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05/11/2024 08:19 PM 

The Waves of Change
Category: Drabbles

The Waves of Change

A moment of self reflectionwww.roleplayer.me/1959615

Benji paddled his board through the serene emerald waters, squinting against the brilliant late afternoon sun. His wetsuit clung to his toned body like a second skin as he drifted, finally allowing the frothing surf to lull him into a rare state of stillness.

Out here, the cacophony of the city seemed to fade away — the incessant ring of his phone, his boss's increasingly urgent demands, his parents' well-meaning but insistent pleas about finally settling down. Just the rhythmic push and pull of the tides enveloping him, beckoning escape into the vast unknown.


Closing his eyes, he inhaled the briny sea air deeply. The hypnotic crash of waves triggered a long-buried memory — plastering posters of soaring cliffs and endless blue horizons on his bedroom wall as a restless teenager, desperate to immerse himself in other shores. That unquenchable thirst for exploration had propelled him ever since, from the first cross-country road trip after college to his wild years in Australia to...

The realization struck him with surprising force. He'd never truly unpacked the reasons behind his relentless wandering before — always just attributed it to an incurable case of wanderlust. But maybe there was something deeper driving that endless search, an unresolved void he'd been unconsciously attempting to fill all this time.


As the sun began its fiery descent into the shimmering Pacific, Benji felt something unfamiliar stirring inside. Not the exhilarating sense of restlessness that usually seized him, but rather...a strange, profound calm. A sense of being untethered yet momentarily anchored hit him.

Floating there, adrift in changing tides, Benji wondered if he was finally ready to evolve. To find shores that could make him want to stay a little longer this time around.

The thought was both thrilling and terrifying. But as the fading sunlight danced across the glassy waves, he realized he was open to letting the tides chart his next path, wherever they may lead.

I am a speck of dust in an ocean of time, floating with the waves of change, vanishing with the infinite.


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