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04/10/2024 02:59 PM 

Make A Wish

Regina of course had many children and this meant many birthdays. With Henry she had been able to spend so many wonderful birthdays with him, with her new twins she felt confident there'd be many happy birthday celebrations ahead. But, one child she had not gotten to celebrate with was Adrian. 

 For so many years mother and son had been apart, Regina unaware he was still even alive. This would be the first birthday they'd celebrate together. Years of Adrian celebrating with others, Regina celebrating the birth of her son alone and in mourning. This time it would all be different.

 Normally Regina was not one to just throw a celebration ball for anything however, her son's birthday was different. A large celebration would be held at the castle, all invited of course. It all went off perfectly and soon the time came for Adrian to blow out his candle in front of everyone.

 Was he a bit old for this? Yes, perhaps. But for Regina, it was such a proud and happy moment. To see the son she thought lost to her years and years ago here, healthy, happy, and turning another year older.

 Standing by she watched as everyone congratulated Adrain,  a few urging him to light the candles so that he could make a wish. Smiling Regina just took in the sight for a few moments.
However, when one of the servents handed Adrian a match so he could light his own candles Regina leaned forward, making the matches disappear. "No. That is my job." She warned playfully. Waving her hand she lit all the candles ontop of the cake with ease.

 "Now make a wish." Regina said and looked to Adrian. She loved him so dearly. She wanted the best life for him, she wanted him to be happy. Like with Henry, and hopefully like with her other children, she'd have many more birthday celebrations with Adrian.

 She watched as Adrian closed his eyes and then blew out all the candles surely making his wish. Once done everyone again cheered, and congratulated the prince, and then the servants began to cut and serve the cake.

 Moving closer to Adrian she couldn't help but smile and place a hand on his shoulder. "Happy Birthday dear." She said and gasped smiling even more as Adrian hugged her, thanking her for all of this meaning the celebration.

 Sighing happily Regina hugged him back, holding him for a moment before reluctantly letting him go so he could finally have some of his own birthday cake.
Make a wish
"Happy Birthday Dear."

04/04/2024 07:04 PM 

ωєℓℓ ∂σηє.

Well  Done
Regina had been married to the King for a few years now and their union had yet to produce a new royal heir. This of course was due to the King and his schedule. He was rarely home to spend any time with his wife and when he did bed her he was usually drunk and it rarely ended well. However, there had been a few times between them as husband and wife that hadn't been quite so horrible. And from one of those times finally resulted in what the King wanted. Another child.

With the King having just arrived home he received word that his Queen wanted to see him and that it was urgent. Hearing this brought the King dread though he put on a good face and went to see Regina. Currently, she was in her gardens waiting for him. She turned when he called out to her.

"My Queen!" He said sounding cheerful for a moment. "What do you want?" He said sounding much more less enthused. Looking upon her husband Regina gave a roll of her eyes before looking back to him. Her eyes studied his face, his form. Yes, he was not a man she'd have ever chosen for herself. Though he was now the father of her child.

"I have news." She said softly glancing down to her stomach. There was just the slightest bump beginning to grow beneath the fabric of her dress. Placing her hand against it she looked to him. "I'm pregnant. We're... we're going to have a child your Majesty." She said, her breath caught as the King moved closer and placed a hand on her stomach. "A child?" He whispered looking down before to Regina.

Looking up into her husband's eyes this was the first time in years she had seen him, seen some sense of happiness, some sense of approval in her. "A child." She repeated before moving her hand up to rest on his cheek. Leaning in she kissed him. While the kiss might not have been one of true love something within Regina urged her to kiss him, to willingly kiss him.

Her marriage to the King was far from ideal, was far from this fairytale romance many thought it was. But here in this moment Regina finally felt something for him. He had given her something, a child. She was going to be a mother because of him. And for that, she finally felt something, not quite love but something.

The kiss continued for a moment before the two broke apart finally. Leopold stared down to Regina before nodding and giving a slight smile. "Well done." He said before finally backing away from her.

04/04/2024 06:38 PM 

яσуαℓ ωє∂∂ιηg

 Royal Wedding
King Leopold's marriage to Princess Regina, a young woman who was in fact young enough that she could be his daughter. From the start, many had cautioned the King from marrying. If not for her age but for who her mother was. Cora was well known to all and while no one would speak out publicly against her it was well known what she was, and surely what her daughter would one day be as well.
Regina felt as though she were suffocating despite being in a very open room. Beside her stood her mother, the other side of her the King.  The snugness of her dress, the sounds of the waiting people surrounding them. Regina was lost in this moment, consumed with terror. How did she get here? At the altar with King Leopold? About to be his wife? And Snow White's new mother? This wasn't what she wanted. Who would want this? To marry an old man, to mother his petulant child?

