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04/20/2024 04:11 PM 

Category: Guidelines
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1. No minors. Nathan is well over the age limit for mature literature and I am over the age of sexual intercourse as well. Please do NOT add me if you are under the age of 18 or 21.

2. Do not steal from me. I have worked hard on the information, images, and layout design that you see on my page. Do not take what is not yours.

4. Do not start drama with me or my friends. Best believe I will put an end to it and delete and block everyone involved with or without warning.

5. Put some effort into your posts. Please do not make me do all the leg work and type out all the ideas for the both of us put together. It's a collaboration kind of style so please put out enough or more than enough effort on your ende of the deal.

6. Do not ask for personal information. If I decide to give out personal information that is on my shoulders, and if I decide to give you that information please do NOT share it out with anyone else and THIS INCLUDES DISCORD IF I DECIDE TO MAKE ONE.

7. No mutes. If you're going to be on my friends list. Please, PLEASE come say "hi" or at the VERY LEAST introduce yourself. If you add me, you talk first. If I add you I will talk first, and vice versa.

8. I prefer messsages and random starters over discussions and comments.

9. No bullying on my page. If I see any of that going on; all parties on my list will be deleted and/or blocked with OR without warning.

10. I do not claim to be Steven Yeun or make money writing behind the character I have created. I simply use him as a playby for my character to individually portray a character I came up with back in 2012 - 2017.

11. Do not rush me in writing back to you. Sometimes my life gets a little hectic and I have a scheduled and structured "routine" lifestyle outside of here otherwise I would not be able to function properly without a routine down.

12. Do not come between me and my real life issues. If I have to step away from the computer for a while it will simply mean that I have some business to take care of and I will return when I can. I hope you can have some patience with me during this time.

13. Please do not ask me for a discord or ask to exchange them. I do not have one. They are overwhelming to keep up with and I do not like messengers in the first place. 

14. Literacy is not mandatory but appreciated. I would like nothing more than 3-5 paragraphs at the most. I write in third person format, and write in complete sentences, proper spelling, proper grammar, and proper punctuation. Please keep in mind that I will NOT answer to "hi" or "hey" or "how r u" or even small talk one-liners. Please introduce yourself and we can get a storyline going.

15. I understand that mistakes happen and I try not to get onto people about that. I am pretty laid back despite all of these rules. I like writing and enjoy having another person writing with me apart from writing fanfiction and writing novella short stories on my own. It just gets boring.

16. No straight smut. Nathan is single as of now, but if he does get into a relationship it will be a SLOW-BURNING AND BUILT UP TO THE STORYLINE. There will NOT be direct smut in the roleplay and will NOT happen right away. I hope you understand that the focus of this character is NOT about sex contrary to popular belief. 

17. Do not contact me if we have not gotten along in the past. I am no longer the same person I was in 2010-2017 and I am not the same now, either. I am changing all the time and learning and trying new things. I enjoy being with people now and I am more outgoing than before. I used to be so timid and naive, but that has changed since I have experienced a little trouble. 

18. Use common sense. If Nathan is not interested in your character please do not force him into anything you wouldn't force on yourself or anyone else for that matter. Nathan was raped as a child and was extremely traumatized by it and does not get close except with Jake.

19. I will prefer 3-5 paragraphs to start with our roleplays. I like to start there because it is an unintimidating novel that you can easily do in your spare time or when you get a chance to be on a computer. 

20. Have fun. Please do NOT turn this into a chore, responsibility, or obligation. If that happens, I will be forced to cease all contact and end the friendship or relationship with or without warning and simply  "disappear" from your life like I was never in it.


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