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Gender: Female
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04/01/2024 07:21 PM 

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

Katalina was freshly 18 when she started being raped by Jared Abbott, son of Jacob Abbott, the leader of the cult she'd been forced into by her parents. Jared had always paid special attention to her but once she became legal, it only got worse. It was almost daily, the abuse, and it made her hate it there even more than she already did. The regular assaults went on for six whole years.. and then, the absolute worst happened.

It had been almost two months since Kat had gotten her period. She knew exactly what that meant and she was terrified. Sure enough, when she took a pregnancy test, it was positive. Now, at 24 years old, she had been in that godforsaken place for 14 years, more than half her life, and she was impregnated by the sick, vile son of the cult leader. She couldn't let this happen. She had to figure out how to get out of there and get it out of her before anyone, especially Jared, found out about it. But unfortunately, he did find out and he was ecstatic, acting like they'd be one big happy family. Over her dead body. She knew what she had to do.

Kat did her research and learned about a medication used to induce a miscarriage. There were risks involved but they weren't nearly as bad as giving birth to that man's child then being forced to marry him and getting stuck in that hell hole forever. So she ordered the medication online and took it as soon as it arrived; and sure enough, it caused her to miscarry. It was a painful experience but she knew she'd made the right choice. Somehow, Jared and Jacob found out that the miscarriage was not accidental and they were furious. They kicked her out and told her never to come back, all the while not knowing that it was exactly what she had wanted the entire time. Finally, she was free and she would never look back.


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