycan emerge from the shadows and to his surprise it spoke. "You murdered my brother, boy. Now you die." Steven smiled. "The one laying in pieces right now? Yeah you'll be joining him soon." The Lycan roared and lunged and Steven threw himself into a back flip. He wasn't quite fast enough and skidded across the floor from the impact but rolled backwards to his feet, bringing one of his blades up to block the claw swipe at his face.

To his surprise the blade didn't simply shear through the Lycan's claw, sparks flying as the two made contact time and time again. Steven spun again, kicking the creature in the chest hard enough to cracked its ribs but that didn't seem to slow it down, simply sending it sliding along the floor to the opposite wall before hurling his shorter blade at him. It speared through its shoulder and the Lycan roared in pain, snarling at the young man as it tore the weapon free and threw it aside before lunging, fully intending on throttling the life out of him. Steven was ready for the next attack and slid aside the thrust of his claws, calling his fallen weapon to his hand with telekinesis. He pivoted quickly and drove both blades under his armpits and through the Lycans chest, arms crossed in front of him. 

The maelstrom continued but Steven let his demonic aura do most of the work, lashing out at, burning or shredding Lycans apart. When he spotted two kids hiding in a room he sensed they were the ones he had been sent to rescue. "I want you to run for the stairs when I say." The boy nodded. "I can carry my sister." Steven smiled, nodding. "Good boy. Now." 

He watched the boy run for the stairs, keeping pace with them by quite literal leaps and bounds and every time he landed a Lycan died. Whether by blade or blast of energy. As they returned to the surface he spotted two Shepherds waiting for them and nodded. "Get them home. Check their memories and wipe any traumatizing ones." One nodded and smiled. "Pretty good, Mactovish." He shrugged. "It's what I do. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a wife and kid to get home to."

His thoughts drifted to Linnea. 'On my way home, my love. Corey up from his nap?' He smiled to himself as Linnea responded that their son was in fact awake and missed him. He had taken to fatherhood shockingly easily. He had matured into a skilled warrior, had defeated the Ing swarm alongside his wife and their friends and while most had taken a break or simply sat back to enjoy the peace they had fought for and won that fire still burned in him. That desire to fight and protect.


04/17/2022 09:20 PM 

How Corey met Celina

Corey walked into the large high school, heading to his locker before he'd have to get to his first class. As he came around the corner in the hallway he bumped into a girl about his age. She had long, dark red hair, a petite figure and about 5'3" She wore a black dress under her coat. Corey scowled at her. "Maybe watch where you're going." The girl gasped and glared at him. "You bumped into me you jerk!" Corey rolled his eyes but helped her up, not saying another word to her as he walked to his locker. He had a weird feeling about her.

Corey sat in class and groaned to himself as he saw the girl walk in. The teacher told her to go ahead and introduce herself. "I'm Celina Everice." She walked over to Corey casually, her heels clicking and sat down beside him. Corey looked at her and muttered under his breath. "You just had to sit here didn't you." Celina rolled her eyes. "You should be nicer to me, Corey Mactovish." Corey stared at her for a moment. He wondered how she knew his name but shook his head. "Whatever. This is English so not too difficult." "Yes, I'm aware." Celina replied.

Corey walked outside after school, heading to a secluded place where he could open a portal but sensed he was being followed. He spun on his heel and saw Celina. "Okay what's your deal? You've been following me all day. Yet I noticed you didn't speak to anyone else unless spoken to. So I doubt you're looking for friends, unless I'm just special to you." Celina smiled. "You are special to me, Corey. You're my true mate. Ask your demon."

Corey stared in disbelief as his demon confirmed it then shifted his attention back to Celina. "So what, you wanna get to know me?" Celina sighed and walked over to him. "For the son of the Soul Bonded you sure don't pay attention. I'm asking you to hear me out while I tell you everything about myself."

Corey sat on the bench and looked at Celina as she sat on his lap sideways, one arm behind his neck to keep her balance. "Is this necessary?" Celina giggled. "Maybe not but you're comfortable." Corey scowled but kissed her lips suddenly, feeling sparks go off around them and electricity travel up their spines. He was thankful he sensed Celina was just as surprised. After breaking the kiss slowly he looked at her. "Wow." Celina smiled. "That was amazing." "You're not some kind of succubus are you?" Corey asked and Celina giggled. "No. I am a Demon though and an Angel. I'm a hybrid. A perfect blending of both."

Corey looked at her. "Wait, like that woman that joined the Ing swarm. My dad killed her and ended them." Celina nodded and smiled. "I take it back. You're very insightful. I'm her reincarnation actually. Your father made a wish that she'd come back as a better person after killing her and so I was born. Whether I'm a better person or not depends on who you ask. But I will never betray you or your family, Corey."