Regina was snapped from her thoughts when she felt the tug to her hand from her mother. Everone seemed uncertain for a moment. The priest in his reluctance spoke again. "Do you Princess Regina take the King to be your husband? In sickness and health? For better or worse? Till death do you part?"

Regina's eyes remained locked on the priest before her. She wanted to bolt, she wanted to shove her mother and the king, kick off her heels, rip off her dress, and flee from this place. But she couldn't. Suddenly everything stopped well.. not stopped but slowed down. And inside her head, Regina could hear her mother's voice.

"If you do not marry the King you know what will happen, Regina." Turning Regina looked down to her father. While he was smiling his eyes gave away the pain he was in. Cora was doing something to him. "If you do not marry the King your dear Daddy will die and it will be all your fault, Regina. What will you do?" Cora's voice asked.

Regina felt a pain in her hand, she looked down to the hand her mother held. Cora was digging into Regina's hand, quite literally forcing it. Everything around them resumed normal speed. Looking to the priest Regina smiled. "I do." She said softly.

Her smile remained spread across her face though tears swelled in her eyes. Most might assume she was just a young bride overcome with happiness on her wedding day. But in reality, Regina was terrified. Terrified that if she didn't do everything correctly her mother would take her father from her, he was all she had left now. She had to do this. She had to be good and do everything she was told by her mother and the King. This marriage couldn't fail.

The wedding ceremony went off perfectly. Princess Regina became Queen Regina, wife of King Leopold, and mother to Snow White. Everyone thought that Regina would surely have a fairytale life with her new husband and daughter, surely a whole new happy chapter of her life was about to begin. Little did they know this was only the beginning of a very painful and unhappy chapter in the many of Regina's life.

04/04/2024 06:11 PM 


"What's your name?" The other girl asked. Slowly sitting up more in her bed the younger smiled. "Regina." She said before looking toward her mother Cora as she spoke. "I am going to go tell your father and brother the good news. Would you mind looking after her Zelena?" Asked Cora. Of course, Zelena, the older of the two girls nodded. "Yes ma'am." She said before looking back to Regina.

"Are you alright now?" She asked. Regina nodded "yes. Thank you.. so much." She said before heaving a soft sigh. "I should have known better than to touch mother's things." She said looking to Zelena. "She must have warned me a billion times." She said dramatically causing both girls to laugh.

It didn't take long for the two girls to continue chatting, occasionally giggling over the conversations as most young girls would. For over an hour, the two were left alone to talk. Both lay on the bed now, Regina's head resting on Zelena's stomach. The two girls already had become incredibly close.

"What's it like being a princess?" Asked Zelena. Regina only shrugged her shoulders. "It's lovely.. I suppose." She said glancing up to the other girl. "I'm not much of a princess deep down. But.. mother insists on the finest gowns.. toys... everything." Regina said with a sigh. Zelena only rolled her eyes and smiled. "What about your father? Does he spoil you too?" She asked playfully.

Smiling Regina now nodded "yes but.. when he does... it's different. Mother always has an agenda. Daddy just likes to be kind. He's the best father." Regina said before continuing. "What is your family like? Your father?" 

Zelena's smile soon faded as she looked down. "... My father doesn't like me much. I'm nothing but trouble to him. And my mother.. she died over a year ago. She sick and I wanted to help with my magic. I was sure I could. But my father wouldn't let me near her at the end and she died."

Now sitting up Regina took Zelena's hands. "I'm so sorry." She said almost instantly. Zelena looked up as Regina expressed her condolences. No one had before done that. "What was she like?" Regina asked. Through a few tears Zelena smiled. "Kind and funny. She could always make me laugh." Zelena said before sighing. "She was the only person to love me."

Nodding a little Regina smiled. "Well perhaps mother will let you stay. And you can find love here. Bet my Daddy would adopt you. I suppose I could share him." She said playfully, Zelena only rolled her eyes and grabbed a nearby pillow smacking Regina with it. For a few moments, the girls playfully batted at each other with pillows before now lying side by side.

"We could be like real sisters." Regina said glancing to Zelena. "That is if you wouldn't mind having a brother as well. Reagan is.. a boy." Regina said, Zelena only laughed. "I'd like having a sister... siblings. Even one that's a boy." She said before smiling. "It would be nice to have a family that loves." Zelena said. Smiling Regina took her hand and squeezed it reassuringly. She was sure that even if her parents didn't actually adopt Zelena they'd let her stay. After all, why couldn't she?

