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06/10/2024 09:54 PM 


We at Illicit affairs are a Twilight based rpg, we would like to see the verse thrive once more, we not only accept non canon characters, but we also accept genederbent characters from Twilight reimagined . Please read the rules before auditioning. 

ACTIVITY: We do expect for you to be active, as much as possible, as we would like to see this rpg thrive and help us in our quest to bring back the twilight verse to its former glory. We have a few things we would like for you to do for the rpg. We aren't going to force anyone to do anything, but 1x1s are on your time, we will have monthly drabbles and group storylines for you to do on here and on discord. Be sure to do one post of each and at the end of the month there will be a check. Please keep in mind we are a rpg so we want to be active. We understand real life is important, just let us know! 

DRAMA: We all know this rule, please no drama in the rpg, chat etc, we will remove you, before that, we'd like to talk first to get to the bottom of things. If you start any kind of drama you'll be given a warning. Do not bully people or judge people by who they love or race, we do not talk about politics etc...if you have a problem with someone or something? Talk to us let us know! Don't be afraid to reach out. 

ACCOUNTS: We'd love to see our rpg grow and expand also we'd like for people to add on accounts in the near future! If you would like to have more than one account? You'll have to meet your activity first! The first one for second accounts you'll at least need storylines and a Drabble, third account storylines drabble and group storylines and so on for third accounts. You'll need to make sure that you keep up with everything you owe have a owes list done etc...please make sure that the stuff will be done before the checks, if not, you can always do your previous owes from the last month for the new month if you haven't done it. You can have an account for only just this rpg because we want to avoid drama from other rpgs. 

FACE CLAIM: When it comes to major characters we at illicit affairs would prefer if you used the actor/actress cast in the movies but we will also alllow you to use a secondary face claim if you so wish to do some, when it comes to the more minor roles/ characters we don't mind if you use a completely different face claim, and not stick to the actor/actress of they appear in the movies.

GROUP STORYLINES: We will be doing group storylines for the rpg there will be a specific storyline for here and we will have discord and writing link for it as well! We will be doing different kind of mini storylines both au and canon to the books and movies, we will have a lot of fun ideas for everyone...remember you can do it on your own time, just let us know if you want to be skipped or not join at all. And if you have a group storyline idea of your own let the stuff know before hand please. 

HIATUS: Please let us know you're going on hiatus don't just leave the rpg or abandon the pages you have in here, we will try to contact you if you haven't been back, if you don't answer, we will have to reopen your account, you are more than welcome to come back if you do come back. Please keep in mind rl comes first we understand completely! Do not hesitate to take a step back mental health is more important too! Just let us know or update we will understand! 

AUDITIONING: Please make sure to audition with the muse you started with, we don't want people changing all the time, we want others to get a chance at the roles, if you ask to change early, you won't be able to do it unless you've done your activities for the month. If you wish to change? Let us know, and we will discuss. Please do not change with out talking first. If you audition, please make sure you read the rules and sign them. If you audition and don't get accepted please respectfully accept that you been denied, but you're allowed to reaudition if you want to, if you audition as well, please make sure it's for here and not another rpg. 

ORIGINAL CHARACTERS: We accept original characters, but we advice you to use someone different. It depends on who is using cannon faces, but we want to make sure no one gets upset for you using them. We understand shows have the same faces, also please make sure your role fits with in the multi verses we have, we don't want to make people feel left out, also make sure to do your own bio etc...we don't want people copying off each other. Please also if you're doing an oc role, be sure to ask if it's okay to for siblings or family members of cannon or minor roles. 

MULTIPLE CHARACTERS:  You are allowed more than one character within the rpg, but you must be active for least a month before asking to bring in another character, if you are already roleplaying a major role we ask that you consider roleplaying a minor role or possibly creating your own character if you prefer.,ie: For you are roleplaying Bella maybe you might consider take on the role of Kate or Victoria? 

DISCORD: We will be using discord for most of the events and rp, but we are also going to do site stuff too, but if you want more participation, discord is the way to go, we will be doing a lot of fun things and you can chat and hang out with your friends and write there too as well. We will do a lot of fun things and it will keep the interest going. 

REQUIERMENTS: We are not asking for a lot, just try to be active and participating in rpg things, you don't have to rush or do anything right away, but on your own time. At least 1x1 are mandatory, that can be in the form of either a starter or a reply, Weekly & monthly prompts, Drabbles, group storylines are not mandatory. 

Once you have read the rules and are ready to audition please, leave a gif in the comments of the person you are auditioning for or if you are on your phone leave a comment of the name of the character you are auditioning for along with your favourite quote from the saga . 

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