Corey nodded and looked at her. "Let's just hold off on telling my parents for now. If they see you they might freak out or jump to conclusions. But I guess you're my girlfriend now huh." Celina smiled and rested her forehead against his. "I'm anything you need me to be." "Do you live near here?" Corey asked and Celina smiled. "A few blocks away. You can walk me home in a few hours if you'd like."

Corey watched Celina walk about ten feet away from him after they had stepped onto the field. Everyone had left the school for the day by this time so the two were alone. He watched her make a series of movements in front of her with her hands and he stared as a bow made of pure energy appeared in her hands. Celina smiled. "Your turn." It was her turn to be surprised as Corey ignited his blade in his left hand. "Your dad gave you Shadow Wrath?" Corey laughed. "Yeah right. He helped me make this though." He wondered if Celina might know why a second orb of light had entered the hilt after he had forged it. The first had been a demon he had asked for the final part of the ritual required to make the weapon work.

Celina smiled. "I haven't fought any real opponents. But I also haven't fought anyone like you." Corey nodded, knowing it was the same for him. He had seen his father fight a few times, had sparred with him plenty but this would be his first test against someone else.

Corey leapt at Celina and swung, knowing she'd likely try to shoot him in midair. He knocked the arrow of energy aside and brought his blade up, ready to block another arrow if it came but also force her to give ground. Celina spun on her heel as he landed, blocking both Corey's attacks with her bow as it came apart, forming into blades. She smiled and threw herself backwards as Corey began his assault, backpedalling quickly as she parried each of Corey's downward strikes. She knew he'd never hurt her but she didn't dare try to block his attacks. The energy behind them was strong enough she'd probably end up on her knees. It was safer to redirect them away from her. It was easy to see a lot of Steven's moves in his foot and blade work but Corey's seemed to flow together more.

Celina leapt into the air and fired two arrows quickly, watching Corey flip away from the first one and it exploded, leaving a small hole in the ground. She gasped as he deflected her second arrow back towards her and she landed on the ground. Celina slid aside Corey's slash, tripping him and giggled when she heard him curse before rolling back to his feet. "Stop holding back." Corey rolled his eyes. "You're one to talk."

Corey continued deflecting Celina's arrows and lunged before she could blink. His demon told him she would flip backwards three times and he smiled, moving behind her just as she came to her feet the third time. "Pretty good. But you forgot I have precognition just like you." Celina nodded. "I didn't realize you could lunge that fast." Corey shrugged and kissed her lips deeply before she could continue, hiding a chuckle beneath her giggle as she  melted into the kiss. A second later she jumped up into his arms. Corey caught her easily but rolled his eyes. "Warn me next time." Celina smiled. "I always wanted to do that." He felt her legs wrap around his waist and her arms wrap around his neck. Corey carried her to the bleachers, sitting down with her.

Corey walked home with Celina as it began getting dark. Celina looked at him. "I know things are...complicated but just remember this. It's something my mother told me. We're in this together. So come whatever may. Tomorrow is a new day." Corey shook his head and smiled. "You're amazing, Celina. I love you." Celina smiled, her cheeks turning red. "I love you too." Corey walked into a secluded area and made a portal. He didn't know how his parents would react to Celina but he knew she was his true mate. That was all that mattered.

04/14/2022 08:34 PM 


posts are out of order regarding the Ing queen fights. Reorder after they're all written. Change Scarlett from a Vampire to something else (maybe a Nymph) and Alexis from a succubus to something else (maybe a human mage) write those two up next.

04/14/2022 07:27 PM 

Steven vs Leah

Steven and Linnea entered Hell after learning Leah had been sent there to cause a civil war due to her being an anti-christ before the Ing possessed her. He knew that unlike Shelby, Leah had fought against Lemuria. Fighting her would be more difficult, even with his increased power from the cave.

As they reached a platform that sat at the mouth of the large river of lava he saw Leah waiting for them. Her long, black cloak around her shoulders almost looked too big for her. But Leah and her sisters had evidently taken them from prominent Lemurians they had killed, wearing them as a reminder that they had triumphed against their most bitter foes.

Leah smiled at them, her eyes glowing red. "The last Lemurian. You can't imagine how this feels. I only fought your father once unfortunately but fighting and killing his son will be just as good." Steven shook his head. "Why fight us at all?" Leah chuckled. "You really don't know? We were created by Lucifer to conquer existence. Then he sealed us away and created demons since they proved to be easier to control." "Less unhinged you mean." Steven retorted and Leah snarled. "If we're unhinged, it's because our creator made us so." Steven had to admit she wasn't wrong but he wasn't about to tell her that. "Let's get this over with."

