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Gender: Female
Age: 30
Sign: Virgo
Country: United States

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February 06, 2019


06/10/2024 11:36 PM 


The Last Person In Hartsville

Bowie woke up early like she always did and went for a run with her dog Baxter. Hardly anyone was ever around when she went for a run. People enjoyed their sleep far too much to be up before the sun. She normally ran into a couple of people though, early rising workers starting their day. Only today she hadn’t seen them. She just assumed they were sick. After her run she returned home and showered and got herself ready. She made a coffee and some breakfast and turned on the news channel but she was met with a black screen. Bowie was extremely confused. The weather girl was normally doing the local weather somewhere in Hartsville, but not today. Bowie figured there must be a problem with the channel and shrugged it off and went to work. As she was driving through town it was very quiet, eerily quiet. There was nobody. “How is this possible?” She asked herself. Getting out of her car she tried different establishments but everything was locked and not a single person was inside. It was the same with the cafe. Bowie tried calling her friends but nothing. She went to the hospital and nobody was there. Now that wasn’t possible. Returning home she sat at the table with a glass of bourbon, thinking over everything. None of this could be real. What if it was some stupid joke... it wasn’t April 1st... but it still could be. “Ah screw it” Bowie said to herself. Bowie removed her clothes and walked back into town. The supermarket was still open so she walked through the supermarket and did her shopping. Drinking from the carton and eating things as she went around. She didn’t pay, bagged everything up and went on her way. Next up was skinny dipping in the lake, before a stroll through the park. 


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