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Storge [Revelio February Activity]
Category: Drabbles

- Storge - Familial love -

"Om? Can I join you?"

Aunt Noctua. It made sense she'd be the one to find him. They had sheltered in this hidden spot in the attic to escape their family many times. When he nodded, he felt her sit alongside him.

"I heard what happened." She ventured after a few moments. Then, when he didn't answer. "It's awful. What they did. You didn't have a ch-"

"I did have a choice." Ominis snapped. Then realising the harshness of his tone he shook his head, pressed his knees tighter against his chest.

"You didn't." Noctua's voice was quiet but insistent. "They could have hurt or killed you, Om." Ominis didn't answer. He knew what he felt.

Noctua sighed. Then something was placed on the seat between them, there was a rustle. "They've got a feast going on down there. Seemed unfair that you and I didn't get to have one of our own."

Curious, Ominis reached out to feel what was on the seat. A basket, the blanket covering it pulled back. 

"You should be down there with them." He ventured.

"They aren't the ones I wanted to spend time with." Noctua stated softly. "And Sensi was happy to give me a basket. She said to tell you she'll be unhappy if anything's remaining when we bring it back."

A smile showed on Ominis's face at those words. The elderly houseelf had always admonished him for not taking care of himself properly. "I wouldn't want that. What did she pack us?"

"Let's see... chicken legs, sandwiches, sausage rolls... ooh, chocolate cake! Let's start with the savoury bits, shall we?" Noctua laughed softly and Ominis joined her. Without thinking about it he relaxed his posture, turning more towards the sound of Noctua's voice. They talked in quiet voices, about matters outside of the Gaunt family walls. Noctua talked of Hogwarts, what it was like, how much he'd love it when he got to go.

"... If." Ominis amended quietly. "The healers at St Mungo's couldn't heal me." He gestured to his eyes. "Hogwarts might not even allow me in."

"Of course they will. There'll be ways to help you, things my brother didn't bother to learn. It will be better for you there." She sounded so certain. Ominis wanted to believe it.

"I meant what I said, Aunt Noctua. I had a choice. I chose... selfishness over protecting another person and that is unfor-"

"That is human." Noctua interrupted gently. There was a rustling sound, a light bump of the basket on the floor. Then her hands took his. "I understand why you feel responsible. But the only ones responsible are my brother and his wife. I will always believe that."


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