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Gender: Female
Age: 22
Sign: Gemini
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March 30, 2024


05/12/2024 08:02 PM 

The Voices

As the night winded down Key’s sipped on her bubbly as she relaxed in the bubble of her spa tub. The soft yellow glow of the candles illuminated the open concept bathroom. Closing her eyes she inhaled the calming scent of eucalyptus and chamomile. As she let her body relax in the warm water her mind drifted off into other matters.

She wasn’t one to talk about her problems with others, not even her brother. Even though he has been with her through all the toughest times of her life she still hated putting her problems onto others. As a child they faced many forms of abuse not only from their parents, but from the system that was designed to help children. Even as her twin Kian’s hands weren’t free of blood. Though he was forced to do those things to her by the evil monster know as her Foster Father; she couldn’t void her mind of those memories.

He also didn’t believe in her gift of sight. Ever since she could remember she has been able to see the beings that bridged between the worlds of life and death. Not only could she see them, but she could communicate with them. He often thought she was delusional and often told her she needed to get her head checked. She often shrugged it off as him not believing in spirits, though she would never tell him how those words hurt her. He was the only person she trusted in this world and he through she was crazy. So when the spirts came to her she often ignored them or shooed them away.

“Keylee… we need your help… you are the only one who can help” Remembering the soft voices of the spirits that begged for help in her lab. Being a forensic medical examiner she dealt with death on a daily basis. This was her way to help the Spirits move on without being considered ‘crazy’. But all of that comes at a price. She can’t turn off the voices or make herself not see the ghosts. Sometimes she doesn’t know who is who.

Taking another sip of the bubbly liquid in her glass she sighed. She learned as a young age that alcohol helped drown out the voices. And herbal inhalants relaxed her mind to be able to calm the storms that brewed inside of her head. So she may give off a carefree and bubbly persona, but on the inside she was a hurricane of emotions.


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