04/04/2024 05:32 PM 

ᴵᵗ'ˢ ᵐʸ ᴸⁱᶠᵉ!

"In two days, you'll be married. You'll be Queen. And everything will be as it should." Cora said, trying to persuade her daughter not to run away, not that Regina could anyway. She was truly stuck here in her mother's grasp and in just two days she'd be stuck at the King's side, practically imprisoned in his castle.

"Mamá.. I don't love the King. I don't want to marry him. I don't want to be a mother to Snow White. I don't want to be Queen. I just... all I want is my freedom. All my life, everything has been done for you. For what you want for me. And it's my life." Regina said. She watched in shock and disgust as Cora only laughed at her very heart-felt, true feelings.

"Silly girl. It's MY life. And you are going to do just as I say." Cora said. Frowning Regina glanced around. How had she gotten this far? Out of the castle, past the guards. Cora had wanted Regina to be distracted. An escape attempt was a distraction. But a distraction from what?

Looking back to her mother Regina spoke. "Where is Daddy?" She asked first. Cora only smiled "at the castle. He is fine.. for now." She said calmly. Regina's mind then shifted from her father to her brother. "Reagan.. where is he?" Regina asked, her voice trembling with concern and fear for her twin brother's safety.

"Reagan? My dear.. you are going to forget all about him. He isn't important anymore. Serves no purpose." Before Regina could protest in an outage Cora waved her hand and Regina fell to the ground. Kneeling above her daughter Cora removed memories, memories of ever having a brother much less a twin brother. She had already done the same to Henry, to anyone who had ever known of Reagan's existence.

Within moments Regina woke and with a terrible headache. Seeing Cora above her she quickly sat up though winced. "What happened?" She asked as Cora gently helped Regina to her feet. "You were riding that beast of yours.. and you fell. Oh, Regina.. you could have been hurt worse than just a bump on the head. This is why the King and I have told you to remain in the castle. We just want you safe."

Reluctantly Regina went with Cora back to the castle. In two days time, Regina would marry King Leopold, king of the Enchanted Forest and realms. She'd be his Queen and Cora would finally have what she always wanted for Regina.

04/02/2024 08:44 PM 

ᴵ ᵈᵒ ˡᵒᵛᵉ ʸᵒᵘ.

I  do  Love  you
Princess Regina, she led quite a privileged life. She wanted for nothing, she had the finest food and the prettiest dresses. Fine dolls made of porcelain, tea sets, toys, anything her little heart might desire. One thing she did not have was loving parents. She had one loving parent, her father Prince Henry. Henry doted on his daughter. He always made time to spend with her, to invest in her, and take the time to know and understand her. Regina's mother, Cora. She did not invest time like this within Regina. If Regina wasn't with her father Henry, she was left to nursemaids and nannies. Very little quality time was spent between mother and daughter. Even at such a young age, this saddened the sweet Princess. She longed for her mother's love and approval.

Though she longed for her mother's love, approval, and overall attention when she did have it Regina was conflicted and somewhat fearful. Cora could be kind sometimes but other times she could be cold, distant, and frightening to Regina. So having Cora's attention was bittersweet. While Regina wanted it part of her didn't.

Today was one of those rare days that Regina had a bit of one-on-one time with her mother. Instead of her nanny waking her for breakfast it had been Cora. It had been Cora who woke Regina, helped her dress for the day, and had breakfast with her. All this was so... strange. And the entire time Regina was uncertain. What did her mother want? She must have wanted something.

After breakfast, Cora took her daughter for a walk. Both of them loved the gardens and she hoped perhaps to spark Regina's speaking to her by doing this. "Aren't the flowers lovely sweet girl?" Cora asked softly. Regina walked beside her mother, holding her mother's hand.

"Sí mamá.." Regina said, whimpering when Cora stopped and tightened her grip on her hand. "What?" She asked again, in a sharper tone. Sighing Regina re-spoke. "Yes, mother. The flowers are pretty." She said quietly. Cora didn't particularly like it when Regina spoke Spanish, Henry's natural tongue.

Regina remained silent, Cora stared down at her daughter for a few moments before now letting out her own sigh. She wanted to spend time with Regina and connect with her as Henry did so effortlessly. She just couldn't. No matter how hard she tried. She and Regina were just too different, she didn't have the drive as Henry did to truly get to know Regina. She wanted Regina to be everything she wanted her to be.

