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05/14/2024 01:15 PM 

Category: Drabbles

Wildfire.https://www.roleplayer.me/1959615"The most f***ed up joke the universe will play on you..." The hot desert night seared Benji's skin when he first locked eyes with Sienna. She was a wildfire, the spark of her emerald gaze instantly igniting something primal and reckless within him. One look at the sun-kissed Australian model and he knew he'd willingly let her flames consume him whole.

What followed were months reminiscent of The Doors blaring through Joshua Tree - deliriously hazy days and scorching nights tangled in sinfully soft sheets, their bodies branding one another with searing kisses. Sienna was his siren, luring Benji out past the breakers with the promise of uncharted pleasures in her deep undertow. He gladly let the former mermaid lead him into her turbulent waters.

Benji had finally met his match in Sienna's raw, untamed spirit. She was the wildfire to his smoldering ember, fueling his flames with her zest for chasing sunsets, dancing until dawn, living with careless rapture. Yet eventually Sienna's appetite for new ignited horizons proved too insatiable for even Benji's quench. The morning she slipped from his tangled sheets, Benji watched Sienna's nude silhouette disappear over the crashing waves with a strange sense of serene acceptance. Her wildfire was always meant to blaze ahead, razing everything in its path until the next spark caught her wandering eye.

Pulling on his jeans, Benji smiled ruefully at the scattered trail of singed memories - lacy wisps of fabric, empty bottles, the sandblasted impression of where her head once rested on his chest. He'd been lucky to bask in Sienna's searing rapture, but some wildfires were never meant to be contained. All he could do was admire the breathtaking trail of ashes she left in her wake.


"...is letting you meet the right person at the wrong time."


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