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Gender: Male
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Age: 23
Sign: Libra
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05/12/2024 02:45 PM 

Human Alias Identity {Details} Under Co
Category: Character Info

Name: Augustine 
Middle: Xaiden 
Last: Lexworth 
Nickname{s}: August, Axl 
Age: 25 yr
DOB: November 7th
Sign: Scorpio
Race: Nephalem
*Undercover as a Human!
Job: Detective, Investigator 
Sexuality: Bisexual
Nationality: American 
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 148lb
Eyes: Icy Blue / Brown to hide eyes true color.
Hair: Jet Black
Body: Slim & Lean. Lite skin tone. No tatoos.
Personality: Charming soul in general. Serious on the job. Mindful about his surroundings. Stubborn at times. Can be a little devious. Kind towards those who deserve it. Sometimes reckless in his efforts to take down bad guys. Clever in general.
Interest(s): Catching bad guys. Firing range. Chocolate. Drinking red wine and bourbon. Leather jackets. Horror Books. Rock n Roll Music. 
Fear(s): Being close to people. Hurting innocence.



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