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"I'm not 'Amy The Star', I'm 'Amy The Girl With The Guitar'."


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Gender: Female
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Age: 28
Sign: Virgo
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06/09/2024 06:40 PM 

[Introduction to the real Amy]

Born Amy Jade Winehouse on September 14th, 1983, in the London neighbourhood of Southgate, Amy impacted the music industry unlike any other during the dawn of the 21st century. She disliked the music she heard on the radio; it angered her. Her debut album, Frank, took off when she was just shy of twenty years old, with the help of hip-hop producer Salaam Remi. It sold millions of copies but limited Amy's popularity in the United Kingdom and parts of Europe. It was a level of fame she was more than okay with handling. It wouldn't be until the album that followed Frank that her life would change forever.

So, she began writing her own. Lady Gaga, Adele, Sia, and many other female vocalists credit Amy for their success. When Back To Black was issued to the United States in 2007, a year ahead of its UK release, it reached #1 in dozens of countries worldwide. Its top single, "Rehab", was played everywhere. It was like nothing else at the time; it was a fusion of R&B, soul, and jazz that had never been heard. It is a homage to Motown and 1960s girl groups with a modern touch. Then, the music industry began seeking young female talents like Amy.

This reiteration I am writing is set around 2007. Hardcore drugs had not entered her lifestyle yet, and neither did her infamous old flame, Blake Fielder-Civil, who married her and took part in her downfall but used his wife's riches to feed his drug addictions and bringing her down with him by acquainting her with heroin and crack cocaine. The superstar's life put immense pressure on Amy, and her control freak of a husband added more. He cut her off from her friends and family, and none attended the wedding; they were just Blake's friends.

In real life, she did pass away on July 23rd, 2011, at the young age of twenty-seven. Contrary to popular belief, she had been sober of crack and heroin for three years. However, it was her alcoholism and malnutrition caused by her eating disorders that led to her accidental death from alcohol poisoning. Unfortunately, a reckless soul like Amy could not go without being looked after for two days. She was recording her third album, which was never finished, and a few tracks appeared on the posthumous record Lioness: Hidden Treasures. 

Amy was not just a music icon but a fashion icon. Her immaculate tattoos, exaggerated winged eyeliner, cat-eye, wild beehive wigs, occasionally androgynous fashion sense, and outspoken attitude would leave their mark. Her music was purely about her personal experiences with life and relationships, told in whole truths, which didn't sit well with some for a singer to hang out their dirty laundry. Talents like Adele did better commercially because they were less honest and accurate than Amy.

So far, writing stories about what her life could been had it made a more positive turn is an exciting experience. Sometimes, I forget she left the world over a decade ago and would have been forty years old in 2023.

Unfortunately, the biopic released in 2024 did not show a precise perspective of Amy Winehouse. I was very disappointed that the film focused too much on her demons (primarily her abusive relationship with the infamous Blake Fielder-Civil), made the men who failed her look good (such as her father and her husband, Blake), and had little focus on her music. There are also too many fictitious bits and inaccurate events. Crucial people in Amy's life were left out or barely touched upon. Her best friend Tyler James only had one short scene; Mark Ronson, who produced Back To Black, was left out. Nick Shymansky, her first manager, is just kind of an a**hole instead of her good friend like he was in real life. The whole thing infuriated me. It was a cash grab, plain and simple. The idea of an Amy Winehouse biopic, in general, is tasteless. She was exploited enough throughout her life. To top it off, she is a difficult person to portray well.


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