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04/02/2024 01:05 PM 

switcharoo with raiden.

Conrad wakes up and feels different. Sure enough, when he goes to the mirror he see's it's him but he looks like Raiden. A literal clone of him. He starts to freak out, but takes a shower and gets all clean before heading to find wel, himself. If he was Raiden, Raiden must have been the one in his body. His phone vibrates, but instead of it being Sutton, it's Tatum. Gross. He decides to turn off his phone and gets away from it all. Knowing that Raiden can be found in the woods always, he decides to go hiking and see's all the views, feeling the breeze through his hair, the animals that surround him and the views are to die for, he could see why Raiden spent all his time outside. Conrad loves being outside too, but mostly if it has to do with getting high or water sports. He has a conversation with himself while going on a little adeventure and instead of making a big deal out of it he doesn't go to his best friend, and figures since he's had a couple of revelations within the talk he's had with himself that everything will go back to normal when he wakes up the next day.


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