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Twilight of the New Republic
Category: Stories

The government was becoming rotten from within. They’d once been formed by freedom fighters that wanted to be rid of the rule of terror that the former Republic Chancellor Palpatine had created when he declared the birth of his Empire. At first there were growing pains, but that was to be expected as they fought to rebuild what had been lost. Eventually they found their footing, only to have it taken away when the government shifted to the Galactic Alliance. Over the course of more than one war though they found their way back, reforming the New Republic once again.

But with enough time any government can have seeds of corruption take root and grow. Three wars against the Serinan Empire had dwindled the Republic’s forces both militarily and politically as planet after planet, system after system had either fallen to the Krath Empire based on Empress Teta, or willingly joined the Serinan Empire. Some of the seeds of corruption in the Republic came legitimately from within, some had been sown by agents of the Krath. The Republic wasn’t recognizable any longer. It would now remind many of what Palpatine had created years before.

During the height of Darth Morana’s reign as the leader of the Neo Krath Empire she planted Krath servants to twist the Republic into something unrecognizable by those freedom fighters who’d breathed life into it originally. It had slowly become her puppet to play with when she had nothing better to entertain herself with. Meanwhile her apprentice, Darth Primitivus and his Dark Descendants would terrorize both the Republic, Serinan Empire, and at times the Fel Empire. Eventually Primitivus and his Dark Descendants would be captured by Serinan forces, ending Morana’s ability to pose a direct threat to the Serinan Empire.

A fragile peace had been present between the Republic and the Serinan Empire for nearly three decades now, but rumors were beginning to circulate that the fragile peace would soon be shattered causing the Serinan war machine to once again come alive. First it was Lieda Mothma, the daughter of Mon Mothma who brought reports of torture to the attention of a member of the Serinan Military Council. Lieda had followed in her mother’s shoes all be it very reluctantly, eventually becoming a senator for Chandrilla to the Republic. She’d always hated politics and her mother’s political career, but she was eventually convinced to take up the mantle left vacant by her mother’s death. Lieda had come to the Serinan capital in secret to deliver the news personally to Major Tierce of the Black Guard, that the Republic seemed to have resurrected a version of the Empire’s ISB program, even going so far as to start using a particular recording that they had claimed had been destroyed when the ISB had been shuttered.

Within a few days after Lieda had delivered the news to the Serinan capital the Black Guard had received a new shipment of replacement masks for their armor. Various upgrades had been applied to fix flaws they had found in their current masks. What they wouldn’t discover until it was too late was that the shipment had been intercepted and tampered with turning some of the masks into a danger for their wearer. Tierce would be one of the ones who’d unknowingly be given one of the masks that had been tampered with. It was an auditory attack created especially for targeting members of the Black Guard by combining a recording of an order given in the Guard’s battle language with the recordings from the annihilation of the Dizonite children’s massacre. This combination led to Tierce and a handful of others who’d once served Palpatine as Red Guards to lose track of time and behave in an erratic fashion that they had no memory of. The revelation of this attack against the military would become the driver for members of the Black Guard along with members of Kida’s organization known as the Underground to infiltrate the lower levels of Coruscant to track down what intel they could about those who’d tampered with mask shipment. Eventually some members of the Serinan Guard would also join them as reinforcements once the time came to move on any intel they might gather.

At first the investigation team consisted of three Black Guardsmen and one Underground member. Once they’d learned the number of targets and locations, they would have to deal with reinforcements were requested. For the Black Guard one strike team was put together for each of the four locations, for the Underground one member would join each strike team. Angel Noroga was left behind in a safe house to provide medical care for anyone injured in the strike. Several members of the Serinan Guard were left with her as a precaution, while a small handful participated in the raid.

It was after the interrogation of those captured at the old ISB black sites that they learned the Republic government had in fact created their own form of the ISB and had quietly sanctioned the attack against the Black Guard. After gaining the information all prisoners of the operation were executed. The information was taken back to the Serinan capital to be shared with the military council as well as the empress’ council of advisors. Now the councils would meet to debate how the attack and the revelation of a government sanctioning of said action would be delt with. As a precaution the gears of the Serinan war machine would start turning in preparations for possible war. The questions on the minds of many within the Empire was would this war mean the death of what was left of the Republic, and what other atrocities would be uncovered along the way? Would more teams be sent out to hunt down other misdeeds of the Republic that were being whispered about?


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