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I  do  Love  you
Princess Regina, she led quite a privileged life. She wanted for nothing, she had the finest food and the prettiest dresses. Fine dolls made of porcelain, tea sets, toys, anything her little heart might desire. One thing she did not have was loving parents. She had one loving parent, her father Prince Henry. Henry doted on his daughter. He always made time to spend with her, to invest in her, and take the time to know and understand her. Regina's mother, Cora. She did not invest time like this within Regina. If Regina wasn't with her father Henry, she was left to nursemaids and nannies. Very little quality time was spent between mother and daughter. Even at such a young age, this saddened the sweet Princess. She longed for her mother's love and approval.

Though she longed for her mother's love, approval, and overall attention when she did have it Regina was conflicted and somewhat fearful. Cora could be kind sometimes but other times she could be cold, distant, and frightening to Regina. So having Cora's attention was bittersweet. While Regina wanted it part of her didn't.

Today was one of those rare days that Regina had a bit of one-on-one time with her mother. Instead of her nanny waking her for breakfast it had been Cora. It had been Cora who woke Regina, helped her dress for the day, and had breakfast with her. All this was so... strange. And the entire time Regina was uncertain. What did her mother want? She must have wanted something.

After breakfast, Cora took her daughter for a walk. Both of them loved the gardens and she hoped perhaps to spark Regina's speaking to her by doing this. "Aren't the flowers lovely sweet girl?" Cora asked softly. Regina walked beside her mother, holding her mother's hand.

"Sí mamá.." Regina said, whimpering when Cora stopped and tightened her grip on her hand. "What?" She asked again, in a sharper tone. Sighing Regina re-spoke. "Yes, mother. The flowers are pretty." She said quietly. Cora didn't particularly like it when Regina spoke Spanish, Henry's natural tongue.

Regina remained silent, Cora stared down at her daughter for a few moments before now letting out her own sigh. She wanted to spend time with Regina and connect with her as Henry did so effortlessly. She just couldn't. No matter how hard she tried. She and Regina were just too different, she didn't have the drive as Henry did to truly get to know Regina. She wanted Regina to be everything she wanted her to be.

Kneeling down in front of Regina, Cora spoke. Perhaps the most genuinely she had ever spoken to Regina so far. "I do love you." She said smiling slightly. She truly meant those words though she couldn't feel what they meant. Standing again Cora gently tugged Regina along. "Come dear." Regina did as she was told, following her mother, and spending the remainder of the morning with her. Trying on dresses, having tea times. All the proper things Cora enjoyed doing.

Later that day Regina would finally have time with her Daddy. She'd spend that time with Henry drawing, singing, playing, and running around the gardens happily, not caring if she tore her dress or not in the process. With Henry, Regina could be herself. With Cora, she could not. That was the difference between her parents.


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