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The  King
Regina's marriage to King Leopold, she rarely spoke of it. At this point in her life, why would she? The man had been dead and gone for years. And while she had a hand in his death and showed no outward, genuine grief in his passing things between them hadn't always been so terrible. The King had his good moments however, his marrying the child of his former fiance, that was something that would never quite be right.

The night before Regina's wedding there had been lots of tears from Regina. She begged and pleaded with her father and mother not to allow this wedding to happen. She didn't want to marry the King. She didn't love him and that aside he was a year older than Henry! Regina begged and pleaded, she promised Cora she'd marry a young aristocrat, someone of high standing, anyone of Cora's choosing. Just not the King!

Regina's pleas had fallen on deaf ears. Cora refused to stop the wedding and Henry? He was powerless to stop any of this. He wanted to rescue his daughter from this fate but he knew neither he nor Regina could stand against Cora and her plans. This wedding was happening whether Regina wanted it to or not.

Alone in her bedroom Regina stood on her balcony, crying quietly. Her cries could be heard through the castle since her room had no door. She was startled from her grief when she heard a voice, a soft voice. "Regina?"

Jumping a little Regina stepped back and turned. Seeing the King she instantly bowed in respect to him. "Your Majesty.." she said quickly and began sniffling back her tears and wiping her eyes. King Leopold simply stared at his young bride to be for a few moments before holding out his hand. "Come with me." He said in a gentle tone.

For a moment Regina was hesitant however, what could she do? She couldn't deny him. So reluctantly she took his hand and allowed him to lead her through the castle and outside to one of the many gardens. These gardens were in somewhat disrepair. 

"These parts of the gardens.. none of my servants can get anything to grow." He said glancing to Regina. "I've heard you like gardening. Perhaps.. after we marry these can become your personal gardens?"  He suggested. Regina was surprised by the offer but gave a slight smile. "Thank you." She said softly.

Regina stopped when they reached the center of the garden, there stood her apple tree, the tree she had left back at her father's home. The tree she had met Daniel under so many nights. Beneath this tree she and Daniel had shared so many moments. Moments she couldn't ever tell anyone about.

Once again Regina teared up and began to cry silently now. The King seemed uncertain to see her crying again. "I know you are hesitant to marry me Regina. But I am trying to make you happy." He said, his tone perhaps a bit gruffer now but still not angry.

Quickly Regina nodded, she couldn't be unappreciative. She was sure moving the tree here took some doing and she did appreciate the gesture. She was still just so sad. But she couldn't show that now. Forcing a smile she nodded "thank you, your Majesty. These.. are happy tears. No one has ever done something like this for me." She said softly.

She was surprised when the King kissed her. She wanted to pull away but she knew better. The kiss had been a surprise but surprisingly it wasn't awful. It just wasn't what she wanted. She returned the kiss though and this made the King smile. "You will be the perfect Queen." He said sounding certain in his words now.


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