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05/08/2016 02:07 PM 

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Yes. I know rules are boring and unfair, 
but there are several things that needed to be cleared up.
SO, I'm sorry if you hate rules, but you're getting them now. 

001. Leave the bullsh*t drama off my page. 
I am not one to deal with petty sh*t at all, 
and considering I have been out of high school for awhile, 
I'm not going to tolerate teenage behavior. 
If there are any hints of drama  aimed at me or any of my friends,
I will delete and block you without warning. 
This is your only warning.

002. I currently work
and I'm also a college student with a long list of health problems,
so sometimes my replies can be a bit slow.
During these times, I will let everyone know if  I'll be busy.
I ask that you be patient with me when I'm dealing with this stuff. 
For the most part, I am a fairly active writer, so when I'm not around, 
it's because I really do have stuff going on.
My RL will always come before RP.

003. If  you send me a friend request,
I expect us to be writing/discussing/talking soon after.
This is pretty straight to the point, so I don't think I need to explain.
I am not just a number on your friends list.

004. Do not text talk with me when we're writing. 
Know the difference between your and you're.
This is my biggest pet peeve. If you type U instead of  "you", 
there's a good chance that I'm going to delete you. 
Or "their waiting there" instead of "they're waiting there."
I know at times mistakes can happen, but it still bothers me. 

005. Relationships.
Do not try to force your character onto mine.
I am all for relationships, but I like to let these things happen naturally. 
If your character is interested in a relationship with Tanya, then sure, go ahead; mention it.
But it would all depend on our writing and how that goes. 
Another thing about the relationships; 
I do not do multi-shipping, so don't try that with me.

More rules will come in the future, but for now,
sign your name or a GIF and let me know that you accept my set of rules.


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