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- The Mage -
Category: Character Info

Name: Aurora Fae
Age: 24
Height: 5ft 5
Physical Characteristics: Thick long brunette hair | Blue eyes | Light freckles on her noes | Small diamond birth mark on her right shoulder. 
Face Claim (if preferred):

Aurora Fae was the second daughter of a small farmer and his wife. A child of five, Aurora was the third oldest of one sister and three brothers. At the age of eleven, despite the unwillingness of her mother, she was taken by a band of mages when they had traced the girls powers. Aurora's mother Eleanor, knew they had mages blood, though she had hoped it had skipped a second degeneration. It had not and Aurora was the next to carry on the gene.

Aurora was harshly trained to become what she is. Aurora is a White Mage (Healer). She is capable of all kinds of healing, including that of nature. She could also give a person eternal life, however it is dangerous to herself and gratly dangerous.  She has come to be one of the most powerful mages in the realm, yet she despises the name she has made for herself. She wish's nothing more than to hide back into the shadows from where she came. She is quiet, choosing a life of solitude. Though she is not shy and rather quick witted. She will not hesitate to put one in their place should they need it.



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