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June 23rd, 2024

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Gender: Female
Age: 27
Sign: Sagittarius
Signup Date:
October 26, 2020


06/09/2024 12:44 PM 

House Tour | Monthly Task 01

Home is where Nova feels the most safe. She has spent a long time perfecting every room to her favor. The home is a two-story apartment in Logan Circle. She was lucky enough to snag such a spacious abode. It's full of natural light, perfect for someone hiding from the dark. Her favorite room, though, would be the spare room. She converted it into her office and library. The plants bring joy and color into her day as she sits at her computer to go through emails and utilizes her drawing pad to work on rough drafts for her clients. Directly across, she has floor-to-ceiling bookshelves with more books than she will ever possibly read, but it brings her comfort to be surrounded by them. The large windows provide her with all the natural light her heart desires, and the armchair is the comfy throne she needs to get lost in another world.


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