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LoveLouise and Lestat, they were quite the couple. A match made in heaven or maybe hell, depending on the day of course. Sometimes the lovers had good days and other terrible ones filled with arguments, screaming, and throwing things. But through it all, they had each other. And the beginning of each morning they kissed, made their peace and sometimes even shared a coffin. They were in love.󠀠
How does it work? Love between two men? Claudia once asked Louis simply out of her innocent curiosity and the oddity of their current family situation. Happily, almost bashfully, Louis answered back just as simply. It works like love. That answer never really settled well with Claudia. Love? She had never truly known love before being turned. Her mother and aunt hadn't been married. While her mother had been kind to her she was never sure it was out of love. Her aunt had never been kind to her, there was no mistake of love there. The first time she had seen love, considered, was with her parents.

When she had first been turned, when she was still just a child she'd giggle when she saw them grab for each other, or when she walked in on an awkward moment of them kissing. Seeing her parents happy was what made her happy. However, as she grew and began to understand the gravity of their relationship. That beneath the surface it wasn't as warm as she thought it was her perception of love began to change.

When she was young she wanted to have love like Louis and Lestat. To find a mate and to be happy. But when she began to understand the dynamic more she wanted it less and less. It wasn't that she wanted love less, she wanted a love of her own, one less toxic than that of her parents. When she had met Charlie she had found that. Oh he was the sweetest man she had ever met. And he was handsome! He drove her mind, body, and heart wild with desire and love! She assumed it was that passion that led to his demise. That night there in his carriage. If she had just taken more care, had more control of herself! .. It was the past now though.

With Charlie gone, Claudia had never felt so disconnected from life itself. And it didn't help to be surrounded by her parents. The turmoil of their relationship only pushed her further away. One moment they'd be like lovesick fools, the next at each other's throats. Sometimes nowadays she preferred them that way, arguing. Because to see them happy stirred a jealousy in her, a dark streak of herself she didn't care for.

One night she casually strolled up the stairs of the home she shared with her parents. No longer did she skip or run around the house. She did give a little knock, however, as she always had, to alert them she was coming.

Before going to her own room she stepped into theirs to say goodnight, kiss her Daddy Lou goodnight, and give some sort of nod to Lestate. She stopped in the doorway though when she noticed her parents kissing, sharing an intimate moment. She should have felt happy, to see them this way. But instead, all that bubbled inside her little chest was rage.

Hadn't they heard her knock? Well.. Louis hadn't. Lestat on the other hand broke the kiss and turned to meet Claudia's gaze giving a small smirk. He had wanted her to catch them stealing this moment. Louis cleared his throat and tried to pretend like what had just happened hadn't. 

"Claudia.. ready for coffin babe?" He asked. Louis expected Claudia to kiss him goodnight as she usually did but tonight she only nodded. "... Night Daddy Lou.. Lestat." She said, his name a bit colder as she left the room.

Alone in her own room she slammed her door, drew the curtains, shut the lights out, and then crawled into her coffin, closing the lid. She hated Lestat. Part of her hated Louis too. Why? Why did they have each other and she had no one? Just the memory of a lost love and his bloodied shirt she had kept. Sniffling and stifling back her tears Claudia cried herself to sleep, clutching the bloodie shirt of Charlie, still able to smell his lingering scent. It was all she had of him.
Claudia. Unlike Louis and Lestat she was alone in this long life sentence she had been given. Sometimes Claudia resented her parents. Lestat for not being a better mentor, she blamed him for Charlie's death. And Louis, he was a sucker when it came to Lestat. He said jump, Louis would ask how high. Something needed to change between this trio. Something needed to break this family apart. And soon, very soon, something would. Claudia would finally get revenge, and a life worth living.


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