Steven leapt across the chasm to where Leah stood, swinging Shadow Wrath and was surprised when her scythe appeared in her hand. Leah blocked his strike and cartwheeled away from Steven even as he continued to advance towards her, swinging and slashing at her defences, her scythe carving through the air at unpredictable angles. Steven was forced to stop his advance when Leah suddenly sliced towards his legs, smiling when he blocked low. "Good. If you're ready to continue then follow me."

Steven watched Leah backflip off the platform and land on a cliff that ran along one side of the lava river. He leapt after her and ignited his shorter blade, powering up Shadow Wrath to spirit form. He swung as he landed and Leah spun her scythe to block, sending a kick at his chin. Steven caught her by the ankle after letting his shorter blade disappear, slamming her into the side of the cliff. Leah snarled and punched him in the gut hard, kicking him away with a snap kick. "How dare you."

Steven smiled as he got back up slowly. "I figured you'd enjoy that." Leah glared and leaped at him, swinging in a wide arc and Steven was forced to block with both blades. He shoved her back and began to press his offensive, both blades working in harmony as he swung, parried and pivoted as needed. He batted Leah's scythe aside and slashed her across the cheek with Shadow Wrath.

Leah screamed with rage and flew at him, her scythe slashing along the ground before slashing up towards Steven's chin. He flipped back and swung, knowing Leah's momentum would bring her up above him and she could bring her scythe down on him like a guillotine. Instead his swing her off balance and she was forced to stop midswing and reverse. If not for the Ing in her she wouldn't have even seen the danger. He threw a blast of telekinesis at her and sent her to the ground where she rolled a few times before slowly rising to her feet. "That wasn't very nice. Now I'm gonna have to make you regret that as well."

Steven blocked again and batted Leah's own strikes aside and continued to meet her attacks time and again. He rolled backwards when Leah launched a ball of dark energy at him, coming back to his feet and swung Shadow Wrath as Leah's scythe lashed out. He drove his shorter blade through her shoulder, slicing through it and sent her scythe spinning into the air. A second later he cleaved through Leah and her Ing soul.

Steven smiled at Linnea. "Two down. Six to go."

04/05/2022 09:31 PM 

Steven vs Shelby

Shelby smiled as she watched her dragon continue to attack Linnea's barrier while Shinoku was forced to fight wave after wave of warrior Ing. Shinoku slashed one in half then a second, third and fourth only for a fifth to send him smashing into the wall of the canyon with a beam of dark energy. Shinoku let out a demonic roar as he blasted the warrior Ing to pieces. He was holding his own but he was growing tired. But he knew the only reason Shelby hadn't killed them was due to Linnea's barrier and his own efforts at keeping Shelby's legion at bay.

Shelby cackled. She had them. Shelby let out a battle cry as she flung Shinoku into the ground with black lightning, looking up at Linnea and smirked wickedly. "Now for you, princess. How long do you think you can keep your defenses up?" She sneered.

Just then Steven emerged from the cave entrance, Hell Hounds flanking him and he had shed his cloak. His awareness had increased tenfold and he could see the weak points of the warrior Ing, the Ing Sky Scorcher and even Shelby's dragon. Shelby stared in shock but also fear when she saw him and a moment later she screamed. "Kill him!"

The warrior Ing turned their attention towards Steven and more appeared. He could see Shinoku was alive, despite being nearly overwhelmed. With a demonic roar he let his aura flare up, shredding the warrior Ing as they leapt at him, with his hounds tearing the remaining ones apart. His grenade launcher appeared in his hand and he fired once then twice, blasting the Sky Scorcher to pieces.

A second later Steven's scythe was in his hands and he flew at the dragon, slashing through its beam of dark energy before slashing through the dragon itself, blades raking down its length before he descended back down to Shelby at a controlled rate, as if he was gliding. The dragon roared a death cry before exploding, little bits of the creature raining down to the bottom of the canyon. Steven looked at her as she snarled, murder in her eyes. "You son of a bitch!"

Shadow Wrath and his shorter blade appeared in his hands and ignited. "Leave now Shelby. You're outmatched." Shelby screamed in rage and swung her claws at him, intent on tearing him apart. Steven blocked her strike and shoved her back, sliding aside her next two strikes easily and landed a punishing blow on her stomach, cracking her armor.

Shelby fell to her knees, coughing purple blood and glared at him. "I hate you." "You hate that you chose the wrong side, Shelby. You hate that I'll never forsake the bond I have with Linnea, least of all for you." Shelby screamed and unleashed a blast of black lightning at Steven, snarling as he knocked it aside.

Steven knew he had to end the battle quickly, sensing Linnea's exhaustion. He flew at Shelby, meeting her strikes with his own and after slashing her bone-like wings off he drove Shadow Wrath through her back, ripping it free and spun on his heel to cleave her Ing soul in half.

