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06/08/2024 11:35 PM 

Written In The Stars - Drabble

Aurora Waverly Stackhouse, affectionately called “Rory” or ‘Rora” by her friends, was the daughter of Bon Temp’s very own Sookie Stackhouse. Don't ask who her father is, Waverly has no idea and every time the subject is brought up Sookie will avoid it like the plague. From the moment Aurora was born, Sookie had made the conscious decision to keep the truth from her, to hide the Faerie within her. If anything, Sookie was hoping that it would keep Aurora safe but really it just made life complicated for herself. You see, Faerie children, even those that are half, begin to manifest their abilities throughout their childhood usually starting around age five. That was roughly when Aurora slowly began to listen in on other people's thoughts. Aurora just thought it was something everyone could do, it came as naturally as breathing to her. As she got older, she slowly came to the realization that she was anything but normal. Sookie spent her time hiding each new ability that Aurora presented, coming up with ways to logically explain different things that happened… but on the night it was Aurora’s twenty-second birthday, there was no denying the powers that manifested.

December 25th 2021

The night had started out like any other, Aurora sighed softly as chocolate hues watched out the window of Merlotte’s Bar & Grill patiently waiting for the night to come to an end. As much as she loved the fact that she had a job, working on your birthday wasn't exactly what she had in mind. “If you’ve got time to lean young lady you’ve got time to clean... Com’ on, the sooner we get this done, the sooner you can go home” Aurora’s Aunt Arlene said, giving her a gentle pat on the back. Despite the name on the Bar and Grill, Arlene Bellfuer and her husband Terry were now the owners of the bar. They had kept the place floating when Sam and most of the original staff had to leave during the pandemic. They had been hurting so badly for help, that Sookie offered up Aurora in her place. Rory didn't mind, she loved her Aunt Arlene and this gave her an excuse to leave the house. Aurora loved her mother, but the leash she had been holding onto so tightly was beginning to choke her. “I know Aunty, I'll get started on the pool table area,” Aurora said with a small smile as she grabbed a rag and headed over to clean.

Four very annoying hours later and Aurora was finally getting off the clock. Arlene and Terry wished her goodnight as she walked the bag of trash over to the dumpsters. With a small frustrated grunt, she lifted the bag and tossed it in listening for it to hit the bottom with a smash. A small cringe came from her at the sound, broken glass had always been one of those sounds Aurora couldn't stand. Shutting the lid she grabbed the purél hand sanitizer from her purse and started over toward her mother's yellow Honda Civic circa 1981. Aurora was honestly surprised the damn thing even still ran, it was well past its prime and she would be lucky if she could get it started on the first try.

 ‘snap’ the sound of a branch crunching behind her made the blonde stop in her tracks. She brushed the loose bits of her golden hair back behind her ear as chocolate hues searched around her. “Hello? Is someone there?” She asked, turning so her back was facing the car. Subtly her free hand began reaching for the pepper spray her mother had given her when she first started working at the bar. ‘Can never be too careful, even the nicest man can be turned into a fool once that liquor is in his system' her mother would always say.

“get in the car” a soft whispered voice carried by her ear. The hair on the back of her neck stood on end as she took slow deep breaths. The only sound in the air was the sound of her heart beating rapidly in her chest. The pounding in her ears made it incredibly hard to focus as her body entered that 'fight or flight’ mode. ‘Flight’ won her over and without much hesitation she quickly turned and grabbed the door handle only to be yanked back and tossed across the parking lot. Aurora let out a pained scream as she flew across the gravel landing on her back. The wind knocked out of her as she tried to catch her breath, no human man should have been able to toss her like that.

“F u c k i n g  vampires..” She grumbled under her breath before quickly pushing to her feet. Chocolate hues watched the half-crazed vampire as it seemed to be fighting with itself on whether or not it wanted to attack Aurora. Its eyes landed on the blood that trickled down the side of Aurora’s head from where she had kissed the gravel a few moments ago. Another round of panic set in as Aurora quickly wiped it away. “Do NOT come any closer or I swear to god” Aurora said as she held up the pepper spray. 

It was at that moment that Aurora noticed her hands began to brighten, light danced across her fingertips, and slowly began to creep up her arms. The only way to describe it was as if the galaxy itself had begun to wash over her tiny frame. As if the stars knew she was special and needed to be protected. The light in her palms began to brighten, and Aurora couldn't help but drop the pepper spray. “What are you?” The vampire asked as it watched in disbelief. “I'm a waitress..” Aurora said with a small smirk. She moved on instinct and allowed every ounce of energy she had to flow from her body to her hands. everything moved in slow motion as the light brightened so much it looked like Aurora had gone Supernova. 

The impact of her light not only tossed the vampire back, but it actually set him on fire. The force of her power slightly knocked her back on her a s s once more as she watched in utter disbelief. The light that had once brightened her entire frame slowly faded until it was completely out. “What the actual f u c k was that?!” Aurora squealed, kicking her legs as she scrambled to get back to her feet, looking at her hands. The golden-haired beauty for the first time remembered she was still outside the bar, and almost instantly looked around to see if anyone else had seen her. With a small sigh of relief she grabbed her purse and booked it back over to the car, starting it (thankfully on the first try) she slammed on the gas pedal and started toward her house. Her mother had so much explaining to do.


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