Kneeling down in front of Regina, Cora spoke. Perhaps the most genuinely she had ever spoken to Regina so far. "I do love you." She said smiling slightly. She truly meant those words though she couldn't feel what they meant. Standing again Cora gently tugged Regina along. "Come dear." Regina did as she was told, following her mother, and spending the remainder of the morning with her. Trying on dresses, having tea times. All the proper things Cora enjoyed doing.

Later that day Regina would finally have time with her Daddy. She'd spend that time with Henry drawing, singing, playing, and running around the gardens happily, not caring if she tore her dress or not in the process. With Henry, Regina could be herself. With Cora, she could not. That was the difference between her parents.

03/22/2024 06:20 PM 

Regina & Queenie

"Take her away.. and hurry her along... the stench of  peasant is overwhelming." Said the Queen in a disgusted tone. Right now she was in control, Regina's consciousness was taking more of a backseat at the moment. 

"The smell isn't so bad. Why must you say things like that?" Regina asked, looking at her twin. All of this of course taking place in the faction of a few seconds and in her own mind. "We shouldn't do this. She probably doesn't know where Snow White is anyway. What would killing her accomplish?" Regina protested though her darker side kept hold.

The young peasant woman shouted out how she felt sorry for the Queen, that she pitied her, that if she had someone to look out for, to love she wouldn't do this, she'd understand.

Moving closer to the peasant woman the Queen smirked. "You know nothing of what I understand. Everything I do has a purpose. She dies, tomorrow. And each day another subject of mine will die until someone delivers Snow White to me, alive."

The peasant girl was ushered off by the knights. Regina looked away, overcome with guilt. If it were only her, she wasn't sure she could do such a thing. Filled with doubt about what had just happened the Queen took Regina's hand and smiled confidently. "Let's go dear. We should get back to the castle."

Regina far too weak at this moment to argue only nodded and was led away by her twin. Of course, Regina and the Queen were the same person, one person, one body. But two very different minds. Regina was gentle, kind, level headed. The Queen was brutal, direct, and hot headed. Together they made one very interesting person. 

02/29/2024 07:14 PM 

ᴴᵉᵃʳᵗ ᶠᵃⁱˡᵘʳᵉ

Heart  Failure
The new heart that Regina and her son had been trying to create for Graham had failed. To create a new heart was simply beyond both of their abilities and without a new heart Graham was at the mercy of fate. While he had returned to the land of the living his current heart was weak, since it had been the cause of his death previously. While he had the best medical care that modern medicine could offer it wasn't enough. At any time his heart could fail and there would be nothing to save him from having a massive heart attack and dying again.

He and Regina had received this news only a few hours ago. While it was discouraging for Graham he didn't seem to be outwardly upset about it, not like Regina. At home together they sat in the living room on the sofa. Graham was reading while Regina sat silently or at least she attempted to. Occasionally she couldn't help a soft sniffle and a quick wipe beneath her eyes. It didn't take Graham long to notice.

Turning his head to look at her he did just that, staring at her for a few moments before he finally spoke. "What's wrong?" He asked. Regina turned her head to look at him for a moment before scoffing softly and turning her head away, again wiping a few tears. "You're going to die.. and I can't stop it." She said quietly.

"Regina.." he began. "We're all gonna die one day.." he began before Regina cut him off quickly. "Right. Except your heart is going to fail you sooner or later and again you are going to.." tearing up more she frowned. "And it's my fault. It's all my fault." She said shaking her head.

"Regina I was given a chance to return. To make amends with you.. find my son... reunited with Henry and meet Adrian." He said moving to take her hands. "I was here to see the birth of our children. To know we finally had not one but two children. I've gotten to name them and know them. Even if I die tomorrow.. again... I have more than I could ever ask for. Shouldn't we make the most of whatever time we have?" He asked.

Regina knew he was right, they shouldn't be worrying and she certainly shouldn't be grieving something that hadn't happened yet however, she couldn't help but worry, she couldn't help but feel guilty. Giving her hands a gentle squeeze Graham smiled, Regina returned his smile with a weak somewhat sad smile of her own. She knew they should make the most of whatever time they had. She just couldn't stand the idea of losing him again.

02/28/2024 08:21 PM 

тнє кιηg

The  King
Regina's marriage to King Leopold, she rarely spoke of it. At this point in her life, why would she? The man had been dead and gone for years. And while she had a hand in his death and showed no outward, genuine grief in his passing things between them hadn't always been so terrible. The King had his good moments however, his marrying the child of his former fiance, that was something that would never quite be right.

The night before Regina's wedding there had been lots of tears from Regina. She begged and pleaded with her father and mother not to allow this wedding to happen. She didn't want to marry the King. She didn't love him and that aside he was a year older than Henry! Regina begged and pleaded, she promised Cora she'd marry a young aristocrat, someone of high standing, anyone of Cora's choosing. Just not the King!