The sonic boom that followed Shelby's death sprayed dirt and ash all over and Steven looked away as her body burned away. He picked Linnea up in his arms bridal style and smiled, glancing at Shinoku as he made his way to them. "You both did great. More than you should have had to. I'm sorry I took so long to leave the cave."


03/31/2022 09:41 PM 

Her Eyes Hold The Apocalypse (Steven vs Celosia)

Steven found himself in Lemuria after he and Linnea had reached Heaven's portal chamber. There they found Celosia waiting for them, standing at the top of the steps of the ruined castle. Her hybrid wings spread wide and her long, dark red hair fell down her back freely. "Well, if it isn't Novelek's spawn. You've made it further than we ever thought you would. Bested my sisters in every battle. But I won't fall so easily."

Before he could react, Steven was sent crashing into the wall behind him, two of Celosia's tendrils on her nine-bladed whip embedded in his shoulder. Steven winced in pain and Celosia smiled. "If you're done screaming in agony we can begin." Her tendrils withdrew and Steven got up slowly. 

He ignited Shadow Wrath and his shorter sword, letting his demonic flare up after tossing his cloak aside, tapping into his dual channeling ability, and smiled as Celosia looked slightly surprised before her smile returned. Her black aura flared up violently. "It isn't quite the same as your ability but I doubt you'll notice a difference." Steven looked at her. "Then let's begin."

Steven flew at Celosia as her tendrils struck, dodging them and swung wide, both of his blades in working harmony with one another as Celosia set her whip on him. He blocked two of her tendrils with Shadow Wrath before stabbing his shorter blade at her chin, forcing her to slide back from the attack. Celosia leaped back and sent her tendrils towards Steven in a barrage from multiple directions, watching him dodge and block each. He leaped at Celosia again, driving her back with each downward strike and spin. He pivoted quickly again, batting aside a tendril aimed at his back but was forced to break off as Celosia increased the speed of her strikes, landing on a nearby piece of the road.

He panted softly and looked at Celosia. He understood now how she had managed to slaughter the average Lemurian single-handedly. He wasn't simply fighting one opponent. He was essentially fighting ten. But he also knew her whip lacked the power of a sword or other completely solid weapon.

He was ready for Celosia's attack, punching her across the face when she landed beside him with frightening speed but she returned the favor with a knee to his gut, flinging him into the ground and followed up with a blast of dark energy. When she saw Steven rise she snarled. "Die damn you. Just die!" "After you bitch." He retorted.

He threw himself into a backflip that sent him over Celosia, shoving her back when she blocked his swing on landing, slashing one of her wings while taking a stab to the knee in return. He drove Shadow Wrath upwards, forcing her back again, and switched to his dual-bladed scythe, the weapon allowing him to continue his momentum. Celosia was forced back time and again as she blocked and parried with blinding speed. As she realized she had her back quite literally to a wall she slid aside Steven's next strike, kicking him into the wall and forcing him to block every one of her strikes she had ready, slashing him across the arm, torso, and leg.

Steven managed to stab her in the arm and thigh with Shadow Wrath and his shorter blade before she could stab him through the chest, watching her leap away, her wings stretched out to slow her descent. Steven winced in pain but pushed it aside. He flew at Celosia again and swung both blades, managing to overload two of her tendrils when they blocked and he sent her down the street with a kick to her side.

Steven spun on his heel, blocking three of her tendrils but was tripped by a fourth, rolling backwards to his feet as Celosia fired another blast of dark energy, watching him leap over it. He flew at her when she flew into the air again, sending her crashing through a wall with a kick. Celosia snarled and picked herself back up, lashing out with her dark aura as Steven did the same with his own. Both continued to move faster and faster as they took hit after hit. Steven slashed one of her wings and took another slash across the chest in return. A few minutes later the attacks ceased and Steven looked at her. He knew he had her now. Celosia was gradually getting weaker and though he was just as injured, Steven was outlasting her.

He watched her charge a large blast of dark energy, cursing to himself as he hadn't realized her energy reserves exceeded even his own, even if only slightly. Steven charged his Nightmare Inferno quickly and fired, flying at Celosia afterward and slashed through her tendrils, wings, and finally Celosia herself, coming to a stop behind her.

He watched the dark portal begin to collapse, sensing the remaining Ing were in a panic as they died immediately or were driven insane. Steven looked at Linnea. "This might sound crazy. But as I killed Celosia I wished for her to come back as she should have. It's not her fault she was seduced by the wrong side. We did it, my love. The future is ours." He rested his hand on her stomach softly, sensing their son's faint presence. "Ours and our children's."


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