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March 21st, 2024

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Gender: Other
Age: 24
Sign: Pisces
Signup Date:
February 21, 2024


02/21/2024 05:50 PM 

Audition Form


1. Why do you want to join? 

2. Did anyone recruit you? 

3. What are your preferred pronouns? 




Character’s full birth name and alias, if any: 

Character’s Current Age: 

Discord: If you have one please list it here and if not are you willing to make one? 
- Keep in mind the group is currently on Discord for the time being. 


Faceclaim Choice:





What is your character’s occupation?


Character traits.


Please briefly describe your character.


A brief sample of your writing (250 word minimum) (This can be of any storyline, of any character you have at the moment).

** When the form is finished make sure you send it to us via direct messages here. 


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