Regina's pleas had fallen on deaf ears. Cora refused to stop the wedding and Henry? He was powerless to stop any of this. He wanted to rescue his daughter from this fate but he knew neither he nor Regina could stand against Cora and her plans. This wedding was happening whether Regina wanted it to or not.

Alone in her bedroom Regina stood on her balcony, crying quietly. Her cries could be heard through the castle since her room had no door. She was startled from her grief when she heard a voice, a soft voice. "Regina?"

Jumping a little Regina stepped back and turned. Seeing the King she instantly bowed in respect to him. "Your Majesty.." she said quickly and began sniffling back her tears and wiping her eyes. King Leopold simply stared at his young bride to be for a few moments before holding out his hand. "Come with me." He said in a gentle tone.

For a moment Regina was hesitant however, what could she do? She couldn't deny him. So reluctantly she took his hand and allowed him to lead her through the castle and outside to one of the many gardens. These gardens were in somewhat disrepair. 

"These parts of the gardens.. none of my servants can get anything to grow." He said glancing to Regina. "I've heard you like gardening. Perhaps.. after we marry these can become your personal gardens?"  He suggested. Regina was surprised by the offer but gave a slight smile. "Thank you." She said softly.

Regina stopped when they reached the center of the garden, there stood her apple tree, the tree she had left back at her father's home. The tree she had met Daniel under so many nights. Beneath this tree she and Daniel had shared so many moments. Moments she couldn't ever tell anyone about.

Once again Regina teared up and began to cry silently now. The King seemed uncertain to see her crying again. "I know you are hesitant to marry me Regina. But I am trying to make you happy." He said, his tone perhaps a bit gruffer now but still not angry.

Quickly Regina nodded, she couldn't be unappreciative. She was sure moving the tree here took some doing and she did appreciate the gesture. She was still just so sad. But she couldn't show that now. Forcing a smile she nodded "thank you, your Majesty. These.. are happy tears. No one has ever done something like this for me." She said softly.

She was surprised when the King kissed her. She wanted to pull away but she knew better. The kiss had been a surprise but surprisingly it wasn't awful. It just wasn't what she wanted. She returned the kiss though and this made the King smile. "You will be the perfect Queen." He said sounding certain in his words now.

02/19/2024 03:02 PM 


Despite how Regina often recounted her life married to the King, mothering Snow White it wasn't always awful. Yes, it was awful a lot. Mostly to do with the King, occasionally to do with Snow White. But there were rare occasions where Regina and Snow White had maternal moments. Between the two there was a sort of connection and understanding. But with it always being forced it so rarely showed itself naturally.

At the moment Regina was in bed. She had fallen down some stairs and she was recovering from the injuries she got in that accident. Most knew the truth, the doctors, the servants, the King. But the truth would never be revealed. Nothing that would tarnish the beloved King's reputation would be brought to light.

Laying alone in bed Regina cried quietly. Something she often did when she was alone. She no longer liked giving the King nor his servants the satisfaction of seeing her cry when they were around. Her soft sniffles were all that could be heard in the room until the sound of footsteps.

The steps were light so Regina knew who it must be. "Mother?" A soft voice called out. Quickly wiping away her tears Regina forced a smile. "Snow.. uh... what do you want?" She asked. With concern, Snow White moved to Regina's side. "You're crying? Are you in pain? Should I get the doctors?!" She asked hastily.

Quickly Regina shook her head "no. No Snow I'm okay. I just.. was hurting a little. But I'm fine." She tried to assure her. At the moment Snow White was now sixteen so she was slightly wiser to Regina and her lies. She was sure Regina wasn't alright but she couldn't understand why.

"Mother.. what truly happened?" She asked. Heaving a quiet sigh Regina looked to Snow White. "Stop calling me that. I'm not your mother. I'm not her." The two shared a look for a moment and Snow nodded in agreement. "What happened Regina?" She asked again.

Regina gave a bitter laugh before looking away. Frowning Snow White took her hand. "Whatever happened.. tell my father... surely he'll see whoever did it punished." Regina glanced at her and Snow's hands together for a few moments. She wanted to tell Snow the truth. Wanted to unload years of truths and traumas. But she knew she most likely wouldn't be believed and if she was? Snow White would lose the only parent she had left.

Holding Snow's hand Regina gently and soothingly touched Snow's arm. "Nothing happened dear. I really did slip. You.. know how high I like to wear my heels." The two shared a small laugh before they also shared a sigh. Both felt uncertain about the situation but what more was to be said?


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