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02/29/2024 12:55 PM 

Category: Guidelines

I am no fan of rules like most if not all of you but they are definitely needed. I hoped that I won't need those but given everything it seems like I need to have rules to be able to rp well and without trouble. Especially with the way some peopld seem to be acting around me, and the character I rp. It seems like the only way to be able to rp is with rules. Those rules must be followed no matter what. I don't care who you are, those rules are still important and needed. I hoped those were a common sense but it clearly doesn't seem so, unfortunately. So the rules are here to avoid those situations or any similiar situation. As I am here to rp not the crap people thing, that is for sure. So the rules are here to avoid that happening again.

1.I am not the person in the photos. The guy is an actor naned James Marsden who is busy so he has no time to rp. And he is much older than the character a even older than he was when he played the character in the show. So am not the actor as the actor is busy to rp and the character I a fictional character he played in 1996 to 1997. Therefore I can't be him and am not. I am an rper only. I rp Ricky Beckett as he is one of my favorite characters and I use the actor who played him as am not interested in changing him for no one's entertainment. I rather rp him right than make him what he isn't. So yeah. So with that in mind don't assume I am him or fake rper as some seem as that isn't true and never will be. I am an rper and am here to get away from real life, as most of you if not all of you. So keep that in mind and we would get along well.

2.Ricky Beckett is from Second Noah a tv show from 1996 to 1997. No not mockery or stuff like that but a real tv show. You can even watch it on youtube or some of it at least.  I am not changing him to like made up or anything like it, as I am not the one who created him but show creators did. He isn't stollen from another rpers creation but he is from a show as mentioned above. The bio is by the show. I am not changing it or renaming him nor changing his age. So don't assume it is stollen from rper or you and force me to change the whole character as it doesn't happen. This character is from the show and there is proof. Just check :"Ricky Beckett from Second Noah" and you find him.  Also don't ask me to use the actual face claim for him that played as I am using the actor who actually played him and that same search will prove it. So please no attacking me due to that. So keep that in mind and things be fine but if you attack me for that then you are blocked. No questions asked.

3.Ricky is part of music theme/genre because he is a musician and the show makes a point to show that a lot. And no the actor isn't lip singing and fake guitar  player or such as some of you no doubt are about to ask. The guitar playing is James Marsden himself as he knows how to play a guitar. And yeah singing is really him too. With that in mind, that is how I rp him so no judgingp or forcing to change or change it and admit that it isn't the actor nor that there us no music there as sm not admitting to any of ut as there us music and guiter playing as well as singing is in fact James Marsden. Anyway, with that in mind singers and musicians are welcome on my page but only for rping and nothing else; just like with everyone else. Now of those would change and neither of those would change.

4.Ricky is with Darby at that moment but am not sure if they would stay together or not, it depends on the rper of Darby. Once someone takes her. With that in mind I haven't put if they stay together or not. Not yet. Not until I know for sure of they are staying together or not. I do like them together but if they don't stay together it is fine,  he will get with someone else but it would take some time so to develop but at the moment I need someone to take to know for sure. However, Darby like all other role is permenant not temporar. So no taking her and deleting or blocking me just so no one will take her or such as she is needed no matter what. I need her and other roles taken for a long time. With that in mind don't assume you are requested or your request is accepted for romance or sex or such as that would never happen, no matter what. He isn't going to sleep with everyone he sees or such as it isn't him and never will be. Ricky isn't going to sleep with anyone for a long time. Whether you get pissed at that or not it won't change that. Also am not here for sex or erotica so no smut or such but to rp. Also he won't  cheat so don't even go that. Don't even bother to request or accept friend request for sex rp, as that will not happen and you would be blocked pretty fast for even trying that at all. I rp him how he is not how people on here wants him to be rped. That is jus how it is. Whether you like that or not doesn't matter at all.

5.Yes, Ricky is 17 years old and is a dad to a 3 years old boy, who is also his adopted brother. It wasn't what he had in mind but that happened. Ricky dated a girl he liked and things happened. However, since then he does try to be as careful as possible so that it doesn't happen again. With that in mind don't judge or assume that am here to rp sex or erotica, that I am a smut rper as am not. I am not interested in smut rp at all. I mentioned that in rules just to make things clear. This doesn't mean am here for smut just it is part of Ricky's backstory, background, history and nothing more. So keep that in mind and enough judging me or the character. Also don't ask to erase tjat part and actually rp him as he is as I am doing that. It is how it is in the show and how it is in rp. In the show the kid is his adopted brother and his son, so in rp it is the same. The two are close in the show and here too. So please respect that and don't assume things. This is very important information and rule, as some already judge me for it and assume things, and this rule is here to put a stop to that once and for all.

6.Ricky is a musician, so a struggling one at the moment but still. With that in mind it isn't a way to get him to have hook ups or crap but it is the way he is in the show and how I rp him. So please no judging or assuming things. His band members are good but  they have some work  to do, yet when he plays a guitar and sings he shines, which is how it is in the show and how I rp him. With that in mind don't judge me for rping him that way or assume things. It doesn't mean I rp made up who is part of fame genere or such but a character from the show. Also it isn't mocking but how he is so please respect that. With that in mind the rule connected to the others by the fact that I am here to rp a character as he is and not away to have him sleep around or such as he doesn't do that and never will. Also that means that I rp him more canon than au. So please don't assume things or attack me over crap that will never happen and that I am not here to do. Also with that in mind don't force me to have him sleep with your character as it won't happen, and don't use the word musician as if I made it up as a sign that I want smut as it isn't true and that will get you blocked fast.  So follow those rules and we will get a long fine. Also even if your character is a teen with a kid and is a musician, who was adopted with their child by the same people or not, too, good for you but don't assume and attack me for stealing part of your storyline for my made up character as it is a lie. Ricky Beckett is a father and his son was adopted by the same people that adopted him in order not to seperate them. That is canon as Ricky Beckett is a canoj in a real show, called Second Noah from 1996 to 1997. You can check it online and you will see that it is the truth. So no need causing issues because of any of those.

7.I do multi para and up but will rp with others too. However, while will rp with those who do one liner, semi para or para that doesn't mean that it is all I do. So no judging me over that. The most I do is multi para and up. Yet if it is easier for the one I rp with to write less then with them it is less. That doesn't nean I am a one liner or semi para or para rper but just someone who cares. So keep that in mind. No judgement allowed.

8.No godmodding. I rp my character and you yours, as that is  how rp works. No ifs or buts sbout it. Otherwise it's not really fun, so yeah. I am not moving your character so please don't move mine unless it is something minor and we both agreed on it or just don't do it at all. Not nagotiable.

9.Don't talk to all but me as won't do it to you so don't do it to me. It is that simple. No one asks you to have sex just treat me as a person not a number. That shouldn't be hard. I am not here for friend collectors and numbers. I will alwaya talk to you so please do the same; that's not that hard to do. It us being fair and kind not manipulated or such, so keeo that in mind. Being kind doesn't hurt at all and feels nice so that is all I ask.

10.Have fun as that is why we are all here for. I hope. No drama except in rp. Rp drama is fine but oooc drama isn't allowed at all.

This is all for now. Would add more once I think of some and once they are needed. Please read, sign and follow those. Thank you. Mistakes I can forgive but if you break those delibrately and even none stop, that won't be forgotten, ever.


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