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02/20/2024 11:12 PM 

astarion plot

heedless moth

Any old Myspace rpers here who remember when we used to just ramble in bulletins...no code, no layouts, no pics, just regular old bulletins.  and we'd post in there and talk about our days and what we were up to, and it was kinda an update and kinda a blog but everybody read everybody else's? Pepperidge Farm remembers, and so do I.  

I actually do want to talk about something though.  And I'm going to be long-winded so F***IN BUCKLE UP IF YOU'RE INTERESTED.  We're going old school Myspace ramble-bulletin.  


Sometimes when I have a character or a game special interest, I think up these absurdly intricate novel-worthy ridiculous "but then after the story!" things.  It hasn't really happened with Baldur's Gate yet, and I was sitting here patiently waiting like, brain, let's go.  But I got some crumbs over the past few days, and the funny thing is, I was writing this into my RPs unintentionally.  Only after a few different posts with a similar underlying, hidden theme, did I realize--oh hey, this could be Astarion's future! Usually when I get those ideas I turn them into fics, not roleplays, but it's the year of our lord (Gordon Ramsay) 2024 and I think I can swing putting my idea into co-written stories instead.  or in addition to. 

With that said I wanted to just tell you all--everyone I'm currently writing with, or discussing with--this hairbrained thought of an idea, what it is, and see if you'd like to work it into our story.  It can be what I'd call a side quest lol, not the main plot per se. 

The gist of my idea is that Astarion does have a soul.  He never had any way of knowing that while under Cazador's thrall, but after the tadpole and becoming a regular spawn (if we've gotten to that point in the story) there are....signs of it.  As he adjusts with having his mind to his own more and more, more and more signs point to it. 

I've read the lore, I've consulted with my expert dungeon master friends, and I've gotten the answer back multiple times of "it's up to the game's rules."  and this is MY GAME.  So here we go.  In dnd, vampires lose their memories.  Well, Astarion's memories start to come back.  He starts to dream, which supposedly shouldn't happen--he shouldn't even need to SLEEP. 

And my thought is that perhaps his parents, or somebody somewhere, (he's a Star Elf in my lore, so he'd have had a cloister or other wise men/medicinepeople in his life as a child) did a ritual that preserves part of his soul as a protective measure.  Or we can do it some other way, that's just my explanation so far.  This part of a soul is comparative to Thaniel's story with Halsin---the spirit of the cursed forest took the shape of a boy, it got lost, and once it's reunited and "cured" then lifting the curse saves the forest. 

So it'd be something like that, where, with a part of astarion's soul "FOUND", there would be a ritual where he'd have to die (again?) and potentially be resurrected.  Again, rules about this are hazy and everyone says "consult your local DM" and that's me, so we could have this part go a lot of ways too.  Does Astarion become human?  Does he die for good, but has a moment of happiness remembering who he was first? (oof)  Does he get blinked into some other plane and your character(s) have to go get his dumb ass?  Does he become a sexy astral plane guardian?  Or does some deity FINALLY F***ING TAKE NOTICE OF HIM AFTER CENTURIES OF IGNORING HIM and be like "here is your human body enjoy"

Let's figure it out.  I'm aware this is very Astarion-centric, and I mean...that's my job, isn't it, to think of plots around him?  I also think of plots that are more "main plot" flavor, but I'm trying to put everything I absolutely can into this muse. 

Tell me your thoughts.  Wherever you want.  I'm going to keep fleshing out ideas and polishing them into more cohesive thoughts, but I'm excited about this one. 


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