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11/24/2021 03:42 PM 

Writing Prompt Wednesday

Writing prompt Wednesday-In accordance with the new Through the Valley of Shadows arc.

Writing prompt Wednesday- Tragedy.

"Out of every tragedy comes new strength."

Even though what i experienced on Boreth was for myself alone, I will share this. As a starfleet captain I believe wholeheartedly in service, sacrifice, compassion and love. Those under my command are my responsibility and a promise to fulfill an oath i made when I entered Starfleet.

And yes, I have seen what happens to me aboard the Republic, and I accept it willingly.

11/23/2021 07:07 PM 

The Prime Directive.

The Prime Directive

Protocol before we write. 

You are a Starfleet Captain. You believe in Service, Sacrifice...Compassion...and Love.  No!  I will not abandon the things that make me who I am because of a future I could not foresee for myself.
First things first.  I am not Anson Mount, Jeffrey Hunter, or anyone in the Prime or Kelvin Timelines who has played this character.  Nor, do I claim any affiliation to the Star Trek Franchise, or Gene Roddenberry who created this brilliant franchise. 

1. My version of Pike is extremely canon deviant, and i prefer to play him in the Prime Timeline.  I have nothing against the Kelvin timeline if you prefer it, but for my Pike...I'm not going to divert from this. 

2. Please, when messaging me for a storyline, please do not send a generic greeting, or message me with Hello, do you care to rp?  This is what the majority of us are on the site for.  Messages like this will be ignored, and depending on my mood at the time, you can be at risk of being deleted.  So with that said, and out of the way, when messaging me...if you have an idea of what you would like to see in a storyline, by all means, send me a brief synopsis of any ideas you may have. 

3.  Literacy-
it will certainly go a long way with me. And honestly, i do not limit anyone on how much they write.  If you're inspired, by all means write to your hearts content and don't worry about the length.  All i care about is having  things that I can respond to. 

4. Drama- unless it is agreed upon within the confines of a storyline, please, for the love of everything good, keep it away from my page.

5. Love interests- I am a single LI and i ship with chemistry-as i do on my alts....my Pike is in a commited relationship, and he will not deviate from that.

6.more to come as i see fit.  but this is certainly a start.

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