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"Come on Lorraine.. you can do it."Lorraine Moran was the apple of her father's eye—a true daddy's girl. The same could not be said when it came to her mother Georgianna. While Georgianna was a good mother, she looked after Lorraine's physical well-being, she was always fed, clothed, and mostly safe. Something was lacking when it came to their emotional relationship. A lot of it had to do with Lorraine. She was a very well-behaved child, quiet, respectful, and very sweet. However, there were incidents, many incidents where she claimed things, and said things, that just couldn't be true. Lorraine had gifts, she could see and hear things others didn't. And while her father just attributed these incidents to an overactive imagination of a child, it truly drove a wedge between Lorraine and her mother. One that got in the way of their relationship, of their bonding, and having the kind of closeness most mothers and daughters did.

Marie Moran was Lorraine's sister, her older sister by three years. Where Georgianna lacked in motherhood, Marie picked up the slack. She and Lorraine had a very typical sister relationship on the outside. Marie often teased Lorraine, lightly of course. Sometimes she was a little harsh with her but always she was her defender. When their mother would get too much, or children at school would truly tease and taunt Lorraine for being different, she was Lorraine's defense. No one messed with Lorraine but her.

Today was Mother's Day and while it should have been spent with Georgianna she was currently in the hospital, unwell. Another reason Lorraine and her mother never quite bonded. Georgianna had many health issues, nothing life-threatening but if often had her hospitalized from time to time. So Lorraine was left alone with Marie. Their father was at work and after that he'd no doubt be at the hospital to visit his wife on this day, leaving his girls to manage themselves. Lorraine and Marie's father Robert had a lot of trust in Marie, knowing she'd look after herself and Lorraine.

Marie was ten, Lorraine seven, today they had a good day with each other. Little to no arguing, they had even baked cookies. Now they were outside of their home. Lorraine loved days like this, days spent with Marie that were happy and fun-filled. It meant more to her than she could ever express.

Playing outside was not something their mother would normally allow Lorraine. She could be oh so overprotective of her sometimes but Marie, even at this young age wanted to make her sister tougher. She knew she needed to be tougher. "Come on Lorraine.. you can do it." She said as she helped her sister. Currently, they were climbing a tree. Both girls were a bit dirty and had light scrapes here and there.

"I'm trying.." Lorraine said softly, struggling to finish the climb to the top. Looking up she took Marie's hand as she offered it. After a few more moments both girls had made it to the top. "Wow.." Lorraine whispered. From this spot, they could see their home and the entire neighborhood. "Pretty huh?" Marie asked, Lorraine only nodded. "Yeah.." she said softly. Sighing happily Lorraine slipped her arms around her sister and rested her head against her shoulder. "I love you." Lorraine said quietly. Normally Marie might make some kind of joke to Lorraine, to brush off such a heartfelt moment. Smiling though she nodded and rested her cheek against Lorraine's head. "Yeah, I love you too." She said sincerely. For years to come Marie would offer that emotional support to Lorraine that Georgianna was just not capable of giving.

"Yeah, I love you too."


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